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  1. Wildstar's future?

    *sigh* It's just not the same without profile pictures is it? Hello Olivar.
  2. Wildstar's future?

    The only time Guild Wars 2 could have ever harmed Wildstar was in late 2015. Gw2 just went f2p beautifully with no issues and Wildstar was getting ready to go free to play... and well we know how that went. So many of the new/returning players may have went to the recently made f2p Guild Wars 2. However, Gw2 never hurt Wildstar at launch or any of the content patches, Wildstar never was able to regain an audience because of issues at early game/early endgame. Especially during free 50 events, get started off with nothing and get bombarded with low lvl quests and stuff. As for leveling, quest bloat and what have you. Wildstar "died" because the game only had one chance to regrow it's audience and they screwed it up, content patches were hardly advertised. Could the game grow again? Sure but it would require resources the devs don't have. I mean, even a basic update with a free 50 frenzy event would bring in a few hundred folks, but eh.
  3. Are there any devs left?

    I appreciate the response to the thread Sunshine! Thank you! I take that last part as semi-confirmation that the current plan is just to keep Wildstar running and not to develop it. Which...well I can't be upset with that as the game never had a chance to really shine and reach its potential playerbase. Either way, thanks for weighing in.
  4. To CRB: A plea for answers.

    I suppose this is fair. I guess I just have lingering optimism for new content updates.
  5. To CRB: A plea for answers.

    Monthly post isn't communication as they rarely actually...communicate and engage with the community, not like Devconnect before. You are basically saying nothing is planned, which I am still iffy about, there is a difference between being blatant and saying "no plans, not happening, never" and just TALKING with your playerbase.
  6. To CRB: A plea for answers.

    I understand that the game isn't in the best state, it has a small (yet very active) population and due to the games very generous f2p system not many ever spend real money. Most of us have come to terms with the fact that new content very likely won't come, but this lack of any real communication from carbine is disheartening to say the least. After Primetime the State of the Universe 2018 post we have gotten next to nothing. I know most of the studio is working on that secret project and I know the current plan is mostly to rotate existing events, but some things need answering. Is Prime Datascape still planned? Is Prime Ultimate Protogames still planned? Any plans to finally add cross faction (and prime+) to Adventures, opening up tons of content for the existing playerbase, most of which have never been in those Adventures? Any plans to disable the Matrix in pvp? Which would help balance a ton! I am no longer expecting new zones, new dungeons, etc. But what I always want to remain consistent is clear and consistent communication from the devs, it was obvious the initial change in Devconnec that the things discussed would never come to fruition, but now we are never given any insight into the devs that may or may not still be working on Wildstar. Some basic communication would be so greatly appreciated and would instill confidence in many players, including myself. If anyone at Carbine studios reads this, some basic information would be nice. Thank you.
  7. Server Merge When?

    Haven't been on EU in a long time but if the situation really is so grim than I fully support the server merge, I actually believe one of the devs stated they wanted that pre Arcterra on a livestream. SInce an actual content update designed to bring people back in is out of the window, I suppose that actually is the only alternative.
  8. Server Merge When?

    Seriously? It's an objective fact that people playing with each other from across the world will have more ping and latency issues. Now not saying it couldn't happen, but it would alienate a lot of people with low end connection as is. The population increase would be nice though.
  9. Server Merge When?

    Server merge would be bad for lag, if they really wanted EU to be popular again a big PVE AND PVP update would be needed. Not even that much new content would have to be made. PvE -New expedition -Halon Ring Zone -Prime Datascape -Prime UPG -Cross faction and prime Adventures PvP: -Balanced stats across the board -PvP lobby (like gw2) -One bracket lvl 15-50 -Removal of rated arena as well as 5v5 and 2v2, just make Practice Arena "The Arena" -Daggerstone made into 10v10 -"Canon" new bg datamined awhile ago Advertise it with free 50 frenzy and some stream sponsorships and people will flood back into the game. Oh and bring back chase events
  10. Are there any devs left?

