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  1. Which will be your new MMO home?

    I've said it for years. There probably just won't be one. Wildstar's the only MMO that managed to capture me, all the others held my attention for weeks at best whereas this one's kept me since the tail end of closed beta. Me and some friends keep trying out new ones but they never last more than a week or two, and a pretty consistent theme seems to be "I kinda was hoping it'd be like Wildstar again." This game should have at least set new industry standards for housing or costume customization. But instead we've just got... Crap out there waiting to cap off incredibly generic art styles and storytelling, almost always based in feudal era fantasy type settings with the same reskinned races or "we have 5 flavors of anime human that all have the same customization options, but different defaults." Maybe with a splash of "it's an elin from Tera to appeal to the lolicon crowd but we called it something different."
  2. Housing ambient noises linked to sky?

    I've never messed too much with this, but are they? I really hope not, because the only sky that's 100% well lit 100% of the time is tropical and I'm using it to build a Dominion battleship with proper lighting inside of it. But behind my music I keep hearing the singing of birds and crickets, and it's like "you don't belong here..." Or are they linked to the ground perhaps?
  3. The "Phlowbie Got Banned" Thread and my goodbye

    Again, "since when was cursing against the rules?" It's literally IN the game, as is an optional filter to censor it.
  4. The "Phlowbie Got Banned" Thread and my goodbye

    Yes, but since when was cursing against the rules? There's literally an optional filter for it in the game's settings. Meanwhile, Phlowbie's always been a chill contributor and I've reported multiple people for spewing racist vitriol in world chat who were still around weeks later.
  5. [Community bug] NPCs missing from FABkit

    Checked the book on the table to see if they've been toggled off?
  6. Game reinstalls each time I run it.

    Reinstalls, or updates? Does it take several hours, or minutes? If the latter, uninstall the game and re-install it and that should hopefully fix it. That's a rare to uncommon problem a few of us had a long while back. Hadn't seen any mention of it in a while though.
  7. [BUG][QUEST] The Ascendant Champion (Heretics Ascendent)

    I forget if it was last night or a few nights ago now, but a newbie brought this up in Nexus chat and when I threw a level 50 I'd skipped Whitevale with at it to see if I could help him, same issue.
  8. The blue Granok who wandered Wildstar Housing and was like our local cryptid on the Entity server, and people kept getting screenshots of him in the Bigfoot pose? I miss that guy hella fierce, but was also wondering if anybody might have screenshots of him they caught to share.
  9. There are I think two or three lounging emotes programmed in for everyone, and they're kinda similar but also kinda different based on race/sex. You see a lot of Draken NPC men and women using them to lounge around clan lords. The Draken housing NPCs also use them. There's just no command to use them right now, but if you have the Character Shot addon installed, you can check what your's would look like with the pose id numbers 7834, 7835, and I think 7836.
  10. Thanks for the reply! I wasn't sure there'd actually be a CRB response to this, it's pretty small fry stuff.
  11. The lounging emotes, I mean. They've been in the programming for-friggin'-ever. I mean, finally getting that swooning emote that appeared one year near Valentine's day in the coding for about half the race/sex combos would be great, too. But these are already complete for everybody, and can be viewed in the Character Shot addon with the 7834+ ID numbers.
  12. Hey yo- old event housing items up for grabs.

    The Datacube's been taken, I just realized I forgot to strike that out when somebody claimed it this afternoon. But I can send the candy skulls and Chua, sure. Gimme a name to mail them to, exactly as I need to type it out in-game. Oh, and do you actually want THREE of those Chua, or just one or two? Specify that, please!
  13. Hey yo- old event housing items up for grabs.

    Check yo' mail, son. Also, update. In the next 6 hours I'm temporarily shutting down the giveaway of items, but it'll be back next Saturday with a modified list. So make your claims now.
  14. Hey yo- old event housing items up for grabs.

    I have now added a Jabbit server list of items, it is much smaller! But y'know, it's there for those that want it.
  15. So, I have a big old stockpile of housing items from events and holidays past that I still have not used. And some of these are just 100% off the market now. Tha's some BS, I wanna give away some (But probably not all.) of these items to people who actually want to use them. But that is the catch, I'm only gonna give them to people who actually have ideas to use them in a housing plot. Not to be hoarded away or resold. (Link removed since that list is no longer in effect. A link to the new list will be placed here on Saturday.) It'll probably be easiest to get a hold of me through that Tumblr account to claim the items. And I'll only give so many to each person, the exact amount of what being at my discretion, but tell me how many of what item you want. EDIT: The giveaway is closed until Saturday, the 5th of August! I'll be making a new list for that as I've collected more rare housing items from other characters on my account.