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DevConnect: Faction Barrier

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#61 Peppercorn

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 07:19 PM

Pappy! I love that you're asking this! I feel immensely strongly on this issue and I'm personally excited you guys are talking about it and even considering it!


  • What are your thoughts on dropping the faction barrier? And why?

Absolutely drop it! As Wakyn put it well, a faction barrier gives you some nice story telling, but halves your playable population. It creates divides between players in RP, PvP, and PvE. I hate, personally as an RPer, when coordinating things going "Man I wish these other several hundred players could participate. Oh well, sucks to be them".


There's been a counter argument made on keeping it up because of lore reasons, but I personally think combining the factions could create more interesting dynamics than currently exist. How do two groups that hate each other, that suddenly HAVE to get along, handle that? It's not like that bad blood disappears, which makes for interesting storytelling! 


I guess my argument would also add - I'm not sure what keeping the faction barrier /helps/. It makes PvE groups harder to find, PvP groups harder, RP harder, and makes the game feel smaller than it is for everyone involved. You basically have two half-games, operating simultaneously, that periodically glimpse each other unless they're in a battle ground. You're basically creating an environment where you're saying "What if we had a game where half the people couldn't interact, and we have to develop more content for both sides, and have both sides resent the other no matter what we do. Also all queued content will take longer"


Also, housing is one of the strongest aspects, arguably THE strongest aspect of the game. Anything that enables people to experience that better? I support!
  • If you were a developer for a day, what would your vision for what faction barriers be?

For a day is a bit tough! I'd personally like to write into the lore racial enmities, but let people take with it what they will. It's not like people COULDN'T be enemies if they wanted to. On this issue, I'd probably just destroy it altogether. Let housing all connect, let the channels all connect. Basically just one game with two capital cities and 8 races. MAYBE for immersion keep cities hostile. If I was worried about implementing it, I might do a soft merge - Allow xfac housing (and a toggle for lot owners to decide if they want to allow it), allow xfac channel sharing, and remove the language barrier. But honestly I feel so strongly about this I'd probably just go all in with a merging of factions and not even bother "testing the waters".


  • How should PvP flags factor into faction barriers, if at all?

PvP flags is an interesting one. I love the prestige decision of keeping yourself flagged giving prestige. PvP is already kind of hurt with world bosses. Just spitballing, but maybe have 3 different PvP flags - A No PvP one, a PvP flagged for just the other faction, and a PvP flagged where anyone can attack each other as long as they're also PvP any flagged. Just an idea!


A separate addition regarding lore: This is writable and fixable. It's not like it would be hard to say "Both factions found a common enemy and have an uneasy truce, but still distrust or even hate each other". You'd have some want to finish the war, some who'd be happy for peace. You'd have interesting politics involved - ("The War is Over, do we get Arboria back, or do you really need an extra parking lot?" "Congratulations Exiles, the war is over, you're now trial level citizens of the Dominion which does not give you full rights as punishment until we can recuperate from you what all your war crimes cost us") - Still, I think the lore is workable, I think the logistical part is more important.


Thank you Pappy!

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#62 Yazra

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 07:13 PM

Myself, my boyfriend, and a few others would consider playing the game again if the faction barriers were removed.


At current out of my group i am the only one that has a max level toon on both factions.



and i must agree with them on this.


We are not willing to re level in a dying game, regear, re progress, get our achievement points all over again, our attunement, mounts, dye, bags, riding skill upgrade, etc,etc, etc



I love the game, there's a few problems with it, but the non existent population on Dominion is why we left and why we are not coming back.




For nay sayers who are crying about lore, you should consider the fact that lore can TOTALLY support this. The entity is a bigger problem than the dominion and exiles not to mention the "governments" dont have to agree, jsut the player on a personal level.


To put it into perspective, the ppl on dominion are quitting or re-rolling.. new ppl go Dom assume the game is completely unpopulated and quit.


Id rather let your lore suffer a little ( i am a lore lover too ) and have friends to play with and a game to log on to, rather than dig my heels in and go down with the ship.







after looking over the posts, i can conclude the majority of people left are those who care more about reading their quests than raiding/dungeons/pvp, and that lore is far more important than the population.


