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Stability Test - Feedback and Discussion » NCoin/Omnibits/Loyalty Observations (0) CRB_Bardic

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 05:38 PM

Regarding missing PTR NCoin and Fortune Coins to test with:


There was a subset of accounts that were missing from the distribution run last night. This is being corrected now. Check back in an hour or so and you should have freebie PTR NCoin to play around with.


Thanks much for the report (both bug and in-game)


Edit: Distribution to affected accounts has been completed.

News and Announcements » Help Us Prep for CBT by Engaging In a Stability Test (0) Delakron


    Live Producer

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 05:29 PM

How do I get access to my 50 character from live on PTR? :)

It doesn't show up!

Type "/ptrcopy" on the character you want to copy. :) That puts it in a copy queue.

Release Manager


Stability Test - Feedback and Discussion » Malfunctioning Items (0) CRB_Meerkat

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 05:29 PM

Passed that along to my Reward guys to look at.

Steven Engle - Lead Combat Designer - Carbine Studios

Server Status » 08/05/2015 - Hardware Maintenance (0) CRB_Sunshine


    Community Manager

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 05:19 PM

Hello Everyone -

At 12AM PDT / 3AM EDT / 7AM UTC, all Megaservers will be down for hardware maintenance - during this time the game will be unavailable. We expect the downtime to last approximately two hours but it could last a bit longer - please follow this thread for any updates as it progresses!

Thanks for your patience during this downtime and we really hope this doesn't cause you any inconvience.

Team WildStar

État des serveurs » Maintenance de tous les royaumes - 05 août (0) CRB_Sunshine


    Community Manager

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 05:10 PM

Aux dates et heures suivantes, tous les royaumes seront fermés pour cause de maintenance. Par conséquence WildStar sera inaccessible.


Veuillez nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée et merci pour votre patience.


[Date et heures]

**05 août / deux heures**

* La durée de la maintenance est sujette à changement.


[Royaumes affectés]
- Tous

Serverstatus » 05.08.2015 - Wartungsarbeiten an allen Realms (0) CRB_Sunshine


    Community Manager

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 05:08 PM



am 05.08.2015 um 09:00 Uhr MESZ werden alle Realms aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten offline sein.


Wir gehen davon aus, dass die Downtime bis hh:mm Uhr MESZ andauern wird. Folgt in jedem Fall diesem Thread, um über den Stand des Updates auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben!


Vielen Dank für eure Geduld. Bitte entschuldigt die daraus entstehenden Unannehmlichkeiten!


Beste Grüße

Team WildStar

News and Announcements » Help Us Prep for CBT by Engaging In a Stability Test (0) CRB_Timetravel

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 04:56 PM

dont try going into a vet dungeon you get forever load screen


Which dungeon(s)? I've seen a group run both vet Academy and vet Stormtalon

Multiplayer Systems Lead (Shiphands, Adventures, Dungeons, Raids, Battlegrounds, Warplots)

Stability Test - Feedback and Discussion » /ptrcopy (0) Pyaray


    Lead Network & DB Engineer

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 04:33 PM

I just wanted to post a follow up, the times have grown, both queues have more than doubled.  The estimates were correct at the time of posting. :)

Stability Test - Feedback and Discussion » Store offerings feedback (0) CRB_Warpdust


    Senior Game Desinger

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 03:57 PM

Just to clarify the Lockbox system and the gear that can be obtained from it. 

None of that gear is extra or new.  All of the gear that can gotten from a Lockbox is already in the dungeon and can be obtained through the normal methods and loot tables.  The Lockboxes are in effect another chance for players to earn a piece of gear from that dungeon, but the Lockboxes are located at the end of the dungeon.  So the dungeon must be completed first (including defeating the final boss fight of the dungeon) before the Lockbox will appear.

Stability Test - Feedback and Discussion » Store Error (0) CRB_TwoNames

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 03:07 PM

Thanks for the report, we'll look into this!


