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Lifestyles of Nexus IV: A New Home (Judging Until August 28th)

Lifestyles of Nexus Housing

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#1 WSChestnut

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Posted 07 July 2015 - 11:39 AM

Welcome to the Lifestyles of Nexus IV: A New Home housing competition.

(Instead of A New Hope! ... Well, at least I thought it was funny...)

The Black Dagger Society is once again running a Lifestyles of Nexus housing competition! This competition is a chance for you to show off your hard work and awesomeness to everyone else on our server and the internet. You might even win some shiny shiny Lopp-approved plat!

It's been a few months since we did one of these, so we figured it was about time to see what folks have been able to come up with since March! I mean, you're ready, right?

If you're interested in entering your housing plot in the competition, please post the following information in a reply to this thread no later than August 7th.
The full name of the character who owns the SkyPlot (we need this to get to the plot to visit it)
The name of your main (if it's an alt) or who you want your prize sent to if you win
Your faction (Exile or Dominion)
The name of the SkyPlot itself
Whether you want to give the judges a tour of your plot (we will TRY to accomodate this, but we can't guarantee it).
Anything you want to tell us about your plot.

During the first two weeks of August, our team of judges will visit all the plots that were entered in the competition and choose winners in the following categories for each faction:
Best Overall - 7 Plat Prize
Best Theme - 5 Plat Prize
Best Indoor - 5 Plat Prize
Best Outdoor - 5 Plat Prize
Most Unique - 5 Plat Prize

IMPORTANT: In order for us to visit your house to judge the submission, your skyplot MUST be set to Public before August 7th. If we can't visit a skyplot due to restrictions, it will be disqualified.

Judges will contact you at their own discretion, but will mainly be available between 5pm PST/8pm EST and 10pm PST/1am EST on weeknights August 2-14. Please try to accommodate these times to the best of your ability. Some judges prefer to get in touch via tells, and others via in-game mail. Some may be available on the weekend at various times. It all depends on the judge, but we wanted to set a time to help prevent confusion. Judges will no longer visit houses after Friday August 14 so that we can discuss winners and have everything ready to announce that weekend!

Winners will be announced on the forums either August 15th or 16th, and prizes will be mailed to plot owners in game. Like last time, we will put together a post of winners, and take self-guided video tours of the winning plots that will be loaded onto YouTube! We will also be putting together a grand list of all participants, and talking about how awesome your plots were, so you may want to make sure to leave them public for a while so that everyone else can visit them too and see for yourselves.

We hope that everyone who takes pride in their skyplot will enter this contest! There's a lot of really good ones out there, and who knows - you just might win something nice in recognition of what you've built!


If you would like a Quick URL to share, please use: http://tinyurl.com/lifestyles4


Q: What are the prizes?
A: Prizes for each category are detailed above, and are straight-up Platinum!

Q: Is this open to both factions?
A: Yes! Like last time, Daggers have characters in both factions who can do the judging, so our judges can check out both Dominion and Exile plots!

Q: I won last time. Am I eligible to participate again?
A: Yes. While we debated putting a restriction on winners, we decided that most people have improved or completely re-done their plots. Next time, we have something else up our sleeves for previous winners!

Q: I'm a member of the Black Dagger Society. Can I enter my skyplot in the competition?
A: Yes, as long as you yourself are not a judge for the event.

Q: I'm on a server other than Entity. Can I enter my skyplot?
A: Unfortunately not at this time. We don't have the ability to visit skyplots on all the servers for judging, so this contest is limited to skyplots on the Entity server only. We do hope that Warhound and the EU servers host similar competitions as well!

Q: Wait, this is the fourth competition?
A: Indeed! You can find our previous winners for the first (Dominion/Exile), second, and thirdcompetitions on the forums.

Q: I have a question not addressed here.
A: Feel free to get in touch with Chestnut on the forums (WSChestnut) or Exile side at Chestnut Stonebough. She's also available readily on Twitter when not in-game.




