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  1. Post your character's costume so far.

    And one more slinger
  2. Post your character's costume so far.

    Pistols at top are Artifact Support weapon, so called "pinky". Healing pistols "Project Legacy: The Contrarian" Chestplate is "Robe of Corrupted Reality" (Esper Token piece from Genetic Archives). Head - Phage-Lord Powered Goggles (costume). Hands - Eviscerator's Invasive bindings (Stalker blue gear). Pants - Torine Wraps (costume). Feet - Fiendish Freebooter's Graveboots (Stalker RMT token). Colors on chest (and other pieces) are - Light Blue Ice, Supernova White, Crimson Curtain. And Bloodfire Red + Lava on few other pieces.
  3. Post your character's costume so far.

    Can't find any better heavy gun to suit costume A bit more
  4. Random ideas for how Spellslinger DPS could be boosted

    Not sure which one of topics people are following, so posting here too: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/topic/156450-slinger-dps-needs-to-be-fixed-fall-2017-edition/?do=findComment&comment=1550594
  5. The Myth of Critical Mitigation

    Mobs had almost 300% CSev on the PTR (and, I think they still have there) before GA P1 was released. However, when GA P1 was released, on the Live servers, CSev of mobs was same as in P0. I have tested that with my warrior tank, while having absolutely same stats (with minimal glance possible), with only changing CMit. Raising Cmit from 100 to 200 had no difference, unlike PTR. Haven't tested it after, but I am not sure why it would change.
  6. Slinger DPS needs to be fixed - fall 2017 edition

