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  1. If I understand correctly you're trying to equip gear by dragging the item from your inventory to the relevant slot on the character window. If so you can simply right click an item in your inventory to equip it (any equipped item in the slot is automatically unequipped).
  2. Well I think it's a bit too simple to simply look a the title of a thread and say that, by definition, is the subject of the thread as whole. The title is an indicator describing the subject of the thread but all its contents cover a much broader range of subjects than just the thread title. So dismiss a thread as misleading simply because of the title seems a bit cheap to me. Neither the SUTU nor recent monthly updates have touched upon the subject of future content at all beyond vague statements such as "continueing to support the game". Which, as I said before, is way to broad for interpretation. I will not denie that NCsoft is free to spend their money as they see fit but if none of the money Wildstar makes is, to an extend, being used to re-invest into the game and expand they might aswell say so. The continued lack of a clear statement on the matter is the frustrating part. You either respend (part) the money for serious further development or you don't for one reason or another. And NCsoft, regardless of who the representative is (so not necessarily Sunshine), continues to avoid answering that question at all cost. This isn't the first nor last thread where this is the case. The devs have, repeatedly, been very good at showing up in threads, such as this one, when players say things "out of context" to police them but when someone asks the straightforward question "Is there new content being developed for Wildstar?" they're never there to answer, even if simply to say they can't comment due to something such as an NDA. As for the doomsaying, it may or may not be true but the reailty is that over the past year or so I've seen the number of people at reset raids (on EU) drop from 200+ a year ago to 20 - 40 now. Likewise on the Steam charts, even if only a minority uses it, you cannot denie that the average player count, has dropped from 333 in April last year to ~160 April this year. That is less than half the number of players playing on average compared to a year ago no matter how much you try to pull or twist it. Similary the peak numbers have also dropped from ~600 in April last year to just ~330 the past 30 days, again a significant decline in the number of players. We are investors to the point that we are the main reason the game is still alive. If we'd stop spending money en-masse the game would be closed before long so some incentive to invest money from our side has to be given. And I fully understand that all revenue made by the game is spend on covering costs first such as paying for servers, salaries, studio growth etc. and obviously some money goes to the publisher and other souces. But if that means not enough profit is being made to develop (a lot of) content for the game they can be clear about this and don't need to wrap this in countless layers of mystery and obscure answers. If Carbine / NCSOFT was to say "This is what you get for next year" we'd know what's what, even if we don't always like to hear that. But currently, if you look realistically at what's being said on the internet most people interpret the current situation as "Grab as much money as possible before closing before closing the game". I'm not saying that because I want to, but because it's what I'm seeing elsewhere. As much as doomsayers don't know how much time Wildstar has left neither do you know how much revenue or profit Wildstar is making. Even before NCSOFT scrapped Wildstar from their quarterly reports the quality of the financial reports was already to poor to determine such things. And as for my choices, I'm currently not spending a lot of money on Wildstar but that is bcause there is nothing interesting for me to spend money on, but not because I wouldn't want to. For instance, if the Overcharged Chrome Weapon Set was debundled from its current bundle and offered seperately I'd buy it in a hardbeat but I have no desire to spend 93 euros on a bundle when I'm not really interested in 75%+ of its contents. Like I said, it sort of is an investment but I'll skip that detail and cut to the chase. Frankly, I wouldn't say they have trained people making calls given the state they're in. How many times have Carbine / NCSOFT rushed out new updates without listening to player feedback or didn't act on it afterwards? The whole Primal Matrix and Prime system is one such recent case. Same story with several class 'balances' when most people said "Don't do this, it's a bad idea...." and yet the devs stuck with it all the same. Result? People left the game. Sometimes the game also got very unlucky, with the wonky F2P and Steam launches for instance, which were plagued by bugs and other issues but there was also complete failure on the developer side to respond adequately such as needing over a week to spin up extra servers at F2P launch when most players had already left again. There were also several instances when the servers were literally flatlining and people got mass disconnects, who got the blame? That's right, the players and their ISPs, even when all evidence pointed to the issue being on the server side. There was this one case with Jabbit server I remember when the devs blamed the players and their ISPs even when player trace routes from all over Europe pointed at the bottleneck being at the server end. Add to that all those players' ISPs clearly stating it wasn't on their end. So magically many ISPs from across Europe all lost their brains overnight and it was all their fault and there was no way at all it was the game servers and so the issue dragged on for a week or two. Makes perfect sense right? It's those kind of actions (or lack thereof) and attitude from Carbine / NCSOFT that has made many believe they're not being taken seriously when raising their concerns. Again, if that's the case they don't have to make a mystery about it and they should come clean on the matter rather than always dodging the question when someone asks an honest question about the future of the game, even if 'maintenance mode' is the answer. I get that, and I also don't always agree with Sunshine having to take flak for these kind of things. But the realilty is when critical feedback is given the devs don't talk most of the time and when subjects are brought up a misleading basis, intentional or not, it leads to flak like this as it seems to be the only way to get the devs' attention these days. It's was 2 or 3 years ago that people were complaining about radio silence from the devs' side and the devs answered to that complaint with DevConnect. Devs ask questions / opinions, players provide feedback, devs act on it where possible. But these days we seem to be back to square one with mostly radio silence and some forum policing but no real communication and only some vague statements which are very open to varying interpretations.