Carbine, now is your chance, once in a life time. Sell data cubes and become billionaires.

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#63 Mudbucket

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 07:21 PM

i guess just make it so ppl can interact n talk out in the world, will boost the pop by having more ppl to play with instead of divide. just dont let each other enter other factions cities/camps etc. ive never tried to enter an opposite faction city so i dont know what would happen, but keep it as it is now, im thinking you cant do that or you get attacked by players/npc's correct? lore wise keeping factions opposed still works, yet allowing more flexibility in player interaction, that being outside lore, gives players more people to interact with. after all, its an mmo, cupcake, its sposed to be MASSIVE.

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#64 H3rboss

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 07:31 PM

Hypothetically, could someone tell me what the upsides to having a faction barrier is?

"But LORE" and "I hate the look of <INSERT RACE>" are pretty much the only reasons you'll get. I've never seen anything else that really deviates over all of the threads on this topic. People who basically, can't get past their own wants for the greater good of the game.

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People be like "I can't believe this game I enjoy and play completely for free, offers RL cash options to make things easier. Bastards!"

#65 Bloodrose

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 07:39 PM

Actually, addendum to my earlier statement:


Push forward with a Nexus Dominion uprising as the information leaks out that the Eldan were not as god-like as they purported to be. Cassus Dominion strikes back, and Nexus Dominion is forced to team up (reluctantly) with the Exiles. Lore problem fixed. Go forward with not intermingling of races, but UI removed restrictions. THIS is my ideal if I were the developer, and kind of what I've assumed y'all were going for anyways.

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#66 Doctor Galex

Doctor Galex
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Posted 16 March 2016 - 07:43 PM




So, I wanna talk briefly about this since this has been my biggest issue with Wildstar and I absolutely positively MUST talk about it.


So... MMORPGs have three basic frameworks...


  • The Mechanical Framework (the various rules, game models, and systems that make up the game)
  • The Narrative Framework (The lore, the story, and the general path of progression through the game)
  • The Social Framework (How players interact with one another.)

Everyone privliges one of these frameworks differently. Roleplayers privilige the Narrative Framework. Hardcore PVPers privilge the Mechanical. But all three of them are key for an MMO to function.


The issue is that these three frameworks place tension upon one another; putting a ton of emphasis on one will place tension on some of the others.


A lot of MMOs like to privilige Player vs. Player combat; the idea of two factions being in open world conflict is an interesting game model, so they work to try and facilitate it. In doing so, they modify the Narrative Framework (to create justification for why these factions want to kill each other) and the social framework (to limit the problems that arise when competing teams are in conflict.).


...Then the following things end up happening.


  • In order to justify conflict, the story places a heavy emphasis on dehumanizing the other faction so players won't kill guilty about killing them. In Wildstar, the Dominion is SUPER dehumanized while in the Exile Story, but the Exiles are barely dehumanized at all in the Dominion Story. This turns players off.
  • In order to make it easy for people to identify members of a given faction (and to provide insentive to go one way or another), races are made faction exclusive. This has a lot of subproblems.
    • Players who are drawn to different races may end up on opposite ends of the faction barrier, and be unable to play with one another (See: Me in every faction based MMO I've ever played).
    • Members of a given race are assumed to want to go along with the motivations of their group. There is no room for rebellion.
    • All conflict reads as racially charged, rather than ideologically charged. (The Dominion doesn't kill Granok because of their beliefs. The Dominion kills Granok because they're Granok.
  • The factional conflict becomes the status quo and must be maintained even when all logic says it shouldn't be. There are many uncomfortable situations where your player character is asked to kill opposite faction members for NO APPARENT REASON. Globellum is a big example. Why do I have to murder Exiles to complete it? 
  • One faction inevitably gets a larger population (either due to a popular race, or a perception that it's the 'good' faction. Exiles get a double whammy for this one. Combined with the fact that Exiles are also the more iconic of the two factions and the one with the seemingly more developed and sophisticated early game content.).
  • Members of various factions start getting WEIRDLY DEFENSIVE about their side, as the faction conflict starts bleeding into the OOC,
  • Populations are split. In situations where faction trade is blocked, people are reluctant to go to the other side because it means a loss of progress.
  • Open world PVP never actually turns out to be that popular. 

