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  1. Custom Decor Showcase: "Music"

    Piano: Jukebox: Radio: Grammophon:
  2. Roleplay Charater Sheets

    Our german RP Community has quite a few RP Characters. I've made several "Character Sheets" for them and gonna post them here (as long as I've got the permission of the Owner to do so) (will be) Image heavy! I am still working on some more Images, so I'll post here a complete list... - to be continued and formatted -
  3. Roleplay Housing plots (Jabbit)

    Our german RP Community has quite a few RP Plots. I've made several "Skyplot Sheets" for them and gonna post them here (as long as I've got the permission of the Owner to do so) (will be) Image heavy! I am still working on some more Images, so here is a complete list: NAME: The Rock Solid Foundation CHARACTER: Obsydiara Starborn LOCATION: The Rock Solid Complex lies in the Algoroc Mountains. The hidden entrance is next to the Exit Tunnels of Thayd. DESCRIPTION: The RSF is designed to be a self-contained complex under siege and offers protection to every exiled war refugee. But even in times of peace this place is worth a look. In it's heart resides the fabulous master brewer Obsydiara Starborn, the creator of the well-known gnoxian original stout beer Rock Solid Felsenbräu! NAME: The Rock Solid Tavern CHARACTER: Celestine Starborn LOCATION: The Rock Solid Complex lies in the Algoroc Mountains. The hidden entrance is next to the Exit Tunnels of Thayd. DESCRIPTION: The Rock Solid Tavern is a small gnoxian Tavern, you'll stumble upon it on your way to the Rock Solid Foundation. Original Felsenbräu beer and fine meals await you. You need a place to rest? The RST has guest rooms to rent over the night and stables for your (un)-living steed. Ever wanted to know how Granok rock? Then visit the Waterfall Cave behind the Tavern! NAME: The Moaning Wench CHARACTER: Belle Shirley LOCATION: In one of the shadiest Back Alleys in Thayd with houses so close to each other that no light will shed through lies the Moaning Wench. DESCRIPTION: The Tavern run by "the beautiful Belle" is no beautiful place where you want to be as a righteous civilian. NAME: Proto City CHARACTER: Zemeya Vlaskava LOCATION: Just ask a friendly Protostar Supervisor and he will gladly teleport you to our Proto City. DESCRIPTION: Always wanted to see a premiere of the most anticipated Movie of the Year? Then wait no more. The drive-in cinema on Proto City is the Place to go. Take a ProtoMeal from ProtoBurger. Have fun in the very own Star Rocket Hoverpark or bet on the Cargo Brawl Fights. For Money! Enjoy your stay. Your Phineas T. Rotostar NAME: Skybeach CHARACTER: Tenebrae Uferlicht LOCATION: Floating high above the clouds over the Algoroc mountains, the Sky Beach Resort is easily reached via Protostars housing teleportation system. DESCRIPTION: Skybeach Resort has everything you want from a beach... in the sky! Slides, beachball, icecream, cocktails and if you want to spend a little more, you can even rent a suite! For a little refreshment people are invited to join the famous loftite caverns tour to discover the cold, floating heart of the island. NAME: The new Shipment CHARACTER: Margo Asada LOCATION: Crashed Ship in the midst of Whitevale DESCIRIPION: NAME: The Bonker CHARACTER: Arabesque Macalania LOCATION: The Bonker, situated in south-eastern Celestion, about 15 minutes by foot from Thayd. DESCRIPTION: The Bonker is a long-established rocker bar with fitting music and ambience. Burger, stouts and booze incarnate the charme you'd expect of a bikergang. Anyone ordering water can be sure that there'll be service with a smile in the second they get the hose for ya. All exiles welcome as long as they get, that the gang is the law around here. NAME: Tectollini CHARACTER: Tectonia Raukluft LOCATION: Situated in the heart of Thayd, close to the arborian gardens right next to the fortune grounds. DESCRIPTION: The little district is mostly famous for the noodle bar "Tectollini", it's not very hard to find in its open hours, you can smell the broth from a mile away. Other popular locations within the district are Zyn's shop for lingerie, as well as the old Harbor Coffee Shop. - to be continued and formatted -
  4. Wildstar IP Verification

    Default procedure for people with a daily/nightly IP reset: 1. Start game 2. Enter Auth data ingame 3. Switch to HP 4. Enter auth data on HP 5. Wait for email 6. Switch to Email 7. Get security code 8. Switch to HP 9. Enter security code 10. Switch to Game 11. Click on Continue 12. Enter auth code 13. Congrats you can play now! 14. Repeat every night That's the way to encourage people to "quickly hop into the game and just play a round before logging off to do whatever" Smooth move... not
  5. Unable to upload portrait/photo

    Same here. I tried: * different formats (png, jpg) * different filesizes (1kb up to 25kb) * different image sizes * with transparent background and without * on three different systems (win 10, win 7, android) * on three different browsers (chrome, ie, Firefox) Always getting the same error message: Failed to set a new photo As soon as I am home again I'll look into my developer tools. Maybe I can narrow the error down. Right now I am writing from my smartphone because of proxy settings at work. Therefore I don't have that much options ^^
  6. DevConnect: Alternate Characters

