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Custom-Built Decor Challenge - December - Winter Rides!

housingcustom challenge CBDC winter mount ride theme

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#1 Kaeret

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Posted 01 December 2016 - 01:06 AM



This month's CBDC is going to be another special event, in that, with the help of Carbine's Community Team, we'll be ushering in and celebrating Winterfest in a true housing fashion.


What does that mean?


That means, all participants in this month's challenge will be entered into a random drawing for some exclusive Special Edition: Cozy Decorations decor packs (each pack is 30+ pcs)! So lets extend a huge thanks to the Community Team (esp. Conqueros and Peregryn) for their efforts in putting together these decor bundles for this occasion!


That's right folks! This is not a drill! Submit a project for this month's challenge and you will be included in a random drawing during the end-of-the-month showcase livestream set for December 30th**!


So...what's the challenge you ask? Winter Rides!




As example, here's my Boris the Polar Bear mount.


Have you ever had a cool idea for a winter mount you wanted to see in WildStar? Well this is your chance to show us what you can put together using currently available housing decor. There are many types of winter-related vehicles you could try to build, including things such as snow coaches, screw-propelled (like a drill) Snow Tractors, Snowmobiles, Planes with Skis, Sleighs, Sleds, etc. Don't want to go with the mechanical-type builds? Have an awesome idea for a saddled Ice Drake or Snow Wolf? That's welcome too! Just be sure it's something more than a saddle slapped onto an oversized plushie, and that whatever it is you decide to build is winter-themed, and you'll be good to go. To clarify, we're looking for 3-dimensionl builds, so no paintings or similar type stuff.


If you find yourself stuck for ideas, remember that we'll be working on CBDC projects (among other things) during the month, right alongside you, so be welcome to drop during our livestreams for some brainstorming, tips/tricks sharing, etc. If you can't make the show times, remember too that the "interwebs" is your friend and a great source of inspiration!


As usual, this challenge is open to both regions/factions and participants are asked to make sure that their project plots are open to the public to facilitate screenshots taken by me for Twitterspam and of course the showcase.


How to Submit a Project:


Simply contact me via Twitter, Twitch, Forum PM or in-game mail and provide the following information:



  • Region
  • Character Name of the plot the project is built on
  • What the project is (i.e. Papa Phineas' sleigh or Chunky the Ice Drake, etc)
  • Where the project is (i.e. Behind the house, in the bunker, etc)
  • (optional) Inspiration of project, items used, how many pieces and any other trivia you want to include about your project(s) (this info will be included in the showcase)


Participants are welcome to submit multiple projects but this will not increase your chances in the drawing (each participant will be entered only once).


**Special note: Participants are not required to attend the livestream showcase in order to be eligible for the drawing. All participants will have their name entered. If your name is drawn, it will be removed from the "hat", meaning you can only win once. Winners of the decor packs will be contacted by me using one of the aforementioned means to deliver the codes.


Good luck and can't wait to see what awesome creations you produce!

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#2 Kaeret

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Posted 07 December 2016 - 01:58 AM

Reminder: Still plenty of time to get a project done for this. Don't pass up this chance at some exclusive decor bundles!


Still need to move this one of mine to a snowy plot, but as another example of what we are looking for, my jumbo sleigh:


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#3 KatMR

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Posted 07 December 2016 - 09:42 AM

Are those...hoverpark blocks for the body? Floral pattern is gorgeous.

((Maximum Dakka))

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#4 Kaeret

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Posted 07 December 2016 - 10:33 AM

Are those...hoverpark blocks for the body? Floral pattern is gorgeous.

Combination of hoverpark pieces and exile-style cylinders/floors. And thanks. :)

#5 Kitja

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Posted 29 December 2016 - 05:23 PM

Those are so great! I agree about the flower pattern, really beautifully done!

All your base are belong to Kit!

#6 Kaeret

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Posted 30 December 2016 - 01:57 AM

For those that missed it, here's the showcase video from this month's CBDC: Winter Rides - https://www.youtube....h?v=H9kgtEkscHE


I want to extend a huge thanks to everyone who participated and hope we see more incredible works from all of you in the future. As promised, this month's challenge offered the chance at a special reward, so all participants will be receiving an exclusive decor pack code (30+ pieces each!)! Well deserved for your awesome efforts. :)


A special thank you to Conqueros, Peregryn and the rest of Carbine's community team for providing the exclusive decor pack codes. And finally an extra thank you to Ministabber for the in-game goodies that we were able to use as additional prizes to participants via random drawings during the showcase, including Gingerboard mount packs, dyes, sky remodels, etc.



Entity-NA Projects:


Papa Phineas' Sleigh by Valeria Starbreeze



Gypsy Sleigh Vardo by Gypsy McCullough



Icerock Dire Dagun by Frost Snowden



Horse-Drawn Sleigh by Dark Lumi (unfortunately the plot was still private, so the project wasn't included in the livestreamed showcase, did grab the twittered image to show here though)





Jabbit-EU Projects:


Gingerbread Sleigh by Moopty Starborn



Frost Lion by Zafira Azuray



Ice Hoverboard by Zafira Azuray



Winterfest Sleight by Zafira Azuray



Ice Eagle by Zafira Azuray



Wedding Sleigh by Misty Summer



Special Jingle 2000 by Donna Troy



Winter-riders steed (an Osun/Arcterra themed snowmobile) by Tectonia Raukluft



Snow Plow by Nora Drenaline



Ski Lift by Nora Drenaline



Phial Orbitron (wip) by Isa Eiry



Holiday Rocket by Isa Eiry



Soulfrost Motorcycle by Isa Eiray



Polar Bear by Dil Greenleaf



Holiday Sleigh by Dil Greenleaf



Simple Sled by Dil Greenleaf



Present Train by Santy Claws



Snowmobile by Graaxu Slagrock



Gingerbread Ski Plane by Mince Meat


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#7 Valyrie

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Posted 30 December 2016 - 05:38 AM

Lots of great entries! Thanks Kaeret and all others making this event (and for donating prizes) :)

Edited by Valyrie, 30 December 2016 - 11:14 AM.

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