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Closed Beta Test Features Summary

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Posted 10 August 2015 - 10:05 AM

Hi Everyone!


Here’s the complete list of the features for WildStar closed beta testing – now playable on the test server. If you haven't already done so, we encourage players to sign up for beta, check everything out, and give us all your feedback here in the closed beta testing forums.


Here's some very important information regarding our closed beta and the test environment:

  • There are no region restrictions, so North American and European players can play on the same realm together.
  • Currently, there is no CS support. Unfortunately due to the fluid nature of the environment, we cannot offer our usual Customer Support backing – no item restorations, etc.
  • No “home” play! Because this environment receives very early game builds, sometimes data can become corrupt. In order to ensure we have a sterile area with little chance of unusable data, sometimes character wipes will happen.
  • There is no guaranteed uptime on the test server. Partly because of potential issues, and partly due to testing schedules, the test server may not always be available, or may suddenly go offline with little-to-no warning. We will do our best to give you as much advanced warning as possible.
  • Only Active Accounts! You must have a valid game subscription/existing game time in order to access the test realm at this time. However, have no fear - during different phases of testing we will be inviting a broader audience (many with little to no experience with WildStar) to test much of the content already on the test server.

Now that you've decided to help out and test an upcoming patch, why don't you download and install the Closed Beta test client as this client is not compatible with your normal WildStar client. Once it patches, jump in the game and create your character!


Here's where the fun begins! While the early game experience is always good to test, sometimes our changes affect Elder Game content. Instead of having you level all the way up to level 50, why not take advantage of our special Cheat Service? This feature is only available to our currently subscribed players. The reason is because we really want to encourage the further testing of lower-level content, as that's where many of our changes can be found.






Once you load into the Arkship (your faction selection doesn't matter), turn to your left and NPC Marissa Scarn will be waiting for you. After talking to her, she will port you to the “Core Test Hub,” which is just a fancy name for where we dump you in Illium or Thayd.






Once in your faction city, you should have another special NPC, Michael Scarn, waiting for you nearby. And BLAMO! With his Infinite Cosmic Powers, you’re now level 50, with 41 ability points, 45 AMP power, and 10 platinum to use all for yourself. But don’t run off just yet! You gotta get your gear! 


Just past Michael, the Booster NPC, is “Bev-O-Loot” – a huge robot vending machine. But don't fear this one…this one is special. It’s a vendor in disguise, and it's full of loot! Bags, AMPS, level 50 weapons and armor…all waiting for YOU! Also specially discounted for the PTR (even though we just gave you 10 plat!). How can you go wrong? Wait…don’t answer that.


Bev-O-Loot in Thayd:




Bev-O-Loot in Illium:





Alternatively, you can also copy one (or several) of your live characters over to the test server! Simply log into the desired character you wish to copy, and within the chat window type "/ptrcopy". You'll receive a system message confirming that your request has been queued, and after several moments, an in-game mail will be sent confirming that your character has been copied over to the server -- items and all!




Have feedback? Let us know in the closed beta forums! Found a bug? Tell us about it in the Bug Report sub-forum!


In the meantime, keep on reading for all of the featured changes that open for testing on the closed beta test server now.




Team WildStar



Features Summary


Cosmic Rewards (Currently Loyalty Program In-Game)

We are happy to welcome all players to our all-new Cosmic Rewards program, which will reward players with many great bonuses for their WildStar purchases! Every player will now earn Cosmic Rewards points for every purchase made online or through the in-game store. We also award Cosmic Reward points for every purchase made by players before our transition, even subscriptions! Rewards include account unlocks, costumes, pets, mounts, and even a new house!

New Player Experience

Wild Star’s tutorial has been updated and streamlined. While creating a new character, select the starting experience that’s right for you, whether you’re new to MMOs, checking out WildStar for the first time, or a veteran looking to get right into the action.


In-Game Store

New to WildStar is the In-Game Store which will allow players to purchase numerous helpful items, account unlocks, mounts, pets, dyes, décor, costumes and a whole lot more.  Players will be able to purchase items with NCoins or with OmniBits which they can obtain while adventuring through WildStar. 

Additionally, we’ve created a personal banking terminal, portable runecrafting station, and a number of other useful items for your in-game convenience – all of these are available in the in-game store.


NCoin Integration

NCoin is our new currency, meant for use in the WildStar Store. Players will be able to use PTR NCoin to purchase store items on the PTR environment, and NCoin on live when WildStar Free-to-Play launches. NCoin will be purchasable via the in-game Store UI (testable during the second phase of beta).