Had you made any other purchases from the store prior to it breaking?

QA Tester / Benevolent Cubig Deity

PTR General Discussion » PTR Forums Are Temporarily Read Only For Stability Test (0) CRB_Sunshine


    Community Manager

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 02:41 PM

Hey Everyone -


We noticed that you're posting in the PTR forums regarding our Stability Testing and we really appreciate your feedback, but we would really like that information and feedback to be in the Stability Test section of the forums. To help you out, I'm temporarily removing the permision to start topics in the PTR forums (you can still read everything though).


I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but it does help us to keep all of our information in a central place. :)


Thanks so much!



Stability Test - Feedback and Discussion » /ptrcopy (0) Pyaray


    Lead Network & DB Engineer

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 02:02 PM

Must be a huge queue as my characters haven't transferred yet.


The queue in NA is around an hour, the queue in EU is around 3 hours (maybe longer, the bigger the queue, the harder it is to estimate).

Stability Test - Feedback and Discussion » /ptrcopy (0) Pyaray


    Lead Network & DB Engineer

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 12:38 PM

The PTR Copy should be working now.

Medic » Triage actuator refund? (0) Tranagram

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 11:33 AM

Thanks for the report! Will be revising the tooltips to reflect these mechanics.

Stability Test - Feedback and Discussion » Are their any PTR patch notes? (0) CRB_Sunshine


    Community Manager

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 11:20 AM

This is a stability test, and so there's no patch notes. You can see some content on the test server, some of which is mentioned here.

General Discussion » did you notice there is 1 new forum with a lot of subforums (stability test) (0) CRB_Sunshine


    Community Manager

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 11:00 AM

Hey Everyone -


We're trying to break our test server in order to gauge performance and we really need all your help. More info can be found here. BREAK ALL THE THINGS!!!!





Stability Test - Feedback and Discussion » /ptrcopy (0) CRB_Buiden

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 10:51 AM

Known issue, hopefully resolved today but no promises!

Lead Software Engineer -- @CRB_Buiden

General Discussion » did you notice there is 1 new forum with a lot of subforums (stability test) (0) CRB_Timetravel

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 09:36 AM

Those forums will be used for the free to play stability test process this week instead of the pre-existing PTR forums. As y'all play on there and such, please leave your feedback in those forums instead of the PTR ones =)

Multiplayer Systems Lead (Shiphands, Adventures, Dungeons, Raids, Battlegrounds, Warplots)

News and Announcements » Help Us Prep for CBT by Engaging In a Stability Test (0) CRB_Sunshine


    Community Manager

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 09:24 AM

Greetings Explorers of Nexus!

Today, we are proud to announce the opening of our Stability Test for the upcoming Free-to-Play Transition! During this early sneak peek of our Closed Beta (Coming Soon!), we invite you, our loyal subscribers, to join us on the PTR Realm for some very critical build stability testing.

At the same time, you’ll be able to start your exploration of the many changes to come! Here’s a sampling of the new features you’ll get some hands-on time with during your participation in the Stability Test:

  • Curious about all of those class changes Meerkat and his team have been talking about? Here’s your chance to start crunching the numbers early!
  • Ready to challenge yourself against the Dungeon changes Timetravel and his team have been working on? Join the test server and see what you’re made of!
  • Eager to learn more about what to expect from Omni-Bits, Loyalty and the Store? Join us today and see for yourself… or join us on Wednesday for a special Store Stress Test (details to follow)!
  • Looking to try out a new character ahead of the transition? Grab the Stability Test client and take our revamped Character Creation and New Player Experience for a spin!

That’s just a small taste of the things you’ll be able to experience if you hop on to our Stability Test, but because it is an early environment, there are some things we want you to be aware of:

  • This is a limited access stability test available to subscribers only. Not a subscriber? Sign up for the beta - we’ll be sending out invites in the coming weeks!
  • The Stability Test client can be downloaded from the following link: http://wildstar.patc...WildStarPTR.exe
  • The Stability Test server has no Customer Support.
  • We are gladly accepting bug reports which can be reported by typing /bug in the chat window and Known Issues can be found here.