Proxima Dust – Tekkonkinkreet Ward (Tour: Yes)
Kezan Nano – Nano Biochemistry Plant (Tour: Yes) 

Grumlen Dangerpants – EldanFriedCubig Protobar (Tour: Yes)
Audette Leblanc – Iron Citadel of Cassus (Tour: Yes)

Director Rats – The Twilight Quarry (Tour: Yes)

Salasazia Skychaser – Outpost CRATER (Tour: Yes)

i Martyr – Abandoned SRVC Station (Tour: Yes)

Jazaar Terrorhorn (By Inventor ENGenius) – Mikros (Tour: Yes)

Inventor ENGenius – Mining Facility P17 (Tour: Yes)

Pyschic War (misspelled on purpose) – Haven (Tour: Maybe)

Jabbit Tooth (By Grumlen Dangerpants) – The Jabbit Hole (Tour: Yes)

Mahana Kainoa – Marauder Compound (Tour: Yes)

Killa Watt (By Twitchey Twitch) – War Factory (Tour: Yes)

Twitchey Twitch – Space Port Chua (Tour: Yes)



Lucy Loo – Solace (Tour: Yes)
Slade Frackwell – The Rusty Bucket Saloon (Tour: Yes)
Mexi Chan (By Kelzam Duskthorn – Commission) – World Last HQ (Tour: Yes)
Tekunin Nevershade (By Kelzam Duskthorn) – The Ruins of Zelvautis (Tour: Yes)
Sophie Seed – [Plot Name Unspecified] (Tour: Yes)
Malzek Rainfuy (By Kelzam Duskthorn) – The Voidstar II (Tour: Yes)
Exsedol Nordrake – Jupiter Orbital (Tour: Yes)

Pyotyr Ilych – Ilych Manor (Tour: Maybe)

Kalita Moonthistle – Moonthistle Hollow (Tour: Yes)

Dendras Baselaird (By Exsedol Nordrake) – Exo Lab 34 Zeta (Tour: Yes)

Bianchia Windrunner (By Coinshot Misting) – Purelake Basin (Tour: Yes)

Rilin Willowvine (By Coinshot Misting) –The Hidden Vale (Tour: Yes)

Jacqueline Goldstar – Pyrite Acres (Tour: No)

Sunwood Grove (By Rocio Silverroot) – Sunwood Grove Shrine (Tour: Yes)

Dubstep OrbitalDrop – The Zero Divided Club (Tour: Yes)

Starwrath Rainfury (By Kelzam Duskthorn) – Umbra Town (Tour: Yes)

Malzek Rainfury (By Kelzam Duskthorn) – The Voidstar MKII (Tour: Yes)

Ezra Gray – Graymalkin (Tour: Yes)

Jack Climber (By Ezra Gray) – Atop the Beanstalk (Tour: Yes)

Kid Killpaw (By Ezra Gray) – Highbough (Tour: Yes)

Rebel angel – The harlot moon (Tour: Yes)

Katia Managan – Katville (Tour: Yes)

Katia Storekeep (By Katia Managan) – Katikea (Tour: Yes)

Katia Racer (By Katia Managan) – Deep Kat Six (Tour: Yes)

Moxxie Stormviolet (By Verana Bloodrose) – [Plot Name Unspecified] (Tour: No)

Kasserine Eirian – Kasserines Retreat (Tour: Yes)

Kanai Shattermirror (By Annamarie Jones/Kurz Stillwater) – The Asylum (Tour: Yes)

Annamarie Jones – The Hostel (Tour: Yes)

VVonder VVoman (V's, not W's) (By CindyLou Who) – Hall of Justuzz (Tour: Yes)

Cindyana Jones (By CindyLou Who) – The Temple of Zoom (Tour: Yes)

