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[Concerned] Resource gathering and RMT

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#1 Rephlexie

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Posted 09 May 2014 - 07:34 AM



I love the crafting and gathering system. Its quite fun and lighthearted, and at the same time looks like a great start to a very robust and dynamic crafting system. Awesome work!


However, coming from over a decade of crafting in MMOs (My first was Anarchy Online I think) I am extremely concerned at how susceptible Wildstar's Resource Gathering is to RMT in its current state. It sucks that we have to worry about that stuff, but we have seen time and time again what happens if you don't.


C.R.E.D.D takes care of the economic side of things, lets make the commodity side a bit more difficult for RMT as well. I will post a few suggestions and notes if I may, most of which regarding resource gathering:


  • [Critical] Base attacks destroy resource nodes if you have the tradeskill unlocked. This needs to be changed immediately. This effectively eliminates the need to channel your crafting tool at all, which would make scripting a farming path a breeze. It also makes gathering uninterruptible which is a no no.
  • [Critical] The hostile nodes are an AWESOME addition, there is nothing more satisfying than watching XiaoTheRMTBot get eviscerated by mobs. However, right now the gathering tool channel damages hostile nodes as well! You can effectively channel your tool and it will just kill the hostile node if one does appear. Fix: Stratify the player to unit damage types between resource gathering and normal mobs. Ie. Weapons only hurt mobs, mining picks only hurt mining nodes.
  • [Concerned] The Vacuum loot key doesn't break gathering tool channeling. A simple fix that makes it harder to automate gathering and looting.
  • [Concerned] Hostile resource nodes do not appear often enough. I think I saw 1 during my last hour long mining run.
  • [Concerned] The gathering channel cast duration is way too short. The duration should be increased to make it more likely for hostile mobs to path into a player. Gathering needs to be in between Urban Golf and The Nitro Circus in terms of danger, right now its at Birthday at the Roller Rink level. 
  • [Concerned] There are a few nodes that are located in safe havens AND adjacent to a taxi and/or mailbox. Those need to be removed as they can be camped (Botted) easily.
  • [Suggestion] Consider introducing the same button interaction mechanics used for puzzles appear randomly with resource node gathering. Perhaps to increase the chance of getting rare resources. My personal favorite is the [------[F]-----[F]------] one. Non-completion still gets you ore, but not green blue and purple shinies. 
  • [Suggestion] Introduce Rare Resource Node Hostiles into the mix, or what I call "Pinkies" (The Mobs with the pink glow). Don't make them too hard, just hard enough so botters get turned into pink mist once in a while. Put some neat gathering stuff in their loot tables, like even some of the BoP (Bound on Pickup) world recipes.
  • [Suggestion] Make resource gathering tool tiers only upgradable by crafting them. Keep the Novice level ones, but add tree based learned schematics for all the required upgraded tools. We want to make RMT work as hard as possible to mine like normal people.
  • [Suggestion] Remove target selection from all Resource Nodes, just make them mouse over highlights. If RMT can target it, they can bot. We want them trying to figure out how to automate right clicks on a mouse area.
  • [Crafting suggestion] Make Crafting at a station automatically dismount you.
  • [Crafting suggestion] Remove the sittable chairs in front of the crafting stations. ZOMGBBQ >.<


Love the game, love the gathering and love the crafting, see you all in game!

#2 Lemurian

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Posted 09 May 2014 - 07:38 AM

Taking out a node with attacks takes 2-3x as long. The system is there so you can still harvest if under attack, but it's by no means efficient.

Nodes are in semi randomized placement in this game. Any bot plotting a route would need to find a way to account for that because they're always going to be in slightly different locations.


The number of bonus nodes drops based on your skill, you get far fewer as a high level miner.

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