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  1. Music of WildStar

    Check this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FW6A70O https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KXBRST6 alternatively this: https://open.spotify.com/album/1HsG4FqAtifg83dLP2dRAH https://open.spotify.com/album/3SCmz6zGBfQJjClZI9Pwvk i think it's on iTunes and other services too.
  2. Will trade for all the support gear drops i'm getting :D
  3. Thayd Contract Hub Sux

    Thread bump for Lifty awareness
  4. WildStar Developer Carbine Studios Shuts(ing) Down

    Carbine/NC better provide us with an offline client and/or private server - this game doesn't deserve to die that way.
  5. It's been made by a Guild Wars friend of mine who has never played Wildstar. I told him about the many similarities between the games and especially about the Psychic Frenzy Esper and this is basically how he reimagined it - with a little help from me, like UI screenshots and stuff. I'm still curious how many of you have played GW1 and might find the easter eggs :D (you might also want to check out this Divinity reimagined which eventually led to the Wildstar one)
  6. Enjoy this exclusive gameplay footage! "Footage from the demo version of CrabNet's game 'GuildStar: ShadowNexus.' Although psychic frenzy espers have been advertised as the high end meta build they seem to be a bit overhyped. And don't tell me it was just my lack of talent as a medic!"
  7. Please for the love of the Eldan change the default avatar to silhouette or give us wildstar related default avatars - the initials are endless stupid.
  8. Try a new forum style!

    duh, so much work and all got lost with the new forum... and the new look is just so bad, i can't help. :(
  9. oh lord, who approved this new layout and style? also, where's my avatar? D:
  10. guys we made it

    Yup, exactly these.
  11. Wildstar Theme On Floppy Drives

  12. The paps ran out!

    This is real and annoying since the Primal Matrix update came in. It's probably either that people don't know that *every* worldboss rewards 250 (375) essences or it's just they can't be bothered for that "little" reward.
  13. guys we made it

    how meta
  14. guys we made it

  15. guys we made it

    OMG IT EXISTS! I'VE SEEN IT! THANK YOU CARBINE! <3 (now i only need to find out where to get it...)