Cindyrly Beloved (By CindyLou Who) – The Tikitrack Chapel (Tour: Yes)

cIndy Car (i not l) (By CindyLou Who) – The cIndyanapolist 500 (Tour: Yes)

Cindypendence Day (By CindyLou Who) – Star Spangled Stuntway (Tour: Yes)

cIndyGen Incorporated (i not l) (By CindyLou Who) – Jurassic Parkway (Tour: Yes)

Sheriff Earp (Commission by CindyLou Who) – Tombstone (Tour: Yes)

Bast Ankset – Bastion (Tour: Yes)

Flux Paradox – Mad Hatter Domain (Tour: Maybe)

Soft Kiss – Rock Bottom Tea House (Tour: Yes)

Fyktion Stohrie – Outpost NXS 1138 (Tour: Yes)

Chasamo Barkhouse – Pumera's Pride Tavern (Tour: Yes)

Shendorion Skirlingwind (By Shendorion Fleetfood) – Shroke Roost (Tour: Maybe)

Cletus Long (By Shendorion Fleetfoot) – XSS Bronze Dragon (Tour: Maybe)

Shendorion Fleetfoot – XSS There and Back Again (Tour: Maybe)

Taneleer Tivan (By Liliha Vere) – Leviathan Breaker (Tour: Maybe)

Liliha Vere – Dark City (Tour: Maybe)

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#2 Kavi

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Posted 07 July 2015 - 12:56 PM

Ahhhhh gonna have to finish my plot for real real now!

Owner of Plot: Lucy Loo Fur
Name of Main Character: Lucy Loo Fur
Faction: Exile
Skyplot Name: Solace (It's been torn down and is being re-created MUCH differently than last time)
Tour: Available (also preferred, there will be plenty of hidey spots that people already have missed finding)

Additional Information:
Solace is still a sanctuary, but now it's no longer just my personal space out in the desert. In a secluded forest an aurin has set up a small cluster of provisioned shelters for those who need their space for a while. They can come here to mourn, to heal, to hide, or simply to rest. There are two main paths through the forest, starting from the entrance: one is well tended and leads towards Lucy's own little home where she keeps gardens and supplies for herself and those who come to visit, or to restock the shelters with. The other path, to the right of the entrance, is a wilder, far more overgrown area. While the path is ultimately clear, the foliage is untamed. She has used this to her advantage in hiding the shelters. The only hints to where you may find one of these are the soft sound of wind chimes in the air. There is a mountain at the end of this path, with a tunnel leading upwards to an orchard and a more sturdy shelter. There are two ponds at the base of the mountain.

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#3 EsperXIV

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Posted 07 July 2015 - 01:02 PM

Oh, that reference in the title.... :P


I'm in for this, the last one was a blast. I was actually going to whisper and see if you were interested in making a film for my new plot, Chestnut. :-p   But this is just as fun!


(but if you're interested....)


And damn, my new place is just about finished outside, but now I really need to get on the polish and start the sewer interior for realsies. omg!




Proxima Dust


Tekkonkinkreet Ward (might change by the time of the contest)

Prefer tour

The plot is another homage to cyberpunk, my ideal mechari style, and hard sci-fi. If I could jam Mass Effect, Shadowrun, and Wildstar into one experience, it would be this. :P

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#4 KezanNano

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Posted 07 July 2015 - 01:30 PM

Character Name / Plot Owner: Kezan Nano
Faction: Dominion
Plot Name: Nano Biochemistry Plant
Can give tour? Yes!



About my plot: On an imported slice of Bezgelor, between the authentic smog plumes, poorly insulated silos and tube systems stands the prestigious Nano Collective’s very own biochemistry plant, owned by biochemist and toxicologist Kezan Nano. The plot features numeral labs, including an annexed Strain research lab and a perch lab that regulates the entire facility. A controlled-atmosphere biome to cultivate samples, a sample storage facility and the main housing pod, which features a fully outfitted lab, hydroponics bay, supercomputer and personal quarters. For your harvesting needs, there’s also a Relic Excavation Site and a open-air garden.


