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  2. Random ideas for how Spellslinger DPS could be boosted

    @ixx Sorry! Didn't mean to ignore them. Was just responding to the first big poster--Wandalius--who responded to a lot of what I'd mentioned. Thought it'd be a good chance for me to clarify what I was describing in my ideas, and what I was asking within the original post (though I'm to see where the conversation has gone, and to be seeing all of these interpretations). And, unfortunately, I have none of the skills necessary for work at Carbine. I will give them a shoutout. Thank you! :) @WANDALIUS Ahh, I hadn't thought about it that way either.... Please don't root us, Carbine. @ChemBoy613, you're right. I don't have much experience raiding. Many of my ideas were molded around how I play in open world and dungeon PvE, and BG PvP. I'll get more raid-experience before making any comments on altering moves for raid DPS rotations. :) Now, I should go back over everyone's multiple times to learn from them before I say anything else.
  3. Random ideas for how Spellslinger DPS could be boosted

    Actually, mostly agree with nova here. The problem with y83 especially or even something like prototypes - it's cancer when you have SIX or SEVEN stalker DPS. We have pulls where there's like 6 stalker dps 2 medics 2 warrios 3 espers 1 engi and 1 slinger. You know why? engis and slingers really do basically no damage. You have a slinger to buff the espers and an engi to buff the medics... so please, whatever people say, slinger damage is too low and/or doing actual damage takes too much effort. The classes people schoose to play make it obvious. I'm watching phobos alt raid right now, 3 stalkerse 5 warriors 5 medics 4 espers 2 engis 2 slingers (one is a healer)... like... whut
  4. Yo, imma drop my 2 cents here since it appears I'm the root of this drama and people mentioned me here multiple times like i'm a sort of drunken saint. Cent #1 - For "OP" Rotation The new rotations I invented are not OP, they are "on-par" at-best. Sometimes it has niche in which it is truly superior, which is fine in an RPG game. We like diversity. If you say this is op, you also have to agree Espers and Stalkers are OP too since some out dps me in most fights easily no problemos, even with this new rotation. This is not a 2 button rotation, it requires skill not developed by any player yet due to the finicky nature of it. Its hard to explain, but you have to be at a special range from mob or you fail and do 0 damage (hyperboly), timing is very tight too, you need about 80-120 APM to execute w/o macro. Cent #2 - For suggestions Forget all these buffs and changes, long essays and arguments. ez pz - just double (Times Two, x2, +100%) damage of Arcane Missiles and True Shot. These skills are super-hard to use in PVP so no imba there, and it will put Slinger DPS on par, while opening a new can of rotations (VP based, or AM+TS, or more). Very easy, much value, wow. P.S. After seeing all the drama here - If they nerf Slingers again ill probably just raid log and quit organising pugs. No butthurt, just not wanting to be the buff-bch of Culex or some other Esper all day every day. Everybody will suffer except those few people who like to ruin other people's fun. @ChemBoy613 IKR, can't even run Y83 anymore cuz no one plays Slingers. I Have to choose between Tank and Healer and it makes raid impossible. As for other raids, just accept 10% magic damage loss, or put the AM on the Slinger healer, and if Espers complain just tell them to switch to stalkers. From what I've seen Stalker/Warrior spam is the way to go for all non-y83 content anyway.
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  6. @jvjd This guide is a bit dated now, but the info for fresh 50s is still good. If you ever get into high-tier raiding, you'll probably want to defer to this guide by Alenkiss, though if you get to raiding, you'll absolutely be able to talk to your fellow raiders for rotation help. You can also try using /n to seek information, people are generally very happy to help new players.
  7. Random ideas for how Spellslinger DPS could be boosted

    I like how bosses die quicker so that we can all log off sooner. Pls leave as is. We all know u dont have the resources or willpower to do anything anyway.
  8. Random ideas for how Spellslinger DPS could be boosted

