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    Lol nice example of a place to go to, that game hasn't had a content update since Novemeber... One raid ready at launch with held till December, the 2nd raid ready at launch with held until Febuary. Than considers screenshots and dailys 'content' for it's first major patch, copies CREDD and has released 2 more store mounts and a pet. So ya go have fun on your P2P game with the ethics of the worst type of F2P's, pay to win.. Yup that CREDD "Token" can be used to buy Mythic (hardest difficulty) raid gear thanks to their Black Market AH and surplus of BoE's.

    Hmm. Prepare to filter your guilds roster of quality f2p people or prepare for the horror that is Raid Finder to keep free and subscribing players interested in the game at max level is the only result I can think of happening by barring any player from joining a guild.

    ROFL! Turn this into a machinima and we have what you feared and what I'd consider a win! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CirmZY_b9Mw

    Okay I'm sure this was thought out but I think restriction on PTR access to free players should be reconsidered to allowing the priviledge to Box Purchasers permantly my reasoning is that: 1. PTR is for testing and isn't a playground, the more canidates willing to come in can help on stress testing can't be bad and also may inspire more whom have the experience and skill set to identify and than creating a good bug report. 2. Content creators on youtube for other games play their PTR's more often than their main account thus allowing them to feed their audiences with updates on whats in the build. Those audiences could consist of people interested in the game and others who went inactive but keep tabs on updates awaiting to make a return. This is free advertisment essentially and puts an easement on the video creators who have a small but growing following. 3. I personnally am a person who would buy the game, keep an active subscription, grab things from the store, a whale essentially, than would scoff at joining the PTR. I'll buy my boom-box rewards one way or the other, investing the time to earn them though? Nah ain't got time for that!

    I've returned because of this announcment! Time to start bullhorning the good news to my friends and family! I used to be against this but the PvP queues especially those while leveling has changed my outlook on subscription models as a whole. This game was an amazing and my personal favorite MMO-RPG June-August after that point however this game felt like a good single player RPG. One question my CREDD time is active till April 2016, how will current CREDD users and CREDD be affected over all? Regardless of an overhaul or even a complete removal in the new model, I've returned! EDIT: Nevermind already answered just missed it when I glossed over the webpage linked in the OP.
  6. Now I know what your problem is Carbine

    I didn't know this of NCSoft but then again I don't keep tabs on publishers really because what I find is usually upsetting and is in the past. I don't want past conflicts I didn't have a part in keeping me from enjoying a good game. So they sound like another robber baron like Trion, EA and Activision. Doesn't matter in most cases the games can still be good. WoW has a debateably good business model still, only cosmetics are in the store but don't like that with a tagged sub fee and I still don't know what to think of the 90 boosts... It only gets bad when they do stuff like Trion making labor points in AA a micro-transaction and EA converting SWtoR to F2P and asking me to spend money or my loyalty given Cartel Coins on action bars after I've been subbed since launch, merely decided to check out the model and intended to resub but fled the game when I realized the F2P crop would PvP without action bars to bind CC after core abilities. Nothing of this sort has happened here or in GW2 so maybe NCSoft isn't all that bad?
  7. 2-step my final words

    I wouldn't trust my account to go with out the two step, I put it on two devices, wrote down the seed. It's really cool you get 2% buffs and a mount for it enabled. But that doesn't change the fact it makes the game extremely tedious to even just login especially when you have to click the randomly generated keys with the mouse pointer and my client crashed very frequently due to optimization. When the client crashed and I tried to relog the first time I'd get an error "Another Client" is logged on or something and would have to do it again. I was spending too much time at the login screen and that sapped my fun and broke immersion. It wasn't the reason I lost interest and put the game on the game burner but it was just one of those little things that piled up. A polished game doesn't have many error messages, still waiting on namely better optimization but IP remembrance would certainly be a boon to the game aswell.
  8. Wildstar is in a good position

    I agree a perpetual trial would be a good thing but level 20 and 35 will forever break a PvP bracket, if allowed to queue it has to be 14 or 29, or the brackets themselves entirely reworked. Also I'd want to be matched with trial account players because then I may actually level up some alts in PvP as was advertised. I support level 29, allowing the player to get 99.99% to 30, "if you want that last ability slot then buy the game" would be enough to persuade me personally to pick up a box.
  9. Wildstar is in a good position

