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DevConnect: UI Mods & Add-ons

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#1 Conguero


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Posted 22 September 2016 - 03:10 PM

Good people, it’s high time for another DevConnect!
We were blown away by all the responses and enthusiasm we saw for the previous topic—Top 5 Quality-of-Life Changes—and want to thank you all for giving us more insight into your experiences with WildStar, and how we can make your time on Nexus even better. Be sure to read our follow-up reply to that topic if you haven’t already.
For this DevConnect we want to switch gears a bit and encourage discussion on a critical, community-driven staple of MMO gaming: user interface (UI) mods and add-ons. Depending on the type of content you enjoy playing, third-party add-ons may feel like an absolute necessity to your success; and, to this end, we’re very fortunate to have a solid core of add-on authors in the WildStar community. These folks dedicate their spare time to helping their fellow gamers—they create tools that offer a wide array of conveniences, as well as aid in group coordination through challenging content and complex boss encounters.
With that in mind, we’d like to know which add-ons are your favorite, or you consider the most crucial to your gameplay. Also, what kinds of UI mods and add-ons would you like to see that don’t currently exist, or are outdated?
As you offer suggestions for other types of functionality you’d like to see incorporated into existing add-ons, please take this opportunity to show all WildStar add-on developers your appreciation for what they do. Their creations are often lifesavers on Nexus, and they continue to push us at Carbine to ensure that we’re providing the best gameplay experience possible with WildStar.


For the add-on developers among you, we encourage you to introduce yourselves in this thread, tell players which add-on(s) you develop/maintain, and share a little bit about what got you into doing this for WildStar.

We look forward to hearing from add-on authors and users alike!


As this DevConnect is a little different from previous rounds, we’ll keep the thread open for about a month, until Friday, October 21, and plan to have a new DevConnect topic ready for you by late October.




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#2 Volantarism

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Posted 22 September 2016 - 03:13 PM

Optiplates is my favorite nameplate addon. It should be a standard in game addon.


But if you want to know about all the addons I use for PvP in Wildstar and how they are helpful click on this video link https://www.youtube....h?v=JTtRZQDgdiM


Also click on the link for PvP guides for a ton of PvP guides.


Multi Que up for BG's, 3v3 practice, and Warplots :D

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#3 Mr CK

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Posted 22 September 2016 - 03:28 PM

should have been about pvp

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#4 Kurona

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Posted 22 September 2016 - 04:06 PM

I've made several addons for the game, the most popular as of now is KuronaBags and KuronaFrames. All I published about 15 to Curse over the years. I don't actively play the game any more, but I try to keep my addons working for those who still do.  


Most people like my bag addon for some features that don't exist in the carbine one, but it's mostly a bit of database trickery. It took many months to iron out the kinks and is mostly stable but lacking some features, mostly with the bank portion.


I got into addons cause a few of the stock addons were slowing down my poor computer at the time. So i wrote KuronaFrames to be as fast as possible in comparison. This was done mostly by keeping track of all the character stats and only updating the UI when the values changed instead of every time. This gave it superb performance. As time went on, I adding in more features to help me while raiding. Things like target lines and some class based telegraph shapes, even some more advanced things like cast bars for enemies you don't have targeted.


I made KuronaBags cause my bags were always full and it was hard to organize my items. My favorite bag system was in a game called Secret World. Which gave you one big bag with as many slots as you want, and as many little bags as you wanted as well. You could only use 100 slots or whatever you could carry, the rest would be blank. This is what i ended up mimicking with KuronaBags.


In the end I probably spent as much time playing the game as writing the addons :)

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#5 beattlebilly

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Posted 22 September 2016 - 04:17 PM

Gear/build swapping addons, improved item viewing(preview items linked in chat, being able to preview weapon costumes, viewing items on a race that may not have the ability to use that weapon yet but it's a soulbound item so can't send it to an alt) addons.

