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  1. Summer Decor Pack

    I couldn't find the Summer Decor Pack in the game store now that the other seasonal packs are in there. It may be a bit much to make requests at this point, but could this decor pack be put back up? Thanks!
  2. Ikthian Crabcrawler Table

    Hello builders. I've been fiddling with some Ikthian pieces lately and after looking around some, I couldn't get my hands on an Ikthian Crabcrawler Table. This post https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/29647-challenging-decor-item-reward-list/ would indicate that it formerly came from the Flying Saucer FABkit. As well all know, those challenge rewards have been moved to the renown vendor (including, as that post states, the Flying Saucer's other two prizes: Large Hay Bale and Ikthian Holding Tank) so I'm wondering if anyone else still has access to it? Obviously this isn't the end of the world because the Ikthian Landing Pad serves a similar purpose, but it would be nice to have the option.
  3. Expeditions - Higher primes won't unlock

    Having the same issue. Will complete all the objectives, get the graphic showing I've received a gold medal, but daily quests for the expedition won't complete nor will the Troubleshooter contract. And the higher prime levels won't unlock afterwards either.
  4. Store Update - 1/4/2017 Year of the Pandalynx

    Deary me, that was fast! Thanks!
  5. Store Update - 1/4/2017 Year of the Pandalynx

    Hi Peregryn, thanks for the updates as usual, in particular the Madam Fay lists (I find them particularly helpful). This didn't seem like a support ticket which is why I'm posting, apologies if this isn't the right forum for it. I had planned on buying the Winter Topiary Decor Pack, but put it off after double checking it wasn't part of the timed Winterfest offerings (also purchasing the Winter Wonderland pack filled my inventory up). However, looking at the game store today the only Topiary packs available seem to be the regular green one and the Autumn one, which is irksome because they manage to survive the seasons but the Winter one doesn't. Is the Winter Topiary Decor Pack gone for good?
  6. How to make clouds on your Housing plot....STUCK FOR IDEAS.

    Bubbling Toxic Barrel from the housing vendor might work. Frost Skull from Arcterra is worth consideration too.