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  1. Why I am not giving up.

    Shh let me have my onepunch moment damnit.
  2. Why I am not giving up.

    Hi there, It's Azami. For a long time I've played Wildstar and had my fair share of back and fourths with the community, alot of them ended with me flatout leaving for about six months or so. But.. Honestly? That does not mean I did not care and wanted the game to die, No. I just did not agree with the way people were doing things. But with that in mind, Seeing this news lit a fire in my heart because this is the very game that I supported from the very beginning. The community though having rough patches is very special, I can't turn a blind eye to this and let it go. You won't find me giving up even if I get a cease and desist from NCSoft why? Because, look around at the community and tell me. Is it worth fighting for? Or are we just going to let this slip on by and mourn its loss? NCSoft, This is a message I send to you. You may have given up, But I will not. No matter what you do, I will make noise. I will fight for Wildstar. If the game goes down, I will only get louder.
  3. Star-Comm Station Wire: April Edition

    Still no new content..
  4. Lets talk features: NA to EU transfers

    Lovely, so did i. but i'm not letting that hinder my judgement on this.
  5. I would love seeing this service implemented because seriously, it would make a world of difference Carbine.
  6. Post your character's costume so far.

    Thought i would post my character.
  7. State of the Game/Community?

    In alot of ways the game is doing amazing, in terms of players the game is severely suffering, and in terms of consistent content.. unfortunately, that's not exactly possible given the size of the dev team. I mean sure there are content drops, but if you're looking for bi-weekly updates for balances/fixes. that's not going to happen. Being more realistic, the game could do good. but at this rate Wildstars future is not certain, it could be a massive success with the steam release. or it could just fail and be on its last leg. While others are going to be as positive as they can be, it's best to offer a more.. honest answer.
  8. Community Project: Wildstar: Nexus Unleashed, Trailer. (Closed)

    Apologies for the late post, Nexus Unleashed is closed.. Not much i could do in terms of this, Real Life became an issue.
  9. Stalker DPS qeueing and getting tank.

    Much as the title suggests, since the arcterra drop stalkers have been getting tank qeues as DPS.. please fix this carbine, its making the game not enjoyable.
  10. Community Project: Wildstar: Nexus Unleashed, Trailer. (Closed)

    Aaand, a little something i am working on.
  11. Community Project: Wildstar: Nexus Unleashed, Trailer. (Closed)

    Apologies for things having haulted, family was sick and i've had my hands full with things elsewhere. currently five people actively working with the Nexus Unleashed team in coordinated efforts. We really could use some extra hands, the banner is finished for the webpages and i'll be uploading it with the correct dimensions with in the next day.
  12. Community Project: Wildstar: Nexus Unleashed, Trailer. (Closed)

    (Moved to main post)
  13. Community Project: Wildstar: Nexus Unleashed, Trailer. (Closed)

    Project Nexus Unleahsed youtube page is up, working on the channel art with a friend atm. Twitter page shall be up shortly, ill be updating the link for Discord regularly as well.
  14. Community Project: Wildstar: Nexus Unleashed, Trailer. (Closed)

    (Added the discord link to the first post.)
  15. Community Project: Wildstar: Nexus Unleashed, Trailer. (Closed)

    (Changed chats to discord, added it to the main post.)