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DevConnect: Faction Barrier

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#21 Varyt

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:00 PM

I would vote for you folks at Carbine to make the simplest possible changes in the least invasive way, catering to the crowd most likely to benefit from reduced faction barrier.


Ideally this would mean implementing cross-faction housing as a 'first wave' approach. Lore-wise it's grounded in Protostar and begins with a short quest that unlocks cross-faction status, thus allowing players to select whether or not they want to participate. This should hopefully require little effort from you, is player-centric, and caters to builders and RPers as test subjects.


If that goes well and there isn't significant outcry, and you're able to test to see how many people actually participate (by completing the quest), you can implement the second wave, which would be cross-faction PVE instances for expeditions, adventures, and dungeons. This would simply be another quest, possibly again using Protostar as the lore anchor, and would let players select a cross-faction option when queueing. Coincide this with a multi-queue release and a special bag of rewards per clear, to incentivize participation.


Now comes the big controversial part, which would only be released if the second wave proved successful: third wave would be a cross-faction raid queue. I'll offer two options for implementation, the first being a slightly reduced difficulty, the second being the same difficulty with built-in boss mechanic explanations via storyboard graphics (similar to you-know-who's dungeon journal). Either way you could add an incentive from Protostar, or whichever group becomes the third party faction to these changes. It could be a bag of goodies but I would actually go one step further and encourage you to make it a rep-based group that offers a plethora of rewards and a reason to continue running this content weekly.


In all of these cases, PVP should be automatically unflagged upon entry of the instance and prevented for the duration. I see no reason to complicate any of these situations or take up your time recoding a flag system.



I would minimize lore advertisement/development for these changes and focus on selling them as gameplay QOL benefits, rather than being dramatic alterations to your storyline. It's possible to work with the idea of reluctant allies who are only doing this becaues they think that, in the end, it'll help their faction achieve dominance.This would hopefully minimize negative feedback and allow your writers the room they need to continue developing the faction conflict, if such a direction is desired. Arcterra seems like a good platform to justify any changes made, since the factions have effectively become neighbours (and you've got a couple of scientists chatting on the border).



If you feel like investing more time and energy, I'd also recommend coming up with a way to reinforce faction awareness and pride, should you choose to make these changes. I personally don't care for factions but I can clearly see that many people do. Factions provide a 'home team' mentality and create distinction so the game world feels more dynamic. So if you were to push the second and third waves, I would create some way for players to still represent their factions while doing this content: i..e., some kind of meter for each faction that fills based on cross-faction participation, resets weekly (perhaps), and provides global benefits. So at 100 'fuel' collected the Dominion all get bonus XP, then prestige at 200, then EG (to cap faster) at 400, then maybe omnibit bonus at 1000, etc.


Basically, work with faction pride, play on it as a psychological and gameplay device, while also nurturing the desire for faster queues and more diverse group lineups. I don't feel that there has to be a binary choice here.



That's all I've got.





I agree with all of this.


Not only would it be a smooth test drive, it will also be less of a shock to the players, and also less of a strain on the Devs to implement so much.


I'm all for factions, especially as a role player! They play an important part of the lore and it would be awfully jarring to suddenly have peace and rainbows with everybody sharing.


Y'all have put quite a bit of thought into the lore and each faction so it'd be a shame to see such a thing just sort of vanish.


The barriers that prevent people from interacting, however, could be removed but also not take away from the whole war going on between Dominion and Exiles!


Opening up the communication barrier can allow folks on either side to coordinate groups and form them for dungeons, raids, and pvp.


Letting Dominion and Exile characters be able to visit each other in housing can also open up, potentially, housing pvp, and so very many new opportunities for us role players, too!

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#22 bob rose

bob rose
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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:00 PM

Awesome idea Pappy, thank you for this, you're awesome. 

  • What are your thoughts on dropping the faction barrier? And why?

It's a neccesarry thing at this point, having the community divided is just hurting us, hurts recruitment and playing together, dungeon runs would be more active, pvp would be more active, dailies zones world pvp, etc. 



