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  1. In my experience(I have a post in the bug section :P ) if you claim the box, go to a different zone, it will pop up in the Account Inventory.
  2. Starfall Chromium Decor Pack

    Ahhh, OK that makes sense lol
  3. Starfall Chromium Decor Pack

    Claimed it, went to a different zone, got another one in my Account Inventory
  4. stuck at wilderun

    Ah damn, that sucks :( Hope it's back up soon.
  5. stuck at wilderun

    Do you know the name of the quest? Jabbithole hasn't been updated in a while, but maybe this will help, it's a list of Wilderrun's quests: http://www.jabbithole.com/quests?f=c:45
  6. List of Madame Fay's Fortunes

    Is there a full list anywhere of each of the different Madame Fay Fortune sets? I know there's Arcterra, Retro, Medieval, and the holiday ones, just don't remember what the other ones were :P
  7. Madame Fay Goes Medieval(typo)

    http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/news/2018-04-04-madame-fay-goes-medieval/ At the very end it says to use the N key to open the store. It's actually the U key :P
  8. This doesn't seem to be a Wildstar problem, but a Windows problem. Did you try this: https://steamcommunity.com/app/376570/discussions/0/358415738192729300/
  9. I actually don't play games with the sound on. I have my reasons for it, and my game play isn't too greatly impacted by it. I'd wait to figure out what the problem is first before jumping the gun on giving the game a negative review. How can you give a bad review if you don't have all the info? As for support not responding, the issue started on a Saturday. Today is Sunday. I don't think you'll get a response, since it is a small game. Heck, even bigger games like SWTOR usually don't respond to tickets on the weekends. And it depends on if you put in a support ticket or a bug ticket. Bug tickets don't get responses.
  10. Next Madame Fay?

    Thank you :D
  11. Next Madame Fay?

    When is it going to cycle to the next Madame Fay collection?
  12. Contracts, Auction...

    Just out of curiosity, you're saying there's no one around at reset time, what time is that?
  13. I was subscribed then renewed then confused

    If you change your subscription time, like going from 1 month to a 3, 6, or 12 month sub, it will "cancel" the previous 1 month recurring sub and switch you to the other sub. You should have signature status. Yea, freaked me out when I did that once, I had to change payment method :P
  14. Old Gear, Shop Items

    I second this request!! Please give crafters some fun back :( I loved searching out the unique crafting schematics in the old game.
  15. Yes, the beginning game is meh and easy, but stick with it if you're having fun regardless :D Welcome to the game :)