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DevConnect: Faction Barrier

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#41 Cherrymuffin

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:55 PM

  • What are your thoughts on dropping the faction barrier? And why?


I really would not like to see the faction barrier dropped, please no. I think it would really mess with the lore and that devotion for one's own ethnos. For the Dominion!!! :D  


The one thing I would love to see, instead of dropping factions, is to do cross-faction dungeons/expeditions/pvp, etc etc. This could help with queue pops and gives each other a chance to work together for a common goal, if brief, before going back to shaking our fists at each other.


Just my $.02.

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#42 Pesterchum

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:58 PM

Read some of the other posts here in favour of faction barriers.


So just 'lore' then?

#43 BigDamnHeroes

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:58 PM

Reposting this here, where it belongs..



First.. I need to state that I firmly believe the "faction imbalance" is no where near as Loppsided (HA!) as some folks do.. My guess is that the factions are sitting at 60% Exile, 40% Dominion scum.  Because I don't think the imbalance is a big issue.. the 'main' argument I see for removing the faction barrier ("faster queues") doesn't justify dropping the barrier, in my opinion.

PvE - Keeping the faction barrier presents the opportunity to tell more than one story..which also covers another frequent request of players - Alt friendliness, and reasons to play alts.  If there was a unique Dominion story added (and, we all know that most of the zones across Nexus have the same basic story between the two factions), I'd be inclined to play a Dominion alt.  Even if the content comes in an expansion as an escalation of the conflict between the noble Exiles and the Dominion scum...maybe escalating conflict over who gets to control whatever the Caretaker is looking for in Arcterra??


PvP - With the merger of the PvE/PvP servers, having the faction barrier encourages people to turn on that PvP flag..and queue for BGs/Warplots.  If the state of the world encourages faction tension (you know, as payback for those Dominion scum torching Arboria).. people are more likely to at least try PvP.  Right now.. PvP is such a low priority.. that I've seen Dominion players flagged for PvP..and just dancing around Thayd... I may stink at PvP.. but I'd prefer not to see that.  Maybe add some PvP objectives to the Capital cities, to encourage PvP if the other faction's players show up.. something like in WoW where players will raid the other faction cities to kill the leaders.  Ultimately, if people don't want to PvP (especially open world) a faction barrier (or none) won't change that.  Keeping the barrier at least provides a reason for the PvP.. if we're one big dysfunctional family.. why PvP against the folks on "our side"?


Housing - Okay.. I admit.. this is one area where ignoring the faction barrier wouldn't be bad.. it'd be neat to be able to flip through Dominion houses, especially for the Holiday Events that have quests requiring you to visit housing.  Maybe make Housing instances a "sanctuary" zone, like the quest hub in Arcterra?

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#44 Mayor DasMoose

Mayor DasMoose
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Posted 16 March 2016 - 06:08 PM

Well, assuming you mean dropping factions all together, then these are my points. If you mean keeping two factions and lifting race restrictions on factions, then that's another thing all together and will involve me making an Exile Chua.


  • What are your thoughts on keeping the faction barrier? And why? : I feel the Faction barrier presents a better story. I like the struggle of two opposing groups that are forced to work together, but as soon as that bigger threat is not present they go right back to old feuds. Otherwise, the story would just feel so.... empty. What was the point of the Exile's breaking off from the Dominion? It would all just feel so pointless. So I'm against it for the story.
    How forgiving are the Aurin suppose to be to Chua, really?

    That's not to say faction barrier's shouldn't be lifted in other areas though. WHICH IS MY AMAZING SEGUE TO.... 
  • If you were a developer for a day, what would your vision for what faction barriers be? : Dropping the language barrier. Let's be real here, it's on record, and still is fine, that there are addons that let us bypass the language barrier. So why have it? Cassian's and Exile's didn't' develop new languages. NPC's talk to each other fine. My vision? Let go of a useless mechanic that people can bypass with a simple download and, as well, doesn't even make sense in game.