  • If you were a developer for a day, what would your vision for what faction barriers be?

I would drop the barrier for PVE, but for PVP and Open World PVP I would keep it. 

  • How should PvP flags factor into faction barriers, if at all?

The same way it does right now, playhers chose to flag themselves to get more benefits from it, same as it does, but we'0re able to party with them and talk to them if needed. 

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#23 Saccharin

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:02 PM

I think the faction barrier should stay but for instanced content why not allow cross faction. Possibly to a certain extent cross faction guilds.


The easiest thing to do is to remove the faction barrier. Wildstar has a strong faction story and to completely drop the factions would to disregard that. Please dont do a Trion.


What needs to happen is to make Dominion more popular and I think this is what the title of the thread should be.


If we take the f2p trailer there was no great Dominion presence except at the end. I remember the launch videos and there was plenty of Dominion stuff.


Exiles have interesting lore and some of that due to the faction conflict. Release some PR material with the Dominion and have some specific lore concentrating on some of the Dominion main players. Why not have more lore connection to the Eldan with the current Dominion figures. Maybe a quest line or too.


For me the Dominion races just weren't particularly exciting except maybe for the Chua and Draken the rest were meh. Cassian is just the exile human model, and robots. Shrug.

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#24 H3rboss

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:07 PM

The first point I'll make about removing the factions barriers is that a lot of people seem to confuse "dropping the faction barriers" with "removing the factions". Faction cities should remain, lore should remain etc. Removing the "faction barriers" just means allowing players from opposite factions to do group content together and even guild together.


  • What are your thoughts on dropping the faction barrier? And why?

The faction barriers need to go primarily because of population, not just population during the "good times" but population during content droughts/other big title releases which are a normal cycle of any MMO. It should primarily help with queue times and allows players to play with anyone they want or even need to due to scheduling at any time.


  • What are your thoughts on keeping the faction barrier? And why?

There simply is no sensible reason to keep faction barriers. Because "lore" is not seeing the big picture, plain and simple. Lore explaining it can also be added to appease those that need it. The only question that needs to be asked here though is will someone leave the game if the faction barrier drops? No they wont. However, will players leave because of long queues or not being able to play with who they want when they want without having to start all over again with another faction character? You bet you'll lose players as being free to play odds are people have invested some money into their characters.


  • If you were a developer for a day, what would your vision for what faction barriers be?

Allow both factions to group/raid and queue all content together. Leave the cities, the lore and the identities of the factions as they don't need to go. Unless it's extremely easy to do I think adding an "only queue with your own faction" option in these queues is a waste of resources as people will only use it for a sort period of time until realizing they are missing out.


  • How should PvP flags factor into faction barriers, if at all?

I liked the way Age of Conan open pvp worked. Anyone can pvp anyone, unless they are in the same guild. This instead leads to multiple rivalries and alliances instead of the simple faction versus faction if ever an open pvp area was added. I'm happy enough with the way it is now though.


EDIT: Trying to lure people over to other factions seems pretty pointless and naive (that it will help at all). There's nothing that you could do to make me put time into the opposite faction of my guild while the barriers are still up.

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People be like "I can't believe this game I enjoy and play completely for free, offers RL cash options to make things easier. Bastards!"

#25 Ildur

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:07 PM

  • What are your thoughts on dropping the faction barrier? And why?

The faction barrier hasn't really served much other purpose than divide the playerbase in half (except not really because one of the sides is more populated than the other). There are lore considerations, sure, but I think gameplay should step over story when all the story manages to do is inconvenience the players. And those lore considerations can be worked around very easily.


In fact, they HAVE been worked around. Multiple times:

-In Whitevale, both sides fight the Ikthians to take the Focus of Water away from them. They have a tent side by side to each other while a Protostar clone acts as an intermediary.

-In Farside, both sides fight against the Ikthians yet again to take that planet-busting cannon out of their hand. Once again, their bases are side by side.

-In Malgrave they have landing pads next to each other. Sure, there are guards pointing their guns and shouting insults at each other, but they are not actually shooting at each other.