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#6 Loui

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Posted 22 September 2016 - 04:39 PM

For the add-on developers among you, we encourage you to introduce yourselves in this thread, tell players which add-on(s) you develop/maintain, and share a little bit about what got you into doing this for WildStar.


Hi there, my nickname is Loui and i'm the author of all LUI Addons (stands for Loui User Interface). I'm a fan of Wildstar since the very beginning and when i heard that it is going to officially support addons, i was completely sold. After doing LUI for World of Warcraft i was surprised in how good the addon support actually turned out to be. Houston and the API in general is just awesome to work with, especially compared to WoW. After spending a ton of freetime on a german / english community project for Wildstar called Readycheck (www.readycheck.org), i started working on addons and never stopped doing so until this very day.


My 10 Seconds of Fame: PAX 2013


My Addons:

  • LUI Aura
  • LUI BossMods
  • LUI Emotes (preview/dowload)
  • LUI Frames
  • LUI LootAlert
  • LUI TargetFrame
  • LUI WelcomeWindow
  • LUI ZoneMap
  • LUI Hold'em
  • LUI SpamFilter
  • LUI HideSignature
  • LUI AugmentorHelper

When it comes to this DevConnect i would like to see more improvements on the API in the future. Besides a couple of long awaited features like buff/debuff events and ownership information, it hasn't changed very much over the last few years, so there is plenty of room for optimizations. Some current ways of retrieving data cost way too much performance since there just isn't any more effective way to do it. It would not only help addon developers but everyone by improving addon performances. Also, this would be nice xD


But now lets talk about the elephant in the room: Leaderboards!


You promised us PvP Leaderboards over 3 years ago and not only are we still waiting, you avoided everything being close to a "list" completely. Why is there no ingame guild list we can browse through? Why is it not possible to move the guild recruitment from the forums to an ingame ui-element? Why is there no list for PvE Progress, PvP Ranking, Achievement Points, Public Event Contribution? Or why not extend the Content Finder with a bulletin board where Chua can finally look for players in order "to do Science". All these things could be done pretty quickly and you would benefit from them indefinitely.

Edited by Loui, 22 September 2016 - 10:12 PM.

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#7 GorenKillChua

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Posted 22 September 2016 - 06:01 PM

Alright Crb, when I said "any devconnect will do at this point" I didn't think you would take it so seriously... Comon, pvp...


On topic, Just make the Wildstar UI look like Forge UI but flashier.

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#8 Vulpixy

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Posted 22 September 2016 - 06:54 PM

For me UnitedDialogs and T-Loot are pretty vital since they allow me to set hotkeys for accepting quests and rolling for loot. Other addons that I use heavily are Raidcore to help keep track of what's going on, ItemPreviewImproved so I can preview gear and decor a lot easier, and Purchase Confirmation, cuz no one likes wasting money on crap they didn't meant to buy. Gear is another great addon since it allows for swapping builds on the fly.

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#9 Kaeret

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Posted 22 September 2016 - 08:23 PM

As an avid housing enthusiast and promoter, I have to give huge props to Katia Managan for her labor of love, Katia's Builder Toolkit. It is by far my most used 3rd party tool I've downloaded, ever, in any game I've played/play. While there are still many players who do not utilize it, I think most serious builders consider it a "must have". It is packed with useful, time-saving and QoL features, along with many advanced tools that promote/allow more interactability, etc and is regularly improved, thanks to Katia's dedication and hard work. If you too are a builder, or hope to be one some day, I highly recommend you try her addon out. For those that may find her robust tool a bit intimidating at first, I recommend Noriack's helpful tutorial vids here.


For me at least, a great and much-used accompaniment to Katia's addon is Lamenth's Housing Toolbox Pro addon. While the features provided within this tool are essentially covered in Katia's, I find the cloning/linking features a bit more convenient, and the addon's space on the UI is relatively small in comparison. Some builders may have a preference for one addon or the other, but I use them interchangeably all the time, for certain things, depending on what I'm doing and all that.