    I would also lift the HOUSING faction barrier. Or at least give players the option to have this. (I'd also go on a rant about how there's still no ability to kick unwanted players off your lot.... but that's another rant all together.)
  • How should PvP flags factor into faction barriers, if at all? If it's red it's dead. Maybe for PvP chose a side? Races be damned.

Edit: I feel a need to add this in. Would I quit if all barriers were removed? Absolutely not. I have complete faith in the lore team that however it DID happen, it would be great. I mean come... Wildstar lore.... it's good stuff, cupcake's. I just always prefer the two faction system.


I've no doubt, no matter what happens with faction barriers, the game will still be 100% my favorite MMO out there right now. #Teampappy

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#45 Piña Coladas

Piña Coladas
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Posted 16 March 2016 - 06:12 PM

I actually think dropping the faction barrier could allow for some really juicy stories, without compromising the Lore.  

That said, even the Strain hasn't forced cooperation out of the Dominion and Exiles yet. So what terrible, confidence-shattering event can you unleash on them to get a truce? It would have to be truly awful. I'm excited just thinking about it. 

And hey, even allies don't have to be totally friendly. It can be like a cold war of sorts? 




I'm getting a little too into this. Sorry.

#46 Perinken

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 06:13 PM

Dropping the barrier between factions is a great success . There will be more players to do dungeons or raids. A common enemy may be the excuse for this union.
A PvP level there would be many more players in the battlegrounds , but even you can create clan wars , which would give life to PvP players. When a clan declares war on another , the pvp flags are activated against the enemy clan.

#47 Tex Arcana

Tex Arcana
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Posted 16 March 2016 - 06:16 PM

Obligatory Pink Floyd graphic incoming:




Lots of great ideas so far - and I didn't even read them all! Just going to throw my two cents in with everyone else's, in no particular order.


1. I love the *idea* of faction way more than the actual implementation. As a Lore person, I would want/ask for even a short mission/event that would explain this sudden diminished hostility. I don't care if you make it a one-time deal or a new, static instance - whatever - but SOMETHING. Now, this doesn't have to come right away. A gradual introduction of features (like Housing merge, Account Mail) until the ultimate unlocks of cross-faction guilds and perhaps even shared cities.


2. Yes to Housing merge, but double yes to allow people to choose "Faction Lock" for their plots. It's a personal choice and one we should try and respect.


3. Account unlocked mail. Holy crap. Yes, please.


4. I am truly torn on the guild issue. I mean, again, I have no PERSONAL issue with cross-faction guilds - but I would recommend (again) allowing individual guilds to decide for themselves if they want cross-faction membership or not.


5. Tear down the Faction Chat barrier. Make Trade/Advice capital-wide, only with both Factions. Have a little tag or even a color-variation to denote faction. Allow folks to opt-out of cross-faction chat.


6. PVP Chat becomes obsolete in the face of so many inter-faction communications. I say disable all chat features inside BGs/Arenas/Warplots *except* for guild and PVPTeam chat.


7. Personally - and this is just me - I would keep the capitals closed, but turn the out-in-the-world Faction NPCs (including town and settlement guards) so they only attack if actually damaged. 


8. Shared Path Missions! Shared PVE Queues! Woooooo!


Anyways, that's just off the top of my head and likely mostly repeated stuff by now. 


Appreciate the chance to give input and looking forward to seeing what you guys do! 

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#48 Muffinsforever

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 06:18 PM

Dropping the barrier for group content would be quite viable in my opinion; I dislike using comparisons to WoW, but it could be like those instance where your character gets changed with an illusion to look like someone who's supposed to be there or something like that. PvP wise it works as well, since you are kinda a freelancer in many respects so a mixed team wouldn't be too foreign an idea...


Also for like all except the capitol adventures, the simulations are run by CoGs so cross faction would make sense as they are cross faction as well. Actually I'd love to work with them more, heck you could make cross-factional content and things based around THEM now that I think about it... I can dream of things like a shared capitol city... Sigh...


Being able to talk to each other and work together more would also help a lot I feel.