The plot is designed after what I believe modern day Bezgelor looks like: full of dead flora, tubes, exposed industry and smog. I tried to stick to Chua architecture and bronze / glowing blue as much as possible, incorporating chimneys and exhausts, Cozmotronic technology and exposed wiring.

Edited by KezanNano, 07 July 2015 - 01:30 PM.

#5 Frackwell

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Posted 08 July 2015 - 11:26 AM

Slade Frackwell


The Rusty Bucket Saloon

Tour available


A lot's changed in the the year-plus that we've been open, and a lot more's been added since we entered the very first LoNex competition thanks to the decor cap increase. With that in mind (and nearly at item cap), I'm throwin' the Bucket back into the ring. Inspired by themed bars found throughout the American southwest, Nexus' oldest watering hole is still the same chunk of Algoroc she's always been, only with a year's worth of new additions and amenities that make it hard to believe this place looked so damned empty before. C'mon by and kick your feet up...you'll be a lot less likely to trip over all the stuff on the floor. :P

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#6 WSChestnut

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Posted 09 July 2015 - 04:07 AM

Updated with entries up to this point. Looking forward to seeing all the amazing creativity that exists on Entity! I hope more folks sign up soon! :D

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#7 Kelzam Duskthorn

Kelzam Duskthorn
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Posted 09 July 2015 - 05:56 AM

Owner of Plot: Mexi Chan

Plot By: Kelzam Duskthorn

Name of Main Character: Kelzam Duskthorn

Faction: Exile

Skyplot Name: World Last HQ


About: World Last HQ is a commission project that was requested by World Last's GM, Mexi Chan. As a guild, World Last has seen and defeated some of the most dangerous creatures, crazed AI constructs and other hostile forces on Nexus. Requesting a "Black Hoods" feel as a lover of lore, Mexi want a place his guild and friends could hang out while reveling in their accomplishments. The result is an Eldan-Black Hood fusion that feels almost like a museum, with various vaults, gateways, storage and other rooms... even one containing a certain psychopathic AI.



Owner of Plot: Tekunin Nevershade

Plot By: Kelzam Duskthorn

Name of Main Character: Kelzam Duskthorn

Faction: Exile

Skyplot Name: The Ruins of Zelvautis


About: Designed for Tekunin's RP group and inspired by Diablo II Act III's location of Kurast (and the prison of Mephisto), the abandoned caverns are rife with the mystic and occult. Crypts, tombs, ancient forges, and an ancient temple-city await.

Edited by Kelzam Duskthorn, 09 July 2015 - 05:55 AM.

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#8 Chillia


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Posted 09 July 2015 - 06:04 AM

Added this to our player-run events post in General. :) 


Good luck everyone! 

#9 Kavi

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Posted 09 July 2015 - 07:31 AM

LOL oh dear, Kelz is gonna have more LoN titles to add to his signature! Need more people to sign up and try to stop him :P :)

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#10 Sophia Seed

Sophia Seed
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Posted 09 July 2015 - 06:11 PM

Plot Owner: Sophie Seed

Main Character: Sophie Seed

Faction: Exile(Entity)

Tour: Available Upon Request.

Plot Information:

Plot is themed after an RP Banking Society, meant to assist people in storage of items and money.  Plot includes three vaults: Floor level, main vault, and secret vault.  Plot also contains an apartment: two bedrooms, library, media room, and Pool/Hot-tub.  Bank is themed after Scourge McDuck's Money Bin from the 80s Classic TV cartoon Duck Tales.

#11 Bosk

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Posted 30 July 2015 - 01:23 PM

Owner of Plot: Director Rats

Main Character: Director Rats

Faction: Dominion

Skyplot Name: The Twilight Quarry

Tour: Yes


About:  Nestled within the quarry is Director Rats' research facility.

