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Megaserver Feedback Thread

Last names Megaservers

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#201 Cougar


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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:14 AM

In case I missed it somewhere, when is the near future? Just the typical soon followed by TM or will we be seeing this in the next month or so?


3-6 weeks. Testing is going to be a pain for this though, and we need to make SURE before we flip this switch.


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#202 Typrop

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:13 AM

Heres a bit of a question....which kinda references a nasty subject as well...


So does this mean if you were one of the people who managed to reserve a name way back before and you now have this ideal name. You're boned? with all this last name business...

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#203 Scriptorium

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:14 AM

I get the math of it. Roleplayers have always been a niche segment. Carbine has to implement these changes to save the game as a whole. Doesn't change the fact that Wildstar went from RP friendly to not-friendly with this change. That niche in Wildstar will likely just get smaller because of it. Carbine will lose long term subscribers (more than most, RP'er stick around long after the PvP and PvE folks have gone on to greener pastures). I'm sure they've calculated the losses and are sure of their decision. Nothing for it now but to sit an see what the fallout is for our community.

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#204 MiniDread

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:14 AM

Please dont add in last names, unless we want them or something...all my chars i have would have horrid last names no matter what!



And LOL at all the people still crying about this..."i want 3-4 servers" "megaserver bad idea" blah blah, this ensures there will never be any server with low population...

#205 thegreenmonkey

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:14 AM

I hate this so much. Multiple instances of the game world was suppose to be a temporary thing. Why is it so hard for a game developer to get the idea that if you have 1 persistent game world on a server you create a real community. I already hated how much of Wildstar was instanced, but I stuck around because before launch you said it was temporary. You nullify any world pvp feat by having multiple instances. There is no motivation to do capital raids or any player driven event if only a small portion of the population see it. I don't even know why I am typing this out, you wont go to 1 persistent instance of the game world, and you will not be getting my money.


Thanks for trying.

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#206 Baelix

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:14 AM

Free transfers will stay live until Megaservers come.


Current free transfers must follow all existing rules of our realm transfers. When the Megaserver comes, your guild will move with the guild leader.


Can I like... mail you a sandwich for being so prompt at responses?

Or, can I call your nearest/favorite sub shop, order you one, and have it delivered?

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#207 Razzi

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:14 AM

The heck is an RP chat channel supposed to do? We RP in /say and /e. You've doomed us to griefing.

It COULD work if they end up giving us an RP chat channel that works exactly like /say and /e (but can be toggled on/off), but I kinda doubt that's what they're gonna give us.

#208 Seabelle

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:14 AM

3-6 weeks. Testing is going to be a pain for this though, and we need to make SURE before we flip this switch.


Thank you for the response Cougar. I wanted to have a time period known so I could figure out what I wanted to do in terms of names and stuff. I shall get to thinking and preparation!

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#209 Seele on Evindra

Seele on Evindra
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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:15 AM

I'm very hesitant about the mega servers devouring the rp server for one reason.


and that's greifing from the player base that thinks it's funny to harass rpers. I'm talking about wankers that even after we've put them on ignore come up and run through us. Ignore doesn't make a character invisible. In wow when someone was ignored the animated emotes are still visible. 


Who wants to be actively rping in game with a strain emote being spammed in your face? 


"Oh you can just go to housing."


No. If I'm playing in the game world I'd like to rp in the game world and maybe attract walk up rp. A separate channel doesn't completely solve the issue either because again, there's people who get enjoyment about ruining other people's fun. 


Most of the role players protesting the mega server are people who have had greifers come and harass them. Please Carbine, if you go ahead with this merge, do something for those of us that want to avoid getting harassed. I don't know, make an ignore phase the other player so we don't see /strain spammed ever .5 seconds. combine the french and german rp servers with us in one small mini mega server. I just don't want to feel chased out of this game because some dude bros think it's hilarious to pick some rpers and dance on them and spam emotes at them. 

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#210 MalkavianPrince

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:15 AM

This is a MAJOR blow to the roleplayers who call this game their home.

Griefers will automatically gain the upperhand because roleplayers are restricted to their own "channel" because they can no longer freely speak in their own server. If there are to be limited realms, there NEEDS to be an added RP realm to make this fair at all. So many of us are already leaving because now roleplayers have no realm, no home to call their own.