-In Blightheaven, you get again the same concept of having their bases very close together. It isn't until the Defile that they decide to start shooting each other again, and then that has to be dropped because of the Siege of the Lightspire.

-We have the Circle of Galactic Scientists, who ask help to both factions not caring one bit who you are, and nobody goes out of their way to shoot them for being traitors.


Even worse: most content after Whitevale has nothing to do at all with the factions dynamics and all to do with fighting third parties. You visit the same areas, do the same things for the same reasons but talking with different quest-givers. The factions become aesthetic and nothing else. No, not even ideologically diverse, since they do the same things in the same way for the exact same reasons. 

To solve the 'lore problem', all you need to do is include a CoGs-like military organization. You can justify having cross-faction guilds by implying that guilds who allow member of both factions in their ranks are part of them or like them. Players who are not flagged for PvP should be able to send party invites to players of the other faction who are also unflagged. If they become flagged, they are dropped out from the party. No need to have 'traitor' mechanics here: leave factions for PvP but keep them out of PvE as much as possible.


Players who are absolutely loyal to one side or the other can simply tick a box to not allow invites from the other faction. Heck, add a box that hides all chat from the other faction, too, if they want. That way nobody is forced to interact with the other faction but with ruthless hate if they so choose.


But I think that at the very least, the faction barrier should be dropped for three things: instanced PvE content that allows it, circles and housing. None of the dungeons REQUIRE the players to be all Exiles or all Dominion agents. Nothing is changed except the NPC that babbles instructions to you. The only ones that truly require and all-same-faction team are the Hycrest and Riot in the Void adventures. But nothing else does.


Circles shouldn't even need an explanation: they are a chat channel. They have no bearing on the game world at all. You don't need lore to justify it. And if you do: again, there's the CoGs. Plus, if you have cross-faction circles, you don't need cross-faction Guilds; you can leave those alone if you want.


Cross-faction housing is also another thing that should be allowed. Dominion and Exile citizens are allowed to both visit the Super-mall-in-the-sky because it's Protostar-owned? Like every skyplot in the game? I disagree with the notion that people should be forced into PvP when visiting other players' plots. NOBODY likes forced PvP except griefers and gankers. Leave that as it is right now: in the hands of the player. If a Dominion player wants to have tea with an Exile, let them. You already let them fight side by side against the Strain, you let them pursue SCIENCE!™ together in the CoGs...why would housing be any different?

  • What are your thoughts on keeping the faction barrier? And why?

People like to talk about how the conflict of the game is the Exile-Dominion dynamic and how dropping the faction barrier will harm that but...it isn't. It's introductory at best, but is quickly thrown away (very quickly; by level 22 you won't be seeing much action against the other faction at all ever). It WOULD be a problem (but not much) if the faction war had been consistently kept in the game. But as it stands, the players fight the Strain, Marauders, Ikthians and Avatus more than they fight each other. PvP was never the focus and faction player dynamics require it to make sense.

So that's what you'd have to do to keep it: make the faction war more prominent. That comes with its own lore problems. Problems that are hilarious to see ignored: the Strain will have to be tuned down in power, along with every other enemy of the game. There is no reason for the Exiles and the Dominion to NOT make a truce when they are facing a god-like threat like the Entity. It makes them look shortsighted at best and like idiots at worst, putting their own political quabbles over fighting a bad that could end both sides.


  • If you were a developer for a day, what would your vision for what faction barriers be?

All what I said before: Circles, housing, dungeons, expeditions, raids and circles shouldn't care about sides (unless the theme is about fighting the other faction, for group-instances). I'd still provide some sort of 'faction loyalist' buttons on the UI to disallow queueing with players of the other faction, disabling visits by 'enemy' players, disallowing invite requests from or to players from the other faction and such things. If someone wants to be a diehard fan of their faction, that's okay by me. They'll just have to deal with longer queues and less party opportunities as they do right now.


  • How should PvP flags factor into faction barriers, if at all?