#12 ZuberiGF

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Posted 30 July 2015 - 01:27 PM

Plot owner: Salasazia Skychaser
Main Character: Salasazia Skychaser
Faction: Dominion
Tour: I would like to give a tour yes! :D

Name: Outpost CRATER

Plot Info: Outpost CRATER is built into a canyon-like scar cut across the asteroid's surface. An Eldan communication relay built in the canyon makes the spot an ideal location for building a base out of the way of major space lanes while still remaining in contact with surface assets. Just beneath the surface, the outpost houses multiple transports for space-to-surface trips, an arboretum to keep the base self-sufficient, a primary communications hub using the Eldan comm relay, and a Lancer-class boarding vessel, ideal for short-range missions, hit and run attacks, and stealing from or disrupting enemy supply lines. Further beneath the surface, the base houses its personnel, as well as a laboratory containing dangerous specimens of Nexian origin. The lab is built with stringent safety regulations in mind, in order to avoid contamination or infection while still facilitating research.

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#13 Kavi

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Posted 30 July 2015 - 02:24 PM

Wow it rolled back tons of entries...

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#14 Jobrill

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Posted 30 July 2015 - 05:32 PM

Owner of Plot: Pyotyr Ilych

Faction: Exile

Skyplot Name: Ilych Manor

Tour: Optional


Additional Information:

Ilych Manor is meant to recall the grounds of Grismara where Pyotyr grew up. It's a haunted manor surrounded by deep dark forests, foreboding statues graves, and hedges, and with all manner of Eldritch creatures lurking about. There is also a cave where Pyotyr performs the Alchemical rituals of his ancestors, in hopes of covering all possible avenues to a cure for the contagion.


Ilych Manor itself features a humble but well appointed study and sitting room on the first floor, and on the second floor a laboratory where Pyotyr practices medicene, as well as performing experiments in hopes of uncovering the secrets of nexus and the salvation of his people.

#15 Kitsune Hazard

Kitsune Hazard
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Posted 30 July 2015 - 06:20 PM

Owner of Plot: Kalita Moonthistle

Main Char Name: Kalita Moonthistle

Faction: Exile

Skyplot Name: Moonthistle Hollow

Tour: Yes! (preferred actually, there's a ton of weird things hiding all over)


Additional Info:

Deep in the woods of Celestion, an abandoned Aurin village has been happened upon by one strange and wild Aurin, Kalita Moonthistle. While she's the sole inhabitant of this once vibrant space, and rather likes it that way, frequently she opens the veil of fog and tangled brush that leads to it for festivals or for those that seem to just wander into it. Most come for the festivities, though others come for help...even if they don't realize that they need it right away.

#16 Thor131

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Posted 30 July 2015 - 07:34 PM

Wow Fourm screw up jacked the entries list up. guess ill renter


Owner of Plot: Exsedol Nordrake

Plot By: Exsedol Nordrake

Name of Main Character: Exsedol Nordrake

Faction: Exile

Server: Entity

Skyplot Name: Jupiter Orbital

Tour: Yes


About: The base concept design for this is for community housing if its square this is the center house. Left side will be life, Right side will be death themed with this house in the center. at current its 6 floors this will bw 8-10 at the itme intrase eahc being a kind of lab of research area where one of these floors branches out to across using sky tunnels and such to the other houses. Each of these aspects are started in this house to be moved later on to the joining houses containing an eldan lab, a shipyard / casino, a strain / desert area, and a forest tree house area.


Owner of Plot: Dendras Baselaird

Plot By: Exsedol Nordrake

Name of Main Character: Exsedol Nordrake

Faction: Exile

Server: Entity

Skyplot Name: Exo Lab 34 Zeta

Tour: Yes


About: This plot is an eldan exo lab con-sealed in exanite, key feature include all eldan themed plugs, a jump-avator that will attach to the upper platform later on, and a hidden lab under the central statue with hidden secrets you will need to see for yourself. Inside here the tiny details are what show up here.