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#211 Lemurian

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:17 AM

Surnames will not be able to be hidden, no.


That's disappointing and I guess I don't really understand. If their purpose is largely internal (for resolving database conflicts and not forcing renames) why do they have to be on display at all times if a player's preference doesn't like them? I can see forcing their use in friend lists and for whispers and whatever other functions are needed, but why does it have to float over our heads too?

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#212 Laurens

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:17 AM

A great change for Wildstar. Thanks Cougar.

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#213 SnowFox102

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:17 AM

Regarding surnames: You need to clarify how it's going to work. For example, Granok canonically do not have surnames, neither do Mechari, and some characters go by aliases. One of my characters should have a space in her name, but the second part is not a surname. Can a player set their character's name to always display both names, regardless of what other people's settings are, so the correct name displays? Can a player make a garbage surname for the sake of data identity and set it to never display, because Granok/Mechari/this specific character has no true surname? If an RP character was made with both given and surname incorporated, what the heck are they supposed to do?

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#214 Eclips

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:16 AM

3-6 weeks. Testing is going to be a pain for this though, and we need to make SURE before we flip this switch.


Holy shit an ETA from Carbine, and it's not that far away.  Cougar for next CEO!!!!



Free transfers will stay live until Megaservers come.


Current free transfers must follow all existing rules of our realm transfers. When the Megaserver comes, your guild will move with the guild leader.


Thanks for the quick response on that one pal, I know myself and others were a little in the dark there for a while!  Perhaps move this into the main part of your stickied post for visibility?

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#215 feathersRuffled

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:18 AM

Don't try to convince them there's some huge majority of the playerbase that RPs then. They have numbers, you don't. And trust me, as great as the RP community is in this game, it's tiny compared to games like SWG or CoH when they were live.


You want numbers? Look around. 

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#216 Kaelish

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:17 AM


Feel free to PM me things to add to this. I'd like to have the Devs just hone into one post if possible to make it easier!




  • Server Labeling
    • ​Primm wrote a nice structured post about suggestions for server labeling, ignore feature, and improving the housing interface.
    • Unique Title reflective of pre-megaserver server names. example: "of Evindra", "of Thunderfoot", etc.
  • Player griefing for RPers
    • Break the server into channels?​
    • RPers legitimately fear non-RPers interrupting their game play by either trolling the proposed /rp channel or physically interrupting their game play by being a visual nuisance.
      • (Popular) Proposal for phasing: Permit RPers to opt-in with a RP flag that phases them on the megaserver and puts them into their own specific instance to reduce chances of a non-RPer interrupting their immersion. Combined with the below proposal would alleviate a lot of concerns. [Potential fear abusers will go after harvest nodes not available in non-phased areas. Response for pros/cons. Another post.]
      • (Popular) Proposal: Permit the /ignore function to not only ignore /emotes, /say, /whisper, /yell, /party, /aw but to also visually "erase" or phase that person out of the player's game. As it is, ignored people can still /emote spam you, see what YOU say, they can still troll you by spamming you with visual effects, train things onto you / by you, and trigger in-game things such as bombs while you're nearby. Phasing them out will help reduce this type of player griefing and potentially increase quality of life for RPers as well.