That’s it! Download the Stability Test client today and see all the great changes in store for Nexus! This is an exciting time for us and we’re very happy to bring you this Stability Test. Closed Beta isn’t far away, and we want to thank you for all of your help getting us there!

See you on Nexus!

Team WildStar


System Requirements for the test server are:

  • Operating System
    Windows® XP SP3 (32-bit) or later
  • Processor (CPU)
    Intel® Pentium® Core2 Duo 2.4 GHz, AMD Phenom™ X3 2.3 GHz, or better
  • Graphics Card
    NVIDIA GeForce® 8800 GT, ATI® Radeon® HD 4850, or better
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Storage
    30GB free HDD space
  • Screen Resolution
    1024x768 minimum display resolution
  • Peripherals
    Keyboard & mouse

Stability Test - Game Updates » Stability Test Known Issues (0) CRB_Sunshine


    Community Manager

  • Carbine Studios Staff

Today, 09:03 AM

Hello Everyone –


We appreciate any and all of your feedback as we prepare to move into the Closed Beta Testing phase of WildStar.


As we’re sure you understand, many things are apt to change while testing out all of the newest features during Closed Beta Testing, and many are not final.

In particular –


  1. Runecrafting and Content Finder are still very much works in progress, and we appreciate any feedback from the players for these features.
  2. We are still actively working on a number of UI improvements before the release of 1.4.0., as such, what the players will see in CBT is a work in progress and any feedback to help us adjust and make improvements is very much appreciated.


Below is an ongoing list of all of our known issues that we are actively working on. If you’d please keep these in mind when giving your feedback, that would be a great help to us.


Thanks again, and welcome to Nexus!


Team WildStar


Known Issues

  • General

    • Unhelpful error message is displayed when attempting to Enter Game without a character name.

    • Running the client on a secondary monitor in full screen will result in incorrect functionality.

    • Some vendors sell old items that will be exchanged via mail when they are bought. These will be updated soon.

    • There is a minor typo in the mouse-over description of the Service Token currency as viewed in the Inventory panel.

    • Some reward items do not have the correct icon for their slot type.

    • Some of the items sold by the CBT vendor are old and will be replaced via mail as they are bought/salvaged.

  • Character

    • Chop Shop

      • The UI will not update if the amount of service tokens or gold a player has changes while the window is open.

    • Holo-Wardrobe

      • Hide/show toggle changes cannot be saved without dyeing.

      • Spell effects of 'Emission' will be visible on characters in their holo- wardrobe and character profile.

      • The confirmation message for removing an item from the holo-wardrobe sometimes closes on its own before an option can be picked.

      • The UI does not reflect the player’s current slots that are active relative to how many they have available.

      • The UI will not update if the amount of service tokens or gold a player has changes while the window is open.

      • The player is only allowed 349 costume slots instead of 350.

    • Items

      • Items that are not able to be deleted are not marked on the tooltip as unable to be deleted.

      • Gear

        • Some quest rewards are not set to the appropriate item level

        • Vendor-purchased gear does not display random stats prior to purchase

        • Some gear may show up with both assault and support rating. This gear may not have been transitioned to the new stat system. Please report any items that have not been adjusted.

        • The Space Pirate Hat appears as gloves on players.

      • Mounts

        • Snarfelynx mount visuals may scale abnormally when players are dismounted during duels against medics.

  • Classes

    • Specials are not scaling correctly for end-game progression.

    • Hovering over the "R" ability does not produce a tooltip.

    • Combat

      • Some spell VFX are being improperly removed upon reducing spell stacks.

      • The 'Double Tap to Dash' check-box displays in the wrong state for new characters created after a character with the option disabled.

    • Engineer

      • AMPs

        • Razor's Edge

          • Tooltip says it increases strikethrough rating when it actually increases the strikethrough percentage.