    Actually, we usually have 7-8 stalkers in our raid. We beg people to play slinger, but no one does @ixx I'd probably take a slinger that does 20k dps if he can stay alive and hit AM every eight seconds. Actually next week, i might not be able to tank cause i'll have to play slinger to do AM, because yeah my alt is a top ten slinger... cause everyone who wanted to play slinger quit... cause the damage is terrible and the rotation is a pain, when you can have a simplerer rotation for double damage if you just play stalker -_-''
  9. Someone posted this in my guild, so I don't know if this is true.. I don't earn credits for this
  10. Thank you for ruining the class further. Enjoy your 8 stalkers in raid.
  11. *grabs popcorn* https://imgur.com/a/BwqTPpb not working as intended?
  12. @ChemBoy613 I'm not using ad hominem fallacy to discredit his arguments. I'm bringing fourth the fact he is butt hurt and simply dislikes Spell Slingers for some obscure reason. Where was his complaints when about Espers and Stalkers got to full matrix and started to dominate the DPS charts, pulling threat and all? The exact same arguments he's using now could have been used 6-10 months ago against Espers or Stalkers. Hell, they can be used even TODAY using old and new data from logs about culex, chopstix, ethawen, traltixx, and more. This is indication of bias. He has lost any credibility in the sincerity of his motives in my eyes because of that. And biased people like him caused developers to be biased too (proof is in the pudding, 0 positive changes for SS in the last 24 months, tons of changes for other classes). This is why this class is in the crapper.
  13. Random ideas for how Spellslinger DPS could be boosted

    @Jarngrimur Reading your post - at least you are somewhat thoughtful, but it's clear you're not used to raiding. Basically any ability with a force-move or a force-root redeners it completely useless, bcause if you cast you are now dead. A number of simple raid mechanics now hit well over 100k damage and will evaporate your poor little slinger in half a second. The fact magnum asks us to move in some unpredictible fasion is already, by definination, absolute cancer. But our DPS is just copmletely garbage without it. @Dareja read your commentary it just seems that you are comparing one of the best slingers in the game to (quite frankly) a bunch of scrubs. The bullet drop rotation is a) cancer to execute b) requires really good RNG on crits to get huge damage c) brings no buffs so you have to be the second slinger in the raid to do it (already rare) and d) is only valid on single target fights, as assasinate doesn't cleave. I looked at the metere where pietro is destroying people on phage maw. The problem is not that 60k is good for a slinger now, the problem is 47k is BAD for a warrior on that fight. On a one-minute parse with bonus moo damage on phage maw, the stalkers/espers/etc should be pushing 70k plus. It's simply not a valid comparison. Even really excellent slingers, if they execute bullet drop well, and get great RNG, should no routinely beat espers, stalkers, warriors, or even medics. This is because (for a number of reasons) bullet from beyond is relative garbage compared to dejavu or murder or even keelhaul. It scales terribly. If you look at the same log, Sil is one of the best slingers out there (and a excellent player too), and i'm sure his rotation is on point, but he has to carry AM to buff the espers and his dps is #12 in that raid. Slingers have been the lowest DPS basicaly since RMT launch because BFB is a terrible class set that doesn't scale. Hence people have tried and invented somewhere near 20 rotations to try and compensate for the fact their class set is garbage. Any of the high dps rotations (Pietro's rotation, Nova's bullet drop rotation, etc...) are extermely difficult to execute and only valid in near ideal circumstances. They do more damage, sure, but the reason they aren't more popular is because less than five people in the world can pull them off. And now complaining that slinger DPS does too much damage because some amazing player does a near-impossible rotation and beats out everyone else? c'mon man. Pietro is great, but if we are talking endgame, sub-60k on just about anything on a fight with a long moo is just not good anymore. I'm a garbage stalker dps and i still pull like 70k in my opener. *shrug* Anyway, imo, right now it is basically impossible to recruit anyone who plays slinger and is not absolutely terrrible at it. Why would anyone pick a class with a more difficult rotation so that they can do less damage? Nerfing slingers any further would probably result in making the healer run AM because you'll now have a one slinger raid. They are basically irrelivent now, except maybe nova/sil/peitro/aurelin/patryn. Everyone else's damage is simply way too low. @ixx even if Dareja's content is wrong, your ad hominem attacks simply make your rebuttal weaker. focus on the material and not the person. @Culex_ you aren't broken bby, just your cast counts are insane. My fingers simply don't move that fast :( Anyway, read these threats. I appreciate suggestions but i would also like to suggest that before you talk about any class wide change, talk to the people who are actually playing the class well. Currently, if it's not one of the top5 (or maybe top 10) slingers, the class is so difficult to make damage with that it's like no one else on the server knows how to play it. TBF if i mained slinger, i'd either be comfortable with #12 dps or quit, because god those rotations are cancer to execute. I actually find it so difficult it's plain un-fun. (also, most difficult dps rotation of any class, by far).
  14. stuck at wilderun