    Your topic of Wildstar being in a good position of the MMO genre using WoW as an example is accurate, I think many, as I know I would take Wildstar over WoW any day as a base for PvE play. But most MMO's, Wildstar and WoW PvE isn't the only element of player choice. There's PvP, I wouldn't dare touch WoW PvP I'm no pillar LoS masochist nor am I patient enough to partake in Wildstar PvP due to queues and building ATU points on multiple characters. PvP'ers like alts as it's the only real element of style change. MOBA's offer a fairly paced progression system, short queue's and a vast selection of play style choice. Wildstar queues are restricted behind factions and Wildstar does offer vast amount of option and customizability in play style but progression is constrained behind time leveling which is fair enough but ATU points need changed in some manner alleviating alts gaining them or Wildstar will never offer a fair, fun and competitive PvP environment. It simply boils down to putting in too much time and work to get where I would like in terms of playing competitively when other genre's offer it almost immediately and even with the effort it's not met with rewarding turn over play from queue's further extending the higher your rating climbs. EDIT: The crux of MMO PvP that MOBA's can never offer is character attachment and meaningful progression compared to a selecting a Champion and building gear lasting that single game, leveling to cap is rewarding, lengthy queue times and farming and/or sinking gold on ATU's for an additional interrupt armor isn't as of current. Additionally a visual and interactive community, MOBA friendlist and team building rooms do not even come close to to seeing your friend or rivals avatar right in front of you. When these two issues are dealt with Wildstar will in no doubt be a giant in the games market for battle arena styled PvP. With the also presented option to PvE within the same game this title will be a very well rounded and solid title appealing to a vast amount of people.
  10. Wildstar is in a good position

    Pretty much hits the nail on the head, I came to WisldStar for PvP from LoL based off the combat system which is amazing and Warplots, which I've never SEEN. I left WildStar because queues never pop leveling, take to long to pop at cap and then at cap there was too much of a gap between geared and starting further distanced by the gold sink that is ATU/AMP, in PvP without those your at a huge disadvantage when it atleast comes to ATU equaling an interrupt armor which will make or break you. Long story short until same faction BG's I'll stick with my MOBA's because atleast the queue's pop. EDIT: Also for instanced PvP I don't care if I'm Exile and my teammate is Dominion, it's Player versus Player not Character versus Character. I can put my faction pride to rest in the spirit of player competition.
  11. Faction Change Poll Updated

    YES Because I play for endgame, the leveling phase only resonates with me the first play through. I don't see a problem with a person investing to keep the time played on their character to take it a different direction. No specific side I personally would transfer to but the option is needed to extent potential guild request and recruiting.
  12. Wow expansion failing hard!

    I hit level cap in 10 hours, not doing anything unusual either, I played through all the zone story quests and hit the dungeons once.. Then without flying I found myself sitting in queue in my Garrison.. except Garrisons suck compared to the Skymap Housing here! Different name same game. Unsubscribed today because no raids until Dec 9th and the heroic dungeons are so easy, I'm in a guild group so that's to be be expected but we even did Challenge modes and nailed gold the first try. If that's the new mechanical complexity I heard so much about then no thanks. Would come back to Wildstar but yeah, exploits, my post was deleted in the Reported Gold Exploit thread, still keep checking back for a statement or feedback of the ban severity but after that extent it'll probably take me a year to warm back up to MMO's period. -.-
  13. Wildstar Free 2 Play - What if! (ideas within)

    Level 14 or 29. Anywhere in-between would permanently break that PvP bracket. Plus, NO to cash shops..
  14. Reported Gold Exploit

    This exploit was not possible to do unless you knew how to do it so again please permanently ban everyone that capitalized on it. Get these people off the game, your not a brand new game anymore you don't need to be soft like with the win traders. You need a milestone for people to look back on and then say "I better not do this or I'll get banned, I'll file a bug report instead". Honest players play honest games, have no mercy in regards to this whole debacle! The reason I keep mentioning win traders because I want you to see the difference in player outcry.
  15. Overwatch and Wildstar

    Someone gets it!