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Change dungeon prime levels to match raids

Dungeons Primal Matrix

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#1 KindaNice

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Posted 13 January 2018 - 03:49 PM

There is a very large problem with how dungeons are run now. We have 16 prime levels available to choose for dungeons, and players run exactly 2 of those – prime 0 for the essence bonus/T3 contract, and prime 13 for gear. Due to the extremely exploitable bug that allows 1 player to spin up a dungeon at any prime level for any group, no one has to “prime up” anything. Moreover, this discourages players that would otherwise want to run dungeons of the appropriate prime level for gear because they would have to find a group with the exact same prime level unlocked.


There are two fixes, with two very different outcomes:


1) Fix the bug. Don’t let a player start a new group after he or she walks into a dungeon. This is the worse choice – what will happen is that players will fully stop doing any dungeon above p0. There are about 5 people on NA that are involved in 90% of dungeon runs because they have p13s unlocked and no one else will ever bother to prime up. Without this bug, no group would ever have run a p13 dungeon, because there are too many different prime levels and players can only queue for the lowest prime level in the group (you can’t switch to an alt while priming up, that resets all progress, same as 1 players having to leave the group and trying to find a replacement at the exact same level you’re on).


2) Cut down the number of prime levels to the number of raid tiers + 1. This means p0 = veteran dungeons, p1 = old p0 GA, p2 = DS, p3 = RMT, p4 = new p1 GA. Carbine, you don’t have to create anything ‘new’, just rename current p3 into new p1, current p6 into new p2, current p9 into new p3, and current p12 into new p4, keep the recommended heroism for those levels, and skip everything in between. Let base gear ilvls go up by 15 per prime level (p0 drops 80+, p1 drops 95+, p2 drops 110+, p3 drops 130+, p4 drops 145+). Also, don't add in extra prime levels that don't increase base gear ilvl, no one does the extra levels on high primes.


You have made it abundantly clear that you don’t care about the bug that actually allows people to spin up higher primes, so could you just simplify the whole prime level structure to mitigate that problem? Also implementing this change for expeditions would make sense too, but that’s solo content and doesn’t require a group having all your same skill, gear, heroism, and availability in order to raise the accessible prime level, so they don't suffer from this problem.


And just make it so you have to get bronze to increase available prime level by 1. The whole dungeon progression system needs to have fewer steps and complications; it's limiting player accessibility.

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#2 veluriel

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Posted 13 January 2018 - 04:52 PM

I agree that there are too many levels. Though I still believe it would be best if they gave us an "either/or" option for unlocking Prime content. That is, that we can either manually unlock Primes (as we currently do) and that the levels would become automatically unlocked when you reach the appropriate recommended heroism level. Global account unlocking would also help, though it's less pertinent to your post.


Streamlining the Prime levels makes sense though. So +1 to OP.

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#3 xnovax

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Posted 13 January 2018 - 10:58 PM

Don't assume that fixing or streamlining dungeons will magically make them more accessible to people or fix any of the other issues with dungeons in the game. Heck, it will probably be the same 5-10 people even if the best of your proposals go through.


Only sensible fix is to remove heroism gating and removing prime level gating (You don't need to clear P0 GA to enter P1 GA).

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