    Ah damn, that sucks :( Hope it's back up soon.
  15. stuck at wilderun

    I'm a little worried about Jabbithole. It's very useful for reference data, and it's pretty awesome. It's helped me out a bunch! But for a few days the site hasn't loaded for me, instead giving a message that the site is under maintenance. At first I thought that maybe the author/curator was coming back and doing updates, but none of the Jabbithole social media platforms has any indication of that being the case.
  16. Random ideas for how Spellslinger DPS could be boosted

    @Jarngrimur so you basically propose some bad changes, in hope they will put something good in return... Experience tells me that they will bring all bad stuff and stop there, so be careful...
  17. None of us here are Managers or Devs for Carbine. One thousand and one suggestions were given, one thousand and one suggestions were ignored. Your request for opinions has been granted several times over, and then some (you can browse forums or even this post). It is meaningless regardless, unless you are a Dev or Manager for Carbine? Worst, lets say they implement any of these changes. Then every other player will start complaining about their class getting ignored in hopes of dev attention. If they screw up, the class is ruined further, if they do a good job, everyone else will demand stuff too. They win no profit from this. Not anymore. Talk to the Apex Slinger players on your server. US (Sil, Nova, Aurelin, Patryn), EU (Sil, Pietro). If you're nice they will help you with your rotation and DPS, and also to enjoy what little you have, in this garbage class. Don't hope for any changes aside from this game shutting down and everyone getting nerfed to 0 as a result.
  18. Master Outfitter Bug

    Hi Team WIldStar! I humbly request a quick looksee into the Outfitter talent tree bug. I have specced points into basic material reduction three times (fully spec'd), but the material reduction only occurs once. Found another thread with same issue here. All assistance greatly appreciated! I've found the following referring to [Complexity Transducer]s Also, fellow crafting enthusiasts! I've never seen [Complexity Transducer] in game. Are they still obtainable? Unless/until the bug is fixed, I either have to find some, or I cannot progress at all, which is quite sad.
  19. Cant intereact with Agent Excavex!!

    You can do crafting dailies for every tier to earn crafting vouchers at every hub. The hub changes as you tier up, with Grimvault being Expert. I believe once you hit expert you can continue getting expert tier dailies from that crafting board, so you can continue to earn crafting vouchers that way. I'm not certain, but I believe what you are referring to is a bug, where you get the mail referring to the old crafting system's dailies. I'm not sure though.
  20. Random ideas for how Spellslinger DPS could be boosted