The result is that this one design choice (meant to enable a niche game model) ends up affecting the entire game in this toxic, unhealthy manner. 


Wildstar is probably the most pronounced example of this I've ever encountered, since the game treats the Dominion really weirdly. Sometimes they're the ambiguous lawful option. Other times they're the outright evil option. All of the races are designed to be dehumanized in someway (even the lormageddon artwork depicts them as being aggressive to the reader), and the majority of the game's marketing has gone toward the Exiles. If you play the Exile story, the Dominion are the omnipresent villains. If you play the Dominion story, Exiles... do a really bad thing in Hycrest and otherwise are not a threat.


Wildstar never should have had a faction system in the first place; or if one was so critical, it should have been purely ideological. The story would work SO MUCH BETTER with a sense of fluidity. Granok in Dominion Legions! Mercenary Chua not caring who they work for except when science is involved! Clunky rogue mechari maintained by Exiles! Mordesh that managed to escape the Contagion and are terrified of their decaying relatives. But the way the story is written now, every race has deep rooted reasons for never ever engaging with members of the opposite faction EVER. It would take some sort of mass revision of reality to get them to stop.


...I will say this, though. If Wildstar dropped the faction system I would very seriously consider actively playing again. The faction system (and the associated OOC conflcits it brought) were the #1 reason for my departure. 

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#67 Xathonn

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 07:43 PM

Actually, addendum to my earlier statement:


Push forward with a Nexus Dominion uprising as the information leaks out that the Eldan were not as god-like as they purported to be. Cassus Dominion strikes back, and Nexus Dominion is forced to team up (reluctantly) with the Exiles. Lore problem fixed. Go forward with not intermingling of races, but UI removed restrictions. THIS is my ideal if I were the developer, and kind of what I've assumed y'all were going for anyways.


Why not just have the Exiles surrender when they realize how futile it is since all the exiles are on nexus but the Dominion spans the entire galaxy?

#68 Peppercorn

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 07:56 PM

Reading the comments again, I feel I didn't come across forcefully enough.


I personally believe that removing the faction barrier is the single biggest thing Wildstar could do to enhance their experience for their existing players, attract old players back, and build a more self-sustained game. I personally know a good many people who left with this being a major reason why.


Lore wise, I'm sure there's a way to write it and I don't want us to get bogged down into the particulars of how to do it (That's Carbine's job!), but I think removing the barrier would be immensely beneficial on all fronts.

#69 Mayor DasMoose

Mayor DasMoose
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Posted 16 March 2016 - 08:01 PM

This would make for more content creation and more editing to already existing systems. I couldn't possibly imagine a world where they take away factions completely. They're always going to be there and always should. If any Faction dissolving is done I would doubt it would be anything other than system mechanics changes.

Threw in an edit to my post to make one thing clear, if it did happen. Didn't want to give the impression that I would quit if barriers were removed.

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#70 burningheavy

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 08:12 PM

1. The faction barrier needs dropped and I can see it happening from a lore perspective in 2 different ways: 1. ESO dropped the barrier by basically saying  "just because I'm an Orc doesn't mean I belong to the Ebonheart Pact" etc etc. I think this is the weaker way of doing it, especially with how this game works. Number 2 is how Rift did it. The planar invasions are a big enough threat for them to stop bickering and to start working together. I think this would work from a PvE standpoint brilliantly, and the way you could make it work for BG's is by saying this takes place earlier in the games timeline. For open world pvp, either get rid of it (which would be a serious shame) or keep it going with exile/dommie faction thing and just say because video game when asked why we are fighting. Since the majority of this game is PvE focused, making incredibly long PvE queus for the sake of a tiny fraction of the community seems foolish. the ONLY reason to keep it is for PvP. Keep it for pvp, but get rid of it in PvE because the entity is a big enough threat to the universe that you put your petty differences asside. Early game you still have the dommie vs. exile story because we don't know about the entity yet, but as we go into higher level zones and the entity is revealed, we can start having cooperation. I like to compare it to The US and USSR in WWII. They weren't exactly friends, but Hitler was the greater evil and they fought together to overcome it. In addition to these reasons, I want to raid on my draken... Plus draken are awesome, but dommies suck so it hurts to play as my draken and be a dommy...


