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  1. YES I HAVE FIXED the problem my self... the problem was that the decor limit says 6000 and i had 5096... so the decor limit is 5000... so when i had deleted things in my crate all came back!!!! IM SO *cupcake*ING HAPPY
  2. KATYA what u mean? this have been going on almost a month now the issue is that when i crate new stuf, nomatter what is it, then when i leave my housing and come back around 5 minuts after, it is gone! doesnt matter if i place the decor or just leave it in the crate.. it is gone when i get back on my housing plot!
  3. good to know u keep an eye with it.. i just really hope u soon fix it cause i really miss building my plot=(
  4. i have reportet it and wrote 20 mails with them and now they say they have sended the issue to the development team and they wont write any more mails to me so i need to keep and eye on forum for they will fix it.. and still they havent fixed it yet
  5. Housing Directory (NA)

    Hey on the EU server i cant see IO Avery's plot its called laboratory of nexus
  6. Hi guys and girls this have happend since wensday, everytime i place some decor on my plot and put some decor also in my crate, the next day it have vanished from my plot and my crate, nomatter where its placed or what i have bourght... this have been going on everyday since wensday! DOES ANYONE HAVE THIS BUG TOO? p.s and yea i have tried to see if there comes errors in the message box.. no errors.. and it gives no sense that all the decor i have used 2-4 hours a day on just vanished.. i twice bourght something from the store "the summer pack" where i crated the towels from that pack .. and all towels are gone i really hope they will fix it soon cause else i dont know what to do in wildstar, and that would be sad cause i really love to build in it from IO Avery
  7. Last Light - My personal little Arcterra

    wow i looks good what server are u on? and can ppl visit ur plot?
  8. Madame Fay - Current Rewards (12/6/2017)

    When does the next madam fay come?
  9. Myr Tariniel, a German/French Styled Castle in the Hills

    wow nice looks good i come look;)
  10. uhh never tried that;) maybe i should try that one day;) thank for the tip;).. saw ur plot on Entity the other day.. damn its nice;) good work Eidolon;)
  11. Eidolon i wanted so u could look out the windoes;) that was what i was going for;) its not a haunted mansion.. just cold mansion outsidte and a cousy one inside;)
  12. my decor limit was up=( so coudnt get into more details=( and yes Ellidar i it wont happend again;)
  13. here is alittle video from the plot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vizs1ktCW9U
  14. My Mansion Under Progress

    Cadeizz Mansion open for visitors.. feel free to look around, basement is not made yet so sorry to say its empty for now.. but house is done.. topic on wildstar forum also
  15. Just want to tell that the Mansion is finally! done.... Wish the Decor limit and Light limit would have been bigger so i could make it just the way i wanted it but its done;) Just dont look in the basement since the lab isnt made.. that is the next project.. but feel free to look around.. and if u got any suggestions or others things u wanna tell feel free;) Plot Name:Cadeizz Mansion Plot Owner: Kadi Cadeizz Server: Jabbit EU Dominion Site