    Thank you all for your responses! And, thank you, Wandalus, for your response to my original post. I'm a big fan of your endgame guide, and really appreciate your thoughts. So, as I said at the start of my post, So, I definitely understand that they get crazy, and that some are not really worked out, but that's exactly why I posted them here. Maybe I could have summed up the intent of my original post more clearly by stating that it was primarily a creative exercise about how SS play-style might be streamlined, and how those changes might raise DPS of the entire group (not specifically that of the top-tier players--though I'm sure they'd find a way to take advantage of any little changes) by making the class easier to access. I was originally aiming to establish a space for creative tweak-suggestions, as 1.) a way to understand how other SS play, and what they'd like to have, and 2.) a creative exercise, because talking about the game is fun, and work is boring. However, even while I wrote my suggestions about streamlining, I was thinking that I'd hate to see the class get broken down into a super simple rotation. I love how active the play-style is. So, in response to your post in order, first you addressed A2: I wasn't thinking about that aspect! Normally, when it falls behind of me, I pivot my character at an angle (while still facing forward), and dash backwards, which means I don't have to spend time turning back and forth, and I can immediately start my next CS charge. And, because I usually dash straight into a CS, I run forward while it's charging, which caters to the short range on RS--which I afterwards as my filler. When I get through my rotation--which usually ends with a filler--I'm already close because of RS, so I'd prefer to go backwards, and not forwards into the physical attack range. I totally get your point about the healers though; I wasn't considering that aspect. And, in regards to limiting where you can dash, with the current set-up, there are already times when we can't retrieve the shell because of deadly telegraphs. In fights where we know the mechanics and know where a safe-zones is about to appear, we can choose to position ourselves and cast accordingly, and chase it backwards (into the safe-zone) or to not. Next you referenced A3. I guess I was thinking you would use SP for cast #1, and then normal for the other two? As you know, you don't need to have Spell Surge on to get the cool-down changing effect. So, you'd have bonus damage on your next two magnum shots, and any subsequent shots during the buff's up-time. Rooting during Magnum (A4) was mentioned later on the list, because I also think it would be stupid; however, maybe they then could erase the SP bonus, and just give us everything as a reward for taking the risk to root. For example, we'd get the 15 second cool-down and a 20% bonus, as long as you accept that you'll also have to take a 1 (meh) to 3 (ew) second root. Honestly, I wouldn't love this either. Next was A5: forced dash. I also wouldn't love this, but if A2 and A5 were combined I might be able to use it; or, if A5 also always sent you one direction (which the WS team would have to choose [I'd prefer they choose backwards, and you'd prefer forwards]). If either of those were enforced, and it did not use a dash token, I would learn to position myself accordingly for PvE, and like using it for PvP. Next, B1. I was looking for a trigger-mechanic that most players do often, which would affect our DPS almost consistently, without really changing much of people's game-play, or altering skills/attacks. I think many players dash in both PvE and PvP, so we could utilize something like this as an almost constant buff without much effort on the learner's part. Heck, at the moment, I already dash for Magnum shells about twice every 15 seconds. With B2 (Lifesteal --> Spell Power regen), I didn't know that was the case! That's good to know! I was just thinking that more Spell Surge up-time would be nice, and that this might be a cool way to make that work. Additionally, my suggestion was that an AMP in the second tier of the AMP-tree would convert that lifesteal, not that all of the basic lifesteal AMPs would be erased from the tree. I also thought I remembered being told not to use lifesteal, but I'm probably misremembering. I do actually like the current SS style. I don't find it too difficult after a little practice with a new build, but I'm also nowhere near a top-tier SS (and I am not running that complicated rotation you're talking about, Wandalus). As much as I wouldn't like to see the class' complexity disappear, I'd still like to see the SS class' DPS increase across the board--making it more accessible for mid-tier players, players not yet using BFB, and PvP players (even though I don't think SS struggle too much in battlegrounds)--and believe that some efforts to streamline the build's play-style would benefit that cause. I'm not sure which if any of my ideas would benefit the top-tier DPS rotations as they currently stand, but I'm also not sure that they wouldn't benefit other players' rotations. It's time for my lunch-break! So, going back to the catalytic purpose of my post, just for the sake of asking, what would you like to see if you could see anything? What do you think would be easiest for us to fit in or use? And, if you know about game-design, what do you think would be easiest for the WS team to make/introduce?
  21. Random ideas for how Spellslinger DPS could be boosted