I'd have the faction barriers only matter for PvP. If you are flagged, you can't send or accept parties from players on the other faction at all. Maybe keep faction outfits locked to the faction in order to keep their 'identity' intact. The only thing they have going is their aesthetics, so it makes sense to keep that unique.


In any case, you can't go to the other faction's towns or bases and not get shot by the guards. That makes fairly enough sense on its own, no matter what PvP flag you have on.

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#26 Brutzkrieg

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:07 PM

I am 100% down for optional cross-faction queuing for Dungeons, Raids, Adventures, etc, I'd also love optional cross-faction housing. Remove the language barrier? Hell yeah.


Changing the story to have it make sense for the factions to team up? If the Strain couldn't do it, I can't imagine what else would. I'll leave that up to you!

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#27 Kynda

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:22 PM

Personally, I'm against having a faction barrier, but... I can see some structure that having one holds, to completely rid the game of them would take quite a lot of tampering, in my eyes.

Anyways here's my thoughts on Faction Barriers, in no particular order:

  • A good jist of us use Killroy anyways, so having a language barrier seems kind of pointless. Cross-faction trolling hasn't really been that big of a problem.‚Äč
  • Housing should be completely optional to have any cross-faction on, while I, myself, would find it kind of fun.... I know a lot of people who don't share the same view.It allows roleplayers to do their cross-faction fighting events in their own little customized map-spaces, but people who don't want visitors from over the fence don't have to have them.
  • I think shortening queues with mixing factions could work well, which again, ties into language barrier. That needs to go away if we have Dominion and Exiles in the same groups.
  • PVP flagging, and towns should stay relatively the same, in my eyes. PVP already had an overhaul, lets see how it stands on its own feet before thinking about fiddling with it again. And that way guard NPCs still get to be trigger-happy.
  • Please consider removing the faction restriction on mailing your own alts things. I want to mail my Mechari things, and as an Exile player, not having my funds or even BoE gear available, it just really kills fiddling around with that character for me. I'm not sure if I'm alone on that front, but it really steered me into making a few Exile Stalkers instead.

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#28 Seztren

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:25 PM

I'll support cross-faction instances on one condition and one condition only.


At the end of the instance before being allowed to leave, players are automatically flagged for PvP and MUST murder the other faction members in the party to leave instance.


"Thank you for filling our spot in our 19-man Raid, Exile scum. Now you die."



This would be best if Kezrek or Pheydra contacted the players via voicecomm after the final boss and said something along the lines of "that was nice of you to bring that Exile along, but he's got to go."

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#29 Tyche Skybreaker

Tyche Skybreaker
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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:23 PM


People smoking some weird shit in here if they're dommies and begging to keep the factions for lore reasons.


Lore is good. Lore is awesome. I love to story and worldbuilding in wildstar. It's what made me keep playing after I joined on launch. 


But what I've really continued to play for is raiding content. You cant raid without people. Dominion population is dwindling, hard. People cling to their guilds, so many groups are running ds with sub-20 groups because there's just not enough people playing anymore on Dom side. Or people just straight up choosing to reroll exile. Soon, Dominion is gonna be a ghost town. 


I, for one, would probably quit Wildstar if my guild asked me to reroll my BiS, rune-minmaxed main character, not to mention my other raid geared alts, to Exile side just to keep raiding. 


Tearing down the faction wall will DRASTICALLY improve this, with no doubts!! 

Or, you know, paid faction transfers. Everyone's an Exile now but at least they're playing. 


Even ignoring the raiding point of view I've brought to this thread, Dominion side is still dwindling with people. This hurts new players who might've otherwise stayed. If they join Dom first and are met with a tumbleweed rolling across their path whenever they need a question answered, or a group, or anything, they're gonna think "dead game" and quit! They're not gonna check out Exile to see if it's more lively over there. 



I love factions for lore reasons, but lore doesn't pay the bills.

Lack of faction wall might encourage people to continue playing, especially when faced with dwindling numbers of fellow players. 

