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  1. Any word on this @Sunshine or other devs? This has been broken since at least the F2P launch. Would be nice to use this jacket on my female alts.
  2. Hello! I came across this when trying to dye my favorite jacket on an alt. After testing across a few of my female alts, I discovered that the Spellbinder's Fusillade/Invigorating Vestments, the Slinger early pvp jacket, has no functioning dye channels. I know for a fact that it does for male characters. As you can see, the jacket should be a godawful bright red or yellow color, but instead retains its original appearance. Compared to my mordesh, or Draken: Where it works flawlessly.
  3. Bring back Roleplay Sub-Fourm

    If you are going to remove it, could it be archived instead? There was a lot of good stuff there. :( And I welcome everyone interested in Wildstar RP to join us over at wildstar-roleplay.com.
  4. Badly Rendered Aurin Tail[SUGGESTION/ISSUE]

    Agreed 1000%. While the tail is a bit iffy and could look better, the female one would be absolutely unfitting.
  5. Primal Matrix Stalker Feedback [Game Update 1.7.0]

    I think what bothers me the most is that all of this was brought up in an 8 page thread on the PTR boards. The class no longer feels good or rewarding to play. I can deal with changing up skills and rotations, but when the class itself doesn't feel right, all the fun is gone.
  6. Primal Matrix Stalker Feedback [Game Update 1.7.0]

    In terms of why? I speculate it's because the nature of the ability itself has changed. Because it's on a charge system, it's no longer a "reactionary" ability with a limited window in which to cast it. Because of that, it loses its GCD protection. Unfortunately, I feel that the devs themselves don't understand the draw of Stalker in the first place. By having a smooth, clean, fast rotation of abilities that flow together, it helps to facilitate the "agile rogue" fantasy that draws people to medium armor melee stealth classes in the first place. Slow, clunky, methodical rotations, while they work, feel entirely out of place and more fitting for a heavier class like a Warrior.
  7. So, about the class changes, what's everyone's thoughts? Personally? Like I and many other said on the PTR forums, not a fan. Let's break down why, our two main offenders are: Putting Punish on GCD is atrocious. Prior to the patch, rotations felt smooth and responsive. This single change took that away. The class as a whole feels clunky, no ability flows into another. While having it be RNG based waiting on a crit was also a terrible design choice, taking away its ability to be smoothly interwoven between other skills is a far worse feeling. Impale's Punish regen is also rather terrible. Replacing one form of RNG with another form that has even less player agency (at least we could rune for Crit/use stealth refresh abilities/RUBY RAAAAAGE ENHANCER to force a punish proc) is simply un-fun design and adds even further to the clunkiness of the class rotation. Other issues? Well, at this point, concussive kicks, once a staple in our rotations, is absolutely worthless. There's no longer anywhere to work it into the rotation and whereas before it would be used to get punish off of cooldown, now it's not even worth going onto the bar, regardless of how you tier it. Analyze weakness? It's a 50/50. While it's very nice to have a self damage buff, the restrictions on it once again make it feel clunky. 60 second cooldown? Whatever, cool. Has to be used from stealth? Uh, okay sure I guess. On GCD, why? It now factors into the same problems punish does, where once you could easily work it into your rotation, now it has to sit on its own and take away any feelings of a smooth and reliable rotation, while also praying to Dominus that nothing knocks you out of stealth when you go to use it. Finally, Neutralize has become a 100% brainless rotation. With 100% uptime on Neut and Punish, you press two buttons and the biggest challenge is not falling asleep at the keyboard. Any other Stalkers want to chime in with their post-patch thoughts?
  8. WildStar channel on Twitch hosting... other MMOs

    As someone who streams and auto-hosts my friends, there's actually a good chance they have the auto-host similar box turned on. I would recommend they turn it off.
  9. Lifestyles of Nexus V (SEE CLARIFICATION)

    Woo! Another Lifestyles! I'm gonna enter in my two finished plots. Exile: Remarus Locke - Skyglade Lodge, a traveler's lodge settled out on a mountain in Wilderrun. Gilder Moonstone - Fracture, an old Osun outpost in Arcterra, retrofitted for shady dealings and bombastic music. Tours: Yes. Main: Remarus Locke. Good luck everyone!
  10. DevConnect: Faction Barrier

    In terms of PvE, dungeons, raids, chat channels, housing, hell even guilds? Drop it like it's hot. Lore/story wise, keep it up. Keep each faction to their own cities and quest hubs. Maybe have a neutral city in the future, but not one of such importance that it takes away from Thayd/Illium (Like Shattrath in WoW's Burning Crusade).
  11. Windmill FABkit?

    A few patches after I made this thread, it found its way into the vendor. =P
  12. Circle Member Limits - Increase?

    I've got to agree with Pepper. This would be incredibly useful to the RP community.
  13. WildStar : Lets Talk ReBranding

    WilderStar... (don't kill me)
  14. Post your character's costume so far.

    Decided on a whim to try and whip up a steampunk style costume. There is a major lack of vests that can be used, but I'm happy with it.
  15. Post your character's costume so far.

    My newest costume for hoverboard racing, created for the Hover Bees Star Spangled Stuntway event yesterday.