    As for killer, when I was still playing it, there were tons of espers spiders running around and they all were procing amp.... Even with reworked magnum, that kind of have to be T8 (because how awful spell is to deal with), I fail to see how lowering buff timer would help, but lets agree to disagree on that.
  22. Wow that's news to me, I msged him just now on discord, and he replied that was a 1 min burst parse, his top parse for 3 minutes is around 90k or so he says... He said it's pretty difficult to run in most fights, and any small mistake will make the parse ruined. He also said that this is a dumb topic and we should not bother "Just enjoy the ded gaem". Still, though, that's comparable to Stalker/Esper to parses, and it's the same ball-park. It also gives Slingers a niche. Its in conjunction with the other changes proposed, reducing the buff uptime will increase stat weighting on crit/critsev, and given the other changes, it would make the 2/3 bonus proc more often (which would be more powerful due to it proccing on magnum, assuming magnum also gets 200% buff). But w/e I don't disagree with you on your POV for fixing low slinger DPS. Mine is just an alternative. As for Killer Amp, it's bad for pvp (im a pvper, i tried), it doesn't proc like you think it does.
  23. Random ideas for how Spellslinger DPS could be boosted

    First of all you have no idea how hard it is to play that rota. It is absolutely hardest rota in WS to date (at least from ones I have been playing - on any class) and even then playing it perfectly you will sooner or later fail it due to rng. Second. It is pure single target. Sure on most fights it is enough, on others it just put slinger back to bottom. Third you have to be semi range all the time - on some fights its no problem, on others it impossible. Fourth play it and you will see its absolutely annoying - if slinger would be balanced, so somewhere around warrior, stalker DMG, I wouldn't even bother... Fifth it is in fact 6 button rotation - 4 spells +2 additional keys you have to use, not to mention standard slinger innate "joy". In practice assuming somehow you play at max possible cast counts ever 6s you have to press 24-25 buttons + movement keys. Find me any class even close to that? So far (last 2 weeks or so) I spend way over 15h on dummy playing this rota - guess what? I am still *cupcake*ing it up, while having ~80-85% of possible casts count. I don't even thing going higher than 90% is possible, given how it works. As for DPS absolutely highest possible parse with this build and my current items is 114k (so with full 170 maybe 122-125k - cant be bother to make math) - I was never even close to that. My highest 3min parse was 98k and it was way off from standard RNG (59% crit, 80% MH on Assassinate). Usually it is ~82-85k. And it rather goes down, than up from that point. My estimates for good esper are 95-105k on housing dummy (no idea how reliable is that 101k few posts up), given that before starting this rota my slinger in illium was piking at 32,5k on 3min parse and random parse from my badly runed esper 15ilvls behind was 43k - and I am definitely not good esper... With this rota my highest "kill the dummy" parse (note: sub 30% I get DMG boost from Assassinate on every build) is 50,1k. Would risk saying same is possible on esper with waaaaaaay less effort. This rota is extremely lag sensitive. And I mean if you play with 50ms its fine, if you play with 150 your DPS drops from 60k to 15k (ok maybe 15 is underestimate, but it is absolute bullshit).... To be precise here - I wouldn't notice 150ms in any boss fight and I would notice it on dummy only with slinger (maybe because I know it best, maybe because slinger is in general more sensitive to lags - personal experience tells me second is true). Because of that all dummy parses are inflated compared to real raid (putting aside some god RNG/luck). Crits on Assassinate are not broken... Spell itself is strong and crits on ALL spells are broken. Just until now slinger didn't have strong spell... or rather wasn't using it often. Now is it op? Yes it is on single target, in cost of a lot of effort and assuming your connection is perfect. There is a reason why other slingers (some of them ask me "how to") are in wast majority doing less DPS, than with standard rota. Is it badly OP? Well Slinger with standard rota on