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  1. So I started streaming W* today

    Thank you everyone who came out to the stream today. I enjoyed having you all there. Hope to see you guys again next week!
  2. So I started streaming W* today

    Now streaming. Come by and say hello!!
  3. So I started streaming W* today

    Sorry the twitter handle is @gates40699481
  4. Wildstar Streamers!

    https://www.twitch.tv/gd_gates Main Character: Gee String, but plan on doing a 1-50 stream. Guild: none at the moment Motivation: To bring more attention to this amazing game that is Wildstar. Times: Friday 1230-400 PST Mon-Thurs 1230-400. Times are tentative depending on RL and Work overtime. Twitter: @gate40699481 To know when the streams are up! I look forward to seeing everyone!!!
  5. So I started streaming W* today

    Awesome I will do that.. For the most part i try not to go more than a few minutes without me commenting. My Twitter is @gate40699481. I will try to have a more static schedule in the following weeks. My work makes it hard but Ill do what I can. Ty for all the information and I, as well, look forward to having you in stream!!
  6. So I started streaming W* today

    Awesome Meyoline. I will get a twitter. I dont want Wildstar to fall by the wayside, so I gonna do what I can to keep the hype alive I guess lol. Ty for the info. Ill try to do more next time I stream. Hard to be amped up with questing though... I mean it is what it is. we'll see.
  7. So I started streaming W* today

    I get what you saying and I totally agree. Problem is, Carbine wont release new content without a revenue stream and new players wont return without there being new content. Someone has to give and I feel that its more or less on the players side to give a little this time. Then again whose to say Carbine will actually release new content if new and old players return?
  8. So I started streaming W* today

    So after a few days of streaming Wildstar, and don’t get me wrong... I love the game, but I’m starting wonder if it’s worth it? I may get 5 viewers but no one is interactive in the chat. It could be me being a new streamer and what not, but I want your guys’ opinion. Is there hope of brining attention to this amazing game?
  9. AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! I haven’t played in almost a year and I forgot how much fun Wildstar was/is. I plan on making it a weekly rotation on my streaming schedule. I’m by no means a huge streamer but I’m gonna do what I can to bring some sort of advertisement to Wildstar. I refuse to let this game go down in flames! If you would like to stop by my Twitch name is GD_Gates. Stop by , say hello and let’s have a good time remembering what fun Wildstar can be. I am currently leveling an Engineer ( Dominion ). I look forward to seeing you guys in the Nexus!!
  10. Cave/Waterfall plot.

    Thank you for the compliments. I really like the waterfalls in game. They look so much better the second time around. Still learning the lighting and what not. If I find a way to improve on the plot I will post more pictures. Ty again =)
  11. Cave/Waterfall plot.

    Ok so I tried putting all the pic in and it said I wasnt allowed so Im just gonna put in the links http://imgur.com/7wIRPLd http://imgur.com/y7wjYAI http://imgur.com/305KZVL http://imgur.com/YNzimcL http://imgur.com/GjzIYx1 http://imgur.com/7nSsvYx http://imgur.com/gV2XgXN
  12. Cave/Waterfall plot.

    Ok so here are images from the plot. Just pictures dont do it justice I feel. The music makes it atmospheric. Its Drueseras Theme btw. http://imgur.com/gV2XgXN
  13. Cave/Waterfall plot.

    How do I add pictures? I dont see an attachment option.
  14. Cave/Waterfall plot.

    Sorry for the double post.
  15. Cave/Waterfall plot.

    I recently finished my cave/waterfall plot. Please feel free to come check it out. Leave some comments lemme know what you think. The Character name is Gee String Entity serverNA . Thanks =)