2. I don't think there is any convincing reason to keep it outside of PvP. We can keep it for BG queus and for open world PvP so PvP players can still enjoy that aspect, but for PvE it simply doesn't make sense. We are already working together for world bosses and LIghtspire and accidently forgetting to turn off PvP flags can be a serious pain during these fights. I think at the end of the day, if PvP has to suffer a little for PvE to thrive I Think it needs done. This isn't a PvP focused game, even tho PvP is fun. We can keep the story early game (you know, pre "truce") and still keep the queus short and have more people to play with.


3. I've discussed how I'd implement this if I was a dev.


4. I've discussed how I would implement Flagging.

#71 Kichwas

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 08:10 PM

Hey all!


One of the things that we have always appreciated about the WildStar community is your passion for the game. And specifically on the forums there’s a ton of insightful feedback on many different aspects of the game. Reading through them gave us an idea to better improve our ability to effectively communicate. To do that we’re going to start a new initiative called DevConnect—an ongoing series that captures all of your thoughts and feedback on certain subjects in one place.

  • What are your thoughts on dropping the faction barrier? And why?
  • What are your thoughts on keeping the faction barrier? And why?
  • If you were a developer for a day, what would your vision for what faction barriers be?
  • How should PvP flags factor into faction barriers, if at all?





Mixed feelings on dropping it. Lore wise I cannot figure out a reason to do it that I like, unless we pretend the Exiles, Dominion, and all neutral NPCs on the planet are cut off from the galaxy and the Entity suddenly becomes an immediately pressing thing above and beyond all politics the factions are mired in. But we know from real life that even as our existence as a species is threatened by major issues - we fail to come together. From the cold war atomic threat to climate change - we prefer fiddling with Nero as Rome burns over getting a bucket of water...


But I think that for the health of the game, it needs to be dropped in order to bring populations up.



How would I do faction barriers "post drop"?


I think in the open world leveling experience - leave them there. PvP flagging would work normally. My only reason for saying this is that the leveling experience feels "locked in time". It is the "past" it seems. If it were moved forward in time, I'd drop the barrier here, but some of the the zones would need new quests. I might even say... drop it from whitevale on forward - midway through that zone people on both factions are doing the same quests. Drop it there.


In the end game zones, leave them there EXCEPT for around world bosses, where a new set of NPCs replace some existing ones (or dialog is just changed) to reflect a "we've brokered a truce to deal with Big Guy #7 over there, group up with those nasty Exiles/Dominion over there, deal with the big guy, and then we can get back to some real head-busting again".

- PvP flags would be ignored around World Bosses.


In all instanced PvE content, drop the barrier. PvP flags would be BOTH ignored and not detectable in them.

In guild formation, drop the barrier. PvP flags would be ignored between guild mates unless they checked an additional toggle, which would "UNFLAG" them for non-guildies (ie: you could be PvP flagged against the world, or against your mates, but not against both - and the switching between these options would have a 24-hour cooldown, to prevent people using this as a griefing trick).


In instanced PvP: keep the barrier - but have a temp system that drops it to balance queues. So if you have 20 Exile and 5 Dominion in the PvP queue, after the Exile fills up enough for a match, the next 'X' number of exile are "morphed" into a random Dominion race and tossed onto the other side for the match. And vice versa. With a button people can check to "never flip sides" and another to "always volunteer to flip sides if needed" - one to block a person from being forced to flip, the other moves that person to the top of the waiting queue as they are willing to play any side that is open.


Give people some kind of "taking one for the team" bonus if they enter a PvE or PvP instance queue and end up having members of their faction being less than 20% of the people that pop for that group. So... you enter for a dungeon, and 4 people that show up are Dominion, and one is Exile - That Exile player gets a "taking one for the team" bonus on instance completion.

- Let people see that this bonus is available for them when they queue.


In a future zone, create a lore reason for the factions to do that entire zone as a joint mission.

