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  1. The Official Guild Wars 2 Thread

    Yea I'm sorry Phoenix, but this is an idiotic thread. The game is not yet dead... there's no reason for promotion of another MMO to exist on the Wildstar gen forums, or for silly claims with no substance like 'GW2 has a friendlier community'. Which leads me to ask, would the same discretion be given to threads about WoW, RIFT, TERA, or any other non-NCSoft studio? Should we just fill the WS forums with threads dedicated to other MMOs and games?
  2. The Official Guild Wars 2 Thread

    The difference between GW2 and WS, as far as elitism, is that GW2 was never intended to be a difficult/competitive co-op game in the first place. No trinity, no real dungeon content at launch, still no comparatively good raids. GW2 is a more casual type game (not meant in a bad sense, it's all to taste). That said, posting this in the WS gen forums seems lame to me. Your OP basically craps on the WS community, so I think this should be deleted entirely or moved to an off topic forum. The game isn't dead yet so it'd be nice not to see a bunch of advertisement threads for other games in the final moments.
  3. 1.7.8 Game Update Notes - 26 September 2018

    Seeing that builder's brew added in the final update for a closing game... it's like a slap in the face. Why could that not have been added in when people were actually requesting such a function years ago? It's no use to us now! *sighs* Typical in some ways. Still, sad to see the game go and I wish you folks the best. Have a great holiday and good luck with the job searches. :]
  4. MEOW! :3

    Cute Aurin is a troll, wtf are you doing Sasha. xD
  5. WildStar Developer Carbine Studios Shuts(ing) Down

    @Sunshine: Could you ask whoever's calling the shots if in-game protobucks will be considered for the refunds? I'm thinking of a situation where someone bought protobucks prior to July 1st and decided to save them until needed-- and since they're no longer going to be needed, that would be a form of wasted money. :( Two other situations that might warrant discussion for refund status: Unspent Madame Fay coins and long term subscription status purchased before July 1st. Thanks!
  6. WildStar Developer Carbine Studios Shuts(ing) Down

    Well... reading some of the saltier posts here was entertaining for a minute. xD Thanks for everything, Carbine.You folks have created something special in the MMO genre, your raids and housing and quirkiness and style were all top notch. And I believe that what you accomplished with housing in particular will be an inspiration and motivation for future devs. You gave me more than a video game-- you gave me an artistic medium that attracted a wonderful community of people. :3 Thanks for all of your efforts and I wish everyone at Carbine great future success, whatever you do and wherever you go. PS: Caydiem, you were an anchor and a delight. I apologize for the turds who drove you off and the turds posting here who love misery. Also a big <3 to Mr Smiley and all of the devs who logged into the game to chat with us, in official capacity or otherwise. Your passion means a lot. Peace!
  7. Player Home Housing Contest!

    I'm amazed anyone can build without struggling over sky choice. xD Two Suns will turn your whole plot orange, Outerspace will greenify most of your plot, Northern Lights will blue-ify things in a big way, default sky's dawn causes pink/pastel whereas day makes a lot of stuff look like it's been hit with a powder brush... most of the skies have this overbearing colour saturation that can also ruin textures for some themes. D: I find it incredibly hard to look past. Heck, part of the reason I slowed down on building is that I was tired of always using the same 2-3 skies in rotation (Dark, Defaults, and Ominous are pretty much the only skies I can stomach nowadays). If we had the ability to choose a skybox and then select or turn off colour saturation, I would be in *heaven* with all of the new choices. Anyway, no biggie for the contest. The only other thing I'll mention as a heads up is that there are two default skies in WS: When you start a fresh plot, that's Default 1. If you change your starting sky to something else, and then change it back, you will be using Default 2, and you will *never again* be able to access Default 1 on that plot. So if any entrants have changed their entry plot's sky at any point in the past, they will be locked into using D2 for the contest, whereas if their plot is fresh they will be using D1. If you want 100% consistency you'd have to insist players use D2 (because it's the only one that could be universally attained), which means they'd have to permanently give up having the D1 option on that plot. Mind, I'm not sure to what degree, if any, this change affects colour saturation or day/night rotation. I know it's a definite skybox change-- the moon will be much larger, for example-- but it may not change anything significant for the contest. So while it might not affect the contest, it could be worth looking into by comparing D1/D2 plots using the same layout (maybe just a basic house with a few decor tossed down to test saturation).
  8. Player Home Housing Contest!

    A few quick replies-- By the environment comment I just meant it would be hard for me personally to focus a build on a single home because I'm so used to making landscapes. xD Wasn't a specific comment on the contest regulations or anything, just a personal challenge. I'm really glad there's some freedom with the visual themes, especially since it's currently Eldan month for the Reno event. :D Aaand for the skybox, I can kind of see what you're saying, but I'm not sure what you mean by the question 'how should we score it?' My assumption is that each builder would choose the sky that best fits the colour concepts they want to convey, and thus everything balances out according to the creator's vision. While I understand the point that the default sky is available to everyone, and it seems you'd like to create a kind of fair, even judging for this aspect of the plot, it seems odd to enforce fairness for that one criteria when it's already a bit overturned by access to gold, real money, and rare decor. That said, my main issue would be that the default sky at day is bright and has a tendency to 'pastel' a lot of builds, make metal textures look kind of dusty/bad, and mitigate any hope of dense vibrancy of colours (which is usually only achievable using darker skies). It's a personal preference in the end I suppose, but I find the daytime/brighter skies tend to be the worst for making tech type builds, and if I had to make a mechari house using only the default daytime sky I would feel pretty limited, creatively. And the Mordesh theme would be even worse since they seem quite gloomy. Plus as the cycles rotate many builders would be forced to stop working on the plot until daytime comes back, to ensure consistency for the build (and on that note, the default sky has four rotations through dawn-day-sunset-night). So that would be a bit of a headache. :( Aaanyway sorry for making such a long-winded series of points. :P
  9. Player Home Housing Contest!