        This will also calm the fears of those who believe they will have to make their house neighbor only (thus shrinking the number of RPers per housing from an infinite number to 100 max) to avoid being trolled by non-RPers.
      • Proposal: Can the RP channel have a smaller range than /s does? Then groups are rping in different areas of a zone they won't be talking over each other in the channel. (Tweaked because /s has a HUGE range.)
      • Suggestion: Use Server RP chat as a RP Event organizing tool, not actual RP.
  • Last Names
    • Suggestion: Legacy System implementation for Surname feature to permit players to create a family tree in game. Such as having a brother/sister/cousin/etc with the potential to have family wide buffs or skills unlocked through your Legacy.
    • Immersion from an RPer POV: Last names picked on char creation limit player's ability to decide, after char creation, how to immerse themselves into the RP community world.
    • Concern: FirstName + LastName + PrefixTitles/SuffixTitles in game quickly becoming messy.
    • Would be nice if we could have a character name plus handle. There is precedent for it among the NPC's with Aron "Deadeye" Brightland being the first person an Exile character encounters using that format.
    •  Granok canonically do not have surnames: Cougar says, "Surnames will not be able to be hidden, no. We'll look into what we can do on the name change front for those of you with "combo" first names and/or for those that just want a new name given the new environment. No promises there, but we'll look into it for sure."
      • Cougar response: "Regarding surnames: I was talking to some engineers in the studio and they confirmed that we will be flagging the entire name for renaming and not just picking a surname. BAM!"
      • Pyaray response and here: "You will be able to change your first name when adding your last. You will not however be forced to change your first name if you do not wish to. The requirement will be that the combination of first + last name be unique. Also, there has been some discussion that we'll be "making" the names unique and you'll have to change it, the current plan (WHICH MAY CHANGE) is that we won't be changing the names at all, we'll just flag everyone for rename so that they can add their last name before logging in."
        • Concern: Duplicate "popular" first names such as Legolas McPooferton, Legolas McHeals, Legolas McBobberson
        • Name Reservation - first dibs for people who were eligible for this aka pre-order name reservation​​
    • Request: When you implement surnames, could you add the ability to have apostrophes?
  • Megaserver: the future of your Chat Window
    • There's a general fear that with a megaserver containing the entirety of a population for PVP/PVE per region that it will be impossible to keep up with the different channels and that /say and /emote has a very far reaching range.
      • Places in particular - main cities
      • Concern: "I am a little concerned about how packed the capitals will end up being. A lot of RP happens there, but with all the PvE players from a region on one server? I'd expect the capitals to get instanced frequently, which would mess up RP meetups. As it is, Evindra's Thayd is often standing room only and Illium has a few seas of names too."
  • Guild Names and Seniority
    • Guild Name duplication across the same region servers
      • Their solution is to give seniority to the guild that had the name first and force a rename to the other guilds that duplicated the same popular name, example: several guilds with the name Legendary.
        • Problem: Guilds that are inactive in the sense of progression, an "alt's guild" for people who retained their guild tag, reserved from Headstart, that matches another guild name from a group that is heavily active and attached to their name.

          Example: Legendary from Stormtalon being an active guild of mains that hasn't been around as long as the Legendary from another NA PVE server full of alts/in-actives gets forced to rename on the megaserver due to the restrictions of seniority.
  • Circles
    • Will circle names be renamed with seniority clause or will all circles be given a unique temporary moniker to be changed by the circle leader?
      • ​Not confirmed, but belief is that they will be treated similarly.
  • Server Transfers
    • While they are free, you did not warn anyone about them being zone locked to PVP-PVP and PVE-PVE.
      • Cougar response: "Hey all,

        I was talking with a bunch of people internally about some of the feedback here, and Bardic weighed in heavily internally, and in our free realm transfer mappings we didn't preserve a way across the PvP - > PvE rulesets (which was existing behavior). We will put in a link to go from PvP -> PvE today or tomorrow with the free transfers. However, we are limited on our technology there, so we can only put in 1 destination from PvP -> PvE, but once you get across that boundary, you can wait 7 days and then transfer to any of the destination realms you want as they all link to one another.

        Assuming you want to make that same type of transfer."
      • Suggestion: make PvE -> PvP possible before and after megaservers come around. If you really want to force people to stay one or the other, then a choice would have been appreciated by the player base prior to mergers.
        • CRB_Anlath says, "On the topic of PvE - PvP (or other way around). I believe Cougar was chatting to some devs last night, I haven't seen any confirmation on plans yet though so need to wait for an update from them. We've flagged it as a concern."
        • Cougar says, "PvP -> PvE we will open up a free transfer link in each data center to restore the functionality we had before yesterday. That way if you were thinking about moving to PvE, you can (and should) do so before the Megaservers hit. As far as PvE -> PvP, that has not been possible for the entirety of WildStar, nor does it look like our direction will change on this any time soon."
    • Server Firsts and competition
      • The enjoyment of being able to compete for server first titles is stomped on by megaservers now. Instead of being able to jump to another server for a chance, you're forced to compete with the entirety. Some feel the server merger idea is too extreme with megaservers.
  • Whispering & Social Addons
    • How is this going to be handled? Will players have to type /w firstname lastname over and over?
      • ​Proposal: Implement a tab function to cycle through whisper responses.
        • ​MikeCW typed up a proposal here.
    • Scriptorium says, "@Naunet, I already stated that I'll be modifying Killroy to allow for auto insertion of the RP marker and RP chat filtering on any channel. This will allow you to have "say" and "emote" chat filtered for OOC material without having to enter anything other than your chat stream, and allow all your other channels to be "OOC" so you see everyone's chat. Is there something more that you think should be done on that front?"
  • World Bosses
    • ​Will there be a chance to the big world event spawn timers to reflect the larger population pool for the megaservers? The fear is that the bosses will die so fast that nobody will be able to get into zone fast enough for their kills.
      • ​Examples: World Bosses for attunement, Scorchwing, Elyona for the daily quest, and so on.
  • ​​Circles/Neighbors
    • ​With the incoming megaserver solution, the cap of 100 neighbors/100 circle members seems too small. 
      • ​Proposal: Increase or remove the cap completely from neighbors/circle members.