Lack of faction wall could improve new player experience due to current faction disparity, increasing player retention. 


There are some other good suggestions in this thread, such as barrier-less battlegrounds/warplots, dungeons, removed alien chat. Also pls pls cross faction housing. I die. 


But people demanding it be kept for lore... the lore can go on, different faction stories with different stuff, without having to have a concrete barrier that sorely hurts experience when there's a faction size problem. 

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#30 breadbread

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:25 PM

I'll support cross-faction instances on one condition and one condition only.


At the end of the instance before being allowed to leave, players are automatically flagged for PvP and MUST murder the other faction members in the party to leave instance.


"Thank you for filling our spot in our 19-man Raid, Exile scum. Now you die."


I was going to say something smart, but this person has it.


In seriousness- a faction barrier drop makes sense in order to boost players. The language barrier needs to be firmly escorted out of the building and into heavy traffic; I hate with a thousand suns the idea of needing an addon to communicate with just under half the server population. It's ridiculous.


However, the RPer part of me is very hesitant to completely drop the barrier because I enjoy the Exile/Dominion war and the intricate story behind it, and if a Dommie's allowed to cavort about in Thayd, well, that isn't right, is it? :P So I think there is a balance between the two options that should be further discussed.

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#31 Seztren

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:31 PM

People smoking some weird shit in here if they're dommies and begging to keep the factions for lore reasons.


You're playing a Role Playing Game and you think story doesn't matter? o_O


If you're guild's forcing you to roll Exile, they're the ones smoking weird cupcakes.

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#32 Pesterchum

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:34 PM

Hypothetically, could someone tell me what the upsides to having a faction barrier is?

#33 TheAntiDentite

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:34 PM

Instances I could live with. Anything else will seem desperate; and I think you should use the resources you have more productively. A hemorrhaging population isn't gonna grow simply by lifting a barrier that could take time money and manpower to lift(sure it sounds simple but how often does a change create a bunch of bugs). I believe you should focus on content and give people more to do. I also feel it wouldn't offer incentive for players to return. If someone did DS non stop or did their contracts daily and got bored, being able to do the same content with the other faction doesn't sound that enticing.

It really makes me nervous.

As it stands now I have no new content to do, Im just saving plat and grinding away for arcterra. And when arcterra drops Ill end up doing all my stuff there fairly quickly and then be out of stuff to do again.

Also the dominion are scum.

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#34 Azuryon88

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:36 PM

First of all major kudos for this initiative because DevConnect is a great idea and I can't wait to see what comes from it. As you've said before there's a passionate community behind the game and I think as a result we may get some heated opinions but I look forward to seeing how they might come to a compromise without breaking the budget.

I'm going to address it by subject, and some from conflicting points I'm seeing in the thread so far to touch on a few ideas, so that we can keep the information easily organized. I know you asked specific questions (which I'll tldr at the end) but I'm going to go ahead and write a small essay from the perspective of someone who is an aspiring dev/designer himself.

I'm in favor of dropping the faction barrier for a multitude of reasons.

PvE Lore/Quests/Etc

Dropping the faction barriers should not affect existing quests in any way. Even without a Lore reason for them joining there's zero need to change anything from the beginning. The cross faction will not even be relevant until Thayd/Whitevale/Illium so at that point they're questing together already, so it won't effect the major quest systems aside from the hubs they turn in.

Do not change quests, there's no reason to. This will also help with the people who come here for the faction and loyalty feeling in the game, and allows for the players to continue playing the role they want to play how they want to play it. I wouldn't change any quests for any faction, just allow for grouping. People don't group too much as is due to the (wonderful, no sarcasm intended) lack of kill stealing, so if they want to it shouldn't change the quests. (I hope) Each character if across factions would keep their own quest log.

MAILING. Being able to mail shit to my toons from both factions is something I've wanted forever, because starting all the way over on Dommie side is one of the main reasons I haven't done it yet. Enabling this at the very least would allow for players to pool together their resources on both factions and help the game as a whole.

