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  1. Dancing NPC's?

    Unfortunately the Safety Dancers are the only ones, other than the dancing Moodie NPC (I can't remember where that comes from but it's rare, probably Fay as well). Your only real chance of getting the dancers is to ask for them in the next Fay rotation, stalk the auction house, or ask around for help from hoarders. xD
  2. Wildstar's future?

    Any study that has a demonstraby false premise (ded gaem), and an unproven, unintuitive conclusion (GW 'stabbing in the back'), is a study I put no stake in. Getting a lot of things right doesn't make up for resting your case on a bunch of BS. As for all these analogies-- cars, soft drinks, whatever-- they're unnecessary. The simple fact is that when a game in a certain genre is struggling for population, you don't just arbitrarily assign blame to other games in that genre. That's not a reasonable approach to analysis. You have to find the specific reasons for the decline and follow the trace to root causes, and in this case the video simply didn't do that. The creator did basic internet comment/feedback research and regurgitated the many reasonable criticisms of the game and then appended his own inadequate explanation for WS's low population. That doesn't make the video 'good'. In that regard it's no more informative than many of the critical posts on Reddit over the years (the decent ones, that is), and just ends with a giant fart. All that said, I agree that although we won't likely see new content ever, the game is stable (i.e. in no immediate danger of closure). It's unfortunate that the video maker didn't feel like making that key point a core part of his narrative. But then, that wouldn't serve the purpose of using clickbait titles to draw viewers into his clickbait videos...
  3. Wildstar's future?

    There are a number of soft drinks offering different flavours, and in context WS vs GW is, as I have explained, more like Mountain Dew vs. Pepsi. They are notably different games with notably different focuses and strengths. So Pepsi v. Coke isn't even a good analogy to begin with. And in that frame, if someone claimed Mountain Dew killed Pepsi simply because they're both soft drinks-- with very different flavours-- I'd think they're way off base. Just like I think the dude who made a video claiming WS is dead and GW killed it... is also way off base. There is no substantial reasoning to backup the claim. I have never, in the years I have played this game (since beta), heard or read a single person to claim that Guildwars of all games killed Wildstar. NEVER. xD There is a standard for reasonable argumentation that is simply not met in the video for that critical point. And now you're beating the same drum here and refusing to either diffuse or acknowledge my points about this clear failure of proof, so as I said, this is fruitless.
  4. Are there any devs left?

    Reading your original posts again, you state very adamantly that NCSoft is the 'overlord' of Carbine, and that Carbine has to do what they say, and that Carbine doesn't serve the players. You also make statements about the strategic viability of Carbine making a new IP, and a direct statement about what Carbine 'wants'. Those are all things that need support-- you make the assertion, you carry the burden of proof. That's how it works. I came in trying to nuance your views and show you that some of the things you're writing are, in context, not exactly solid opinions, let alone established truths that warrant writing here. If you reread your earlier posts, you might agree that there was no clear indication of opinions, just someone making an argument that IMO is more than a little misleading.
  5. Are there any devs left?

    But you have no evidence to support your conjecture... Carbine already downsized several times, and has since regrown its studio (last image shared on their site shows something like 40-50 people) with requirements based on the new project. That doesn't jive with your claims. Further, opinions about what's strategically important for Carbine, from an outsider point of view, are useless. I don't know why you'd bother attempting to speak for Carbine staff/management and state that they want to continue working on WS after over a decade. Most games studios do not spend that much time on one title, let alone a struggling title. It's a strange claim to make and carries no weight. I also disagree that Carbine is somehow prevented from creating new IPs because WS struggled and some gamers are salty. Plenty of games studios and publishers have tarnished names and vitriol about them all over the internet, yet continue to make successful new products. It's not easy, but I doubt many things are in this age of indignation, shallow criticism, and silly entitlement. As I said in the other thread, best to agree to disagree on further debates at this point.
  6. Wildstar's future?

    There's a big difference between sharing a market and killing a game. BIG difference. I can't keep hammering that home. And yes, the video is inflammatory by its name alone. Your own bias is obvious if you don't think it's inflammatory to create a video called 'death of X game' when the game is very much alive and enjoyed by thousands of players. Maintenance mode, which isn't itself officially verified, is not 'dead'. Facts are facts. We probably have nothing new to offer one another so let's agree to disagree on any further points. You don't think how I think.
  7. To CRB: A plea for answers.

    I'm not trying to squash that optimism, sorry if it came across that way. I mentioned in another thread on Reddit that the last three updates to the game kind of came out of nowhere and surprised me, so I think it's still possible for new things to appear. There could be reasons to get excited! I just wanted to point out that they might be doing the best they can in the communication department-- it's possible that their hands are tied, and that Sunshine just can't give us the info we want, or it doesn't exist for now. The monthly updates aren't much to hype about but they're better than nothing. xD
  8. Are there any devs left?

    Why is it so hard to believe that Carbine staff wanted to start a new project? This game was in development for what, ten years? I'm sure some of them had WS burnout. And then a series of lineup changes at Carbine and a massive reduction in studio size post-launch must have had a big effect on their goals. Just because the studio is part of NCSoft, doesn't mean they have no agency in determining what they want to work on. Further meaningful development of WS would have required a lot of resources, and sometimes it's just not worth it when the effort isn't resulting in a big win.
  9. Wildstar's future?

