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[Addon] (AHK Exe) MB2 Toggle - Right mouse button toggle assist.

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Posted 12 May 2015 - 04:24 PM

A long time ago I made a small autohotkey script that was super simple that all it did was make your MB2 a toggle(technical term for Right Mouse Button) which helps emulate the Action Combat style.


This is a super simple AHK.exe file, and there's the source code for it so you can make your own version if you don't trust a premade EXE. You will need Autohotkey to use the source code.
Download the EXE Here: http://www.mediafire.../MB2 Toggle.exe


Operation is super simple. Start the program, and down in your task bar a small green square with an "H" will appear.
Your MB2 is now a toggle switch.


To disable this function(suspend) Press and hold Right ALT +F12 (in that order, Left alt will not work, pressing F12 first wont work either, Ralt+F12)
Press the keycombo again to reenable the function.


To to Close out of MB2 Toggle complete, right click the task bar symbol then click exit.


Note: If your MB2 is toggle is enabled you will have to double right click something quickly to get  a standard right click, but this doesn't work all the time. So if you need to use a MB2 click just temp disable the function and re enable it.
The MB2 toggle will mess with vendoring things, and getting the context menus to happen in WildStar when enabled, simply suspend (RAlt+F12) to prevent this from happening)

This Also works with Guild Wars 2.
This is not a macro or autoclicker or any sort of gameplay automation.

This addon simply changes the OS interaction of your Right mouse button to a toggle switch.


Source Code

SendMode Input
If (Toggle := !Toggle)
Send {RButton Down}
Send {RButton up}
RAlt & f12::suspend

Note: HackSheild, XTrap, and Gameguard will see MB2 Toggle as a hack/script, as it is an AHK File.

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