Questions & Answers:


  • I have over 12 characters on PvP realms, if you can only have 12 per Megaserver what is going to happen to my excess characters, how will they decide which ones to delete. Some of the names are very important to me.
    • You will retain the excess characters, but cannot make new characters until you have 11 or less per megasever. Note: Remember that if the game later introduces more classes, you will be forced to reduce your character count to under 12 to make a new one.
  • Character cap being 12 per megaserver, why not 6 x number of PVX servers there are now?
    • Awaiting response.
  • How will last names go into effect, can we hide them?
    • You will not be able to hide your last name. From Cougar: "Surnames will not be able to be hidden, no. We'll look into what we can do on the name change front for those of you with "combo" first names and/or for those that just want a new name given the new environment. No promises there, but we'll look into it for sure."
  • So what if *I* have the same name on different servers?
    • ​​Specifically this was not directly answered, but the short of it is here with Cougar's response"Regarding surnames: I was talking to some engineers in the studio and they confirmed that we will be flagging the entire name for renaming and not just picking a surname. BAM!"
  • Why can't they do an ID instead of a FirstName + LastName?
    • Pyaray says, "We did indeed talk about just adding the account ID, like "Bob.12345" as every account does have a 5-7 digit unique ID.  We felt that most people would prefer to name themselves rather than to have an arbitrary number tagged on all their characters.  So once again, I will state that we made the decision based on what we thought would be best for the majority of players.  We also discussed player harassment and reporting, and if we had a hidden number on every character there would be an army of Bob's causing trouble, and they would become more difficult to report because the number wasn't displayed by default.

