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  1. Protobucks Purchases Not Going Through(?)

    Ah I didn't realize we can buy through the website. :O That solved the problem and the transaction went through right away. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Protobucks Purchases Not Going Through(?)

    Yet another update! :P I was contacted by support through email again this morning, and they've now taken the position of "we looked into it and it's on your end, the financial institution is declining the purchase attempts". I called my bank up and they checked into it, and the card is fine-- they're telling me your vendor is not pushing the sale through and no attempt at a transaction shows up on record. The card itself is fine and I've used it for other things since this problem started up. So it seems this is on either Digital River or whoever else is involved in the processing of transactions. Heck I made a purchase with my card the same day my attempt to buy PBs first failed. I also made two other PB purchases earlier this month that were successful. At this point I'm starting to lose confidence in this being solved by the email CS. They've sent a few responses that just aren't helpful (try again then straight to claiming it's on my end). I'd really love if anyone can help-- I need dem PBs for many drakens and would like to continue spending moneys on Wildstar! :P Cheers
  3. Protobucks Purchases Not Going Through(?)

    https://imgur.com/a/GjZ5Ztf Just tried to purchase PBs again and same as last time, it said the sale went through but I don't get the PBs or the charge. Screenshot shows it was a success in-game. Support is trying to help through email atm, but posting this update here as well so I don't forget.
  4. Begging for Chromium! :3

    Thankyouthankyouthankyou! These are gonna go great with my current project. :3
  5. Begging for Chromium! :3

    Aaaaah! I had no idea, didn't even notice the June preview was posted. Well that's a helluva coincidence and great luck. xD I do have a big question: is this pack going to be BoP and will there be any other way to accrue more of this fantastic decor? It would be unfortunate if we only had one of each piece on a single character, since builders love to use items like this as building blocks. Having more than one is very useful, especially for mirror designs. I also noticed there's an anniversary pack going up on the cash shop so I'm wondering if that might have chromium decor in it. If the situation right now is BoP and one per alt, I'd love to see a change that either the pack be set to BoE (so I can collect it on my various alts but centralize the decor for building), or if you were able to somehow add a version of the pack to the cash shop, so much the better. Builders in our discord are already talking/asking about this, we really want a bunch of this item haha. And thanks so much! :D Been waiting for these for awhile.
  6. Begging for Chromium! :3

    This is a big plead to Octavio, Dynamo, and anyone capable of giving a benevolent 'yes' to my request. :P Is there any way we can get the Chromium pieces released in the nearish future? There are about ten of them now in GL, and they're among the more recently added assets. I'm not sure if they were intended as a cash shop pack or as part of a new Fay update, but either way I'd love to get my hands on them-- and I know a lot of others that would, too. Here's an image of one of the pieces: https://ibb.co/bvtKWJ Releasing these in some way would be a great anniversary present! xD
  7. Female Chua? Yes! (Fan Art)

    Seems like an artistic interpretation, and chua can basically express however they want. Also most of them aren't evil or else they wouldn't be in the Dominion (which is based on moral foundations). If the chua were just evil they'd have been removed long ago. Some neat artwork though. Very cute. :3
  8. Hoihoi, I submited a ticket for this in-game and through online support last night, but posting here as well to ask a question. Basically I tried to buy PBs last night, the transaction didn't process the PBs or confirm, so about an hour later I tried again. The second time I got confirmation but no PBs ever showed up.This morning I've taken a peek and there are still no PBs, and I also noticed that no email notification was sent to my gaming address (usualy I get 2 separate emails describing the purchase). So at this point I assume that both transactions failed, though if they do go through I've requested a refund for the second purchase. So my question now is: How long should I wait to see if anything happens? Is the fact that I never got emails good enough evidence that the processes last night just didn't work? Do you think I'm safe to try again today? I just don't want to end up in a situation where the first two have a delayed action and I end up paying $60 for tons of PBs I don't need haha. I've already requested a refund for the second purchase if it finally goes through, don't want to have to ask for yet another refund on top of that... but at the same time, it'd be great to have those PBs because I'm quickly running out of service tokens to dye my decour! Thanks for any help
  9. [Housing Bug] Sky Change Reversion, Please Help!

    Yea, given the longevity of the bug and the previous reports, I feel like it won't get fixed-- but Sunshine came through conveying our message about the animated Grumpel/Ekose, so I decided to post anyway. *fistbumps Sunshine* If the bug can't be fixed easily I'm hoping for the bunker change to 10g. It really is overpriced atm and that change would be a solid bandaid for my current problem. In the meantime I'm trying to leave Kessanna's plot until last, but worst case I'll suck it up, buy the bunker on her, and hope the bug doesn't hit the other two chars that currently have the worksite defaulted.
  10. [Housing Bug] Sky Change Reversion, Please Help!