#10 Patryn

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Posted 22 September 2016 - 08:41 PM

Runemaster hands down. Best addon ever. Rune planning was always a pain before I found it, now I can experiment without spending any money or having to go on PTR. Unfortunately it's also no longer developed, so we have to go back to the spreadsheets for RMT runes. I use too many addons to name them all, but some of my other favorites are Interruptor, ForgeUI, Vortex Meter, Threat, Loot squid, most of Lui's addons, perspective, tLoot, vince raid frames, and vince builds.


Seriously though, I would be pretty terrible if it wasn't for the addon devs making life easier and improving UI functionality. Thanks for all the time and work you have all put in!

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#11 xxviibe

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Posted 22 September 2016 - 08:48 PM

I know the UI is cool and all but im sure pvp could have used its own dev connect. Its why I really don't play anymore. No pvp :c

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#12 Ekzentric Lohner

Ekzentric Lohner
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Posted 22 September 2016 - 09:37 PM

I have a bunch of addons active, but the five I feel are vital are:
  • Perspective - Shows me where unclaimed lore items are, highlights things I'm supposed to be killing/collecting/interacting with right now, indicates nearby mobs that I might not have noticed otherwise until I rounded a corner and collided with them.
  • UnitedDialogs - Lets me accept quests and otherwise page through dialog just by pressing F.
  • Interrupter - Makes it much easier to notice when I should be interrupting an enemy.
  • Vince Builds - Lets me change my LAS and all my gear in just two clicks instead of over a dozen.
  • Katia Builder Toolkit - So I can save/load linked sets of decor.
I'd really like a better group-finding addon. The random queue doesn't tell you what other people are trying to find groups for, and asking in chat is less convenient than a specialized group-finding interface. Something that lets you start a group for random/specific instanced content, or for getting help with a quest intended for 5+ people, or for managing a World Boss train or putting together some kind of player-run event would be awesome, and being able to see at a glance, "Oh, this group just needs a healer, I'll join it" or "Plenty of people are forming up for Battlegrounds right now, but not many are looking for dungeon groups - I'll do Battlegrounds tonight instead of dungeons" would make it sooo much easier to get into group content.
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#13 Stolecek

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Posted 22 September 2016 - 11:27 PM

I personally think there should be at least two addons:


ForgeUI or similar - I don't understand why MMO's not using easy UI. WoW, Wildstar etc... all the same UI, unit frames and everything full of "cool" graphic etc... for example WoW - small HP and MP bar, bars for spells with graphic around etc... I used XPerl (without portrait at all). Clean, simple and easily to read. Bartender for bars without anything disturbing.


Here it is the same! "Cool" graphic everywhere but ForgeUI is more friendly, practical, readable and honestly, the colors are more fit into the WS universe. Only thing I hate about it is the original color of the bar (gray) and position of the map - but that can be changed (I have green HP bar - more easy to just see how much I/enemy has HP).


If you want graphic etc... in UI? Fine, but there should be option to swap to this UI.


RuneMaster - Again, here is a great rune system but managing it is very hard. When I first saw the RM it is far more understable AND far better for new people. And that was when in WS was the old rune system. Now it is even better! I think this should be mandatory and implemented into the UI. Maybe add there a tab with option of creating single runes (so I mean this should just overwrite the Carbine Rune addon).

#14 Zeffuro

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Posted 23 September 2016 - 12:33 AM

Hi guys, I'm Zeffuro and I'm currently the maintainer of DarkMeter.

Progress has been a bit slow due to my lack of experience with Lua but when I saw the original addon on the forums by Justdax I just couldn't let the addon die and decided to fix it and release it on Curse.

This addon is a competitor to VortexMeter which loads of people seems to prefer more (because it's been around longer and is a bit smaller I guess?), if anyone is using DarkMeter please give me some suggestions that I can work on :)


I've also done some fixes for some addons when the new API came out, I would like to stress that Carbine would make our lives easier if you would just announce when the API is going to change and provide us with API patch notes again. Having several addons break on release day really sucks for a lot of users and breaks their experience.


