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[OPS, Release and 6/22/14 Final Update] Raid Performance Test vs Stemdragon. - concluded -

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#1 Nirax

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Posted 24 May 2014 - 05:08 PM

with the launch approaching i thought it´d be a good idea to make a performance test with a RAID group. Raid vs Stemdragon was the result. 
Purpose: check the level of WS engine optimization under load (full usage of popular addons) and high res graphic settings.
It was performed on this machine
its a i4930k@5.2ghz ivy, 12 logical units, on rampager extreme black ed, quad chan 32gb, 2x780ti gtx sc in SLI
WS runs on raid0 on 2xsamsung 840pro
resolution 2560x1440 fxaa5
nvidia drivers: .81 beta
w7 core parking: off
all w7 unnecessary services: off
ingame settings: end of vid
 wildstar64.exe @ DSCP 63 (ie <15ms latency to frankfurt)
f-prot(antivir) WS thread/dir exclusion.
The FPS counter is active (bottom right).
Performance improved a lot during the last weeks over open beta and ops week. although the raid was below 60fps it plays actually very smooth. however for lag free access on all types of hardware further thread tweaking will be necessary. the process mon shows still a quite uneven cpu load distribution. gpu sli load distribution is very good since the .81 release.
i added some comments to the stemdragon in the video description.
three additional remarks/issues: 
- a cosmetic issue: around min 11:40 you can see that the grass animation is not fluid yet.
- spawning the Stemdragon mirror adds is a cool idea, but will look somewhat terrible, or lets say ´videogamey´ if they clip through each other. 
- combined raid battle sound features nearly only high/mid freq effects which can sound dull after a while. check your impression at this loc  (at least listening to it on AKG K 701 studio headpohones without EQ modification). Stemdragon lacks whatsoever notable attack sounds underlining its physical presence and impact in the world.
//ps sorry having messed up with a sound transition, its already very late here in Germany.
State of Play: OPS Week Raid Performance test
// edit2: 
update using WS64 v 6714 the 6/7/2014. details see last post or vid description.

State of Play: Release Week Raid Performance test vs Stemdragon


// edit 3


update using ws64  v 6745 and nforce 340.43 beta

lot of improvements. this test is concluded.

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#2 Primalthirst

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Posted 24 May 2014 - 05:36 PM

When I first saw that image I thought it was one of those car games at an arcade where you climb into the cabin to play.

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#1 Oceanic Raiding


#3 vhd

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Posted 24 May 2014 - 05:37 PM

so basically you used a render farming computer to play wildstar

#4 Nirax

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Posted 24 May 2014 - 05:59 PM

so basically you used a render farming computer to play wildstar


its more of a TOPGEAR´ish approach:

lets take for test sake one of the fastest machines we can get our hands on and check how the WS engine performs and scales six days before launch under Raid conditions.

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#5 vhd

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Posted 24 May 2014 - 06:46 PM

yeah i get it, i just think doing this with a setup thats probably not even remotely close to what carbine has used to play the game the last 3 years doesnt say much


a modern high-end single card build with a 4670 and 16 gigs of ram would probably run the game better due to the amount of optimization done with it

#6 Nirax

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Posted 25 May 2014 - 01:03 AM

as player i certainly hope so.

from a professional perspective (graphics framework you most likelly use on a daily base on your embedded devices) i rather think that there are still bottlenecks and roadblockers preventing it from showing optimal performance scaling on the same architecture. ;)


prominent example of a limiting design is maybe TERA, in which at some point it simply wont matter what hardware you use. the ui was made in flash/shockwave and will running AFAIR in the same thread prevent any form of further scalability although they were using the powerful unreal 3 engine. it was a design choice made early into the development process and could never be reverted/changed after the full extent of the limitations became visible.

with the increasing popularity of mass events that was one of the driving reasons having a lot of ppl switching to gw2 for battles and events involving more than lets say 20 ppl.


