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  1. Jita Chat Client

    Thanks so much for this!
  2. Redmoon Boss Kill Videos/Streams

    The way I see it the need for WS to generate at least some publicity and hype over the new raid should be the main concern. It's the normal modes and besides, the people who wanted to get spoiled and get strats handed to them have already found a way to do so. :P Guilds who want to figure it out on their own will likely continue that trend regardless, not that there are many of those around.
  3. The new bundles

    Indeed, I understand the need for bundled offers, but the pricing is insane, especially if you're only interested in one or two items in the pack (even more so if you're already subscribed for the foreseeable future). I would really like to grab a couple of those items, but unless they're offered as single purchases I will be spending exactly 0€ in the store. I can somewhat justify spending my heard earned money on pixels that I'd enjoy, but I absolutely cannot justify wasting it on a bunch of bundled crap I don't even want. So, nope. Single purchases please. (Signature-only store offers or otherwise.) Also, can you stop removing things from the store for the love of all good? Not everyone gets paid same time of month/has cash available during those few day limited offers and most people don't even notice short sales before they're gone. Heck, by the time I decide if I actually want to buy something or where to put it it's usually already gone. Stop. Please.
  4. Question about account inventory change

    *cupcake*sake. This change is horrible. Please step away from the "streamlining" button and stop fixing things that don't need to be fixed and work on stuff that's actually wrong with the game. You have just increased the number of support tickets received by a metric ton because people will keep assigning things to the wrong characters. Just...awful.
  5. Memory Crash in the raid causing big problems

    This is a support reply I received after submitting files (wasn't really looking for a reply, just submitting files, but whatever): I'm in no way inclined to play my game in dx9, waiting for an actual fix.
  6. Artifact weapon 4/6 imbuement BUG

    Try having someone trade you the datashards while you have zero on you.
  7. FABkits and how to make them great again!

    Even some amount of freedom of placement and orientation would be great as well as some QoL improvements and being able to build over a large number of them.
  8. New Tutorial Zone: Review

    Thanks! I should have put the double-jump under "lacking" it really should be more prominently brought into attention as it is a major feature. I get just so frustrated with all the effort that goes into revamping and "fixing" things that are just fine the way they are. Stop, please. Fix the game optimization, fix pvp, work on new battlegrounds, raids, dungeons, give us a content creator, stop taking things out of the store, put more stuff on the store. Don't waste resources on revamping same things over and over. Gah!
  9. New Tutorial Zone: Review

    This will be somewhat long, but bear with it. THE INTRO: The tutorial starts us off receiving instructions from a major lore character. The animation and voice-over is great, but there is no indication of who these people are and why we should care. THE MOVEMENT SECTION: I think there should be major attention drawn to the objective window and indication arrows. It is not clear enough for new players. If you introduce a mount, explain mounts as well. Double jump needs a way more prominent display. There is no mention of sprinting or dash. THE COMBAT SECTION: There has to be a way more in-your-face explanation of interrupts and MOOs - neither are explained well at all! They are such a vital part of the game they have to be brought into new players' attention. Also, there has to be a way to change your keybinds at this point, and before the end of this section you should explain the action bar. THE HOUSING SECTION: All of this in its current state is pointless as it does not explain at all what the Housing really is. What you should have done is place the player on an empty plot and then guide them into placing the main house, a fabkit and placing/rotating some nice decor. Then guide the player to change the sky/ground options. This tutorial is not teaching anything about housing and will likely leave people confused. THE OBJECTIVE SECTION: Maybe explain some of the combat and controls options from the game menu here. A good place to point out the double jump and how to do it correctly. ARKSHIP SECTION: Again, it's very unclear where you are, where you're going, who these people are and why you should care. If you blink you might miss you've been in cryosleep and aboard your faction space vessel. COMPLETELY MISSING: Sprint + Double jump + Dash/dodge Path explanation + an introductory path mission Inventory/account inventory Gear equip + runes (they are massively important, please teach people about them early on) SEVERELY LACKING: Interrupt + MOO Action bar + abilities Housing Lore about faction and what exactly you're doing I hate to say it, but I much MUCH prefer the old Arkship tutorial and I wish you'd bring it back and tweak it. It was fun, and gave you the sense of what your character is being thrown into. It didn't need to be replaced with another tutorial, and revamped again. I realize it's probably way too late to change your mind, but I believe the existing tutorial needs a LOT of tweaking as it is, and I have no way of knowing if it would be easier to add to the Arkship or make changes in this shiny new thing. Either way, changes are needed if you want to make it an actual useful learning experience. After a careful consideration, I'm not a fan. It does not introduce what this game is about in a meaningful or objective manner and leaves far too many important mechanics out.
  10. Decor removed from vendor to be put on shop...

    Everything's been said already, so just going to agree that is unacceptable. Are we going to have to start buying everything immediately and stock up as much as we can because we can't be sure when it gets taken away? This sums up about all my feelings about the game store and other "limited time" additions: Not cool, Carbine.
  11. New sky ideas

    Great suggestions above, I'll just chime in to say I'd like more options that stay either permanently day or permanently night - especially when it comes to weather effects, sometimes the day/night cycle really messes with the visibility. Maybe also several variations of rain/snow/storm/sunshine - I'd love some heavy weather higher in the sky and almost dissipating towards the bottom.
  12. Lots of new players lately

    Noticing quite a few new players on Jabbit exile as well, been receiving multiple questions and requests for help just this week, it's really refreshing. Hope they keep updating and fixing bugs and putting a little more effort into advertising. Cautiously optimistic?
  13. NStore Dyes appearances

    And weapon dyes.
  14. The Store, generic mounts only, 6 months later.

    It would be great, but nope. Available till 27th: https://www.wildstar-online.com/en/news/2016-04-20-darkspur-store-update/ Just here on regular rounds to repeat that I wish they were adding more stuff to the store, instead of trying for limited flash sales and not providing some items at all. While limited time deals might get some impulse buys there are far more people who don't even realize that something was on the store before it's gone and a lot of people might not even be able to purchase stuff at that exact moment. Maybe more people are even like me, where the higher the price of a digital item, the longer it takes me to talk myself into going for it. Also, I'm more inclined to buy something if the store appears well stocked with plenty of good choices - in that case I immediately decide "I'm getting something" and just have to pick what exactly that is. If at a first glance a store looks kinda meh, I tend to click away/walk out immediately. I wish they'd fill up the store a little bit with cool stuff and then add "exclusive" or "limited" items on top. The mount section especially looks extremely sad in it's default state. Meanwhile I'm still waiting to be able to buy items that were asked for ages ago with no indication of them ever being available at all.