But lore wise... breaking down the barrier between the factions for things other than grudgingly working together... that would take some doing... the paraphrased quote "Enjoyed turning [Arboria] into a parking lot" comes to mind.

#49 Maiya Lockhart

Maiya Lockhart
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Posted 16 March 2016 - 06:24 PM

  • What are your thoughts on dropping the faction barrier? And why?

I'm fairly new to Wildstar.  From what I have seen so far, I'd be in favor of removing the faction barrier. It might be awkward from a lore standpoint, but that could be worked around, and frankly, the bigger issue is that there doesn't seem to be enough players to support having the player base divided right now.  When I wanted to check out the game, I created a character for both factions to look around, and get a feel for the game.  I stuck with Exile, because the Dominion seemed like a ghost town every time I logged in. I suspect this might end up as one faction anyway, whether intentional or not.  


  • What are your thoughts on keeping the faction barrier? And why?

Perhaps let people have the option of only dealing with one faction if it means that much to them.  


  • How should PvP flags factor into faction barriers, if at all?

Allow for PvP flagging, and battlegrounds, or however it is done in WS. I haven't PvPed in this game yet.  Or maybe just turn it into a free-for-all. If you are flagged, you're flagged, and it doesn't matter who you are.

  • If you were a developer for a day, what would your vision for what faction barriers be?

Give them integrated chat channels, housing plots, guilds, circles, and the ability to queue for group content together.  Again, probably allow some sort of toggle option for those who didn't care for the idea.  

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#50 Frakkle

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 06:35 PM

For queuing into instanced PvE content, I could agree to lowering the faction barrier.
For anything else, I would be very firmly against it.
The very foundation of the Wildstar story is based on the Exile/Dominion conflict.  If this conflict were erased and the factions were permitted to just hang out together, none of the build-up through the game would make sense.  PvP flagging, also, would no longer make sense if you attempted to assert that the factions were somehow neutral or cool with one another.
However, I would have no objection to instanced PvE stuff allowing mixed factions.  It would have a positive impact on queue times, and I don't really consider the group compositions inside instances to be as important as the delineation of factions out in the open world.  Additionally, since it /is/ instanced, it would not be contradictory to the way PvP flagging works today.
Simply put, allowing for this particular exception would have the most positive impact on the game experience and cost (in my opinion) the least effort to implement.  No actual content would need to be revised or produced to 'excuse' the factions hanging out together.

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#51 CheetosMascot TM

CheetosMascot TM
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Posted 16 March 2016 - 06:37 PM

  • What are your thoughts on dropping the faction barrier? And why?
This is 2016 and of the dinosaur-mechanics of MMOs this would be fantastic one to axe for this community. It is a two sided coin and that is all the Dev's will really need to debate.

Argument on one side of the coin: The lore is the factions at war with each other.
Argument on the other side of the coin: the games current and future population will benefit insanely from this.

In all instanced content this faction barrier serves the minority and punishes the majority. Specifically for instanced content, factions should be able to queue with each other. It should be a mixed bag of all available players. The factions are still at war with each other. The perspective is defeating a common enemy ONLY in instanced content. This has been discussion in this community since beta+ (40 man Raiding and 40 man Warplots recruitment would have been a joke by comparison of what it was).
  • What are your thoughts on keeping the faction barrier? And why?
Keeping the faction barrier has spoken for itself. It's been in this game since beta now and the results have shown in quarterly reports (Sore point for all of us, I know). It's a sacrifice of guilds ability to recruit and the queues ability to fill at all stages of the game. Low level players are an extreme example of importance, where this game has struggled to captivate them prior. Mostly because their experiences were limited to questing, dungeons/PVP/Shiphands/Adventures were excluded from them as time went on. High level players are another important example.
  • If you were a developer for a day, what would your vision for what faction barriers be?
I can't think of anything differing from the fact that all instanced content would be devoid of faction barriers, requiring only that players be in queue.
  • How should PvP flags factor into faction barriers, if at all?
They should still work via faction vs faction PVP, they are still at war. Open world PVP should still exist on a faction vs faction basis. It's much easier to justify it for instanced content.

