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  1. DevConnect: Alt Characters - Upcoming Changes

    Oh nice they're making promissory notes useful, it only took them a year to do it
  2. Costume Question: The Highwayman set

    *technically* the blue one is the reskin, that's why it's ikthian deepwalker(blue) :P
  3. Exile and Dominion Population?

    CK has something to scan the population and said it was a 58 42 split the other day
  4. Why Steam release will fail again?

    At least it seems like carbine isn't going to spend the entire launch budget on a times square party instead of servers
  5. starfall

    the hoverboard will probably be in the cash shop, knowing carbine
  6. starfall

    Players : Stop with the RNG and lockboxes! Carbine : cupcake you here's more lockboxes
  7. Question about account inventory change

    That sounds like a terrible change
  8. Extra Junkyard Dog hoverboard

    I don't think I even got mine. did both tutorials
  9. 2 of the 3 items shown there are ncoin only, up to $15 when people are already paying $15 a month for signature
  10. I don't like the sound of the signature-only store, even though I'm signature. it just sounds like they're trying to make us buy the items they used to give away to players, like facesnuggler
  11. Ideas: Short Term ways to improve Classes

    please fix pounce so it doesn't launch you backwards if your back is to a mob when you use it
  12. Want the Steam launch to go well?

    Yea I did that in Deradune when F2P launched, I'll probably do it again with steam launch
  13. http://store.steampowered.com/app/376570/ Hype!
  14. PTR, myth or hoax?

    Did you try creating a new character on the PTR?