  3. I am naked!!

    If you haven't logged in for a very long time your old armor may be deprecated and removed. Check your mail for tokens you can use to craft replacement gear at the Master Craftsman in the capital cities. In Thayd look for Master Parastis, a Mordesh in the Academy Corner's crafting area (up the ramp then on the right, in the shack opposite the blue bike). In Illium look for Master Garo, a Chua on the north side of the Luminous Gardens' crafting area (a small tent like structure with red drapes).
  4. You're actually missing the point being made here. Tad's original post was about what is being done with the money us players spend on WildStar, and how that is turn used to develop content for Wildstar (or at the very least keep it going for a long time). Because let's be honest, we're not seeing much in terms in new content. The initial 'answer' Sunshine gave, related to the payment system and the front- and back-end (background is a poor choice of words imo) being made there. But that's not, at its core, what Tad asked about. The only thing Sunshine said about Wildstar specifically was this: Which tells us, well.... nothing really... Define what 'changes' means. Bug fixing? Tweaking a thing here or there? Maybe rolling out Prime difficulty support for some instances such as UPG? More stuff in the Store? An update/expansion with new content? Frankly just the phrase 'making changes as we can' tells us, for essence and purposes, nothing at all. And by now, going for ~5 months without even the mention of new content (taking GA P1 as the the most recent update) it is not unreasonable to ask what's going on over there at the studio. It feels like Carbine's asking for investment (i.e. us continuing to spend money) out of good faith but without presenting a bussiness plan (i.e. the road ahead and how to keep this game going). And that's being done to quite a loyal playerbase. But by all means feel free to try and convince new players, especially those skeptical about the game's future, to hand over their money without having anything compelling to show which should convince said new players the money they spend will be used to improve / expand Wildstar.
  5. How Wildstar can be revitalized!

    First of all, the leveling / early zone experience has been revised several times already for questionable effectiveness. I'd rather not see Carbine waste even more resources on it. Runing is, while leveling, superfluous and the game doesn't need to be rebalanced for it. Secondly, it won't balance low level PvP because said low level PvP is non-existant to begin with. Not to mention something like having (almost) full access to the Primal Matrix sub-50, if you have it available, is a whole lot more unbalanced than a few runes. What do you hope to achieve by having people starting near the capital cities? Since following the questline from any of the 4 starting zones will lead you to the capital city on its own. Most services the capital cities offer are also available in most quest hubs. At most there could be an indicator on the edge of a zone map to show there's a road / connection to a different zone in a given place. Having full access to all ability point ters has its merits with showing of customization but it can also overwhelm new players. Heck I've seen 'Let's Play' videos where players, by level 25, still hadn't noticed the AMPs menu in Action Set builder. There already are quests to introduce you to each zone. I'm not sure how adding cutscenes, which are labor intensive to make, will help. Besides, quests already are divided into World, Zone, Regional and Task quest categories to indicate their importance and they all come with their own symbols (from quest givers) aswell. Several things, such as how to access the content finder, is explained through the purple tutorial pop-ups when the time is right. But nobody reads those pop-ups and instead instantly clicks them away. Not sure how the UI is bulky or uninformative. Besides, I'm not sure adding flashing symbols to the center of the screen would help. I, more often than not, see people complain the UI is filled with to much cutter and yet you suggest adding more? And here's the other thing: When the instructor in the tutorial explains about interrupting the relevant interrupt ability will be flashing on your ability bar. However I have honestly seen people give this game Negative reviews on Steam because they said 'The part with the turrets in the tutorial is bugged!'