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#52 ROG Psyonix

ROG Psyonix
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Posted 16 March 2016 - 06:44 PM

TLDR; Allow cross faction grouping and queuing, cross faction housing, and add a new capital city in a neutral area to get them face to face on a regular basis. Faction v faction pvp flagging (with the exception of parties) and faction capital cities will remain unchanged.


Personally, I think the faction barrier should be dropped to some degree. At this point, it is mostly just splitting the population into two halves that can't really see each other at all. Lore wise, the story has been very focused on making the entity and strain the main enemy, so the factions cooperating to take them down could work. As to how this could or should be implemented, that would be a bit more difficult.


One of the main things keeping the factions separate at the moment is the geography and convenience of the capital cities. Let me explain. Everything that a player needs on a regular basis is in their own capital city, everything from auction houses, to crafting tables, contract boards, vendors, and more. Not only that, but for many of those things, the only place to access them is in the capital, causing the players to just bunch up in their faction zones on the literal opposite ends of the world. How can we fix that? Well, we can add a new capital level city with everything a player needs (crafting, ah, cx, contracts, pvp vendors, raid vendors, world teleporters, faction specific teleporters to the existing capital cities, etc) on one of the two neutral continents, either Isigrol (more likely option) or Farside (more fun option). This is starting to veer more into hypothetical territory, but these are just my ideas. The city itself should be home to one of the neutral factions such as Protostar or lopp. Flagging will still work in the city like it will in open world and the guards are normally friendly/green towards players. However, dealing direct damage to another player will aggro the guards. (so a player who is standing next to a guard and gets attacked without fighting back, will not be hit by said guard, and you would need to actively use an ability on your LAS to deal damage to get attacked) with the exception of duels (no guard aggro).The currently existing faction capital cities such as Thayd or Illium will still function as they are now with guards attacking the opposite faction on sight. In terms of guard coverage, patch up some of the holes in Illium to be more similar to Thayd in coverage, while the new city would be roughly the same coverage that Illium has now.


As for player to player relations, disable alien chat and allow players to do some basic social and grouping things such as partying up, dueling, and maybe circles (guild may be a bit much, as having the ability to freely attack guild mates may cause more headaches than needed). As for flagging up in a party, things will act normally from player to player, but disable damage and enable healing between party mates, but also be able to damage players who attack party members. For example, an aurin slinger and a draken warrior party up, they are both pvp flagged. They cannot damage each other, but the aurin can heal the draken as a friendly party member. A pvp flagged granok runs up, he is still friendly to the aurin, but is enemy to the draken. The granok attacks the draken, the aurin now sees the granok go from friendly/green to neutral/yellow, the granok still sees the aurin as friendly. This gives the aurin the option to save their draken friend by attacking the granok, going to hostile/red, however, does not give the granok the option to just throw something at the draken if they want to grief the aurin, even as a fellow faction member. Lastly, link the housing networks so player can visit whatever plot they want. This was in discussion a while back with pretty positive opinions on it.


Last thing I want to talk about is instances. It is pretty simple here, allow random queues to put members from both factions into the same team or party, however, give a checkbox option for "match me up with my own faction", similar to the old button to match players up with members of their own realm. Parties and raid groups will function exactly as they are now, with members of the same party being put onto a team in bg's, be put into the same dungeon or adventure, or be able to walk into the same raid id.


This is personally what I think would be the best scenario and it might be overwhelming if tried to do all at once, but it still maintains some of the rivalry between the two factions while simultaneously giving players more face to face interaction with the other faction and the option to do more activities together. I personally think that making a neutral capital would do the most to bring the groups together, even if it may be what takes the most work to put together.

#53 Vosyem

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 06:47 PM

I would vote for you folks at Carbine to make the simplest possible changes in the least invasive way, catering to the crowd most likely to benefit from reduced faction barrier.


