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    I will but cut off until I get the game when the message board goes subscribe only.
  1. I have one month to play the game what do i do? i bought it a long time ago in the box after beta and got busy and never finished it so I have noob characters and no guilds what do I do now to see the most of it before it ends?
  2. [News] WildStar Signing Off November 28

    somebody leak the server code so we can run out own server
  3. Do Mechari really need underwear? Do Chua?

    its time to remove them for the final month.
  4. We have 1 month to get the chua underwear removed. We can not let this die!
  5. That's No End Table!

    I would post the video but that would take to much work and editing.
  6. Voice acting appreciation thread

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cree_Summer#Video_game_voice_acting image https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISKaSVdT1sk
  7. Framerate

    game runs fine on my intel extreme edition and geforce titan and has been since the beta. even during the insane stress test that will never happen in the real world. https://youtu.be/h8Z-XEOmI_g
  8. Realm Populations

    in my day we was lucky to see one person every hour and we paid by the hour.
  9. Join the Rebels

    I do not want to live with an aurin.
  10. They have not banned me for anything I say there yet so maybe not.
  11. Thanks for breaking world bosses again

    I remember when I used to see metal maw everyday. now I see him once every few weeks.
  12. If you could...

    I already live in mondo zax house.
  13. WildStar not for this average player

    Hello kitty is hard as balls.