    For some reason was not able to edit previous post, so here addition: A bit more details/explanation. 1. This is just annoying and forces you to either cast more RF/QD than you need or want in your rotation or to make small 0.5 second pauses between casts, which is making rotation clunky and non-fluid. Lets say about regular starter rotation with AM, you are forced to do something like RF x4 -> sRF x4 -> AM (or sAM, depends) -> Assa (or sAssa, depends) -> sCS (+FB) -> Ignite -> repeat. And with fixing this timing issue you can do next rotation: RF x4 -> sRF x2 -> AM -> Assa -> sCS (+FB) -> Ignite -> sRF x2 (you are here just about in time to finish the sRF x2 you started at the first part) -> RF x4 -> AM -> Assa -> sCS (+FB) -> Ignite -> repeat. This way player is casting 4 less casts of RF and can cast a few more casts of main damage spells like CS. Plus player have 1 more "chargre" of Spell Surge, so player can empower additional cast for even more damage. This will increase dps and will make rotations and class set itself much more fluid and less annoying to use. This will not buff BfB "broken rotation" bug dps as well. 2. I have mentioned Murder class set of Stalker because it is working same as BfB Slinger one - it adds 60-70% critical severity. However, Murder gives huge damage dot as well. When RMT was just released and my Stalker was ilvl 118 and it was doing 28-29k DPS on housing dummy. When I got ilvl 130 pants and class set, I started to do 38-39k dps, just from equiping class set. Murder DoT was doing 5k damage per second and extra crit severity and crit hits was a neat bones. I was not changing rotation and was still running CK t8, so I could do there even more. However, even with unoptimal build and just from equipping class set, I've gained 33% dps, or near 10k dps. Spellslingers were a bit behind other classes even before RMT release. I had a Spellslinger there as well, it was ilvl 112 and was doing 24k-ish dps with non-optimal rotation. When I got ilvl 130 pants and a bit more gear (ilvl 117-118) and when I got my BfB class set, I started to do 25-26k DPS without changing rotation. When I swapped rotation for better one for BfB (copied Pietro's one), I started to deal 28k or so DPS. So I gained only 15% DPS (and part of it were just from better gear, not class set). Even with class set I was still doing less damage than my Stalker was doing without one. And reason is that BfB is giving only stats and nothing more, so it is scaling very poorly. Stalker class set is giving stats + 20% (well, now it is 12-14% with better gear) of your total damage DoT. Just for free. This means that if BfB will add some kind of +20% damage as well, I can be balanced class set as well. There no difference how you get those +20% damage, by just "all spells do 15-20% more damage) or from some kind of DoT or something. You would say - but assasinate now is dealing twice the damage! Yes, it is, but it was only 6-8% of your DPS before, so even with twice the damage, you will gain only 6-8% of your damage increase. That's why I proposed to buff damage with 15% andn ot with 20%, as I subtracted Assasinate added damage. Here screen of Sil before he got RMT https://i.imgur.com/YWy4m3c.png and here after https://i.imgur.com/BQ5Ccf9.png in similar fight. As you can see, it was only 7% dps increase overall, even when builds are almost the same. So BfB need to offer something more than just a bit more stats.
  7. Right now top perfect parses on dummy with all buffs and debuffs of all dps classes are near 80-85k dps (Esper have more with Crush/Incapacitate debuffs, though), except Slinger with 66k and Engineer with 72k-ish. Engineer have many problems, but lets check only realistic scenarios and easy buffs/fixes for this class. 1. First of all, Artilery bot is very big part of damage dealt (DIvine and Risen class sets), but it's tier 8 is absolutely useless and dps loss. So one of fixes is to make Engineer do more damage to targets that are under the Barrage (active part) of Artilery Bot, something like "extra damage 10*level+10% of Assault Power damage per hit of Bolt Caster or Mortar Strike". Or make all Mortar Strikes to Crit (or to have extra MH-severity) when hitting target that is affected by Barrage of Artilery Bot. Very good solution is "after using Barrage of Atrilerry Bot, next casted TA will deal 150% more damage". TA is huge dps spell of Engineer, near 25% of damage overall. Bot can empower only 50% of all TA casts, so half of 25% damage will be increased by 1.5, or 0.12*1.5 = 0.18. Or damage will be increased by 6%. 2. Second is AMPs, there are two almost identical AMPs - Shrapnel and Explosive Ammo, so one of them can be replaced. Better if Shrapnel, but doesn't really matter. Very good one will be next: "When used Active skill on any Bot, all damage dealt by Engineer will be increased by 6% for 4 seconds". This mean that with 2 bots and good management, Engineer can have 80% uptime on this buff. This will add depth to Engineer gameplay. Buff can be different, not "all damage", but "increase multi-hit severity by 10%". However, raw damage shoud work much better - and it will be similar to Stalker's "Who's Next?" AMP, on which stalkers have 70-80% uptime during fight as well and maintaining which determins good stalker from the best. And same depth will be on Engineer with this tiny change. And Divine Class Set will be damage increase in this case (because it is lowering cooldown of all active Bot spells). A bit of math: 80% uptime on 6% damage buff will mean 0.8 * 0.06 = 0.048 or 4.8% more damage overall. So 72k dps * 1.048 = 75,456 or 75.5k dps. With 150% damage on TA, and calculated extra 6% damage from that, it will be 75.5 * 1.06 = 80.03k dps, or right on the sweet spot of every other DPS class. So those easy changes should put Engineer DPS to a same level as all other DPS. Those things are not hard to implement (most of similar mechanics already existing, so just copypcaste). And no more balancing ever will be needed after those changes applied.
  8. Slinger DPS needs to be fixed - fall 2017 edition

    I hope Devs are still looking to forums. Realistically, they don't have any manpower to do all those changes that Pietro proposed. However, there are easy fixeable workarounds that could be done even with 1 coder: 1. Make internal CD of Bullet From Beyond stacks to be smaller by 0.1 seconds or so. Right now if you just press Quick Draw or Rapid Fire, you will not get stacks every cast, as QD and RF both fire a bit faster than you can get new stack of BfB, so you need to wait a bit or cast RF/QD additional times. 2. Make BfB buff after unloading Assasinate with stacks to do anything more. Even raw "while buff is active, all damage dealt by Spellslinger will be increased by 15%" will work. Stalkers have almost same buff as Slingers (+60-70% Critical Severity) but in addition it have dot that is dealing 20% of Stalker damage. All classes (but Slinger and Engineer) top parses are near 80k dps, while topSlinger parse was near 65k. So adding 15% damage will increase dps: 65k * 1.15 = 74.75k ~= 75k. And with fix from previous point, dps should be somewhere near 78-80k, what is perfectly fine. And fix for BfB "broken rotation" bug is easy as well - make Buff non-canceleable or make all stacks to be removed at once if canceled. It is same for every single other class set buff, why it is different here? It was channeling spell. You press it and it shoots 3 times (just like charging CS, but on each "charge" it will shoot). It was stationarry spell as well. Telegraph was same as Quick Draw but a bit wider. Animation and sound was "shotgun"-ish, closes analogue I can recall is Graves autoattack from LoL. Its damage was pretty low and it was stationary. Tier 4 was "if you hit enemy with RF it will reduce True Shot cooldown by 0.3 seconds per each charge", or technically by 1 second total. Tier 8 was amazing, just check it "after dashing RF will deal double damage with first hit and first hit will generate dash token".
  9. That means if DS p1 will come - there will be no gear to put class runes in for new players, at all. Only ilvl 116 glory feet and hope for Eldan gloves.
  10. [WTB] Class balancing!