- See how it gets received by the player base and make decisions around that going forward.

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#72 Doctor Galex

Doctor Galex
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Posted 16 March 2016 - 08:16 PM

Here are some models that I think may work for this:



Enemy Mine: The threat of the Entity forces the Dominion and Exiles to relax restrictions on cooperation, while still being at war. This is essentially the City of Heroes model, and would allow room for backstabbing and varying levels of co-operation. Probably easiest to implement.


Going Rogue: The OTHER City of Heroes model. A series of events leads to races previously exclusive to one faction having members that join another. If code allows (which it probably doesn't), allowing players to make the same choice would also be interesting. 


The Collapse: The previously held institutions of "Exile" and "Dominion" cease to be due to some massive shakeup, forcing the survivors to consolidate into a third faction that becomes the driving force for the game. In this case, the Exiles and the Dominion are retained as artifacts for the starter zones, but a new story instance is introduced which establishes the new (tense!) status quo. This story instance would occur early on for new players, but could be played at any level (much like Alpha Sanctum) allowing The Collapse to be an event experienced by existing characters. Probably one of the more narratively interesting options, as it raises the stakes for both sides. Potential examples of such a Collapse could include Strain attacks on both factions, a cutting off of Nexus from the Dominion, a discovery which destroys the status Quo, House Chaul taking over Cassus and trying to Death Star the planet... 


It would, however, require massive revision of pretty much the entire world, making it less attractive.


Drusera Did It: Literally just retcon the game. Probably the least satisfying option, but it could worl.

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#73 burningheavy

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 08:14 PM

I want to post another thing about the faction business. I think Carbine screwed up making the two factions in the first place. All races should've been exiles and the dominion could've been setup as amazing antagonists for the early game, replaced by the entity for end game. Instead, we have a fragmented community. I want more people to play with, not fewer. We have a lore reason to have a cease fire (not a truce, a cease fire) in the entity. Lets do it!

#74 Eie

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 08:21 PM

What are your thoughts on dropping the faction barrier? And why?


Dropping the faction barrier would be a step in the right direction for this game, if not one of the best developments for the game as of late. As of right now, the factions serve only to divide the current community and be a detriment to the experience Wildstar offers. Getting rid of the faction barrier would increase the number of people we can play the game with, and with Wildstar being an MMO - that is a good thing.


If you were a developer for a day, what would your vision for what faction barriers be?

1. Cross-faction chat. All the global chat channels are now universal to every player regardless of faction. Chat in /say or /e is no longer translated to gibberish.

2. Cross-faction housing. Players can visit the houses of people of the other faction. Add an option for the skyplot owner to disable visits from the other faction if they wish.

3. Cross-faction grouping for dungeons/raids.


How should PvP flags factor into faction barriers, if at all?

If a player chooses to flag themselves for PvP, they can be attacked by people of the opposing faction - regardless if they are in a group/raid together or not.

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#75 Foul Wind

Foul Wind
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Posted 16 March 2016 - 08:22 PM

i think it is clear that dividing up the player base is only hurting aspects of game play instead of benefiting them.  i say remove the barriers as far as group for pve content goes, raids and all.  guilds should be able to recruit both if they choose.  keep capital cities separated. mail, language, trade, etc barriers gone.  keep factions for pvp only, but only if it does not impact queue times.  open world flagging is where factions should exist still.  


the only pro to keeping factions is the lore. and i am not playing the game for this aspect nor give any thought to it at all really.  but it is important to others.  it does negatively impact many more players than it helps.

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#76 HappyArkevox

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 08:27 PM

  • What are your thoughts on dropping the faction barrier? And why?


I would absolutely 100% want this to happen, I would go so far as to say I need this to happen to be interested further in Wildstar. I've never liked the faction barrier and given the lower population on both sides I have never liked having to switch between sides, level up a new character, and account friend people just to be able to keep talking with them. For other faction games it may work better but for Wildstar I don't see it as a viable mechanic. My opinion is a bit biased though given I've never liked two side factions like this before, especially when they're so entirely segregated from each other. It's like halving your game and allowing little to no communication between the two when it's necessary even for world bosses. In the roleplaying community, we're entirely cut off from the other half of WSRP, to the point two different ideas of roleplaying has diverged. It's become to the point neither side even seems to wish to interact at all, which further destroys the purpose of the conflict that is trying to be created.