. Or to put it more accurately, they're too blind to see flashing icons on their ability already. So I'm really not convinced adding yet more flashing things is going to do any good. Maybe and maybe. Refer a friend could be nice but I dunno. Cross-game rewards are really up to NCsoft. Yes it's going to need money, and probably an expansion, to convince players to give the game a try / stick around. Not sure about raids though. One of the biggest issues this game had since launch was (allegedly) catering to a hardcore raiding community that didn't exist. As a result for many players the "HARCORE RAIDZ!!!!" attitude was actually what turned them off. Raiders also don't sustain a game's population, casual players do, like it or not. So instead more emphasis should be put on story, expeditions, dungeons, more classes / races (and combos for existing ones) as that is is more likely to go down well with players than raids. Not this suggestion with youtubers again..... We already had paid reviews, so what did the reviewers show? The same level 1-10 experience for which you can already find thousands of videos from unpaid youtubers and they're all the same barely surface scratching crap with zero in-depth information. Oh and by the way, the added value of those reviews? Nothing. Some got tens-of-thousands, even over a hundred thousand views if not more. How many players did Wildstar get from it? Nowhere near those numbers. News companies have already written this game off as dead and / or hinted at its closure over the years even if what they said was based on mere speculation and hearsay. If Carbine / NCSOFT ever get around to releasing a large update for this game such as an expansion the only thing news companies deserve is a metaphoric throatpunch for spreading their lies and should be made to eat their words. Several big issues need to fixed before going into any promises about staying open. Specifically: The issue of random account bans needs to be fixed. Email verifcation for NCSOFT account registration doesn't work part of the time or registration not working in general. Various issues with the Steam client such as repeatedly trying to download the whole game when starting the launcher. Two-step auth for players who have Dynamic IP adresses must be optional. You do not want to know how many players the game misses out on due to sheer frustration amongst players with dynamic IP adresses as logging in just to play for them is like going through an obstacle course. More info on some of these issues here: So before at least some of those are fixed don't bother with a few guarantees from NCSOFT, after their stunts with City of Heroes and Master x Master most people don't trust NCSOFT to backstab their customers anyway so a lone guarantee will achieve nothing.
  6. How do I play with a friend?

    I'm going to have to ask the obvious. Are you in the same starting zone? Both factions have two diffirent starting zones so, assuming you're on the same faction, make sure you're in the same zone. In addition if you're still on the Arkship tutorial I think you should be able to see each other but it might be a good idea to get off the Arkship first, just to be sure. About the /pgoto command, make sure you're in a party first and then use /pgoto Player Name as simply using /pgoto won't work.
  7. I also had everything in full caps but after refreshing several times the forum categories and thread titles are no longer in full caps. Usernames (to the left of posts at least) still show in full caps though.
  8. Well that's partially true. They do have similar layouts but they're not quite the same either. For instance I don't see forum categories or thread titles in all caps at the Blade & Soul or Aion forums, so why does WS have that stuff in all caps? The same goes for usernames, why do ours need to be in all caps but not on the other forums? OT: Use a different color for the circle indicating unread messages in a sub-forum, like Wandalius also mentioned for individual threads. The light grey color that's used is almost invisible on the background color for some of the sub-forums. Example below with Housing (near invisible) and Game Guides (properly visible). Maybe use a different color you can always easily spot that fits the theme? Such as... (light) blue? And then there's forum signatures.... What is gonna be Carbine / NCSOFT? Images allowed yes or no? Because the current restrictions make no sense. Images up to 500x120 are allowed but images are not allowed? What?
