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  1. Morning Coffee: End of the Road, Edition.

    Cheers man. For a variety of reasons I came back to the game at the beginning of July. So many of my old friends were still playing so I hung around and I'm super glad I did. The thought of my toons not having an existence in the future is very hard to bear. Maybe they'll live on in other media *shrugs* who knows?
  2. Wildstar's Revival, Fight back!

    It's not that they were uninterested it's that the game they built wasn't fun as an MMO.
  3. Your bucket list?

    Oof. Forgot about that. Always wanted the Technomancer title.
  4. Your bucket list?

    I don't have any 'must do' items but I would like to get one more character attuned and through GA. Maybe a bit of DS.
  5. WildStar Developer Carbine Studios Shuts(ing) Down

    I'm crushed. Had hoped I had more time but it is what it is. Finding another home like this one is going to be very hard. My heart goes out to the current and former Carbine employees and players affected by this decision.
  6. Omni, purps, and PVP changes

    Was two years ago for me so I may be misremembering it. I do remember making sure I hit the weekly cap just to afford Omnibits to fix runeslots instead of depending on gambling to get it right.
  7. Omni, purps, and PVP changes

    Omnibit drops scale with difficulty of content (or it used to). Levelling content and shiphands don't yield all that much. Back in the day I'd run 3 or 4 Vet (now Prime) SSMs and be good for the week. If I was short our Datascape runs would more than make up for it. FWIW you don't need a full matrix to raid unless you really want to run P1GA and (I think) P1 Augmentors.
  8. New player against Purple Essence

    Western audiences by and large have rejected time gated grinds. Heck one of the many, many reasons Wildstar suffered at launch was because it had one: The Elder Gem grind to purchase the outstanding AMP and Ability Point unlocks. And the 3rd and 4th LAS slots. I have yet to hear anybody pipe up and say they've come here because their MMO life was so incomplete without the Primal Matrix. I have read several posts by folks shaking the Wildstar dust from their feet when they realized what it was. Anecdotal, yes, but it wouldn't shock me in the least that PM is responsible for far more player loss than any sort of retention it may have had. Regardless of population effects, on its own merits it's terrible game design. It segregates those who have the time and motivation to work through it from those that don't. It trivializes older content and prevents people without the requisite heroism from contributing in content that challenges high heorism accounts. What they should have done was to disable the side effects of heroism outside of the content that's tuned for it. Alas, stuffing that genie back into the bottle is non trivial. A stream of new playable content at a steady pace is the only thing that can turn this game around and even that may not be enough. The larger MMO audience has no reason to trust the studio. Assuming the studio (and NCSoft) is interested in making this game viable again it'll take a monumental effort to earn that trust back.
  9. New player against Purple Essence

    Not sure I agree with that particularly now that contracts throw so much glory at you. With a decent group you can finish GA attunement in an afternoon and clear GA that night. That will unlock some ilvl96 and ilvl116 pieces from the glory vendor along with any drops won. Contrast that with PM progression rate. If the reset time is inconvenient (or worse) for whatever reason you're pretty much SOL getting any of the WB's done with any sort of regularity. I have hard conflicts on some days and other days range from free to irritating. Consequently I'm still struggling to unlock my second tier 1 purple node which means I'm stuck below the requirements for P1 dungeons and expeditions. Without leeching or getting carried Prime Content is doing doodly for my gear. -- Time gating power progression without a reasonable catch up mechanic just flies in the face letting players play with the people they want to play with instead of the ones they're forced to play with. In this specific case players with high heroism players trivialize P0 content. Carbine's implementation makes it impossible for low heroism players to contribute in content with high Prime tiers. Of course there are people out there that love to roflstomp instances but there are others out there that want a challenge. That latter group has to sit around for the better part of a year before they can play with the big kids. And that's exactly what's turning people off.
  10. On the off chance there are some available dev cycles. There are a few external community resources that manage Player Character associated information, for example skyplot listings. Unfortunately there are actors out there that are motivated to corrupt that information. If a webservice API were made available to authenticate that those claiming to be the player behind the Character that would be a huge help and encourage additional projects. I understand that resources are tight therefore I'm only requesting authentication instead of fuller API access like GW2, Eve Online, and WoW (I think) provide. References: OAuth 2.0 Eve API GW2 API2
  11. So I started streaming W* today

    Oooh-kay *backs out of the thread slowly avoiding eye-contact*
  12. So I started streaming W* today

    There's always hope but is it warranted? The only chance (IMO of course) of attracting new and former players is if Carbine makes several releases with new playable content. Doesn't matter how fun the game is MMO players know that they'll eventually get bored if the developer doesn't make new rides for them to experience. Scaling up old instances only goes so far. While that may scratch the itch for some it doesn't for most and they know it. Content is not the only issue that WildStar faces but it is a big one that puts the larger MMO fanbase off. Content production is a matter of resources and talent costs lots of money. Significantly more than server upkeep. I don't expect the game to be shut down even with the limited population. One potential solution to the content problem is to leverage their best-in-class housing system and add features so that players can develop their own content. Of course that raises issues on how to reward those that play those instances.
  13. A mashup between GW2 and Wildstar would be a dream. Off the top of my head, GW2's engine and hosting infrastructure, mounts, approach to zone design (hearts, events, etc.), gearing and WvW. Wildstar's combat, addon support, housing, shiphands, dungeons and raids. Same opportunity could be used to fix the lore and get rid of hard factions. No need for that with alliance level PvP. FWIW, I really like the HoT areas but then again I never had to do it without benefit of mounts.
  14. Dancing NPC's?

    Thanks! That's what I was afraid of. It's a drop from the Boss Hunter Challenge Event. Think I saw a few of those up on the AH when I was trawling for the dancers. Regardless moodies certainly don't fit the theme I'm after, lol
  15. Sell Off Wildstar

    That's great, I'm glad you're having fun with it. I just wish they sandboxed it. LIke all of the Primal Matrix effects were only active in Prime content.