  • Content

    • World boss loot is not being rewarded correctly.

    • Player does not see death effects when killed in most Drusera instances.

    • Moving swiftly through the Cryo Awakening Protocol causes several different lines of dialogue to overlap the outro cinematic audio.

    • Sometimes different clients on the same realm will see different active scheduled bonus events.

    • The primal logic knowledgebase in Alpha Sanctum is currently playing the incorrect voiceover.

    • Attunement

      • Characters that have progressed past the “Bronze Age” step of the Datascape Raid attunement (but not completed it) will have their progress reset back to the “Bronze Age” step. You may purchase a “Pristine Genesis Key” to complete the attunement process.

    • Blighthaven

      • The creature 'Marmota' is dropping a malfunctioning item in The Keeper's Sanctuary.

    • Celestion

      • During quest 'Firefighting', the sprinkler will occasionally reverse direction.

    • Contracts

      • Incorrect message displayed when turning in a repeatable contract.

    • Deradune

      • The zone synopsis for Bloodfire Village is not displaying.

    • Everstar Grove

      • Natures Uprising

        • If players finish the active objective last, the quest does not display the completion objective text until the UI is reloaded using /reloadui.

    • Instances

      • Dying inside of an instance will sometimes result in an incorrect sky.

      • Instances: A comm-call with test text may occasionally appear in instances.

    • Levian Bay

      • Seaspine Dagun may occasionally attack each other.

    • Northern Wilds

      • In Northern Wilds, Rhoda Wellspring’s audio will continue to play during the tower shutdown cinematic.

  • Dungeons

    • Stormtalon's Lair

      • The Air Elemental charge ability is too brutal.

      • Stormtalon

        • Static Charge is granting too large of a buff.

    • Veteran Protogames Academy

      • Sometimes the Bomb-O-Trons don't display explosion VFX when they die.

      • Wrathbone may have issues between pulls with his AI states.

      • Wrathbone should not be gaining Interrupt Armor mid-cast of Ground and Pound like he currently does.

      • The veteran dungeon is not dropping the proper rewards.

  • PVP

    • Displayed Effective Item Level is not accurate when PvP rallied.

    • The PVP debuff will occasionally stick to your mouse cursor after hovering over it.

    • After dueling, sometimes health bars do not revert to the correct color.

    • Arenas

      • Personal rating does not go up when participating in rated arenas.

    • Battlegrounds

      • Walatiki Temple

        • There is no VO when a Blue or Red team wins a match.

    • Warplots

      • Players cannot use turrets or traps in Warplots.

      • Sometimes when creating a new Warplot the 'ADD' button is missing from the Warpaty UI. Use /reloadui to get it back.

  • Shiphands

    • “Shiphands” have been renamed to “Expeditions”.

      • Previous Expeditions that were on housing plots are now known as “Housing Expeditions”

      • “Explorer Expedition” missions are now “Cartography” missions

      • “Explorer Cartography” missions are now “Vista” missions

    • Clicking Expedition unlocks do not always open the Group Finder.

    • They Came From Fragment Zero!

      • If a grouped player dies inside an airlock during an objective asking the group to gather within it, they can get stuck on the other side, preventing completion of the instance.

  • Paths

    • You're currently unable to turn off path missions while in an instance.

    • Selecting a Path does not update the navigational UI at the top of the screen or the text displayed in the menu on the left.

    • Scientist

      • A new character that chooses the scientist path is incorrectly given the option to scan during the tutorial.

    • Soldier

      • Umballah of the Darkloam

        • After interacting with the beacon, the mission disappears from the tracker until players are closer to the target.

  • Housing

    • Housing items are sometimes unable to be rotated in the vendor window.

    • The 'Remodel' 'Upgrade' will not be set as 'Current' when selecting and purchasing any of the doors.

    • The welcome message is not pointing at the Landscape button when viewed on the Housing Skyplot.

    • Decor

      • Placed decor props don't have an F to interact prompt.