    Stalkers on Robo have an advantage because of much higher uptime on AW than in any other fight (because resets on hands, and on midphases), and 2-target fight giving an edge as well. But seems like here 2.5 pages are far away from the topic's theme :D
  11. Wildstar is a dead game.

    Right now if they all have p0-1 - they can join any group until they get silver/gold for the first time in that dungeon. Moving p1 -> p9 will be unfair and will be abused. Better choice if they get silver they go p1 -> p2. Gold then p1 -> p3. This way you can push players while you doing your regular silver p9 runs. As the main problem is the fact that no one want to do p1-p9 runs, they just giving worse loot and less essences, and you need alot of them. In same time you can just run 6-7 p9 and get your juicy ilvl 145-150 instead pushing someone. With kind of pushing proposed by me it will be still fair enough and will not actually bother p9-players. Still heroism scaling problem will be here, tho.
  12. Issues with Esper DPS - Dedicated to Meerkat

    Ramp is myth just because math too. If battle continues long enough, like 3-5 minutes, those 10-30 seconds means nothing in average of 300 seconds. They can affect your final dps output, but not more than 50-100 dps in total. And to make 3k+ difference you need to do like 200k dps less in the first 10-20 seconds and last 10 seconds. So in average term of raids, bossfights and so on - even if that "ramp" even exist - it will not affect result in any noticeable way. And that ramp do not exist - with fixation build I can cast 4 birds at the very first 6~7 seconds of the fight, and even overdps stalkers (especially if there 3-5 mobs). But then - bird is doing 7% less damage than storm, and storm is doing ~10-12% less dps than melee build. So it will be useless if fight will go longer than 10 seconds. Main problem here is that espers like stalkers - they can do nothing, except dps or one single buff/debuff. And in doing dps espers are just too bad, or even worse. And we have nothing in exchange - no powerlink, no kicks, no debuffs and so on. Even melee build and fixation build still needs one other esper with regular t4+ haunt+storm t8 to just do maximum of dps (which is still lower than any other class), and those builds cant run even t4 interrupts because they will lose 3-5k dps just by switching 8 points to other ability or changing slots.
  13. DevConnect: Faction Barrier

    But they are looking absolutely the same as male Chua. Only other chua's can know who is a girl and who is a boy by smell and some other things.
  14. DevConnect: Faction Barrier

    - What are your thoughts on dropping the faction barrier? And why? Barrier must be dropped, but not completely. And in all thing where barrier will be dropped - there must be and option, to allow all or only your faction to visit your housing or match you in groups to dungeon. I know many people who will afk or leave instantly when opposite faction will be matched with them in dungeon. If you add lore rich adventure/expedition for 1~5 people to every single raid (like journey to omni-core) - I'm fine with shared raids. The main things that must be crossfaction - mail, housing, costumes (like pvp ones), dungeon and arena finder. But all of this things must be optional - so you can search bg/dng only of your faction or set up your housing plot visible only to your faction. - What are your thoughts on keeping the faction barrier? And why? They must be optional ond lore vise. And no shared quests, except ones (maybe) in the future, where [10+ ppl] quests for "kill Entity things" If there will be crossfaction guilds - they must be different with preset option "crossfaction guild" and not just regular. Circles can be crossfactional, there is no problem with that. - If you were a developer for a day, what would your vision for what faction barriers be? I'd burn all the chuas and make peace all over the world ofc. - How should PvP flags factor into faction barriers, if at all? There must be an option "open faction pvp" and "free for all". If group cross-factional - it can be only "free for all" pvp flagged. And add pls on World Bosses - when they alive, "safe zone" where when you are not pvp flagged and buffing raid and there is someone flagged - so you will not be flagged too. Or just let pvp flagged on WB's not receive healing/buffs. But only on WB's.