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  1. The state of Wildstar

    So the steam sale looks it was not a success, the game is still barren in peak hours, no new content since 3 months ago. Redmoon Terror raid seems so far away. I think this game is on its last legs. I really liked wildstar and thought it had potential but the devs really bungled this one and doesn't look a recovery is anywhere near sight.
  2. How is the new content patch. Will it add to the content drought for months we had I mean more then a one month.
  3. Wildstar Wednesday - Final Epsiode

    Pretty much every mmo I have come across uses reskins as patch content even the ones with the most of content like FFXIV.
  4. Wildstar Wednesday - Final Epsiode

    I agree this game lacks any real content to keep people, I surprised this game is not shut down yet by now, since this team clearly doesn't know what their doing.
  5. So no new content in 5 months

    Bashing wow is not helping this game, new content will, it just carbine seems to not care anymore about their game, we haven't content in months and thinking the events is actual content shows out of step they really are.
  6. Seriously, they have been adding to the cash shop mostly which has me worried that the bare bones staff they have now is barely keeping the game together. Also I don't consider the two holiday events as content it was something extra to do on the side. I see a huge decline in the population and basically the streams have evolved into doing the same thing over and over again. No new dungeons or raids really scares me. Hope I'm wrong the game has a lot of potential.
  7. Free to Play Represents Failure

    You mean people not working for what they have anymore and just want the free stuff thats why Free to Play is popular people because they're jobless deadbeats. Now every 12 year old is going to be infesting this game now.
  8. Sorry guys as a long time player on Wildstar since launch since this game is going free to play I might be unsubbing and never coming back. Free to Play admits that I can't think of a creative idea to bring players but letting this game go into welfare optics, giving people who don't have a job to not pay for it who never have to earn anything. There was a reason why mmos charge 15 bucks a month because its an investment in the game and people find value in the content. I can guarantee the people playing will never sub because the all the content is accessible. Also Future content will be in a stalemate the devs are going to slower with content updates since they are going to devote all their time in the cash shop. Oh well, going to Final Fantasy XIV, where the devs actually care about and your 15 dollars is valued with new content.
  9. So Intel is better then AMD?

    So thinking about buying an intel processor cause my fx amd 8320 760 gtx I am getting 20-35 fps on thayd and 15-20 when I around people. I am getting i5 4670k since thats not as pricey as i7 and also heard people had pretty fps on that constantly and have to switch my motherboard and ram in the process which is going to cost a pretty hefty price but worth it to make this game run better. I was wondering what are the advantages of intel in this game cause i heard WS use 1 core heavily which is why intel processors are better used then amd if thats true.
  10. Help with PC build

    Hello I am looking to change my motherboard currently have a motherboard that takes amd fx I currently have the the 8320 and getting low fps in some areas like thayd and whitevale. So I wondering if someone could recommend me a motherboard with intel 5 processor that comes with the ram. Already have teh graphcics card gtx 760. I am looking not to spend over $320 dollars. If anybody have any suggestions.
  11. So returning player

    Sorry I was on was trying to contact you but you either offline at the time or busy. I wll be on today around 5pm est. If you want to team up.
  12. So returning player

    yeah will do i will be on around 7pm est on enity server. My character's name is Lawerence
  13. So returning player

    Hello guys returnimg player here. One of the main reasons for returning was wod was really getting boring and the of endgame was really dull(talking about garrisons) the only thing that kept me playing was going through old content and that got stale. Anyway returned to wildstar to finish leveling my main and after finding a guild the game seems more enjoyable. I admit the reason I left was the lvling process was repetitive and tedious and the low fps in some places was making the game unplayable for me.So did the endgame content dallies blighthaven and the defile. I couldn't do most blighthaven because of finding a group to play the content. I did the defile content same brick wall but i was able to defense lightspire solo and i have to say i'm impressed how the game has involved. Then do omni core 1 and have to say i was blown away it was a zelda style mini dungeon which I liked and full voice acting made the exiperince more awsome. If they create more instances like that then i see wildstar's future very bright ahead. Have yet to try out protostar games dungeon. I heard it was great for those who played it.
  14. Client Optimization

    No offense guys but you probably just need better graphic cards, not everything is the devs fault you need powerful computers to play mmos, you guys should have been prepared for this.
  15. So I got an Acount Suspension

    Yeah I learned now not to go on this fourm for account suspension issues because people just want to be genuine jackasses here. Yes I did nothing wrong and they have yet to prove if I was botting, I will just have to wait it out until they answer my ticket until then I will have to play something else in the mean time.