      • Items placed in a Roommate’s house cannot be sent to ‘Crate’ via the ‘Placed Decor List’ box.

  • Guilds

    • The guild influence cap is incorrectly shown as 2 million instead of 2.5 million.

    • LUA error occurs when attempting to use "Update Guild Options" after the guild has been disbanded.

  • Economy

    • Auction House/Commodity Exchange

      • The UI does not reflect the player’s current bids / sells that are active relative to how many they have available.

    • Imbuements

      • Some imbuement quests do not always advance when players complete imbuement steps.

    • In-Game Store

      • The prices you see here are not final and have been set artificially low for easier testing purposes.

      • Sometimes tooltips will extend off screen.

      • Audio has not yet been added to the In-Game Store.

      • Audio has not yet been added to the Dreg mount offered.

      • There are some issues related to having the store open while getting kicked from the game for any reason.

      • The search field doesn’t clear when clicking on a banner to go to another category.

      • Players are currently unable to use or import any of the "Formal" Costume kit items.

      • The displayed item model does not change when the player selects the other items in the Deluxe Upgrade Pack.

      • When you're sent to top-up after attempting to purchase an item that you don't have enough funds for, the "Purchase" button will stay greyed out.

      • The in-game store can crash if the purchase button is spammed when your account has no NCoin.

      • Player movement will perpetuate after entering and exiting.

      • The Deluxe Edition bundle incorrectly allows character previews for non-Costume items.

      • Dye bottles in the store currently don't match the values of the actual dye.

      • Costume armor and costume weapons will be reduced to item level 1.

      • Search bar does not reset after the window is closed and reopened.

      • Fortunes

        • Tooltips are not scaling with resolution.

        • Claiming rewards will close the inventory panel if it was previously open before entering the Fortunes screen.

        • The Vulcaribot’s card is incorrectly showing as Rare even though it’s an Epic card.

        • User Interface may display incorrectly on irregular resolutions.

        • There are some reward tier discrepancies that are being resolved.

    • Items

      • Consumables

        • Meat Meal item 'Finely-Cut Filet' is displaying a value of 0 in the buff tooltip.

      • Rune Sets

        • Runes do not indicate whether they're flagged as PVP or not.

      • Run Specials

        • Rune Specials appear blank when socketed into an item.

        • Rune Specials and consumable items are giving larger boosts than intended.

      • Vanity Pets

        • Pets can't be summoned by right clicking.

        • The preview for the holoparrot is incorrect.

    • OmniBits

      • The tool-tip currently does not show the player how many OmniBits they have earned towards the weekly Soft Cap.

    • Runecrafting

      • Rune names are a work in progress. Currently, runes have 3-letter designations appended to their names to indicate which stat they provide.

      • Material bags are giving the incorrect number of items.

      • Blood Rage rune doesn't give any lifesteal.

      • The tutorial panel is not yet finalized.

      • A LUA error occurs when the character attempts to drag a Macro to the secondary action bar while the window is opened.

    • Tradeskills

      • Tier 1 Mining goods have no sell price.

      • Old work orders are not cleaning up with the new update.

      • Some of the icons have not been updated in circuit board crafting.

      • Introductory Work Order quests offer an outdated reward.

      • Novice harvesting tools are gray in quality instead of white.

      • Tier 5 and Tier 6 Prototype and Capstone schematics cannot use blue and purple quality power cores of their tiers.

      • Clicking the ‘Locked’ button on locked schematics causes a ‘Crafting’ loading bar to appear in the crafting window.

      • Players do not see the visual increase to the target radius when under the effects of loyalty and in the craft view.

      • The progress of crafted items is not displayed correctly in the 'Crafting Results' window when completing any achievement.

      • The 'Obtain Artisan's Training Chargers' objective [0/6] counter does not count crafted 'Artisan's Training Chargers' when crafting.

      • The Socket Charge Range is unaffected when the 'Increased Capacitance' Talent is equipped.