Ideally this would mean implementing cross-faction housing as a 'first wave' approach. Lore-wise it's grounded in Protostar and begins with a short quest that unlocks cross-faction status, thus allowing players to select whether or not they want to participate. This should hopefully require little effort from you, is player-centric, and caters to builders and RPers as test subjects.


If that goes well and there isn't significant outcry, and you're able to test to see how many people actually participate (by completing the quest), you can implement the second wave, which would be cross-faction PVE instances for expeditions, adventures, and dungeons. This would simply be another quest, possibly again using Protostar as the lore anchor, and would let players select a cross-faction option when queueing. Coincide this with a multi-queue release and a special bag of rewards per clear, to incentivize participation.


Now comes the big controversial part, which would only be released if the second wave proved successful: third wave would be a cross-faction raid queue. I'll offer two options for implementation, the first being a slightly reduced difficulty, the second being the same difficulty with built-in boss mechanic explanations via storyboard graphics (similar to you-know-who's dungeon journal). Either way you could add an incentive from Protostar, or whichever group becomes the third party faction to these changes. It could be a bag of goodies but I would actually go one step further and encourage you to make it a rep-based group that offers a plethora of rewards and a reason to continue running this content weekly.


In all of these cases, PVP should be automatically unflagged upon entry of the instance and prevented for the duration. I see no reason to complicate any of these situations or take up your time recoding a flag system.


I would minimize lore advertisement/development for these changes and focus on selling them as gameplay QOL benefits, rather than being dramatic alterations to your storyline. It's possible to work with the idea of reluctant allies who are only doing this because they think that, in the end, it'll help their faction achieve dominance.This would hopefully minimize negative feedback and allow your writers the room they need to continue developing the faction conflict, if such a direction is desired. Arcterra seems like a good platform to justify any changes made, since the factions have effectively become neighbours (and you've got a couple of scientists chatting on the border).




Just wanted to jump in and agree with the parts EsperXIV has mentioned here, it seems the safest bet to my mind as far as community acceptance and staged implementation is concerned, allowing for quicker wins in terms of internal development time and QOL improvements for the community.  It would ease the transition, help with explaining the process to current and new players alike and also prevent negating the existing storylines thus invalidating many hours of work that has already been spent previously.


As far as rewards go, you could bake the cross faction into the multi-queue system at a later point bringing everything to the same level or alternatively offer multi-queue / cross faction rewards similarly to how selecting 'random' currently works.  I would personally lean towards improving the existing 'random' rewards and baking the functionality into the system as otherwise you will end up with 3 or more toggles to pick whenever you want to perform group content which would be overly complex for people imo.


Regardless, this idea or an implementation similar could only improve the player's experience.  I am very happy to see this new DevConnect initiative and I look forward to future ones.


On a personal note: I would rather enjoy seeing a retrospective on these topics at some point, with feedback from the Carbine Team on what ideas they took and tested, what worked and what didn't and what eventually got released to production.  Obviously time is better spent on other things at this point in the games life but it would be interesting to have a glimpse into the rest of the process at some stage :)


- Vos

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#54 Azuryon88

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 06:49 PM


Well, assuming you mean dropping factions all together, then these are my points. If you mean keeping two factions and lifting race restrictions on factions, then that's another thing all together and will involve me making an Exile Chua.


This would make for more content creation and more editing to already existing systems. I couldn't possibly imagine a world where they take away factions completely. They're always going to be there and always should. If any Faction dissolving is done I would doubt it would be anything other than system mechanics changes.

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#55 SlackTech

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 06:53 PM

Firstly, thank you for increasing the level of communication from devs to players - it is appreciated!!


What are your thoughts on dropping the faction barrier? And why?


As a PvE person, I don't feel a need for keeping the status quo as it doesn't effect my game experience to do world boss kills and events such as GotG with Exiles.  I'm really not that into the lore of the game, either, so this is another reason that I don't feel passionately about it.