  • What are your thoughts on keeping the faction barrier? And why?

The biggest reason I can think of would be the sudden change it lore would be dramatic. Something large enough needs to happen to account for suddenly the barrier disappearing. Given what we know about the Dominion and the Exiles the divide is massive, but I think with the future patches being developed like the new Redmoon raid a change in the lore is definitely possible. It might be something happens to the Dominion that handicaps their development, or perhaps change the barrier into a Cold War scenario. 


As it stands though, I don't see lore as a big enough issue to warrant getting rid of the barrier. It needs to change for the sake of making content more enjoyable, and pvp more capable. 


  • If you were a developer for a day, what would your vision for what faction barriers be?


For a day, I would try to implement a Cold War Scenario. Allow the two sides to communicate, possibly allow an option for both factions to queue for dungeons but leave adventures for faction use. PvP could become a mix of either side. This would likely cause a stir among the community, but this needs to happen. As it stands the community is too small on both sides to find proper groups, to do warplots, or in some cases raids. This all needs to adhere to the lore of the game though, so for this all to happen the writers for Wildstar need to think what could work enough that for brief moments both sides cease their conflict for a greater danger. They hadn't done it with the Strain, but perhaps something on Nexus changes big enough to rethink a cease fire to fight the Strain. Not only would the change be helpful for mechanics, but it make the Wildstar story appear more organic. 


For an entire year the Wildstar universe has been static. New areas open up and new content is made but in the major story of the planet, nothing at all has developed beyond Drusera's need for aid and getting through Datascape to acquire knowledge about the Eldan. For RPers it feels like a standstill, and a revitalizing change as big as a faction barrier dissolving would bring me back to the game entirely. 


The ability to visit plots cross faction alone would be enough to catch my attention, in fact if the barrier entirely went down today. I would resubscribe and be online every single day to revitalize my character, connect with people on both sides, and run content knowing I'll be meeting new people that I didn't know have been playing as long as I have. And I know for a fact this would bring back a lot of people who have left Wildstar for various reasons.


  • How should PvP flags factor into faction barriers, if at all?

At the moment we have the ability of open world pvp and instanced pvp. I don't think either needs to change much. if it were a cold war scenario then flagging yourself would earn you prestige and allow for being attacked. Just allow the ability to talk to one another, and make it more clear whether someone is marked for pvp or not. Perhaps even set a certain costume to be 'pvp marked'. Once someone puts on that costume, they become flagged, and taking it off after a set cooldown would unflag them. 


Instanced pvp, Walatiki and Bloodsworn have very little barring to the actual outer conflict as I see it. There would be no issue there in allowing factions to intermingle and simply become red side versus blue side. We're already a step there by allowing sides to fight their own people, why not make it a step further so that pvp works again.


Warplots would be more difficult as it does effect the larger conflict and is a part of lore. For this alone I'd keep the factions clear, but allow for a separate bigger channel where both sides can speak to each other so that raids can actually be set up with greater ease than going to whispers or having to use third party programs.

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#77 Naunet

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 08:28 PM

The first topic that we’d like us all to discuss is faction barrier.


Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh


This thread fills me with so much hope!


Dropping the faction barrier

- Yes

- Do it

- In as many ways as physically possible.

- Cross-faction dungeons/adventures/shiphands

- Cross-faction battlegrounds

- Cross-faction raids

- CROSS-FACTION HOUSING (literally my biggest number one wish you have no idea; the roleplay community would love you FOREVER)

- Cross-faction mailing (may as well, as the AH/CX are already for both factions)

- Dare I say it... cross-faction CIRCLES

- Doing all or most of this would dramatically increase recruitment pools for running content. Sure it won't necessarily help with dps queue vs tank/healer queue, but more people to do things with is always better than less people to do things with.

- This also makes other-faction alts significantly more appealing. Currently I have to isolate myself from my friend group if I want to play Dominion-side. The result? I rarely play my Dominion character, which is a shame. Unlocking mail and Circles - on top of being able to form groups with the opposite faction to run instanced content - would open up a whole new world for potential characters to play.