Madame Fayali’s Fortunes

A new and exciting system being added to WildStar is Madame Fay’s Fortune.  Players will be able to purchase Fortune Coins from the in-game store and use them in Madame Fay’s Fortunes to collect numerous amazing rewards ranging from unique costumes, to special Fabkits, mount flair, vanity pets, the new Protostar Spider Rider mount, and loads more.



As players adventure through Nexus and earn experience they will be rewarded with OmniBits. This unique currency can be used to purchase almost all the things you can buy with NCoin from the In-Game store, but this currency is earned just by playing the game!


Content Improvements

  • Includes: Post-Arkship Improvements
  • Creature Difficulty (includes Nameplates and Unit Frames)
  • Early Game Content
    • The balance of neutral and aggressive creatures has been adjusted in level 1-10 content to provide a smoother introduction to aggressive opponents in the early game.
    • Level 1-15 quests have received a variety of updates to address balance, flow, and clarity issues.
    • Creature tooltips and nameplates now use clearer icons to communicate creature difficulty. Additional details can now be found in the creature tooltip.
    • Mini-game UIs have been updated to better indicate what a player must do to succeed.

Sprint Revamp


Sprint’s Out-of-Combat mechanics have been revised. There are now 3 movement modes for players out of combat (with or without a mount). A player can toggle between these modes using the "Toggle Movement Mode" keybinding.

  • Walk - on screen indicator showing the player they are in this mode
  • Run - on screen indicator showing the player they are in this mode
  • Sprint - default mode, no onscreen indicator, infinite endurance

As soon as the player enters combat, any movement speed bonuses conveyed from the Sprint movement mode are removed

Sprint’s In-Combat mechanics remain the same.

  • Combat Sprint - on screen indicator displaying mode and endurance remaining
  • Press and hold shift to enter Combat Sprint
  • Endurance is consumed until empty, when movement bonuses are removed and endurance begins to replenish

While In-Combat, the Movement Mode toggle still functions, however no Sprint movement mode speed bonuses apply


Streamlined Dungeon Experience

We have reviewed all dungeon content in the game to make it more accessible for new and leveling players. This pass was focused primarily on the normal modes played during the leveling experience. Highlights of this pass include:

  • Ruin of Kel Voreth is now level 25.
  • Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden is now level 40.
  • Reduced auto-attack damage (pretty much across the board).
  • Lowered interrupt armor counts on non-boss creatures (from 2 to 1 in most cases).
  • Added a holocrypt next to every single boss.
  • Added Run speed buffs in a few locations in Swordmaiden and Kel Voreth to facilitate moving around faster.
  • Made adjustments to basepop so that there are fewer 'required' pulls, and players can instead pick and choose which packs to pull based upon which optional objectives are active.
  • Numerous other tweaks, including indirect time-savers like greatly increasing the speed of the post-Bosun Octog platform ride and having Mordechai and Laveka's vignette start earlier.
  • Fewer bosses in Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden. Now, only four of the five bosses will spawn with each run. Players will either face Rayna or Skash, but not both—effectively ‘turning off’ that boss’ wing for that run

We have also updated some back-end code so that objectives and challenges in the dungeons now give their rewards to players immediately upon completion of the objective or challenge. Previously, many of these rewards were withheld until completion of the instance—which made the dungeons feel less rewarding than intended as players progressed through them. This should help to give players many more small ‘bumps’ of experience points, coin and occasionally loot as they battle their way through.


Quality of Life Improvements

  • Sell Junk Button
    • A new option to auto-sell your junk items has been added to the Inventory. Players can now allow all grey-quality items to be sold immediately upon visiting a Vendor.
    • A new button on the Sell tab of the vendor interface allows you to sell all the junk items in your inventory with one click.  
  • Rapid Transport
    • A new method of transportation has come to Nexus in the form of Rapid Transport!  This new feature, found as a button in the interface menu, world map or on the mini map, allows players to spend gold to teleport to many locations found throughout Nexus.  Once used, this transport has a cooldown - however you may use Service Tokens while on cooldown if you wish to continue using it before the cooldown is up.  Happy Teleporting!
  • Automatic Mouselook Mode
    • Automatic Mouselook Mode (AMM) is a new, completely optional control scheme for WildStar, created to better support our action combat and fluid movement. This beta feature binds the player’s camera to mouse movement and assigns abilities to your left and right click, giving the player just as much mobility and action as before, but with less hand and eye movement. This new control scheme may be toggled on from the options menu at any time and the mouse may be shown on screen by using the tilde (~) key.
  • Character Creation Guided Tour
    • Character creation has been upgraded! Learn more about who you are about to become with improved flow, new faction and race intros, and preview videos for classes and paths. It has never been easier to explore all your options before starting your journey on Nexus!
  • Content Finder
    • The Group Finder has a new interface and a new name: Content Finder. In addition to queuing for instances and PvP matches, you can now use the Content Finder to locate quest episodes in the open world that are appropriate for your level.
  • NavPoints
    • With NavPoints, players can now manually set location waypoints for improved ease of navigation throughout Nexus. To set a NavPoint, open the zone map [M] and Shift + Left Click on the area of your desire. The NavPoint will now show up on the zone map, the mini-map, and the tracker. Clicking on the NavPoint in the tracker will ping an indicator arrow that points you toward the location you have set.