    I did find the tickets screen yessterday but it doesn't show up there, just old tickets from awhile back. :( I guess it either takes time to process to that site or for whatever reason the ticket never went through.
  11. [Housing Bug] Sky Change Reversion, Please Help!

    Thanks Sunshine! I'm not sure how to check the ticket number though. It was sent in-game, and there doesn't seem to be a tracker. I did check through Wildstar support online and it doesn't show up in the list, just a bunch of old tickets from awhile back. :O
  12. Hi there, I'm pretty sure I've posted about this bug in the past, as it's been around for years and can be quite frustrating. The gist is that if you have the default camp (i.e. no house in the house plug), the bug can cause any sky changes to immediately revert back to your previous sky. This can be temporarily fixed by buying a cheap house, however, doing so will remove any decor you have placed above/around the house plug, which can be a significant problem. Further, if you don't want the house to be permanent, and remove it, the bug will return and you will have to go through the same problem all over again. I've sent a support ticket in-game about this issue. However, I don't believe they have the power to resolve the problem. So I'm posting here to ask the devs directly if one of them can look into this. As I mentioned it's been going on for a very long time and can cause a lot of hassles for builders, potentially even ruining a build and many hours of work. The one reliable, long-term fix for people who don't want a visible house is to purchase a bunker for 3p, which is easily hidden (unlike a full house). But paying 3p every time this happens adds up, and IMO it shouldn't be on players to have to cover long-standing bugs. :( And this problem is made worse when you're working on a communty like I am, because if the bug happens multiple times you have to pay 3p for each instance, and that adds up to a fair bit of cashola. If this bug can't be fixed for whatever reason, I would suggest giving support agents the go-ahead to reimburse any player who has to purchase a bunker to get past the issue-- though that won't help people who can't afford the bunker early on. Another potential band-aid would be to just make the bunker cheap, something like 10g. That way people can buy it up front, before they start building, without being heavily taxed. I don't think the 3p bunker cost is particularly fair or useful these days anyway-- it was fine when it first came out as a big request from players, but at this point I think it should be a baseline option. It has basically no facade and no options to customize it, it's just a door with a square chunk of space inside. I tend to think when we pay 3p for a spacious house, we're paying for the look and character of that house, which a bunker doesn't have. Paying this much for utility is no fun at this point! xD The character of mine that's currently affected is Kessanna Kurgherder, of the Graybone Gulch community. Thanks for any help!
  13. Hiyo, I know this isn't likely to happen, but on the chance it's a fairly easy thing, I would love if we were able to place decor on unoccupied community plugs. Right now when no plot is plugged in it's just an empty expanse and nothing can be done with it, which is a real shame. I currently own two communities and have a solid concept for a third, but that would require me to have 15 available alts and I only have 14 max, with several of them having builds that I have no interest in blowing up (100+ hours of work on each). So my only other options are to blow up an existing community (yuck) or to get other people's toons involved, and that would lead to a QOL nightmare-- having to get the person to log every time you want to crate decor is terrible, as are having them cycle options like sky/ground and having them test/place FABs. However, if we could just use the Community's own 4k decor limit on plot plugs that are unoccupied, all of these problems would go away. I would actually be able to create entire communities using only one character-- so 2500 decor + the community 4000-- which would be a huge QOL upgrade and would actually be nice because it lets me scope my build without feeling pressure to build for the normal 16500 cap (I have actually seen people gas out and leave the game due to this, community burnout is very real). Effectively the proposed change would give us the 'large size' plots many of us want, without you folks having to actually create something entirely new. This change would ideally also allow us to place decor without being shackled by the current restriction that you can only place decor in a plot if you're standing in that plot's area, because every unoccupied plot would be considered Shared space. This was another issue for many builders when communities came out. In my mind, this change would simply require recoding the plugs so they by default are considered shared space for the purpose of decor placement (remove some code for plug-ins and/or expand the numeric parameters of what's considered shared space). Alternately I would also be down for a copy/paste version of the Community code that has no possibility of additional plug-ins other than the middle one (which the owner would occupy) and makes all other areas Shared space. I know it might not be that easy but I'm hoping. xD This change would make communities wayyy more viable and interesting imo. It could mean a noticeable increase in the number that are sold, be it plat or real money spent, as well as happier builders who suffer less from burnout. Crossing fingers but not holding breath, thanks for your time. xD
  14. A Fresh Start (Wildstar prog server)

