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  1. Carbine are not existing anymore, so there no one left to do anything special. Only stuff that already existing will be done. Maybe with some minor changes, as the last goodbye. Even if it will be copy of CBT closure, will be nice too, as mostly no one who is playing now saw that anyways (and I missed it too).
  2. Cash shop items vanished,Lost all my omnibits.

    You haven't lost anything. It is shop servers are down, like it was happening numerous times before. However, newly gained omni-bits you will lose. Everything else will be on place after server restart. @PhoenixMitra it is server wide, everyone have this issue on EU. No one can access shop and one can't see how many omni-bits they have.
  3. Lets see some recent screenshots!!

    Oh, Bubo it is you!
  4. Looking for somone to record my house.

    Thank you for sounds btw <3
  5. Forbidden Zones

    Caydiem in game answered that - no, access will not be opened. And you can access them anyways. Except instanced ones or other continents, and adding teleporters to go there will be additional work, so most likely will not be done. Maybe someone will release Sandbox at some point, but in Sandbox there just maps, no NPC's.
  6. [News] WildStar Signing Off November 28

    For all your questions there are answers in Vault of the Archon. In game press N -> PvE -> World Story -> Select "Vault of the Archon" -> Put checkbox on "do not search other" -> Queue. It is not answering other questions - why they did it? What happened after? Where they were all this time before we arrived? And other one - who was main there and who was fooled, or they worked together? And so on!
  7. Why did you stay?

    1. Well, I was playing it since end of alpha or from the beginning of CBT, do not remember exactly. Always loved this game. Everything about it actually. Plus I have guild to care about and new players to show them all the glory of this game. Wrote hundred guides (actually onlu 96), raised more than 700 players. Wildstar is my home. I have more than 15k hours in it as well. Housing, raiding, exploring zones, dungeons, and so on. 2. Nowhere, will just do same as I was doing pre-WS - mostly single player games and checking around new MMO.
  8. [News] WildStar Signing Off November 28

    Heh, it is near my Birthday too - mine is November, 27th. I hope final event will be colorful enough to make me smile through the tears. And then, after event, I will go to Halls of the Infinite mind and meet my end there, near corpses of the bosses from THE best designed raid boss fight in any MMO. First kill was amazing, feelings were unbeliavable. I never felt myself that good. System Daemons are the best in making a girl happy. Near 5.5 or maybe even almost 6 years of playing Wildstar. Already took a vacation for the end of November, to not miss it.
  9. The Official Guild Wars 2 Thread

    Wanted to try GW2 few months ago, but now I am not sure if I want to play another NCsoft game anymore. I went to Tabula Rasa, played it and payed there, and it was closed. I played CoH a bit (not much) and spent there a bit of money as well, and it was closed. I played WS for years and spent there a ton of money, and it was closed. I don't want to pay for a company that is closing all I love. I'd rather pay money to a company that will make new games or new content with those money and not put it into another Lineage project, ignoring ones I was actually paying for. Maybe one day wounds would be cured and I'll check it, but most likely not.
  10. 1.7.8 Game Update Notes - 26 September 2018

    Meow there~ About last event. Will it be only NA? Or EU as well? And will it be both Exile and Dominion, or only Dominion as on CBT closure? Thank you Wildstar for all the good memories. You will be missed.
  11. WildStar Developer Carbine Studios Shuts(ing) Down

    I hope there will be zPrix event too, so I can record on video some footage :o Hoverboards are bae <3
  12. WildStar Developer Carbine Studios Shuts(ing) Down

    Boss hunter on EU is not working :c
  13. The future after the shutdown and final words

    Well, first is that assets, code and other stuff are all belong to the NCSoft, not to the devs. And NCSoft restricted to release F2P-trailer-song for band they payed for to make it. And second, many devs are very passionate about Wildstar and loving it. And they are even more sad about WS death even more than you or me. But they are not management, they can change nothing.
  14. Datacubes

  15. Gear boost before the end

    Better if they just make x5 or x10 for all receiving violets, so new people who are comming to game to see it "while they still can". will be able to get their extra abilities like Atomic Slash, Nerve Induction, Sigil of Recovery or Locus of Power. And all the events pls!