    Hey there, first of all: thank you for the DevConnects in general and the alt-friendliness one in specific. For me, being an alt-o-holic to the core it means a lot that you are addressing this topic. On a second note: I do not play Wildstar for either the PvP or the PvE part. I’ve absolutely no idea about those AMP Unlock stuff or dungeons, raids or battlegrounds most the others are talking about. And to be quite frank: I couldn’t care less. But that‘s personal preference. ;) In my opinion one of the biggest features in Wildstar (aside from a flourishing, well-thought and beautiful Lore) is the Housing feature and my Number one reason why I stick to Wildstar (next to the community - you guys are amazing). So my Post will be influenced by those two things in mind: Housing and RP. Sidenote: I try not to rant about this unfortunate accident that removed alt-friendliness in total from the game with the last update. Instead I try to focus on the things I already wanted to say before the update. If I am getting subjectiv and unproductive at any point: my apologies in advance. I am still a bit sore about this desaster. As I tend to write walls of text here the TLDR; version: And now to the real answer which I hope you'll read ... even if it is maybe a bit too long ^^* But in the end… for Alt-O-Holics like me: there will always be a reason to create another Alt. Even with the nearly unbearable changes to the account inventory and daily rewards that came in the last update. (Ahw noes, see there was my unproductive and very subjective rant again. Mea Culpa.) Yours, Sis
  7. Weekly Lockbox Key

    Hi there, it's not a bug, it's a feature ;) The Keys are classified as "Unique" so you can only have one at a time in your inventory. As the Account Inventory is an Inventory by itself this means there can always only be one unique lockbox key in the account inventory at the time. - You have to claim the lockbox key from the Account Inventory into the Character Inventory. - The lockbox key button in the welcome window will be then highlighted again and you can put it into the account inventory. - After this the counter on the lockbox Key will be counting from 7 days as intended. I've made the same mistake on my account. I am a terrible hoarder of things and let the first lockbox key sit in the account inventory as well. As soon as I claimed it with my main eveything went well again. Another note, since this happened to a friend as well and he had a question: The countdown will start at 7 days again. So the time passed until you took the second key is lost. It's not "one key in a week" but "one key every 7 days from keyclaim to keyclaim". Meaning: If you don't take the key from the welcome window for let's say 21 days you will still get only one key and not three. Hope this helps, :) Bye Sis
  8. About racial heights...

    Hey there, back again :) thanks for all the replies and interesting opinions. There are definetly some things to consider and to take into account. The reason why I asked in the first place was because I have some "files" for some of my RP-Characters that have specific numbers on them. Not something like "size: somewhere near 3 heads taller than a human". ^^ I'd simply hoped there'd be some definite numbers out there. Since this is not so, and we all have to assume (and do some math) based on cinematics, ingame graphics, and/or art concepts, I believe I'll settle with a size between 2.35m (very small) and 3m (very tall) for my male granoks and 2.15m to 2.85m for my female Granoks. Thanks again for all your input. *thumbs up* And if you ever stumble upon another bit of Granok lore regarding the size: please feel free to share. :) So far, Sis
  9. Hi there, just wanted to buy some housing stuff in the ingame store and stumbled upon some wordings in the descriptions and I am bit confused right now. There are two sentences with different wordings. I am a 97% sure they are supposed to say the same thing... but don't. Talking about those two: 1. "This purchase can only be applied to a single character." - Ground Remodel: Osun Plates 2. "This purchase can only be claimed by a single character." - Ground Remodel: Eldan Tech I believe they both are supposed to say: "You have to buy this for each of your characters separately". One of them does... but the other one says: "You can only buy this for one of your charaters once and will not be able to buy it with another character again." As I said: I am a 97% sure, the last one is not what it means. But I realy dont want to buy this "Ground Remodel" and then realizing in the end I blocked it for some other important chars. Soooo just a typo? ((Hopefully?)) Kind regards, Sis
  10. About racial heights...

    Hi there, just a quick question about racial heights and actual numbers. In Feb/Mar 2013 there was an inofficial height chart around the internet that compared all the races: Since we have the Loremageddon now and some more input about the races, I'd like to ask if those Numbers are still correct. Does anyone of you has other Information about the heights? One difference already known is the height of the Granok, which is said to be around 3 meters. Loremageddon on racial heights: Granok: Aurin: Human Exiles: Mordesh: Draken: Chua: Cassians: Mechari: Since the only actual "number" seems to be the Granok size of around 3 meters: Do we have to "upgrade" the above chart? Seems to me, all races are a tad too small. What do you think? Kind regards, Sis
  11. Uns gibt es immer noch! :D Alle Rollenspieler sind herzlich eingeladen beizutreten. PS: Unser Wiki freut sich immer über Steckbriefe eurer Charaktere, Skyplots, RP-Hotspots und RP-Projekte! Bis bald!
  12. Dominion- und Verbannten-RP-Zirkel

    Guten Morgen zusammen! Da es leider doch keinen offiziellen deutschen RP-Channel geben wird, sind alle Rollenspieler herzlich eingeladen, dem Channel "Rollenspiel" beizutreten. Der Befehl lautet wie immer: /chjoin Rollenspiel @Rabe: Sorry, dass ich einfach so in deinen Thread reinplatze. ;)