Scheduled Bonus Events

Coming soon: bonus event weekends focused on different types of play! Our exciting new events include:

  • Double XP X-Plosion!
    • Protostar loves eXtra Profits, and you love eXperience Points. Put them together and you've got a Protostar Double-XP X-Plosion! For a limited time Protostar will match your XP point for point. That means you earn twice the XP EVERY time you earn XP during this special event. X-Plosive!
  • Power, Prestige, and PVP!
    • Some call PvP the most dangerous game, and every point of Prestige earned in PvP combat is proof that you are the most dangerous gamer. Now you can show you're a power to be recognized and earn double Prestige in the Power, Prestige, and PvP event. The most dangerous game is afoot!

Last Chance Lockboxes

  • Ever get to the end of a veteran dungeon or adventure only to not get the loot you were hoping for? Last Chance Lockboxes can help! Each chest contains one piece of gear, guaranteed to be usable by your class, and one additional reward, ranking from uncommon to legendary. Last Chance Lockboxes can be opened with Lockbox Keys, which are obtained through the in-game store.

Login Incentives (Daily Login Calendar)

  • Receive a new reward every day you login to WildStar. It’s that simple! We’ve got pets, costumes, décor items, toys, and even a mount! Miss a day? No problem... the next reward will wait for you!



Raid Attunement

  • The Genesis Key quest line has been simplified. Players now only need to complete the Bronze Age, Over the Gorge, Ohmna-Potent, and The Datascape Opens steps to unlock access to The Datascape.
  • The Genesis Key will be updated to a new version.
    • Players who already completed any of these stages should be automatically advanced based on existing achievements.
    • Players who are in-progress should be able to continue based on where they are relating to the 4 quests of the current attunement.

New Currency

Service Tokens are a new currency that can be used to activate a number of convenient services across the world of Nexus, including Wake Here and Recall cooldown override, Holo-Wardrobe and Chop Shop customization, and several Rune Modification services. Service Tokens can be obtained through the in-game store and daily login rewards.


Class Stat Revamp

We have completed an overhaul of the stat system to improve understanding and engagement with stats. We focused on stat interactions, understanding between classes, and itemization improvements. Highlights include: 

  • Rebalancing of all stats and removal of Primary Stats (Brutality, Finesse, Moxie, Insight, Tech, and Grit).
  • Addition of new stats at end game to allow for playstyle variety.
  • Adjustments to certain classes, AMPs, and Abilities to incorporate interaction between the new stats. 
  • Adjustment of Ability Rollout – Improved the rollout to give players signature skills earlier and develop a playstyle and rotation sooner in levels. 
  • Adjustment of AMP Rollout – Players will now start getting them at 10. We’ve increased the overall AMP total by 2 points and tiers 2 and 3 no longer an item to unlock. 

We have also made significant updates to our itemization structure, tradeskills, and rewards. Our goals are to improve clarity and understanding of items and rewards at first glance. Highlights include: 

  • Adjustments to Power and Progression – We’ve smoothed out the progression curves, but kept player power relatively the same. Player’s will notice a difference in item levels on gear to accommodate this change. 
  • Item Adjustments – Item level and Item Type will determine the value of the Core stats players require. 
  • Shield Adjustments – Shields will now only include stats related to shields. They will come in various combinations so that the player can pick the one that fits their style. 
  • Challenge Rewards – Updated challenges so the UI is easier to understand. The rewards will be repeatable and be a great way to get materials for crafting. 
  • Tradeskills – We have updated all of the circuit board schematics and improved end game crafting. So keep a look out for those new schematics! 

