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  1. Mushroom (curious) can still be found at Sterling Reach (ellevar), and inside a cave at the Celestial Falls (celestion). Is only one item, along with the hot cup of tea, and they are soulbound. Unless you want to have more than one, then it will be a good idea to have it at the housing event store :D. Overall, i agree with you all, those items should be added to the event to add more variety on what to get, and make decor more accessible for players.
  2. Where is the "Starfall Games" journal?

    I think it was part of an old anniversary event.
  3. Arboria and its Moons

    Thanks :D
  4. Arboria and its Moons

    Can official lore posts have a pin? It will help to find them faster, instead of browsing the forum for them. :D Thanks

    not a happycamper =/ This been going on for an hour now
  6. Breaking and Entering - Unintended Housing Feature

    Seems to be a bug. I was able to talk to one of those intruders, the player didn't even had an idea how they ended up on my plot. They just got access to housing, and the moment they went to their plot they ended up on mines. It could be random, i leveled up a new character and had no problem going to my new house plot, the moment i got access to housing.
  7. Lucky Lopp Legg?

    There is a rumor behind it. But.... it is working as intended ;)
  8. Invalid Transfer Destination - Housing Recall Error

    I seen that with my characters too, but after a few tries i am able to go to my plot.
  9. Goodbye, WildStar!

    He has a point. WS is more recycled content, and they just add difficulty. It is the same over, and over again, until you hate it.
  10. In the events of bans: Don't kill your own game.

    The ban is a joke. Some of them are back with new accounts. Bought an insta lvl 50, and are back like nothing ever happened.
  11. That, and be able to change the name of a guild :)
  12. Some bits of lore

    Thanks for posting this :D
  13. Tbh, i haven't queque for bg in months. I lost interest on pvp, couldn't care less for balance. It was the player attitude that got me out of there.