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#17 Bianchia

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Posted 30 July 2015 - 08:11 PM

Wow that rollback...


Resubmitting my entries.


Plot Owner: Bianchia Windrunner

Main Character: Coinshot Misting

Faction: Exile

Skyplot Name: Purelake Basin

Tour: Available


Additional Info:  Welcome to Purelake Basin, a quiet fishing village made possible by Protostar!  Browse through our marketplace, rent out a fishing boat, catch a flick with some friends, or dance your heart out at our community center nestled (somewhat) safely around the massive mangrove at the heart of our village.  Just want to relax, get a bite to eat or maybe a drink?  Grab a pillow at our lounge or a stool at our sky bar!  And at the end of the day when you don't want to leave you don't have to!  Rent a tiki hut for the night or stay forever in your very own houseboat!


Plot Owner: Rilin Willowvine

Designed by: Coinshot Misting

Main Character: Coinshot Misting

Faction: Exile

Skyplot Name: The Hidden Vale

Tour: Preferably yes


Additional Info:  Rilin requested a nature-heavy setting for future roleplay endeavors.  The plot centers around two waterfalls and features a treehouse, theatre/lounge, restaurant, and subterranean hotsprings.  

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#18 tulipbagels

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Posted 30 July 2015 - 09:07 PM

Plot Owner: Jacqueline Goldstar

Main Character: Jacqueline Goldstar

Faction: Exile

Skyplot Name: Pyrite Acres

Tour: No Thanks


Plot Info:  Custom built 2 story exile house with a small barn out front and a hovering fire pit sitting area out back.  In the basement there is a moonshine cellar and robot lab that is a work in progress.

#19 Rocio

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Posted 31 July 2015 - 02:41 AM

The full name of the character who owns the SkyPlot: Sunwood Grove
The name of your main: Rocio Silverroot
Your faction: Exile
The name of the SkyPlot itself: Sunwood Grove Shrine
Whether you want to give the judges a tour of your plot: I can if possible
Anything you want to tell us about your plot: The Ravaging eliminated Suki Stillriver's entire family and all the trees of their grove. But that changed when she found a single seed in a bracelet. She built a shrine for the tree to grow and flourish. Suki Stillriver's shrine is based on a Middle Eastern vibe (Notably a mosque.)

Do you like stories? I wrote one!  Read it here. :D 

#20 Eidolon Zephyrhawk

Eidolon Zephyrhawk
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Posted 31 July 2015 - 03:05 AM

Full name: Dubstep OrbitalDrop

Main: Dubstep OrbitalDrop

Faction: Exile

Skyplot name: The Zero Divided Club

Tour Ready: preferred, but not necessary.  I'm available the next few days only at 9-11pm EST


Good to know info: Its a Space Pirate Station / Dance Club.  Explorer style - Jumping Puzzle - Hoverpark hybrid.
***Hoverboard is preferred transport as the facility is large and some passages are very thin.  Follow the danger signs.***
- Starts in the Cargo Bay which leads to the entrance.  Poke the eye at security and drop in.  

- Main dance/activity floor.  Follow the half-pipe you drop into around, climb the ladder and make your way to the Skeeball jump

- Where ever you land, make your way up the next wall either by jumping plates or the half-pipes to reach the clear plate JP

- Clear plate JP leads under the VIP and then up into it.  

- VIP room is the Pirate King's Sanctum.  Head to the vault 

- Vault takes you to the observation deck and then down into the generator room.  

- Top back of the Gen room takes you to "Dead Man's Drop"

- Dead Man's Drop takes you down, obviously, either hitting the pipe and living or... splat.  Either way, the tunnels return you to the Main Dance Floor.  
Danger Warning - at full health, none of the drops "should" kill you aside from Dead Man's Drop.  If you simply insist on dying, please use the complimentary Sepulcher in the tunnels for your convenience.  

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