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  1. Archive the Archive!

    I've played since launch and there's a large number of Galactic Archive entries that are still locked for me... and reading everything there might take more time than the game's got left. Please post the total contents of the Archive somewhere, or we'll end up feeling even worse for whoever wrote all that unappreciated lore.
  2. Your bucket list?

    I need to run the only bit of content I haven't personally played through: The final two bosses of RMT. I hope like hell there's some last chance raid groups being planned. The one other thing I need to do is finish reading the Galactic Archive. Someone has to appreciate all the work that went into it... and Scanbot's commentary on the entries is the greatest.
  3. I thought it was a great thing when I saw Adventure imbuement items show up as random drops in the daily zones, way back in the days of the original gear level revamp. High-end gear as random drops that also include an incentive to run other content seems like it would be an even better idea now than it was then.
  4. I'd like to see something about why there's so few attempts to promote WildStar. It seems like just getting it on the front page of the Steam store would be more publicity than it's gotten in years, and then there's the possibilities of reusing the excellent promotional materials the game's already got, like the WildStar Flicks.
  5. Tower-Engineer

    Why keep making this world boss worth bonus essences when he's bugged and can't be spawned with PAPs? The Matrix already takes long enough to progress without having to wait for world boss free spawns.
  6. The REAL reasons PVP died.

    I'm sure that one of the things to blame currently is the "estimated queue time" always claiming to be an hour, so players who would be interested in PvP don't try to queue in the first place.
  7. List of ideas to improve the PvP System

    Since the "estimated queue time" is completely wrong already, how about making it default to 1 Minute instead of 1 Hour? People don't even try to queue because of the supposed hour queue time, so if the queue time is going to lie to us anyway, try a lie that will make people want to play instead of driving them away.
  8. Post your character's costume so far.

    I can't resist using every costume slot on all of my characters, but here's what my main has stuck with the longest: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/259335280231494035/D835A6F940D0C4EFEC98AF215FC77E99146F9152/
  9. Turned out Gizmoe Hackwrench's house is private. Anyway: Entity Exile Bag candy: Dekei Goremykin Bone candy: Doc Rockefeller Entity Dominion Bone Candy: Odysseus Symons Skull candy: Abnorm Alz Heart candy: Thruk Osunrender
  10. So there is your steam date

    There's another point, can they promote the upcoming Steam release ahead of time instead of having to wait until the game goes live on Steam? Even a preload announcement would be better than the nothing we have drawing attention to the game now. Also, since the fan base has been volunteering to make promotional videos for Wildstar, I think making a new Flick about housing would be a good idea, since housing is Wildstar's biggest standout feature that you can't get from any other game. Carbine, you've already tried nothing, it's time for other ideas! Sure, go ahead.
  11. So there is your steam date

    Simple seeming things they could do to promote the Steam release (which I assume won't be done): Get WildStar a spot on the big banner of the Steam store's front page. Hell, have a sale on Protobucks in the item store during the release week, just to keep the game on Steam's front page. Request that some of the well-known curators try the game and review. Cross-promotion with another game. Add the Wildstar Flick videos to its Steam page (you know, promotional videos the game *already has* that just need to be shown off). The current plan of not promoting or advertising Wildstar doesn't seem to be working out, so I recommend trying something different.
  12. Wildstar Deadeye a reason to hate 2016

    They did a far, far better job making me despise the Exiles with the Hycrest Plague story arc on Dominion side.
  13. Vault of the Archon

    In the Pell holdout optional, what do you do about the one enemy in each wave that disappears immediately after the wave spawns? The wave doesn't count as complete unless you kill all four, so I haven't been able to finish the event yet.
  14. Wildstar's Steam Page is up

    Another thread brought up a point I should have thought of as a long time Steam user... If WS doesn't get the basics we expect for the Steam release of a major game, like trading cards, a big promotion on the front page of the Steam Store, and maybe a TF2 crosspromotion, we should get worried that they're not even trying to get publicity or tempt people to try the game. WildStar was intended to be a AAA MMO, wasn't it? Giving it the advertising to go with that expectation should be a top priority. There have been a lot of good suggestions for promoting the Steam release already, I'm just afraid none of them will happen. The idea of adding videos on the official Steam page that really show off what you can actually do in WS is one I desperately hope happens. Just a video showcasing housing would be enough to sell a lot of people on this game.
  15. Wildstar's Steam Page is up

    Please, please promote the game effectively this time. The most common comment I get when I mention WildStar to other gamers is "What's WildStar?" Which is probably not the response you should get about NCSoft's latest major MMO. Though even what I heard from people who have seen some info about the game isn't promising. I've run into people who knew about WildStar, but didn't know it had raiding, and some who didn't realize it had anything besides raiding.