    Awesome idea! If I can scrounge up enough appropriate pieces I'll give this a go. Gonna be challenging to design without creating a supporting environment though, haha. One question: Is there a preference for existing mechari colours and style? I guess what I'm asking is how much lore should factor into the build concept. For example, the mechari furniture decor establishes the Dominion's red/gold/neutral as mechari racial colours, and has a particular ornate design-- but it would be great to be able to make a sleeker, more detailed sci-fi look using the space chase and eldan pieces. And one suggestion: It's mentioned that the skybox should be set to default, but skybox choice can dramatically alter the colour and texture of placed items. The default sky in particular also has day/night cycles that would make it difficult to establish a consistent look. It would be cool if we could use other options like the dark, northern lights, or starry night sky, particularly for accent lighting and colour blending.
  10. Dancing NPC's?

    Unfortunately the Safety Dancers are the only ones, other than the dancing Moodie NPC (I can't remember where that comes from but it's rare, probably Fay as well). Your only real chance of getting the dancers is to ask for them in the next Fay rotation, stalk the auction house, or ask around for help from hoarders. xD
  11. Wildstar's future?

    Any study that has a demonstraby false premise (ded gaem), and an unproven, unintuitive conclusion (GW 'stabbing in the back'), is a study I put no stake in. Getting a lot of things right doesn't make up for resting your case on a bunch of BS. As for all these analogies-- cars, soft drinks, whatever-- they're unnecessary. The simple fact is that when a game in a certain genre is struggling for population, you don't just arbitrarily assign blame to other games in that genre. That's not a reasonable approach to analysis. You have to find the specific reasons for the decline and follow the trace to root causes, and in this case the video simply didn't do that. The creator did basic internet comment/feedback research and regurgitated the many reasonable criticisms of the game and then appended his own inadequate explanation for WS's low population. That doesn't make the video 'good'. In that regard it's no more informative than many of the critical posts on Reddit over the years (the decent ones, that is), and just ends with a giant fart. All that said, I agree that although we won't likely see new content ever, the game is stable (i.e. in no immediate danger of closure). It's unfortunate that the video maker didn't feel like making that key point a core part of his narrative. But then, that wouldn't serve the purpose of using clickbait titles to draw viewers into his clickbait videos...
  12. Wildstar's future?

    There are a number of soft drinks offering different flavours, and in context WS vs GW is, as I have explained, more like Mountain Dew vs. Pepsi. They are notably different games with notably different focuses and strengths. So Pepsi v. Coke isn't even a good analogy to begin with. And in that frame, if someone claimed Mountain Dew killed Pepsi simply because they're both soft drinks-- with very different flavours-- I'd think they're way off base. Just like I think the dude who made a video claiming WS is dead and GW killed it... is also way off base. There is no substantial reasoning to backup the claim. I have never, in the years I have played this game (since beta), heard or read a single person to claim that Guildwars of all games killed Wildstar. NEVER. xD There is a standard for reasonable argumentation that is simply not met in the video for that critical point. And now you're beating the same drum here and refusing to either diffuse or acknowledge my points about this clear failure of proof, so as I said, this is fruitless.
  13. Are there any devs left?

    Reading your original posts again, you state very adamantly that NCSoft is the 'overlord' of Carbine, and that Carbine has to do what they say, and that Carbine doesn't serve the players. You also make statements about the strategic viability of Carbine making a new IP, and a direct statement about what Carbine 'wants'. Those are all things that need support-- you make the assertion, you carry the burden of proof. That's how it works. I came in trying to nuance your views and show you that some of the things you're writing are, in context, not exactly solid opinions, let alone established truths that warrant writing here. If you reread your earlier posts, you might agree that there was no clear indication of opinions, just someone making an argument that IMO is more than a little misleading.
  14. Are there any devs left?

    But you have no evidence to support your conjecture... Carbine already downsized several times, and has since regrown its studio (last image shared on their site shows something like 40-50 people) with requirements based on the new project. That doesn't jive with your claims. Further, opinions about what's strategically important for Carbine, from an outsider point of view, are useless. I don't know why you'd bother attempting to speak for Carbine staff/management and state that they want to continue working on WS after over a decade. Most games studios do not spend that much time on one title, let alone a struggling title. It's a strange claim to make and carries no weight. I also disagree that Carbine is somehow prevented from creating new IPs because WS struggled and some gamers are salty. Plenty of games studios and publishers have tarnished names and vitriol about them all over the internet, yet continue to make successful new products. It's not easy, but I doubt many things are in this age of indignation, shallow criticism, and silly entitlement. As I said in the other thread, best to agree to disagree on further debates at this point.
  15. Wildstar's future?

    There's a big difference between sharing a market and killing a game. BIG difference. I can't keep hammering that home. And yes, the video is inflammatory by its name alone. Your own bias is obvious if you don't think it's inflammatory to create a video called 'death of X game' when the game is very much alive and enjoyed by thousands of players. Maintenance mode, which isn't itself officially verified, is not 'dead'. Facts are facts. We probably have nothing new to offer one another so let's agree to disagree on any further points. You don't think how I think.