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  1. Thayd Journals

    I'm pretty sure they are all event specific and can only be obtained when said events are active. This most notably concerns the Shade's Eve (Halloween) event. There is also a journal linked to Starfall but I believe that event wasn't even run last time Starfall was around (there only were login rewards, no quests or anything like 2 or 3 years ago).
  2. Bump. Another case. Random ban after 1 day of playing: https://steamcommunity.com/app/376570/discussions/0/1736589519988726917/ Nice to see this issue being adressed after being known for so many months... Not...
  3. skull icon

    Then the skull was probably due to the 4 levels in difference.
  4. world boss

    Well I think it's a little more complex than that. From what I can tell it's a whole continent has to be un-used for it to be unloaded (for the sake of server capacity I reckon) which causes the cache to reset. As a result the problem is primarily caused on Farside and Arcterra since those "continents" consist of only one zone each and their general use is rather limited. That said I do agree Carbine should try to seperate the cache timers from the instances so we're not looking at a 60 min CD the moment we enter a continent simply because nobody's been there for some time.
  5. skull icon

    It means that the mob in question is high likely to be much stronger than you are for one reason or another. Less common, but possible, it means the enemy in question has a (much) higher level than you. More commonly however is that the mob in question is a special type of mob (often indicated by a unique name), such as a legendary mob or a world boss, which are meant to be fought by groups of 5+ or 20+ players respectively (take these numbers with a grain of salt, they're indicative). One such example is in the screenshot below; The world boss Kraggar which is meant to be fought by a group of 20'ish people. It is also possible that it's a combination of the two situations mentioned above. It not impossible to be in a leveling area and to stumble into a world boss area during your travels (world bosses are also meant for level 50 players only, in addition to a larger group of players required).
  6. How to register ncsoft account?

    Unfortunately there's no known definitive fix for this issue and it's actually very, very old. Yet for some reason NCSOFT can't be arsed to properly review their registration system. Going by the thread linked at the end of this post, and what else I remember when trying to get NCSOFT to do something about this issue, you can try the following things. - First of all check if your country isn't blocked. You can find the list here: https://support.wildstar-online.com/hc/en-us/articles/217017366-Blocked-Countries - Make sure any adblockers are disabled while in the registration process / when verifying your email address. - Have you also tried different internet browsers / locations (at school / work for instance)? - When you tried to register an account did you uncheck the box that says "Save my current IP address as an authorized location." ? This helps for some people. If none of that helps submit a ticket to customer support, if possible that is. Otherwise send a mail to customer support at support@WildStar-Online.com and mention - Name - Account Email - Thorough description of the issue - Location where you are playing from The thread I created almost a year ago, for reference:
  7. where's pavaler point?

    If it's your first time to go to Palaver Point I highly recommend doing the Redmoon Terror intro quest which should guide you straight to it. In addition you'll get a decor item for your housing plot that allows you to instantly teleport from your house to Palaver Point after you completed the quest which will likely be quite convenient in the future. You can get the quest from Ish'amel the Bloodied in Thayd and Illium. Locations in the spoiler below. The other route to reach Palaver Point is through the open world transit terminals in Algoroc (Exiles) and Deradune (Dominion). These terminals are located at the Deadstar Ravine in Algoroc and the Grimvoid Landing in Deradune. The spoiler below has screenshots of the terminal locations in the area.
  8. The character on which I claimed the decor pack does not have the chromium pieces available at the housing vendor. However, when I checked the Account Inventory on that same character the Chromium pack was (again) there, seemingly available for another claim. Though I haven't actually tried to claim it again.
  9. Items being granted through challenges in the way those old sources indicate (specific challenges rewarding a small group of specific items) has been phased out long ago so don't count on that as a good source directly. In most cases items from challenges were moved to Reputation vendors in their respective zones but as far as I can tell that's not the case for this particular weapon and it seems to have vanished. That being said I do have 3 leads for you for different weapons with the same model. Firstly, and the one I'm most certain of, is the Corrupt Greatblade which, according the Prime loot table online, can be obtained in Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden on Prime difficulty (probably at the end of the dungeon as part of the general loot drop). Secondly there is the Jungle Slicer which is also from SSM Prime and should drop from the mini-boss Khalee but my only source on this is a 2 year old video so this might be outdated information. Third and last is the Augmented Flamedancer Blade but with Jabbithole being "down for maintance" (whatever that means, it hasn't been updated in years) I can't find a lot of information about it. The name points towards the Flamedancer area in Malgrave (might be a quest reward) but that's about all I can tell you without access to Jabbithole. Hope this is of some help to you :P
  10. Guard NPC decor?

    For what it's worth Carbine did add some NPCs (Ekose and Grumpel) to the Residential Renovation event vendor not to long ago. Much like the Guard NPCs these were very old decor items not seen in years since the relevant Madam Fay stock never returned. So either Carbine will need to rotate the relevant Fay stock again or they might add the guards to Residential Renovation. Here's to hoping I guess. ^^
  11. Barbaric/Savage Costume Set

    Hi there ho there! If memory serves the Barbaric costume can be found in the Crimson Badlands and possibly also the Northern Wastes. These are level 50 daily zones, not to be confused with their level 3-7 counterparts. I can't provide you with a map of discovery locations but some addons such as ZenRadar and possibly also Perspective (I think atleast, and you might need the GitHub version) can be used to track Discoveries within several hundred meters. That will hopefully make it easier to find them.
  12. Wich Faction has more population?

    As far as I'm aware it leans to Exiles a bit on both servers but with most of the game being cross-faction it doesn't really matter. Most of the game being cross-faction implies just about everything such as Expeditions, Dungeons, Raids, Battlegrounds, Guilds, Housing etc. etc. The only exceptions are Questing (though this can overlap), Adventures and PvP Arena Teams.
  13. No Sound

    Related follow-up thread:
  14. New player, a couple of questions

    Whoops yeah it's 100, not sure why I was thinking of 25 to be honest :S And now I can't edit that in my original post.... Such a nice new forum 'feature' nobody asked for Carbine / NCSOFT.....
  15. New player, a couple of questions

    In order to join guilds you need to be invited by a Guild Leader / Officer. Once the invite is sent (you have to be online) you'll get a pop-up from which you can accept the invite. The same principles apply to all forms of social groups (Guilds, Circles, Housing Communities, Warparties, Arena Teams). The best way to describe a Circle, especially these days, is like a small and more informal guild with up to 25 members. Unlike guilds they don't have a holo-logo nor guild tax (optional for guilds) but other than that they're quite similar in structure. They are a usefull option to have at your disposel if you want to be in multiple guild-esque groups at the same time. Back at launch Circles were used to organise material farming for tradeskills on housing plots amongst players with the same gathering tradeskill and would enable resource sharing for the circle members (and it provided a convinient list of whose plots to visit). However many tradeskills have since fallen into obscurity and the need for Circles deminished with it. As a result people now use Circles as extra social groups on top of guilds for various purposes.