However, from a 'increasing population come Steam launch' PoV, I am firmly for dropping it for housing (anything Protostar related, actually) and instanced content where it is currently the same or similar (e.g. ship/expeditions, dungeons, etc).  It would allow queues to pop much faster for those of us on Dominion characters.


As others have said, inter-faction communication should be enabled without the need for addons or other third party solutions.  I do not believe it's necessary to 'lock out' the other faction, particularly with content that both can access at the same time (e.g. GotG).


What are your thoughts on keeping the faction barrier? And why?


Please, don't.  At least for those areas I've mentioned above.  It will continue to disadvantage those that wish to play Dominion characters, which will means that more people play 'the good guys' (I'm not going to get into that tangent here) and the faction imbalance will worsen.  None of this really matters, except for the purposes of PvP, if housing, instances and communication is made cross-faction.


If you were a developer for a day, what would your vision for what faction barriers be?


As above.  Only important for faction specific content, or PvP.  The zones should still be separate in the low levels, but, as is the case presently, they combine into joint zones at a point in the levelling process.


How should PvP flags factor into faction barriers, if at all?


I confess to not caring about PvP in the slightest, but surely all the PvP flag should effect is open-world PvP (or am I missing something here?).  I would hate to see that a character having a PvP flag on would block that character from instances and other content if faction barriers were relaxed.

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#56 Cercie

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 06:54 PM

Personally, I think you could drop faction specific things and still have conflict. I mean, there are plenty of people in the world I dislike, yet we all manage to live together on this Earth (more or less). 


I think TSW handled it quite nicely. They have 3 factions all trying for dominance in the world. However, they also know they have to work together, to an extent, against a bigger evil (in TSW, it's the Filth. In WS, it's the Strain). That doesn't mean there isn't some level of backhandedness and deceit that goes on - just that it's not quite so obvious. I can assure you they don't particularly like each other, and they have all done some fairly awful things. Much like WS, the factions are far more shades of grey than good/evil. 


I'd like to see restrictions dropped on instanced content as well as on chat and guild joining. It can be up to each guild to be cross faction or not (same for housing plots. Option for cross-faction or not). For PVP, I'm a fan of PVP zones that you go into for PVPing (think the Moors in LOTRo or I forget the name of the place in TSW) that have quests and such that encourage PVP. I prefer PVP to be faction based. I don't particularly like fighting my own faction. Unless it's "training exercises," it just feels silly. That's pretty much the lore excuse I give myself in current battlegrounds when it's Exile on Exile action. "Training exercises." You could also still flag for PVP (faction based) in open world if people prefer. That way, those pissed off at having to work together can still stab each other in the back, literally! :P

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#57 Dahk STOS

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 07:05 PM

Ooof. This ones a doozy.

  • What are your thoughts on dropping the faction barrier? And why?

Lore wise? There has to be a very very valid reason for this. Since WS leans so far on the war aspect. I can see a few ways it can be achieved but nothing in the next year or so that would be an organic way... unless you pull an Ozymandias and throw a giant *cupcake*ing telepathic squid in the middle of nexus. 

Mechanics wise? I would be all for cross faction raiding/dungeon running/etc etc. I'm curious as to what needs to be done to achieve that without missing with the current factions as they stand. Lore wise this seems like it would be easier to do, as the player is not intrinsically tied to the central plot as they would be in other games. I feel like a glorified mercenary for the most part, so grouping with a Draken or Chua to kill Mordechai wouldnt make me bat an eye.

  • What are your thoughts on keeping the faction barrier? And why?

If you could achieve the second part of my thoughts from the last question I would be fine to keep the factions as they are for the sake of story progression. The story in WS is familiar enough but executed well to the point I like running through it. If the story evolved but the conflict between Exile and Dominion persisted and kept my player in the middle seems fine.

  • If you were a developer for a day, what would your vision for what faction barriers be?