Lore wise, if you DO decide you need to implement a quest or something to make it "canon" (something I don't think is really necessary for the lore) Entity serves enough of a threat at this point (especially if he goes across planets/universe soon) to be a formidable force to threaten both factions. Again I don't think it needs to be established but it could be if you needed it without too much breaking the universe. You can write something about them uniting against Entity, but it wouldn't be needed, as people will make their own context as to why who's grouping up for what.

To the people worried that it will make their favorite NPCs panzies or something nothing changes with the factions on both sides. Having individuals group up does not change the established lore of the game, and gives RPers, Pvpers, and Douchebags even more reasons to feel loyalty. Maybe a buddy you know teams up with Aurin a lot, well go gank him in PvP later for betraying you :P Other than that no one is rewriting the characters or Lore that I can see. I'm focusing on this as a gameplay point.


This is a tough one as I'm not PvPer myself, but from most of what I've seen PvP is where the rivalries between factions is strongest and probably what you're going to want to keep mostly as is. I do think the possibility of a "toggle" of sorts would be really cool to be able to cross faction group to shorten queues, but I can understand how implementing a system like that could be more trouble than its worth. Again, not a PvPer, so not going to mention much. But I do think it would limit queues by a substantial amount.

Flagging in my opinion shouldn't change at all though in my opinion. Faction vs Faction, Player vs Player is covered by duels so no need to change much on it. However if you're looking for something that would benefit everyone, a selection of "Hostility" could be implemented. Such as "This player is hostile to everyone, this player is hostile to opposing faction, this player is hostile to their own faction" (this could be easily used for RP or other people's purposes as just "playing the traitor if you will).

The point is allowing their ability to be hostile to not only the opposing faction but possibly everyone will allow for grouping in PvP to cause less issues down the road. For example if a group of 5 people of both factions is fighting someone who has a group of 5 people from 1, they should still be able to hurt each other due to the hostility settings. This will also allow for people who are of a specific faction to keep themselves from getting ganked by their OWN faction. In all cases it's a win win that I can tell.


We all know where Housing stands on this. But I've seen some conflicting points so I'll try to touch on all of them.

There are several housing people who would not only love access to the decor but also be able to RP cross faction havens. I myself would love if both factions could come see my abyssmal housing and be able to chill with anyone they want. It will also allow for any kind of RP (RP gets its own section later so I won't go super into that now).

I see that some people want a kick idea or something and I again think maybe a toggle or hostility measure could be involved. If this is too much programming work it's understandable but say for example a guy doesn't want any exile toons on their housing plot, maybe a flag or toggle for "Hostility" as mentioned before could be implemented that affects who can be on their plot. This could (hopefully) be implemented right into the housing menu as you can already limit who can visit your house by friends list or not at all.

This would be a great boon for housing enthusiasts because there are some places I can't go housing wise because I'm not that faction, and I would love to hang out on the regular without having that faction toon built up yet.


There's literally no downside for Guilds in my opinion by dissolving the faction barrier. Not only would it allow for the Roster Boss for raids to be less of an issue by combining all of the players, but allow for players to keep communication across both factions easily.

I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to play my Dommie toons but all of my friends and guildies are Exiles so I can't even talk to them without whispers or friending them or an addon. By allowing for cross faction guilds you could have Guild Events too that promote PvP, tournaments, etc for the factions to be against each other as well. So if beating up Aurin is what you want to do, take it out on your guildie in a guild sanctioned match.

Not only will we be able to talk to anyone and everyone across the game but it will just bring the community that has been scattered and slowly being put back together over the last few moves (server merges and the like), but we will have no reason not to roll on either faction to do anything. Wanna do an expedition? Well no need to change toons now you can just group up with whoever and go do it. Wanna raid? Bring your Dommies and Exiles and kill Avatus.

On the subject of Avatus, this will also bring more people together because if I want to raid with some Dommies, I have to Attune a whole new character. If they invite me post cross faction I can just join in.