Now personally I use a lot of addons.


I'll first state some of my favorite addons that I consider essential and after that, provide a screenshot with all the addons I use.


  • ForgeUI - This is a nobrainer for me. I played a lot of WoW back in the day and having one big UI overhaul just made sense to me. Not only does it perform way better then Carbine's Stock UI. It also looks good and makes the game a bit more minimalistic.
  • MischhRaidFrames - This addon is a competitor to VinceRaidFrames but is more actively maintained (this addon needs a lot more love, it's really good imo), the developer is very fast in adding most things you request and the default style works with ForgeUI's style. If you don't like it how it looks the dev has also added in some default profiles that will make it look like VinceRaidFrames or Grid and some other examples. Must have for raiders imo due to the group sharing functions (which is also present in VinceRaidFrames).
  • LUI Aura - Out of all addons Loui has created this is my personal favorite, this is like the WeakAuras/TellMeWhen of WildStar. Having a good system that shows you your cooldowns and procs plays an essential role to optimizing your DPS, without it I'm pretty sure my DPS would suffer a little :P
  • RuneMaster - This addon is an absolute must to get your runes into order (unless you want to make spreadsheets), currently the version on Curse is outdated but there is a version floating between guilds which works for the new runes. I cannot share this version as I did not make the changes but here's hoping someone takes over the repo and updates it on Curse.
  • FrostMod ThreatBall - This is a nifty little addon show visually shows you if you are tanking or if you are close to getting aggro. This way you don't need big ass threatmeters, especially if you are a DPS.
  • Carbine UI Fixes - You just gotta give Zod credit for fixing all the bugs that you guys get in your addons and since some of the bugs take so long to get solved by Carbine this addon is a must if you want everything working smoothly.
  • AMP Builds - This is a pretty nice addon that allows you to save your AMP Builds, it does have some issues like it gets confused if you change out of T3 trees and you can only put the icons to switch on your bar atm, but if someone would pick this up and improve this addon a bit it's very helpful. I use this addon to switch between Single Target and AoE healing builds and switch to some specific builds like being the chiller on Shredder. Because 4 builds is just not enough if you PvP using both specs.


These are all the addons I use: 



#15 FatoF

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Posted 23 September 2016 - 03:37 AM

How about this addon?


Someone can update it?

El ;)

#16 Whimplash

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Posted 23 September 2016 - 04:04 AM

Is this a place to also talk about API features we'd like to see as addon developers? Or defects/bugs concerning the API?

#17 Thiefje

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Posted 23 September 2016 - 04:54 AM

So here's the major part of addons I use and why, I'm not picking any "favorite" ones, since I think they're all usefull in their own way.
Incorperate into game
  • ChatLinks It's just much easier if people can always copy a link from chat to clipboard and paste it.
  • ItemPreviewImproved Simply more usefull than the default one since you preview weapons and such.
  • PetOMatic Works similar to Carbine's mount summon thingy in the buttom left of the screen except it's for pets. Also has auto-summon on resurrecting which is by far the biggest pain in the default game.
  • NearbyPlayers It was in-game once... Make it great again! :P
  • tLoot Much faster to shift through the need / greed process, especially if there isn't anything you really need anymore except maybe a drop from the final boss.
  • Galaxy Library A major overview of all gear and costume pieces in the game including stuff not even released yet or not available to players at all. Not updated since API 8, but its Item Database works like a charm.
  • flex Fashion Easy way to inspect dye channels for gear / costumes before commiting to buying them. Doubly so for the Store items.
  • ZenRadar Easy tool to track lore items, harvest nodes, path related items, discoveries and so forth. Sadly still uses API 9 so a bit buggy at times.
  • Raretracker Shows Elite Champions, Legenedary Champions and World Bosses in close proximity.
  • Vortex Meter Easy way to track DPS, Healing, interrupting and so forth.
  • Threat Usefull addon mainly for tanks to see if they're holding agro properly.
  • Jabbithole Make Jabbithole great again! :D :P Though seriously... the game needs a database like this...
Elements from addon I'd like to see incorperated into the game
  • Optiplates The seperate health and shield/absorb bars from OptiPlates, this makes it much easier to see for Healers if people are at full health or not since Health and Shield are now shown as one continues bar. I'm personally not interested in the rest of the addon though.
Usefull addons for the game
  • Nextlab-WorldBossNotifier Along with its predecessor is just usefull to inform the server about World Bosses and organise raids.
  • StanceS Usefull tool for rapid stance switching, especially for Stalkers.
  • Katia Builder Toolkit Very usefull addon for housing fanatics, though it does take some getting used to.
As opposed to some people here I really do not want to see a ForgeUI kind of thing unless it has a toggle option between the current default UI and whatever Lite version you might make. 
I like the default UI only with the adjustment mentioned earlier from OptiPlates.