    WoW and WS actually have shared design traits (like emphasis on traditional endgame raids, antagonistic dual faction system, BG-focused PVP). It would have made way more sense to state that WoW contributed to WS's struggle, than to claim that GW2 *killed* WS. And I fixate on that claim because it's the conclusion of the whole video. Opinions are fine, but unfounded opinions that are part of inflammatory videos are useless. ;)
  10. Wildstar's future?

    "GW2 choked WS in a similar manner League of Legends choked MxM". You needed to explain your GW statement with evidence, not double down on nothing by comparing one unfounded situation to another that is also unfounded. I repeat that there's nothing being offered to support the idea that GW had any kind of significant affect on WS's playerbase. "You can argue about the syntax of the proof (i.e the video as an example), but the end result is the same." This is kind of insane. What you describe as the 'syntax of the proof' is the actual evidence used to support an argumentative statement. That's what's wrong here... there is no proof. This is basic stuff here. If you see an explanation of some phenomenon, and the explanation is 'flawed' and 'incomplete', but the phenomenon happened, what in the world would make you call that a 'good' explanation? It's a bad video and a bad explanation. The game is suffering and there are a lot of reasons for that, but GW is not one of them and basing a video conclusion on such a bizarre suggestion as that means nobody should pay the dude who made it any attention at all. His research probably consisted of reading a bunch of internet complaints and stapling them to his own unsubstantiated nonsense belief, so he can perpetuate the narrative of 'ded gaem' for various titles and bank some clicks. Garbage. Clickbait. Video.
  11. To CRB: A plea for answers.

    Communication by definition does not require a response. You asked for 'basic' communication-- they are giving 'basic' communication. On a monthly basis they are letting us know what's happening for events, letting us know about shop updates and Fay changes, letting us know about server maintenance and patches, and occasionally responding to feedback/bug reports. Simply put, in response to "we are never given any insight into the devs that may or may not still be working on Wildstar" -- if there are no devs working on Wildstar, there is *nothing to tell*. It makes zero sense for them to come out and say "Oh hey everyone just fyi we stripped the whole dev team for WS, you won't get anything for years to come, if ever". Accept that in this case, silence says a lot, and it's not that hard to read what's going on. If Carbine has reason to make us think otherwise then they'll make an announcement at the proper time. Until then, assume that none of the things you asked about are happening, and you'll be pleasantly surprised if they do. ;]
  12. Wildstar's future?

    Guildwars 2: Launched 2013, had no traditional endgame, 'casual' PVE emphasis with emergent stories, WVW style pvp focus, no factions, uses targeting combat, lite pseudo-housing. Wildstar: Launched 2015, very traditional endgame, 'hardcore' PVE emphasis at launch, BG-focused pvp, dual faction, free fire / telegraph combat, best in genre housing. How are these games remotely competitive? xD How can anyone believe that GW2 *killed* WS? There's no evidence that they were ever fighting for player interest or that GW took any notable resources from WS development. I really need to see some of this 'undeniable observable reality', because right now there's zero reason to believe GW2 did any more damage to WS than any of the other MMO games in existence. Most people I know who left WS for another MMO went directly to FFARR or WoW.
  13. [Performance] Housing Crash Bug

    This bug seems to either be happening more often, or is bothering me more. :P I think it's the former though. I've had some building sessions of 3-4 hours where it easily happens once an hour or more. Someone else described the problem for them as such: "I have the same stutter when I toggle the edit button on a comm plot, especially if I have been running around a lot. I have also noticed the freeze is longer when I am next to a bunch of interactible objects when I toggle it. Mine does not usually crash when that happens though. It just stutters or freezes for a bit." I have basically the same situation, but half the time the game just crashes. And if I try to perform any in-game or PC actions while the freeze is happening, the crash is guaranteed. The freeze can also last longer than the 3-4 seconds I noted before-- I had one recently that was about 10 seconds long. Definitely a real problem, a problem that's been around for some months (but didn't happen at all back in the fall), and a problem that could use a fix! ;)
  14. To CRB: A plea for answers.

    Or, alternately, more bad news and admission of lack of development would strip away confidence from players. :/ They are communicating regularly with the monthly posts. The basic communication you request is very much there, it's just that, as I've mentioned in other threads, it's not what you want to hear. That's not a communication problem, it's a development problem and you already mentioned that most of us have accepted it. IMO you should assume that a lack of new information indicates a lack of new plans to talk about. That being the case, it makes no sense for Carbine to regularly update us that nothing is happening or will happen. Do you want them to just make a post stating "No prime Datascape is planned, no Prime UP is planned, no plans for cross faction adventures, no plans to disable the Matrix"? What good would that do?
  15. Wildstar's future?

    It really is a bad video. The 'GW2 killed WS' claim at the end made me giggle, it was that stupid. xD It's a shame that reddit ate it up, but then, reddit has been a haven for trolling and extreme negativity for awhile now.