Group Contents/Raids

This has been touched on in my previous points, but this kills the queues on a lot of content in my opinion. I know people still want the toggle but I don't see a reason for it here, because Expeditions are typically Faction Neutral and unless you're Rping a specific character on one, I don't see why you'd turn away help on one.

Adventures, Dungeons, etc could all benefit from this, and anyone could join up any time. In conjunction with cross faction chat, guilds, etc, you'd be able to group up to do anything at any time. Anyone in the guild could go "hey dungeon runs" and no matter what toons you're running  and what faction you can do it. Less queues, less toon switching, more communication. Win/win/win.

Also Warplots. Because Warplots. More people for Warplots. Because I love Warplots. Not Enough people do Warplots.


As a roleplayer I know already that this would be fun as hell. It would allow for more control over RP settings (especially if we add Housing), more communication and more awesome scenarios. Imagining setting up a Housing setup and then having both factions fight on the housing plot or making our own battlefields already fills me with glee.

On top of that there are plenty of RPers who have to jump through hoops or use Addons to help each other already. It'd be nice to be able to rp without having to use an addon and just be able to join up. EVENTS TOO will be fun because anyone who's anyone can join in and have fun. I don't know aside from the loyalists perspective why any RPer would be against this as you could make any story reason for it. (again toggles might be helpful)

In summary:

Pro dissolving the Faction Barrier
-No need to change Lore/Quests (You CAN optionally add something in the future content if need be for story context)
-Breaking down any communication barriers
-Breaks down any group content barriers
-Anyone can do anything with anyone
-If you can I'd recommend adding toggles
-killing the Roster Boss one game change at a time
-Housing has been wanting it forever
-PvP will need a toggle to be affective
-No lore/story changes or breaking down of the existing universe would be necessary given all of the context/rp so far

What are your thoughts on dropping the barrier? Do it.
What are your thoughts on keeping it? Don't do it
Developer for a Day? Outlined mostly in the page, but toggles will solve a lot of your problems.
Pvp Flags shouldn't change unless adding a specific "hostility towards specific factions" feature

Again thanks for opening up this forum. I can't wait to see what comes from it.

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#35 The Mark

The Mark
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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:38 PM

Hey Pappy!


Happy to hear things are moving forward and I have a great love for Wildstar. I'm really looking forward to the Steam release, multi-queue, new expedition, and of course Red Moon Terror!


Now, down to the point at hand,


I have to agree with the cross faction wall removal. The only thing I would keep faction locked is open world PvP. (I also love the idea of certain areas where it's free for all)


If you make open world PvP non factioned it would be a mess trying to level while still wanting to enjoy the the unknown factor of a surprise attack from a player.


I have an idea though. If I was a developer and there was at any point a big outcry against this idea of cross faction play... why not simply give people the option to not queue with the opposite faction. This will give those who hate the enemy faction their preferred method of playing faction locked and allow others who just want to play the game the option to play it! I'm unsure as to why it has to be one way or the other.


This option allows for the lore to stay intact and allows people (just like real life) to have a choice. You can't tell me there isn't a rag tag group of outlaws somewhere in the lore that is made up of cross faction races, plundering the seven galaxies and taking no prisoners!  ;) (*cough* new content/expedition *cough*)


To close.. THANK YOU! Transparency and two way communication is what the community needs right now. It builds trust and keeps us involved with a game we love so much!


Edit: I wanted to reinforce Azuryon's previous statement! I am DYING to play some Warplots... these things look so damn awesome and I've never gotten a chance to play them since I've started playing 2 years ago!


Edit2: We need there to be cross faction queues before 50 so that new players can actually get some practice at the dungeons/adventures before 50. I remember when I started playing.. I had no cupcaking idea how to do any dungeons.. because simply there was no one to play with that was under 50.

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#36 Revon

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:34 PM

Hypothetically, could someone tell me what the upsides to having a faction barrier is?


Read some of the other posts here in favour of faction barriers.

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#37 Sadachbia

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:40 PM



I'm not being sarcastic. I'm being 100% honest. I don't PvP, and suddenly getting flagged (oh there was a Dominion town there? SURPRISE!) can make me do anything from inventing creative new profanities to having a full-blown panic attack.