      • Coordinate crafting variants will sometimes get stuck on the Schematics window.

      • The 'U-Craft Express Vendbot' is missing icons under 'Power Cores' tab.

      • Talents can be moused-over and selected through the talent reset confirmation window.

      • A Lua error can occur when backing away from a 'Crafting Station' while an item is being crafted.

      • The Tradeskill Daily Quests don't always mention which Tradeskill they're for in the 'Tasks' list when crafting.

      • There is a typo on Talent Strings for the Armorer, Outfitter, and Tailor.

      • Architect

        • The quest "Now I am an Architect" does not give the player all the materials they need to complete the tutorial quest".

        • The Beginner Architect Materials quest gives out Iron Chunks instead of Silica Ore.

      • Tailor

        • Apprentice tailors have a corrupt achievement box.

      • Technologist

        • Certain technologist field tech items cannot be used.

        • The 4 top tier technologist achievement boxes are not properly updated.

  • Social

    • Incorrect error message displayed when accepting a Circle invite if the circle has already been disbanded.

  • User Interface

    • Interacting with open windows does not remove AFK status.

    • The bonus event board has an incorrect graphic blocking the text.

    • Some tutorial pop ups may point to incorrect places.

    • The Social window is not able to be dragged around on screen.

    • Audio has not yet been added to the Runecrafting UI.

    • Set Bonuses will not always show all set specials in the character panel.

    • The Rapid Transport User Interface is still under development.

    • Alerts are incorrectly appearing for equipped bags.

    • GearScore on the Radial is not showing properly.

    • Keybindings are listed twice.

    • Clicking a linked quest in chat is not working correctly.

    • Occasionally, the reward pane on quest targets will not display.

    • Alphabetical sorting in the Galactic archive does not handle accents correctly.

    • If the player enters a queue and then exits/re-enters the group finder, the "Time in Queue" will fail to actively update.

    • Text becomes illegible in some UI elements when resizing the game window.

    • Stat blocks can sometimes appear empty after opening and re-opening the character panel.

    • Objective Tracker will steal mouse focus and prevents the user from closing the settings window.

    • Alphabetical sorting in the inventory does not handle accents correctly.

    • Alphabetical sorting in the tutorials does not handle accents correctly.

    • Players will be unable to interact with vendors for a short time after changing their "Sell Junk" setting.

    • Class descriptions are not visible if the selected class is not a valid choice for the selected race.

    • When you have an interactable NPC targeted, but you right click on another NPC, you will interact with the first NPC instead of the clicked NPC.

    • All the ‘Buy’ items have inconsistent prices on the ‘Buy’ menu page and in the tooltips when interacting with ‘Harvest Trader’ vendor in the faction capital city.

    • In cases where several communicator calls are queued up in succession, they can play too quickly, and are unable to be read.

    • The resurrection window does not properly inform the player if their cooldown is being affected by Signature Status or Loyalty benefits.

    • Creatures that suggest groups to engage with only display tooltip info one time, and not on subsequent attempts.

    • Tier 4 'Outfitter' daily quests have the word 'Armorer' in the quest name on the Work Order Board at Redsand Station.

    • A second 'You Are Dead' window is displayed when resurrecting after dying from hazard damage.

    • Hazard Bar Threshold marks are not appearing in hazard zones where thresholds are applicable.

    • The vendor ‘Merchant Holdster’ is missing several icons when viewing his inventory.

    • The AMP Vendors in Illium and Thayd don't show the player how much prestige they have.

    • Players will sometimes observe incorrect references to keybindings in the tutorial.

    • The Mail window closes when a player attempts to send a mail with insufficient funds.

    • Your total number of Omnibits will not update if they are acquired while the window is open.

    • The Movement Options and Input Options are duplicated in the Combat and Control tabs.

    • The 'Reward Marker' on the progress bar does not match the required points needed to claim rewards when viewing the 'Reward Panel' in the 'Challenge Log'.