      As for why we didn't use account name, the forum account name is not actually shared to the game.  As far as the game is concerned, your account name is your e-mail address.  Displaying peoples e-mail addresses along with their character name we felt would be a severe violation of privacy.  And only using the part before the @ would still be an invasion of privacy since many people use their real names in their e-mail address.  And only using up to the @ is not guaranteed unique anyways."
  • If we xfer a character that's a GM - does the guild come with us? Or do we have to start fresh?
    • Cougar says: "Free transfers will stay live until Megaservers come. Current free transfers must follow all existing rules of our realm transfers. When the Megaserver comes, your guild will move with the guild leader."
  • Why does Evindra need to be part of the megaserver? You couldn't leave the server tech "as is" for Evindra and combine the rest of PvE and PvP into a megaserver? Evindra is one of the few servers that isn't hurting from population issues.
    • CRB_Anlath says, "We can't just "leave Evindra" alone due to tech. It's just not an option sadly."
  • I recently transfered my 2 toons to another server Sunday Night, and wondering is there going to be some form of refund with this announcement, say a week back on all transfers or give Credd's for reimbursement?  Or is it a sorry for your loss, but thank you for the money given and the repeat business and hope you continue playing?
    • BusterCaseyFor this, definitely get in touch with CS (choose "Billing Support" when you go to make a ticket). They'll be happy to help you take a look at the options you have. 
  • I just bought a server transfer before the megaserver message went out, can I get a refund?
    • Yes, see post here on Reddit about it. Open a ticket / contact customer support, give them your transaction number and the form of payment. Be patient. Be NICE.
  • What effect will this have on the commodity exchange?
    • Awaiting response.
  • How will sharding work on megaservers?
    • Awaiting response.
  • What will the megaservers be called?
    • Awaiting response.
  • How will characters sort on the new megaserver, will it be by transferred in, alphabetically, at random, can we arrange it ourselves? Question paraphrased from Yermoh.
    • CRB_Anlath says, "I don't believe so, as that current functionality doesn't exist to my understanding. I can ask to confirm, but I don't believe so."
  • Are you going to be sending an e-mail out to all your subs about this? Cause not everyone visits the forums.
    • Awaiting response.
  •  Will we be retaining our Server Forums?
    • Awaiting response.
  • How will NPCs and quest text refer to our characters? Will they use both names?
    • CRB_Anlath says, "Good question! I believe both, but will just check to be certain!"
  • Name format, can I have multiple spaces?
    • CRB_Anlath says, "30 characters total, 2 words, 1 space."
  • Carbine will MEGASERVER forced transfer keep ALL of our money? Or we'll automatically lose money according to the transfer restrictions? I have over 250p need to know.
    • CRB_Anlath says, "You should keep all currency. The usual restrictions won't be in place when we move folks to the megaserver."
  •  What about /played .... is this being reset as a result of the server merger?
    • Awaiting response.
  • With the news on the upcoming server merges, what is happening with the next planned drop? Will this merge take priority over what was planned? Will they be dropping together?
    • Awaiting response.
  • Q:  Why can't we keep the RP/other realms?
    • A:  A realm is a collection of servers & databases that run a particular copy of the servers to play the full game.  Some of the servers (machines) are exclusive to a realm, and some are shared.  We can't keep some of the realms around because we're taking all of our server hardware and juggling it (and hopefully not dropping any...) ;) to make the new MegaServer.  The server machines that are shared under our current realm system will not be shared under the mega server method.  The machines that the realms are currently using (both shared and not shared), will be moving into the mega server architecture, so the hardware simply won't be available.
  • Q:  Why can't we instance everyone who wants a different play ruleset into their instances (like RP)?
    • A:  Simply put, because we don't currently have the tech to do that.  Is it possible for us to write that tech, sure, practically anything is possible.  But it would probably take us a really long time.  I won't say this will never happen, but I will say that there is practically no possibility of this being ready in time for the mega server merger.  We would not take the rewriting of our instancing code lightly, because if a bug were to get introduced into that subsystem, the game would pretty much not run.  This request is significantly more complicated than it sounds, mostly because our entire play space relies on that code, and it's already super complicated, much more complicated than it sounds when discussed.  The suggestion has been heard, but I can't really say anymore than that, this request is outside my realm of responsibility.  If it were to become a reality, it would be months from now at the soonest.

RP Community - brought up by players to comfort other RPers.

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#217 VicVanMeter

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:17 AM

3-6 weeks. Testing is going to be a pain for this though, and we need to make SURE before we flip this switch.


Two questions, Cougar:


First, is there a way to build in a tool that will allow us to sync to a reserved shard so that the RP community can throw events without attracting trolls?  This might be a fair compromise to mollify the people from Evindra raging over this.  If we could start an invite-only shard for large groups, we might be able to get away with more community events.


Second, most of my names are already surnames.  Can we pick whether our name is the surname or forename?  For instance, I don't want Seeger to be Seeger X, I want him to be X Seeger.  Is this possible?

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#218 Krakanu

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:19 AM

3-6 weeks. Testing is going to be a pain for this though, and we need to make SURE before we flip this switch.


Wow, I'm surprised you're expecting it this soon.  When I first heard about this I was expecting something like very late this year/early next year, lol.  It's certainly not a simple change to make and once you flip the switch there's no going back!

#219 Bandersnatch

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:19 AM



I actually do not know anyone who actually uses the {*} system because it's tedious without programs like Killroy, and even then it makes life harder than it really has to be when you can just type in say and /e.


Even then, you don't find it a little annoying that we'll have to use an outside force in order to feel like we're "safe" (no, justifying 'Trolls don't download addons' is a load of BS when it comes to some people who can be dedicated to a cause of douchebaggery) in a game we're supposed to be enjoying?

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#220 Azami Starflower

Azami Starflower
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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:19 AM

The one game to support RP to this extent, giving each server a unique community to it, and allowing for players with the same interests to choose the server they wanted. You are seriously going to add a mega server to ruin this for all of us? guild wars 2 did the same, it ruined RP for most of the players. a fraction of that RP base remains compaired to what it used to be, as a warning from someone who loves this game. DO NOT DO IT.

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