If I had reign over the development of a faction system I would have borrowed elements from Everquest and Blade and Soul. Everquest in the sense that while there are strategic alliances and factions, my character has its own standing with each race. Which means through enough effort I could be a Draken and at the very least run through Granok held areas without being KoS. Borrowing from Blade and Soul and similar games where The Exile and Dominion may still be around, as I progressed through the game I could wave my banner for one group that diametrically opposes another. This I believe would keep player representation and variety diverse and PvP participation exciting and with the proper rewards, very enticing.

  • How should PvP flags factor into faction barriers, if at all?

I personally have recently fallen in love with The Divisions approach to PvP. Take the contested areas of the game and give them a heightened risk/reward system. You could level through them normally with a group comprised of other members... But if you choose to wave a specific PvP flag in the zone while you are there your rewards while flagged would be greater with the understanding that you are now a target. People could get around this by stayed flagged but never participating but if you were to put in overlapping choke points/quest lines/bosses/rewards you would gently herd players into a death zone giving them the rush of PvP, completely voluntary, and make the game more engrossing.

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#58 Ekl

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 07:10 PM

I'm generally opposed to faction barriers (because they simply don't make sense in certain situations, and they split the playerbase of the game in two). But there's one important thing to remember in the case of Wildstar: most of the existing game content consists of Exiles and Dominion dishing it out to each other. It sets the entire mood of the game, stories of many zones depend on it and it would be hard, if not impossible, to change without extensive rewrites. So how do we bring factions together without ruining those wonderful war-infused, atrocity-filled zones like Galeras, Auroria or Whitevale?
Faction barrier could certainly be a bit lower. There's no reason why we shouldn't be able to talk to each other. There's no reason why we shouldn't be able to do instanced non-war content together. Maybe even a "diplomatic passport" feature that would allow you to visit enemy territories to participate in faction-neutral events, quests and exploration. As a diplomatic guest you couldn't get attacked by guards, but it would be impossible for you to flag for PvP at all while you stay in the enemy territory.
I could even imagine having an option to go entirely neutral at level 50 - to become a mercenary, a hired gun. That would give you freedom to pick either side in battlegrounds, or to group with either faction for any content. There could be some sort of allegiance system in place for mercenaries: any hostile actions towards either faction would give you negative points, and if you wanted to stay neutral, you would have to balance them; meanwhile, fighting a common enemy or working towards a common goal would give you positive points with both factions, lowering any negative points with either.

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My ideal is...


Faction barrier in lore, no faction barrier in UI.


I want to maintain the lore, I really do. It's enjoyable. But the restrictions faction barrier presents to gameplay is highly problematic. There's no reason not to allow Dominion and Exile players to guild and group up. I wouldn't know how to handle major cities, though, since it'd be weird not to be able to sit in city with your fellow guildees. If you do an "Honorary CoGS Member" toggle after you do a quest or something that makes you neutral to the opposite faction, that'd be reasonable and stick within lore.

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I don't want the faction barrier removed - I care enough about lore that seeing Exile Mechari or Dominion Mordesh would feel incredibly wrong to me. Your race (and, therefor, faction) should be more than just a cosmetic choice. I actually wish there was a bit more race-specific content - you used to have a different landing zone and introductory cinematic when you got off the Arkship depending on your race, at least before F2P. I wouldn't mind having that back and more to come...

I do, however, want the barrier reduced, especially if you get a nice in-game quest series that shows it happening gradually as the world story unfolds. Not cooperating against the Strain would be suicidally stupid. The first SimCore you're introduced to could be the catalyst - that first one is faction specific, but once you complete it, you become known to CoGS and start getting encouraged to cooperate with players from the other side in future Adventures and other content, like that CoGS-run Expedition that you find in Wilderrun.

Maybe once you complete enough cross-faction content, you could start earning a different kind of "reputation" with the opposing faction, except that instead of increasing from zero, you'd be starting at some huge negative number (Hated) and working your way up to zero, with the smallest levels (Tolerated/Neutral) turning NPCs in many places from hostile to neutral unless you attack.

The only cross-faction thing I actively want unlocked right from the start is mail, at least for your own alts.
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