  9. As much as it is true that they are changing things and we should give them some time there are design / functionaility decisions I find questionable right off the bat. One such example is the choice to use a font (text) color that is almost identical to the background color of the website in some areas (see screenshot from my previous post). I mean, who seriously looked at that design and thought readability was good? Basic testing of the website would have pointed out something like that as an obvious flaw. OT: There is an excessive amount of padding (20px both left and right) for mobile devices at <main id='ipsLayout_body' class='ipsLayout_container'> and their relevant CSS property (padding: 20px). At the average phone width (~360px) cutting off 40px is really unnecessary and just squeezes the content together. I suggest removing it at that point. Sample of difference: Current Suggested change
  10. Sounds like to much work to implement unfortunately. Instead this would probably be easier: Select special sproutlings for all 16 available seedlings during the start-up phase and defend the first phase. If all 16 sproutlings survive the first phase the event is instantly won with a Gold medal. Should the first phase fail there's a second chance during phase 2 where 8 special sproutings must survive to win the event (Silver medal). Lastly would be the regular 3 phase event where only the tree must survive (Bronze medal). I have yet to see a single GotG event where the sproutlings survive the whole event because your average dimwit will change the seedlings to something else during a rest phases. This would atleast give players a reason to use the special sproutlings and defend them as intended.
  11. Let's see... As far as functionality goes: - Unable to set avatar or signature. - No 'Like' button. - Limited ability to edit posts. - Bulleted list doesn't work. Now for design: - Hamburger menu (on mobile version) goes through text while it could easily be a fixed navbar along with the other options listed at the top though its overall use is questionable. - Background image (on desktop version) does not scroll with page. - No space between 'Location' and the location users have entered. - The current 'avatar' (username's first letter with some random color) feels cheap. - Thread titles in full caps is unnecessary. - Spacing between lines is to big. - The light grey background color for every other forum category (General Discussion, Classes & Combat, Housing etc.) or thread in a given list looks really weird in combination with some of the used font colors which have a similar light grey tone making it hard to read. Example below. That's all I have for now. But I really wouldn't call these changes an upgrade.
  12. Good to hear it's working now but I have a question. Was switching the sound device off and back on through the Device Manager a permanent fix or do you have to do this every time you run the game? EDIT: Got reply from Wefal to this question via PM, due to new user posting limit.
  13. Well it was only a few days ago that CRB_Sunshine mentioned, here on the forums, that the current stock would be changed for something else very soon. Not sure if this means an actual new stock or an old one (not that I'd mind tho, some very old ones never made a second appearance). Source: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/157114-next-madame-fay/ Saying that the current stock goes all the way back to October 2017 is inaccurate by the way, the current stock was only introduced two months later at the start of December. September, October and November had the Shade's Eve and Pre-Historic themed stocks. As for the store, define "new", because if that implies reskin #356 of the same costume (pieces) we already have I probably won't really care. Instead I'd rather see more NPC exclusive costumes (or unnamed datamined ones) added to the Store. Same also goes for the mounts unless one skin is specific to a single mount (Dream Woolie, Nightmare Girrok and Electrified Velocirex to name a few). Instead I'd rather see them de-bundle some items such as the Overcharged Weapon set and Black Hole House which are only available through an overexpensive bundle. In addition to that I'd love to see an increase in the maximum number of costumes one can have. It's a bit mind boggling for me that we can have up to 2350 clothing / weapon pieces unlocked while having only 12 costume slots. I could easily use double that amount or more.
  14. Hmm well can I think of one more thing as far as WildStar's settings go, which is to manually force any potential mute settings off in the relevant file. Go to C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\NCSOFT\WildStar (Local should not be confused with the Roaming folder which is the path to a different bunch of settings files) There should be one file here called Machine or Machine.ini , open that with a text editor, such as Notepad. Manually add this line if it doesn't exist yet: sound.mute=false if that line already exists but it says =true then switch it to =false. Save and close the file. Launch the game. This will forcefully un-mute Wildstar's in-game sound. In the (unlikely) event that Wildstar is somehow invisibly muted by its own files in some strange way this must unmute it. If that doesn't work the source of the problem is somewhere outside of Wildstar.
  15. So disable running as admin again? (Follow the steps to enable it but uncheck the box). Oh and by the way, if I'm reading this right error 0x800702E4, along with other additional information, has Windows as its source and relates to admin versus user permissions or faulty registries. Apparently it broke a lot of programs back when the Windows 10 anniversary update was launched. So obvious follow up question, is your OS up-to-date and does your account have the relevant permissions? On some occasions anti-virus programs are also mentioned in relation to this issue. Out of curiosity, when the sound was working again earlier today after several re-installs, did you also remove all related files and registry entries before re-installing? And did you reboot prior to re-installing? Did you do this aswell with previous re-install attempts?