    I like the idea, but see some complications with how it's laid out that could be harmful for WS. Personally, there's no way I would participate as described because I have so much invested in my chars already. :( Thousands of decor, unlocks, lots of money spent on the cash shop... you couldn't pay me to give that up haha. So as a whole I don't think builders/RPers would be into this idea. And I'm not sure how much others would be if the only reason to be there was a fresh server and cash shop stuff. What happens when the fresh server vibe falls off and people start bailing? The new server could be crippled for the rest of its life, while crippling Entity/Jabbit. :( I'm also unsure Carbine could keep up with providing new store/Fay items consistently. That's already not happening, unfortunately. Critical view aside, I could see it working with a different format. Something fitted to WS's current state. Alternate idea: Short-lived, seasonal parallel servers with specific objectives that grant a solid reward at the end. Call them Timeline servers or something. Think of it along the lines of Diablo or PoE style seasonal servers. Basically capitalize on the rush mentality rather than suffer from it, use manageable carrots, and get the new players/envigorated veterans back onto Entity ASAP, so they feel like they're actually putting their time into something that's both fresh and contributes to the mother ship server. Example: they open a new server that has all normal content up to GA. Give xp gains a bit of a bump, and/or drop mob health a bit so slaying your way up feels a bit more fun and doing the same quests over and over isn't the only option. Give a big xp buff for elite kills in particular (maybe even make it a long duration buff). After three months, the server merges back into Entity and everyone who made 50, and/or participated in a GA clear, and/or got a certain PVP rank gets a cosmetic reward. The 50 ding reward could be a costume, GA clear gives a badass weapon, and PVP rank gives a mount-- then switch it up each new server so the type of reward for each content type changes. The second season would be a new server with all content up to DS, again with a reward for hitting 50, clearing DS, or achieving a certain PVP rank; then the next would be up to RMT, then reset and the fourth server is GAPrime, etc. Something like that. I think WS would be able to pull this off gameplay-wise because the combat is so active and the char progression is pretty deep/varied. In that sense it could survive the repetition of an ARPG (alongside the mentioned xp buff/mob health drop, so it doesn't feel like a huge grind and players would be rewarded for pulling packs and mass slaying monsters). As well, the WS raiding scene was always praised, and lots of players like to rush competitively for raids, so that adds motivation without the feeling of being 'trapped' on a longterm server if you fall behind. And every type of player would be able to get something out of this experience with the level 50 reward, with more casual players still having the option to buy their way into raid clears/PVP rank for the rewards (which lets them enjoy all the cosmetics and gives motivation to raid/PVP guilds who carry them). As mentioned, the short life span of the servers would ensure that players are brought back to the mother ship quickly, which would keep pop circulation pumping, give a reason to be excited more frequently, and mean that builders and RPers could get involved without feeling they're abandoning their established environments. And then the seasonal rewards would apply specifically to the mother ships, so there'd actually be reason to continue playing on Entity/Jabbit (in addition to Primal Essence, persistent raid progression, using established environments from plots, and hopefully-- eventually-- new game content). I suspect the main complication would be determining how players are allowed to gear for each difficulty leap, since you wouldn't want players to feel like they have to refarm each tier of raiding every new season. They'd probably want to implement currency grinds with vendors that sell the appropriate gear. So for a DS season, a vendor that sells GA gear by doing dailies, PVP, dungeons, etc-- even open world PVP could be involved. Basically let people gear up doing what they want so they don't burn out, each time they could pick a new grind, or they could do whatever their guild/friends are doing; it also means being able to raid RMT or the primes during their own timelines would be accessible to more casual players. The other complication would be providing the 3 rewards each season-- but I suspect that could be done through contractors so that Carbine itself doesn't have to get deeply involved and give up people needed for the new project. So the steps would be: 1. Create a mirror server that only has one raid open per season, with modified open world monsters (xp buff/health debuff) 2. Create or contract the 3 cosmetic rewards for each season 3. Create a new rep vendor with associated currency drops for basically all content 4. Manage the shutdown/release of each new seasonal server, and reintegration with the mother ship I honestly don't know how much effort this would require, but #1 would only have to be done once (they would just alternate which raid is unlocked); #2 as mentioned could be handled externally; #3 would actually be simple, they could just switch the vendor model, currency name, and which gear is available; and #4 would also not be hard I suspect, just requires a tech-minded person be available to create the migration software and open/close the servers during transition. Anyway, yea... if they ever did this kind of thing, that's what I'd like to see. xD Something more fast-paced and rewarding. I'd be cool with just making clone servers too, but I have little faith in their ability to bring people in to stay, or how healthy they'd be for the current servers.
  15. Noob

    Welcome to the game, Kala. :) If you haven't already, I recommend making sure you've joined the Nexus global chat channel (click your chat pane options button and scroll down to see if it's turned on-- chat colour is orange by default). I was advertising a builder's circle last night for awhile and saw a handful of guilds doing the same. If you're not crazy about the chat you can just turn it off after you've found a home.