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  1. I want to apologize

    I want this merch >.<'
  2. Prime-up

    Hi newish player here, I'm looking for 4 other players with 5k-6k heroism/ilvl 120+ to prime-up dungeon with, possibly a core group? I know there's a legit prime circle. But, it's filled with players who have much higher - max heroism, and more experienced. They usually do p13s with each other. I'm looking for players with similar heroism. So, I could experience the game as a new player. I don't want to be carried. I just want to play the game and have fun (even if it involve many deaths). I don't know all the mechanics of all the dungeons. But, I want to learn so... if you're interested, msg me the time you're available weekly to do dungeon prime-up. my char names: pho nom, pho yoo, phobo beefsteak, phoenix embersky
  3. Are there any devs left?

    yes the matrix (purple essences to be exact) is a big barrier for new players. If they could make random essences drops while playing like omnibits (for example xxx amount of purple drops from mobs but cap weekly like omnibits), in addition to the current system. That would help a lot.
  4. Esper healing guide

    and what works for you? can people post their amps? so I can get a general idea?
  5. Esper healing guide

    any up to date esper healing guide out there? I don't see it in search.
  6. Housing Directory (NA)

    thank you for this list! omg! many of these houses are so amazing! need time to explore!
  7. Last Light - My personal little Arcterra

    the dome is amazing! keep up the good work. I wish I can house like you >.<'
  8. where's pavaler point?

    I don't know how to access it. tried google, and asking around in game. no one answered... so I'll try here.
  9. Any Chance of getting a Chua Stalker

    I approve!
  10. Female Chua? Yes! (Fan Art)

    not evil enough to be a Chua. plus, don't they hate it when people find out their gender?
  11. Characters Will Not Load

    NA, before going into/out of housing in Thayd and Illium.
  12. A Fresh Start (Wildstar prog server)

    I think they just need to have a system so that new players can somehow catch up slowly to old players with amps, ability, and essences. or put some sort of events in the zones/contents you've mentioned.
  13. Characters Will Not Load

  14. these guys are really nice :) I have experience with them in other games. nice group of people you can ever meet. I am sure it is the same in the Wildstar chapter. I will be applying for your Wildstar chapter.