housing dummy on good pull 62k, esper 90 (and I am being generous for slinger and harsh on esper here) - 45% difference - situation that we have for a year now.... Golden slinger parse of 114k (not possible IMO) compared to same esper 27% difference... About same (or less) as between slinger and ALL "normal classes" before "BfB rota". Not to mention that making fight 2 target and slinger is bottom again. Slinger was *cupcake*ing bottom of DPS meter since release with exception of D5, where everyone, but medic were balanced, so looking from medic perspective slinger was still bottom. And this is fine - as long as you don't play slinger... I do agree that this rota is bugged, but since Carbine did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with slinger DPS since Arcterra - and say whatever you want Arcterra slinger was not good - high crit parses were + it was easy to play. Not to mention that I can already tell how it will be fixed and it will break slinger even more. Since then slinger got nerfs, on top of worse class set from RMT, on top of one of the worst matrix abilities, on top of "stealth nerf" because stat scaling on slinger is absolutely awful. It is noticeable that slinger is lagging behind since few weeks into RMT. Then warrior got slight buff and later stalker got full class rework (I still have no idea why). If you insist slingers are not ignored, you can even check PTR forum and discussion about magnum - I don't even think any dev replied there.... Comparing me to some randoms in PUG GA is also not a way.... Like in that group with normal rota I would still do 50-55k.... NERF SLINGERS!!! Again not claiming this rota is not OP - it is.... Just don't compare apples to oranges and by that claim one is not ripe, because they tastes different.... As for slinger changes don't get how lowering time from T3 bonus on BfB would help... Problem of this set is buff uptime, lowering it will makes it even worse. Sure you can play with rotations just for that. But you can as well go 1+1 CHC and MH rune and play T2 without having T3 buff up ever and getting rid of pierce rune, that is simply bad. And TBF dropping T3 with proper build on ST fights is almost same DPS. With rest I can more or less agree, well killer AMP was for PvP and its good there, but as there is no PvP.... As for engis being extinct. I am not sure its because of DPS. I am pretty sure good engi (haven't seen one in a while) would outDPS slinger. It is just engi with dashes is annoying to play and I believe slinger is just way more fun, than any class. Basically everyone left playing slinger claims it is just, because it's fun to play + heard that from some ppl playing slinger as alt. On top of above slinger is mechanic slave on some fights (mostly because of bugs) and with low slinger population that guaranteed raid spot - I still remember I was unbenchable in RMT progression, hell once I just entered ill with high fever for one boss....
  24. Also what is this phagemaw screenshot 1 minute? Is that p0? Wtf lol? That's not even high..
  25. Minor correction, highest for stalker that I've been told was 93k by a stalker in the guild, and for warrior 80k (currently). Also, Nova has claimed to have gotten a 100k parse on his slinger using the BFB trick. Don't mistake highest dummy parses for overall encounter dps. Espers in theory should have the highest standstill, non-moo related parsing (I say non-moo because moo's can work for against espers and other classes depending on timings). Which is also the reason we get screwed the hardest on movement fights, fights where we bring utility, and general getting scammed out of our locus due to rng/bad timings. Ranged spec dps is also lower than melee, and have to run out of necessity for comp reasons or because it's the only viable option in movement fights. Yes esper will have the highest opener built-up burst, whereas slingers will have the highest immediate 2-3 shot threats . Warriors tend to surpass espers in threat after esper burst is over. Average bird crit without locus on dummy: 55k. Average bird crit with innate, gadget, locus overall: 80k. Average assassinate crit in the 5 man party with limited buffs that Pietro did from the screenshot: 96k crit. This point is completely wrong, on both average crit value and how often. On ZERO movement fights with optimal 8 button melee build MB will be