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  1. Stalker Tank Guide

    Thank you so much for this guide. I just got to 50 on my stalker alt and your guide is the best detailed so far. But, I got to asked, where do these auto crits from the opener disk come from (the two) for the LAS rotation. Thanks so much again.
  2. Losing Touch

    Keeping it short. The game does have a end game focus. Prime dungeons and raids tend to be the most challenging things in this game. As far as leveling, from my experience (back in open-beta). Elite monsters throughout the world gave me that finger breaking challenge experience. The quests were enjoyable and easy to do. The explorer path gave me joy in exploring the world. Doing the 2 man contract board throughout the zones provides challenge. But dungeons are usually done with someone carry, but getting a low level group is definitely possible.
  3. Prime-up

    Hi, Pho! My name is Flaming Ashes. Around p3-4 for my prime dungeons. But I would love to join your group for priming up. My ilvl is 124, both DPS & Heal. With hero around 7.6k. Ill message you in-game. But I would like to prime up with you :).
  4. Achievement: Eldan Secret

    I'm a achievement hunter playing with a medic explorer. I got to the virtual data archives in Celestion and activated the machine and got my explorer path mission done but not the achievement even though it says completed virtual archives eldan secret (path mission) but still no achievement. Am I missing something like an extra step or it is actually bugged because I have completed the achievement before. Any Ideas?
  5. Daily Login Achievement

    :D Oh my, i never even came to thought back that. Oh my goodness thank you :D. And thank you for the quick assistance. I'm beyond happy. Thank you. Thank you. I was very desperate thank you :D
  6. Daily Login Achievement

    I recently created a new character other than my main one for achievement hunting and while I was looking through the list. My eyes happen to set upon the general's tab and on daily login achievements. I have been playing more than 20 days with my main character and have received some of the basic rare items like the dagun thingy pet. My question is that is there anyway to get the achievements complete without STARTING a New Account or is there anyways to reset all the items back maybe or even complete the achievements without needing the items. I know the questions are redundant but i'm Desperate.