Lore-wise, this is easy enough to explain away as "Holy *cupcake*, THAT'S what happened to the Eldan?! We need to unite or we'll ALL die!" Kind of like the threats of the Burning Legion and the Scourge in WoW's first two expansions.

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#38 xxviibe

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:40 PM

No brainer here faction barriers need to go. When I think of faction barriers I think of open world pvp staying the same what really needs the factions dropped is instanced stuff like bgs and dungeons and such. I dont care if i get teamed up with exiles as long as i get to kill em in the open world still. It would help out a ton with pvp since the exiles outnumber the dominion by a mile. I do spend most of my time in thayd talking to the exiles anyways. :P Guards op. Oh and probly for raiding ^.^ party up conquer roster boss


For the most part you can just leave everything outside of instances the same. No need to let us into exile bases or vise versa. Regardless of what it does to the lore the wall needs to go because the community is way too small to actually support it. My main is dom and I have more exile friends than dominion friends lol its just a pointless barrier at this point.

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#39 Naloc

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:46 PM

I love Wildstar's lore - I appreciate the conflict between Exile and Dominion, and love the game more for it. But I agree, the faction barrier is a problem now - and I agree that it may be more likely for one person to consider a faction purely for the size of that faction, or that it's "good" and they prefer to be "good". In almost every MMO I've played, I've been on servers where the "good" side hugely outnumbered the "bad" side (Empre vs Republic in swtor, Heroes vs Villains in CoH/V).


I agree with a lot of points EsperXIV made. I do think the barriers that currently exist between factions ought to be eliminated - but make it so that players have to opt in - give it a questline of sorts, providing a reason for why exile and dominion should work together to combat a common enemy instead of each other.


As it is, we're already doing the same dungeons, expeditions, adventures, raids, and world bosses. That conflict could still remain, but as it is in reality - not everyone will take a black and white approach towards conflict. Many may sympathize with an enemy, or feel the conflict that exists may be too petty - when there are so many common enemies already.


I do want to say that as a player, I myself have been frustrated with faction-related population imbalances. I was initially a dominion player, but had transferred over to exile simply because there was a greater variety of raiding schedules available - and several guilds offered the schedule I was looking for, whereas no dominion guild offered the same (at the time). But I still like dominion side for the zones - and miss playing with people I used to play.


I would suggest that the faction barrier be lessened to the point where that gray area would be served - players could exist peacefully in both factions, but only if they do x or y and still may be ignored by players that are strictly dominion/exile only.


Drop the language barrier in chat. Allow both factions to join global channels (if the option is enabled for these channels only). Allow members of other factions to join guilds in the opposing faction (if the guilds enable such an option). Allow cross faction queuing (but leave in the option for characters to queue for content only with those who are on the same faction - or make cross faction queuing optional). Same for PvP instances. 


And I agree with the suggestion that such faction barrier options should only occur once a player has hit 50. It would help facilitate keeping faction conflict relevant during the leveling experience. But please, please, let me have the option to play my exile characters with dominion friends, and vice versa. Would help so many guilds that are in the process of combating roster boss, and allows players to play a draken/chua character on exile, or a mordesh/granok on dominion

#40 Lhysandra

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 05:53 PM

I agree with EsperXIV's notion!


Keeping the faction barriers in lore makes more sense to me in terms of storytelling.  The lore is beautiful.  Conflict drives the story over Nexus and keeps what has already been created intact.  It doesn't make sense for Aurin to forgive Arboria or for Cassians to forget about Brightland's break from the Dominion for instance.


That said, gameplay changes sound like a fantastic idea, especially introduced gradually.


Dropping faction barriers for housing through a quest chain would be a great measure of interest.  Expanding that to new zones makes sense if the enemy is so great that people need to work together.  


As Fredrick said, allowing (optional) cross-faction housing, combining PvE queues and other gameplay changes could only aid the community as a whole.  It preserves and encourages choice without sacrificing the integrity of design.

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