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  1. Deradune: Datacube: Geologic Acceleration

    No one else will have to suffer as I have due to the lack of solution here. After 30 minutes of frustration it turns out Wildstar likes to point the arrow 200 meters in the wrong direction even if you're standing right next to the datacube... Anyways this is the one:
  2. Hi, When I have a button whenever I click it it gets selected and receives a certain effect to indicate the button is in fact selected. Here's a random screenshot to indicate this: As you can see, the PvE button is checked as well as the "Quests" button. I want to modify what the button looks like when it is checked, and in some cases, disable the effect. I can't find in Houston how to edit this even when using the built in addons as a reference, Could someone give me a pointer? Cheers!
  3. Looking for command to show all strata

    Yes! That is the one. Thank you!:)
  4. Stuck in Character Lobby

    Same issue here sadly :(
  5. Hi! I remember from a few years ago I used an API call to display all strata from all addons. It would add a border-line on all windows and showed the name of that window. It could be used to figure out if there was a hidden window layer on top of another addon that prevented click-events from working. I've been searching but can't seem to find which command this was. Does anyone happen to know? Cheers!
  6. 1.3.0 API Patch Notes

    If it helps, this is what I have for ICComm, and this works: https://github.com/NielsH/RaidCore/commit/92820839944ec0692169f289eeb26bc75083dffc And actually I'm not sure if the self.chanCom:IsReady() call is even needed, perhaps I can set the receivedmessage function straight away and it'll start receiving messages when it is ready. Though this version works for sure :)
  7. Addon API Documentation

    Meh, does Gamepedia allow database imports? Mediawiki has an API to download the entire site, so you could re-upload it in Gamepedia so you don't have to re-add everything.
  8. Addon API Documentation

    Wouldn't it be better to fill these docs? http://wiki.wildstarnasa.com/index.php?title=Category:CarbineNamespace
  9. CK's Healsling'in Guide

    Are there people here that are running Hyper Shield focussing on crit beyond the insight softcap? I've got lots of insight/SP, might be worth reruning some into moxie/crit for more hyper shield procs. Currently at 2.4k Insight, 1.4K Moxie and 3.8K SP. 32.6% crit chance
  10. Official Guilds for Jabbit

    Hey Larnen, I've added the guild :)
  11. Official Guilds for Jabbit

    Added! :)
  12. Rune Fragments in Drop 4

    Let me add that these are now buyable from the renown vendor. However it says it costs 48silver to buy, but instead it takes renown. Just a visual bug I guess. Still unable to trade/mail/CX them. (They are exposed on the CX, I even see a bunch of them listed, but when I try to buy them it's telling the the item is invalid)
  13. Rune Fragments in Drop 4

    Very annoying they cannot be traded atm, especially since we need so many of them after upgrading DS set pieces. Makes it very difficult runing new gear..
  14. Official Guilds for Jabbit

    /Updated :)
  15. Official Guilds for Jabbit

    Updated :)