Keeping the faction barrier:

- I really don't think you should.

- Why?  Because none of the positive things I mentioned above would happen.

- Some folk are concerned with lore. As a roleplayer, I understand that instinct; however, I think we need a healthy dose of gameplay-story segregation in this situation.

- What's more, there's very little lore that completely negates the possibility of Exiles and Dominion interacting/communicating with each other. Others in this thread have described the numerous instances in-game where NPCs of both factions interact without killing each other.


Dev-for-a-day dream about faction barriers:

- Factions would be present and meaningful in the story

- However, they would not consume the game in such a way that arbitrary limits are placed on player activities.

- Exiles and Dominion can work together to kill big bads, so shiphands, adventures, dungeons, and raids would all be cross-faction.

- Housing plots are provided by Protostar - a neutral group - and there's really no reason a Dominion or Exile character would be incapable of visiting one or the other's. WHAT'S MORE, the vast majority of roleplayers actually don't treat their housing plots as Protostar skyplots at all. Instead, we turn them into ships, or representations of locations that are supposed to be on Nexus's surface. Thus it makes even less sense - and is very disruptive to roleplay - when the opposite faction cannot access these areas for roleplay purposes. So, cross-faction housing!

- We all understand each other. I would bake Killroy into the base game.

- As the AH and CX are already cross-faction, we should be able to mail across faction as well. Yay for alts. No reason a Dommie couldn't secretly send a package drop to an Exile anyway.


PvP flags:

- PvP flags should function as they currently do in the open world. If you're flagged, you can be killed by the opposite faction.

- PvP flags should be automatically disabled upon entering an instance. This means no PKing the Dominion you're running vet Skullcano with.

- Battleground flags would function the same as they do currently.

- In housing, flagging could either function identical to the open world (i.e. if you're flagged, you can be attacked), or disabled like in instances. I think most people would prefer the former, however.

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#78 Peppercorn

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 08:32 PM

Also - If you've been reading this thread and not contributing, please do! This is our chance to hopefully tear down this wall, we need all of you posting in here to do what we can!

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 08:32 PM

I love that having two factions creates two sides of a story. However, even just letting people talk to eachother would make the place seem more populated.


My logic is, can the NPCs talk to eachother? Yes, we've seen different faction NPCs talk to eachother, and we've talked to NPCs of the other faction ourselves.

So we SHOULD be able to talk to other players. It just fits the story.

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 08:39 PM

What are your thoughts on dropping the faction barrier? and why?

Keep the faction barrier in the lore. Do not try to merge the factions in the lore because it is highly unlikely you will come up with something that feels natural and not contrived. If you attempt this you will likely hurt your RP community. The main reason for removing the various barriers is to reduce queue times and increase the number of players that are available to interact with in the game. Keep that as your focus and don't forget it. 


What are your thoughts on keeping the faction barrier? and why?

As a player I choose my faction based on the lore and aesthetic preference. This is the purpose of the factions. You get to tell two sides of one story. Factions can also create a sense of competition PvP. So you should decide that is what the factions are for and they shouldn't overreach beyond that. That means factions should not interfere with chat, guilds, instancing, raiding, etc. 


If you were a developer for a day what would your vision for faction barriers be?

- I would drop all chat, instance, guild, housing, and raid faction barriers to reduce queue times.

- The lore would stay largely the same.

- A third city should be introduced which can become the main hub for mingling between factions. I would make it a protostar themed hub because those green guys have so much personality. This will provide a space for players to meet and interact with eachother.

For RPers there should still be a way to speak in a faction-only dialect, but the default should be everyone understands everybody else.


How should PvP flags factor into faction barriers, if at all?

- World PvP should remain faction vs. faction. It would feel unnatural to have a player on your same side ambush you. 

- Battleground PvP should have the faction barrier dropped. There just isn't much reason for it and it would reduce queue times.

- A special world PvP zone can be added as a gathering place for those interested in it. It can have quest lines and activities that enhance the experience and try to reduce the effects of the population difference between the factions.

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