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#18 Foul Wind

Foul Wind
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Posted 23 September 2016 - 05:12 AM

i use many addons for many different things:


optiplates - good visual customization of bars and nameplates

forgeui - because lets face it, default ui is a resource hog and has a lot of flashy things that not everyone wants to see

interruptor - help with interrupts is always appreciated

raidcore - help keeps you on top of raid boss mechanics

perspective - when follow just doesnt cut it, and when you are looking for specific resources

threat - need to know

vortex meter - deeps man!

commoditystats - for making that sweet plat off the cx


these are the main ones i use, mainly to help with pve content and ui.

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#19 GorenKillChua

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Posted 23 September 2016 - 06:25 AM

I know the UI is cool and all but im sure pvp could have used its own dev connect. Its why I really don't play anymore. No pvp :c

You see if devconnects were  maybe every other week or one a month, I would be okay with this, but it took two months last time. Two months of UI... 



On topic: Spacestash, very nice Addon for inventory management

#20 Doctor Leskov

Doctor Leskov
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Posted 23 September 2016 - 08:32 AM



*I used to run ForgeUI until pieces of it broke during the last API change. Have they fixed it yet?


While I can understand that roleplayers are not a huge part of the game's overall population and not typically concentrated on when it comes to addons and the like, I do feel like one large QoL change for all of us would be the ability to create an addon that allows us to give ourselves character descriptions. Several iterations of an addon like this (PDA, TellMeMore), have come and gone, but they have all suffered from a similar fate in that no matter how they were written, the limitations of the game's servers will not allow them to function to their full potentials. While I understand it's unlikely that a roleplayer's wishes will be granted in the form of an in-game addon, I can only request that the Carbine team works on getting bigger servers that can support a wider array of addons like these and others that have struggled against a lack of bandwidth in the past.


Would also help to incorporate itempreviewimproved into the actual UI. Left shift click to link to chat, right click shift to preview the item. All the other options aren't at all necessary.


.. And now i get started on the real kicker.


Wildstar's default UI.


This thing is so confused, it's hardly any wonder why new people get frustrated with it. There are so many options that most of the important stuff totally gets lost, like the group finder. I can't tell you how many newbies came in and had NO idea how to find the dungeons or the pvp. Even I have a hard time navigating this thing even after a year of playing. So I shall.. make some suggestions.


  • Currencies should be integrated into the bag, rather than beside it so we don't have to find another button to see them.
  • Content Finder should more or less be renamed to Group Finder at this point so people actually understand its main purpose.
  • I really don't feel like we need a contract option - the contracts have a board already that we can go to. We don't need it in the interface also.
  • We don't need a second option for our inventory when we already have a bag on the main UI. Lots of redundancy.
  • Put the mail on the main UI permanently so you don't need an option for it. 
  • Put social on the main UI permanently so it doesn't need an option
  • Put achievements and path stuff on main UI permanently.
  • Put character window on main UI permanently so it doesnt need a second option. 
  • etc. etc. etc. Kill redundancy, put all essential things on the main UI (not in a giant list on the left-hand side) where they can be seen.


In short:





Thanks a ton for having these discussions, they're so very important.

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