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  1. Wildstar Loot Tables WIP

    Check this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NvhVBPydjAAXilhGPSzeB6I5RucCnI2-pvKndAI3gVA/edit#gid=1299583032 GA P1: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AMIm44ZNNI358akwtJ21gtx3ajq3HujH39v1xx6PuJo/edit
  2. Server Merge When?

    Damn I would even don't care about the ping issue(From EU to NA Server I got like 100-150ms), if I get in trade a more active server where bgs could pop few times a day and more p13 groups. Yea, EU is pretty dead 2/3 of a day and 1/3 of the day you see maybe 10-15 players around in thayd, domi side is even more dead i guess.
  3. Server Merge When?

    I would like this change if latency isn't an issue. EU's players population is very low which makes no fun to play there. There are only some p13 groups, few raiding guilds left and near 0 bg's popping.
  4. That makes sense, I find it impressive that people still have hope in changes.
  5. Yeah, I'm just curious what people thinking what they reach with those discussions in the current state of the game. BTW I think everyone can define by themself what their point in existence is, may it be cash, fun, wasting time on endless discussions or whatever.. /philosophy off
  6. What is the point in discussing how your class could be fixed in the future if carbine doesn't make any changes to the game at all? I mean if it makes fun to you, ok so.. but otherwise it's a big waste of time when they really dont do anything about it.
  7. True, I don't play Spellslinger, but I don't even need to play it to know whats broken and what's not. Let's see: https://imgur.com/yjK1gCJ (Hmm.. 90k Avg, thats pretty normal compared to other classes, NOT) Phage Maw without VP and other proper buffing: https://imgur.com/hiZplZ2 , https://imgur.com/Io4dQQW Those are just example logs, I noticed crits can go even above 128k randomly. If you want more logs, go search Wildstar-Logs by yourself, I'm getting tired by wasting my time with your debate. (1) I think you don't understood what I said, you accused me commiting apex fallacy, which is nothing else than cherry picking. (2) See what I writting in this answer above. + The rotation I'm complaining about deals more DPS than any other class, ONLY in situations, where Spellslingers doens't have to move much. Learn to read, before you answer 1st. Pietro just shows whats possible with this mechanic, if the whole population of spellslingers would use this, other classes would complain much more. I don't even need to show more proof, because he is the proof. Every Spellslinger with some skill and the gear/build/etc could perform it on encounters where spellslingers don't have to move much around. I'm not having a bias against Spellslinger class or Pietro, the crits are broken and thats fact. Maybe you are little bit biased by Spellslingers(because maybe being one?) and being frustrated by the DPS of other classes/your class. You don't want that carbine nerfes this, because then you are left alone again with your normal DPS. CREDIBILITY NOW WHAT? (do you really have to write in capslock? you mad? you think I'm blind, lol?) (3) Show a proof that players like me ruined the game, you can't. Carbine makes the decisions how the game should be changed, not the players. They can listen to them or not. We all know what Wildstar missed in the past and what made it unpopular. 1) Missing PR 2) Failed launch ... If I would be carbine I would buff spellslinger and change that mechanic, so everybody is happy. Maybe If they would buff Spellslinger without new mechanics, BFB Right Click would be even more broken sht anyway. (4) Wait how many Spellslingers are using it and are really good on it? Maybe 3-8? Make it at least public, so every Spellslinger with a guide, so every Spellslinger can have their fun back until Carbine notices this even more. Theres a specific reason for it being not so public like other builds in Wildstar. Chances Carbine will fix this are weak, so stop complaining about my opinion. I can think what I want, you can think what you want. Carbine doesn't care. Happy end (5) What about fixed AW for stalkers? OP or not, they fixed it that it gets applied by every stalker in raid and not overwritten. This fix happened last year before dec I guess? So something they are doing at least slowsly. Big bugs getting fixed like raid locks, they just maintain. 10mins wasted again, thanks anonymous! This is my last post, you can answer the same sht again, waste again few minutes of your life, but I wont read it, because I got better things to do than playing this game much more/getting in discussion about a topic which is totally retarded, because carbine won't do much at all. More and more players will notice this by time (BFB mechanic) and more and more will complain about that. Everybody I talked about that or who have seen slingers abuse this mechanic told me that this isn't normal at all, in terms of avg dmg, highest crits, dps, aggro etc. Bye genius!