ps. hardcore

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#7 vhd

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Posted 25 May 2014 - 02:57 AM

you might be right, i wouldn't know about the performance bottlenecks present in the game


as for TERA, bluehole's backwards design in the graphics department was to create high poly count models for the base and then downscale for lower settings, which ended up making the low video settings more taxing on machines than default, which doesnt make any sense at all


as far as i know, thats not how wildstar does it, but i could be wrong

#8 Nirax

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Posted 27 May 2014 - 06:04 AM

my only wish regarding performance is that they keep improving.
in 1-2 years that machines performance is pretty standard and it´d be a shame if events would be limited by engine design.
big design improvements rarely make it into post-launch releases thats why im a little concerned.

besides that i think the event-mob design could need some tweaking (as stated in the description)

mob is clipping through its mirrors (looks really horrible) has no physical presence (ie you can just walk through it (check tera if you want to see how cool it can be to actually "feel" and get pushed by a mob.
also the sound design should be improved. the mob is doing no noticable sounds at all, adding to the spritish feeling you have about it. (thats why i couldnt actually resist to underly the clip with 8bit music ;)
still loving WS for its pvp, but on pve event/raid side i´d love to see real improvements to the mobs, their impact, sound, style and hits. (can only talk about Stemdragon though as throughout open beta i did mostly pvp and class-tests. may change with later encounters)

ps: while i keep refering to TERA as i liked the instances in special, i actually play mmo´s since 98´UO beta, going over EQ, AO, DaoC, WoW, EVE, TERA, GW2, ESO(beta + release up to VR4 when i got really bored by it and quit).
It was actually in ESO Zone chat i learned about WS (all the hype passed me somehow, and while i restarted Tera, we move with half the pvp gw2 clan over to WS)
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#9 Ahkronn

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Posted 27 May 2014 - 06:10 AM

Good thread, great analysis.


dreadful ui



#10 Nirax

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Posted 07 June 2014 - 11:29 AM

update using WS64 the 6/7/2014. details see last post or vid description.
vid detailed information:
Second Performance Test Video against Stemdragon.
(1st was during Ops Week)
------ performance and scaling test under raid conditions on x86 pc architecture --------
This is the first World Boss to encounter, basically quickly after exiting the tuorial (maybe AngryJoe should play 5 min longer next time he tries WS )
noticed improvements since vid1:
  • load distribution seem to have improved

  • performance raised somehwat. (average fps, even tho team size differed a little)

-performance notes:
  • all in all rel poor load distribution around multiple logical units

  • interesting also that the fight starts with all AE effects in place around 65+ fps and ends at stemdragons defeat at below 40 fps with roughly the same amount of players and effects on the screen.

  •  the fps remains at 50% and less after the fight even though all particle effects, animations etc stopped compared with the max fps before the combat initiation and will not really recover

  • further, the fps-loss will not recover after the fight (compare pre-figth and post-fight)

​no mem leak encountered during that raid (bijitplates addon with fixed memleak used)

further notes: ( i am pointing these out because i like this game)
  • stemdragon has still no sounds, no VR world impact of whatsoever kind

  • stemdragon mirrors were removed (see for reference ops week video and their horrible clipping issues)

  • grass animation still to be improved  

  • stemdragon has no physical presence (you can always run through) ie collision detection.  combined with the missing sound it feels like a bloated videogamey sprite from them ol´games. its still fun though. WS should copy TERAs approach.for Big ass monsters encounters: collision detection on run-through tries, but none if you use a special like dodging or skill. best of both principles. ie you can run through using a skill or special.

// setup details:
wildstar64: @ 2560x1440,fxaa5, ingame settings: see end of vid.
system setup:
  • win7, all crap off, core parking off full e-sport config. f-sec in gaming mode/ws set exception

  • hw info in vid or first post.

  • nforce remark: still using .81 beta driver. (not switching to whql which has only bug fixes for games i dont play)

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#11 Nirax

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Posted 21 June 2014 - 07:12 PM

The first two tests (#1 Ops week and #2 Release Week) left "room for improvement".
This final test concludes the series as the improvements are on the right track,
  • recovery is fine now and
  • the FPS where it generally should be.
Test was done 6/22/2014 
WS Version 6745
nforce 340.43 beta
cheers and much fun in WS. i can concentrate now on pvp stuff after my professional daemons regarding graph engines feel satisfied. ;)

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