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Pixelated textures bug is back!

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#1 Roda

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Posted 13 January 2018 - 02:31 AM

So remember back when costume textures were super pixelated when dyed? Well now decor objects (idk what to call them this is both in housing and out) are suffering from it too.

I noticed it when I looked at my blown up colorful Aurin windows in my house. They had these weird black triangles all over the borders. I went to the thayd's teahouse to see if it was just a housing issue but nope the same object was suffering from it as well. The thing is, there is can other instance of the window texture being used as apart of the tea house wall that is not being affected.
(Note the bugged close up texture seems to be the same as the texture that is supposed to only be displayed when your character moves a certain distance away.)

This bug doesn't seem to affect all objects and it can be temporarily fixed by viewing the object in a 3d preview window just like last time (though this doesn't seem to wipe the fixes on other objects like it did last time). The only way for the fix to reset I've found is to log off of the character that previewed the object. Simply walking far away or zoning away and back does not reduce the textures resolution. And due to the fact that you can't preview every object in the game, I can't say which objects are and are not affected by this.

Edit: the fix goes away for costume items and character textures (at least) for you if you zoom out far enough from your character, for others it seems to revert either a second or two after you close the preview or if you zoom out far enough. I haven't tested this enough to find a pattern.

Edit 2: probably should have lead with this this is apparently happening under medium texture quality (which is weird as I usually have it on high, but w/e o.o)

Here are some video examples of the bug in action as well as the preview fix.
Here's the window in thayd

Here are some of my pillows, some fixable some not.

And here it is on the dark mystic costume piece and spirited eldan gauntlets.

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