  8. According to your Cherry Picking point: I‘m not cherry picking at all, I‘m just saying that it is technically possible to beat all other classes easily in DPS as Spellslinger if you abuse the BFB Right Click mechanic. Only some Spellslinger are using this according to my knowledge, even IF I could provide those numbers about a large quantitative group of Spellslingers which would abuse BFB, it would be still highly encounter dependant. Yes most buffs can be right clicked to cancel, thats right. But BFB if right clicked leads to hilarious DPS, making Spellslinger top tier DPS as long as they dont have to move much. This is not a true argument about this is being really intended with specially BFB, in my opinion there is a mechanic missing specially for this Buff to stop abusing it. It wouldn‘t be a nerf at all if done properly, because most spellslingers dont know this mechanic at all, in fact Spellslingers that know this mechanic also don‘t want to talk much openly about it. You want a proof, but by yourself you aren‘t delivering the proof of a carbine member statement about this issue if they think this is working as intended or not, because only they can decide that. This discussion leads into nothing if it continues because you and me are biased by our opinions, so what? BTW there are enough stalkers and espers im the game which are also slacking DPS, even if they have gear, they wouldn‘t do even 50-55k DPS which is easily achieveable, because they cant play their rotation right. So isn‘t it the same logic as your „Apex Fallacy“ argument? You say all stalkers are OP, but in reality it isn‘t all, only top tier Stalkers could do potential more DPS than Espers, Warriors etc. But even this is again highly encounter dependant how DPS of a class compares here and there. Spellslingers should deserve a buff by overall dps, because normally they are pretty low, but at least they should fix BFB, because it is still broken, you can test it by yourself or do it even mathematically. I will stop arguing with you here, because again this leads to nothing. It‘s my opinion, your opinion. I accept other opinions on it, but I want a bullet proof carbine statement about this being intended or not, then we have a fact.
  9. According to your point 4: How can this be working as intended if it creates a large dps gap between Spellslinger as #1 and some other DPS, the gap is even so large that not any other class compete with that DPS. This also makes Spellslinger to a 2 Button Right Click Class. Threat is with that mechanic broken, too. If Spellslinger having some lucky crits with BFB Abuse they get immediately aggro and die, not any tank I know with best gear and some skill can hold that aggro. So I ask you, how should this even work as intended? If this works as intended Spellslingers dont have to complain about any DPS issues at all, because they are #1 DPS as long as they dont have to move much for managing their right clicking bugged mechanic abuse. I will adress this to carbine on another thread in few days, so it gets their attention, pretty sure carbine doesnt look into this thread. If it is working as intended, show me a post from a carbine staff member saying this. I hope it gets fixed when I open the thread after few months or I just record a video, so every spellslinger could use that information and carbine notices some day that this is really broken by many players complaining.
  10. The problem with the BFB Bug is even not the dmg, the aggro is hardly to tank, because crits go above 100k as far as i know?
  11. If you abuse BFB right click mechanic right, you will get highest in DPS with decent gear. That bug exists since 2017, I hope it will get fixed soon. Not many Spellslingers know about that but there is even a addon for that mechanic abuse (called BulletDrop). I'm not going to explain how this works.
  12. Expeditions and loot tables

    I can confirm that it drops quite often for me.
  13. Up-to-Date Stalker DPS Guide

    Thankyou for your update Chopstix, players shouldn't be toxic about it and thankful that there is sb who contributes to the community. I tested both (out of combat stats: like. 33% mhit + 39% crit + 18.5% vig and 43% crit + 24.5% mhit + 20% vig) and I came to the conclusion that mhit is ok, but not worth it compared to mine and his stat build. As he states, you benefit a lot from the crit rating in combat situations and that is right, also u can drop crit hit sev and benefit from other stats for it. Mhit seems to outperform a little bit on trash mobs where u have to hit more than 2 targets I guess, but for encounters is this here the way to go.