    • Opening and closing the options menu in the Vendor UI will sometimes cause it to be closed, and unable to be reopened until the player has exited and returned to within an interact range with that vendor.

    • Selecting NCoin Bundles will cause the icon to disappear from the User Interface.

    • It is not immediately obvious that a scheduled bonus event is running.

    • The button multi-claim display in account inventory is not working properly.

    • Current Live Events are still undergoing User Interface implementation and polish.

    • Tooltips can become stuck to the mouse cursor if a user Alt + Tabs out of the client.

    • It's possible to see tooltips from a UI window underneath another UI window.

    • Addons

      • An error occurs when closing the vendor and inventory windows quickly after buying back items.

    • Automatic mouselook

      • The cursor does not appear for several top-level windows.

      • Having the Mouselook active and then opening the 'Guild Bank' UI will not cause the Mouselook to deactivate and allow the cursor to be present.

      • The cursor is not visible while a 'Character Panel' window is open if enabled.

      • If the player is defeated and selects "Rez at the Nearest Holo-Crypt", Automatic Mouse Look will be disabled until logging out or reloading the UI.

      • The cursor does not appear while the 'Settler Build' window is open.

      • Sometimes you cannot command Scanbot to scan any 'Scan Objects'.

      • Sometimes mouselook lock will stop functioning, leading you to have a cursor at all times - even with the Automatic Mouse Look options checked. Holding down tilde gives you auto-mouselook again. Reloading UI fixes the temporary problem.

      • Enabling/Disabling through the keybind does not change the settings in the ESC menu.

      • Guild Registration UI does not disable automatic mouselook.

      • Characters shudder when pressing A or D with only "While Idle" option on.

    • Character Creation

      • Mordesh and Draken male and female characters contain several options that are not applicable to their races.

      • The "Customize Face" option does not zoom into the character's face if the user is currently viewing a setting that displays the character's full body.

      • Changing genders from the "Finalize" screen does not actually change the gender of the selected character.

      • Granok males contain several facial hair settings that are not applicable to their race.

      • Deleting your only character and then creating another will result in the new character's model being stuck in a burning animation.

      • Some UI elements are cut-off in 1440x900 and 1280x1024.

      • The opposite Faction banner can overlap the highlighted faction's races.

    • Combat

      • Buff tooltips for consumables are sometimes displaying the incorrect amount.

      • Cooldown on spell tooltips will sometimes display very large, incorrect times.

    • Content Finder

      • Suggestion to enter the Content Finder does not appear in the Objective Tracker when no quests are active.

      • Text descriptions are not showing up for Adventures, Dungeons and Expeditions.

      • Player settings do not auto refresh when selected, and settings are not saved when closing and re-opening.

    • Loyalty System

      • Audio has not yet been added.

      • Auction House and Commodities Exchange won't update when receiving 10 extra slots.

      • Loyalty Rank pre-req is not currently shown on items that feature it.

      • If there are multiple rewards per tier, currently only one is shown.

      • The XP bonus for defeating mobs is currently calculating incorrectly.

      • At this time if a Loyalty Tier grants more than 1 reward it only displays the first reward earned.

    • Map

      • Public Event tracked targets are not being displayed on the mini map.

      • Some quest markers only show up on the mini map if you are in close proximity when receiving the quest.

      • When Rapid Transport locations are locked due to level, the map shows the taxi icon and on mouse over displays an incorrect message.

      • Points of interest icons can sometimes overlap the Rapid Transport icons on the map.

      • Farside sub zone locations cannot be accessed via Rapid Transport map.

      • Markers for quest objectives can appear underneath other icons and text for points of interest markers on the mini map.

      • Path mission icons disappear from the Map when the 'Ghost Mode' is selected in the Map interface.

    • NavPoints

      • Will get wiped when loading from world map to world map.

      • Incorrectly stack behind other icons.

      • The zone name is not showing in the tracker, only the coordinates.

      • Not shown on the Zone Map after the Content Finder sets them.