    So we know there are at least a few artists working on wildstar based on the new items for Starfall, but are there any actual content developers left or have they all moved on to carbines other project? We have had solid confirmation caydiem isn't working on wildstar anymore so it makes me wonder if anyone is. I know the game is currently in unofficial maintenance mode but I was curious what you guys thought. Do you think any actual content designers are working in the wildstar team these days? A dev response would be amazing but communication has been almost non existent lately. As always, take care and see you on nexus.
  11. So idk how many of you pay attention to the current mmorpg world, but Bless Online came out, and many many people are upset and disappointed by it's launch issues, thousands are refunding it and are back on the next mmo hype train. However right now they are looking for something to play, Guild Wars 2 was smart and used this opportunity to make an expansion sale and tons of people are coming to try the game right now! Wildstar should do the same thing! It wouldn't be as successful obviously but it would certainly give a decent boost, announce a free 50 frenzy for this week or next week and word will get around. Lots of people looking for a mmo home right now and the best way to market an mmo is by capitalizing on the failure of another :P
  12. A Fresh Start (Wildstar prog server)

    That is how it worked out for other progression servers in other mmorpgs, so there is no reason to believe it wouldn't be the same in Wildstar.
  13. A Fresh Start (Wildstar prog server)

    I doubt that, you see progression servers bring a lot of people into the game, and at least some of those people may also check out the main server, and while some vets will casually play on the prog server, they will kind of go hand in hand in making the game more popular.
  14. A Fresh Start (Wildstar prog server)

    When I said Protogames I was referring to the patch name, not one of the two instances. STL in it's current state is not that difficult compared to back then so I don't think it would have many issues as an entry level, but if they want to keep academy in at fresh start launch that is cool, just jeep Ultimate Protogames and veteran Academy saved until that patch come up, which would be like 8-12 months after fresh start launches. Not for me to decide, they do itemization on a fresh start how they want depending on what goes in (as if they would, hypothetical and whatnot) Matrix can probably be ignored on a progression server as it would have been added not long before the server closes down. Considering the matrix is meant to have constant things to do and that wouldn't be needed on such a finite concept as a progression server Well the new server would payoff fairly well as... well progression servers almost always bring in many many players, RIFT prime still has way more concurrent users going off users I have spoken with. Rolling an alt is a fresh start, it however completely ignores the concept of a "progression server" which is bring Wildstar to it's vanilla state with QoL changes and add content that exists in live now later down the line through patches, it is called "fresh start" not just because an individual is starting fresh, but because everyone is starting fresh. I see a large difference between recycling the same events and having a new server designed to equal the playing field and bring in people. Fresh start/progression servers have only done good for mmorpgs that need them, they bring in players who feel behind, they bring in skeptical players, and it gives bored existing players something to have fun with. Pushing the store would bring in decent money which can be used to further fix the main game. It's a great system that many mmos are seeing success with, it is also easier than developing brand new content for live, which probably wouldn't even payoff as much. I try to relate it to seasons from D3, everyone starts fresh and wants to do as much as they can before the season ends, here it is similar except it lasts longer and introduces "new" content to push for until the end of the server, and you can keep your character afterwards by transferring him/her over to the main server. Idk, after seeing how successful Rift Prime has been for the RIFT team I am very curious how it could benefit Wildstar.
  15. So lately I have been playing more Wildstar than usual, and as always thinking of ways they can improve the game and bring traffic to it. Of course those are all just dreams and ideas as new content is very very unlikely (pretty sure Caydiem isn't even working on Wildstar right now, and she is the lead content designer so..ye) and my mind drifted to "progression server" something that a lot of mmorpgs have been trying lately, Rift did it with RIFT prime and it was quite successful, Archeage did something similar and it was alright. Why not Wildstar? The game is nearly 4 years old and new content is unlikely, so fresh start might be a way to get some people playing and spending money without having to really develop brand new content. I thought about how this could go to make the most polished experience possible for a fresh start server. Any raw content added in patches will not be in at launch obviously, this will include zones, dungeons, adventures, expeditions, raids, battlegrounds, and arenas. However, features and systems will be in at launch. Contracts, DS20, Prime content, current crafting and rune system, cross faction gameplay, and the like will all be available for the best experience possible. Maybe the primal matrix as well. It will be a completely free to play server with weekly Madam fay changes, the return of chase events (seriously wtf these were great) and frequent store updates to encourage the fresh start players to spend money. Once fresh start launches you will make your character like normal, and go through the content to hit level 50 and do endgame, the attunement would be the same as is now. Every 2-3 months a new patch will come out starting with Strain, to Sabotage, to Motgp, to Protogames, to Invasion Nexus, skip reloaded as all the changes are already in the game, to Arcterra, to the Redmoon Terror, to the new dungeon and expedition from POTPM, to Homecoming. After this leave the game as is for about 3 months and offer character transfers over to Entity for the entire duration of those 3 months. After that close the fresh start server and open a new one maybe a month or two later with new placement of content and systems to make it feel different each time. Fresh start servers do a really good job at giving existing players something to do and offering curious old players or turned off potential players from giving the game a shot, I can guarantee that a fresh start server would bring in thousands and thousands of players. Would you be interested in one? I think if Carbine has the ability to do it (which come one...it's just rehashing old content on a new server) it could do wonders for the games revenue flow. Thank you for reading!