To accomplish all of this and to grant player’s appropriate items, we now have the Item Deprecation system. If you have an item that is no longer being supported, it will be replaced. Examples below: 

  • Rune - the Rune will be removed from slots and replacement tokens will be mailed to the player. We have placed vendors within the capital cities to purchase the new Runes from. 
  • Worn Items – the item will be switched to the new item. One exception; if a class no longer has the proficiency to wear that piece of armor. Then the item will be removed and a replacement equivalent heavy, medium, or light piece of armor will be mailed to the player. 

Protostar’s Revolutionary Rucksack

This surprisingly compact satchel contains all sorts of goodies that will aid you as you play through WildStar, including increasingly higher level rucksacks! Rucksacks are given to all new and pre-existing characters in WildStar.

Alpha Sanctum

Top scientists and explorers have uncovered a seemingly forgotten Eldan museum, the Alpha Sanctum, but it falls to you and your intrepid, deadly hands to claim the bounty within! Delve into this single player episode to discover the mysteries of the primal powers and Eldan orders, and unlock the greatest Eldan secret yet – if the Sanctum Curator doesn’t destroy you first! Join the XAS or Royal Collegium at level 15 to discover the mysteries of the Alpha Sanctum!

Drusera Instance Level Updates

In addition to the new Alpha Sanctum instance available at level 15, the 5 Drusera instance quests have had their level requirements adjusted. These changes will allow players to get involved in Wild Star’s main storyline much sooner and at more natural break points in their levelling progression. Item rewards for the Drusera instance quests have also been improved.


Legendary and Elite Champions

We have completed an overhaul on our rares, primes and group primes in all zones.  To help players identify these creatures easier, rares will now carry an elite champion affiliation and group primes will carry a legendary champion affiliation. Elite champions have been changed back to solo elite difficulty.  Both elite and legendary champions will now use more challenging combat packages.  We have completed an itemization pass on elite and legendary champions.  Legendary champions will also have achievements for killing them.  To help smooth out the progression, prime basepop creatures will now ramp up in difficulty in the 6-22 zones.


World Bosses

The World Bosses in the game have had their encounters reworked and are now level 50 raid content! Oh, we suppose they have sweet new loot attached too, maybe even a costume or pet! Reworked and new encounters include:

  • Metal Maw
  • Dreamspore (was Hoarding Stemdragon)
  • Kraggar
  • Grendelus the Guardian
  • King Honeygrave
  • King Plush (new boss, replaces Doomthorn)
  • Metal Maw Prime
  • Mechathorn (was Defensive Protocol Unit)
  • Zoetic
  • Gargantua
  • Scorchwing (encounter is mostly unchanged, but now functions like the other World Bosses)

So how do each of these bosses work?

  • Each boss is on a very long spawn timer (24-36 hours) and is balanced for a 20 player group with 1-2 tanks, 2-3 healers, and many (usually dead!) DPS. There are no hard restrictions on group size, however, and players can attempt the encounters with fewer or more players at their leisure.
  • To offset these longer timers, each boss also has a panel near their encounter space that players can use to force-spawn the boss (except during an enforced cooldown just after the boss has been defeated, or during a short ‘spin-up’ period before they spawn). They do so using Progenitor Access Particles.
  • Players earn these Particles by killing Open World 5-player group mobs. Dungeons and Adventures don’t count! There are several existing or new places to find these enemies:
    • The Black Focus
    • Drusera’s Nursery
    • (New) Galeras – Near King Plush
    • (New) Farside – Near Mechathorn
    • (New population added) Wilderrun – Near Zoetic
    • Grimvault – The 5-man episodes "Raxen's Assault" (Exile) and "Shatterforce Assault" (Dominion) have been rebalanced to be both level 50 quests and creatures.

We have added new Holocrypts and Transport locations so that players of the opposite faction can more easily reach each encounter.


Discovery Revamp

Discoveries will now be far more numerous across Nexus and have received some exciting additions, including new markers to better distinguish them while exploring! Several new costume sets and companion pets now hide in zones from 6-50. Uncover some stylish goggles for your forehead or find the savage gear of the Bloodfire Draken! Capture a savannah garr or Strain-corrupted chompacabra for your very own!


Cryoplex Arena (Please note that this content will not be coming with free-to-play launch but is slated for a future drop,. We still appreciate you testing it. Thanks!)


The Cryoplex is a new PvP arenas map for 3v3 and 5v5 modes. Set in an icy tundra environment, it provides a much larger battle-map than Slaughterdome. It also introduces and emphasizes the use of vertical game space in PvP arenas.