greater than 0.5 per sec; assassinate already beats this without these restrictions. Actually no, I had AM for all of the fight where boss was able to be attacked except for the last moo where it died. Also, looking at a fight that features the longest duration moo's for average mindburst attack? Just lol. That's cherrypicking certain variables which mean nothing. But if you want to play that game, here's from same pull https://www.wildstarlogs.com/reports/4YrJDBqykZKgXhtM#fight=27&type=damage-done&source=2&ability=76937 Nova, whose dps was low overall was due to bomb group. Average phagemaw assassinate hits 115k and 86k, respectively. ^ Probably the most intelligent thing said in this thread. The exception is esper has relative terrible constant dps but makes up for it with great burst windows, so it balances out. I'm just going to roll my eyes at this one, for multiple reasons. Gonna link two logs, for an esper-favored fight, with synced moo bursts. https://www.wildstarlogs.com/reports/vQb3cFA1jGDMNJpR#fight=16 https://www.wildstarlogs.com/reports/4YrJDBqykZKgXhtM#fight=16 The first log I was debuffed by a t8 locus once due to snare. That fact that BFB-trick slingers have constant high dmg makes them work with any moo timing however, and during execute phase that can and do surpass the highest esper dps. They have little risk to get scammed for the reward they get (albeit an annoying way to play) and don't need AM uptime. Am I going to complain? No. All in all, I am in favor of slingers receiving much needed buffs, and the BFB technique is a workaround to get to competitive dps levels. Yeah the way it's performed makes it shady from an intended perspective, but let's be honest, the game is in maintenance mode and no changes will occur. So if there was actual balancing to make slinger dps stronger (the NORMAL way), then I would also take issue with this being a stronger, illegitimate way to play. The main reason being that users who have a programming background will be much more able to produce these results reliably (causing them to have an advantage over those who do not), and that slingers can do this and take several utility slots, and have little downsides. But as it stands now, the game is in a state of where the cookie crumbled/domino's fell. If this enables them to be more competitive, I'm not against it.
  26. Last week
  27. I like to request the Assault Power scaling to Engineer abilities Quick Burst and Diminisher Bot. The latest scalings are not in notes. Since were at it the AP scaling for Engineer runeset Eradication- Rocket Barrage damage would also be awesome too! This would be greatly helpful. Thanks
  28. Here's are some examples that shut down your entire post and prove your ignorance. You have no idea how difficult that rotation is without playing SS yourself. Apex Esper https://www.wildstarlogs.com/reports/QNDmJdxZva2XhCk7#fight=39&type=summary Mind Burst Avg hit 85K, he had no AM in most part of the fight. Look DPS, it surpasses PietroTheKingOfPoland's by ALOT. Does that mean Esper Mind-Burst is now bugged too for "fights that they have to stand still"? Here is an Apex stalker for reference to the stalker in your screenshot https://www.wildstarlogs.com/reports/4YrJDBqykZKgXhtM#fight=27&type=summary As you can see "amazing slinger DPS" is a "business-as-usual" with DNP players. Your raid DPS is not apex due to it being a pug or players simply being bad. Pietro is an Apex Player with at-least 3 years of experience. He has dozens of datapoints across multiple spreadsheets, and spends time on dummy far more than you can imagine. IF YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS, HE WILL OUTDPS YOU EASILY EVEN WITH A GARBAGE CLASS LIKE SS. Crits aren't broken for SS alone, they are broken for EVERYONE (even medics now go for crits). It's a broken stat and logs prove it (Crit classes are on top). They fixed AW, then Nova had hopes, and went and reported an obvious bug with SS DPS (Flame Burst 8 DOT), and they ignored it. All he that happen is some meme posts by Nova in discord. So my point about Carbine not doing anything stands. Yes, that is exactly why you are ruining it for players that do play it. Its like me starting posts about Culex ruining the game with his DPS, and being broken, even though i'm not raiding with him, or play Esper. This debate is proof enough for any other person reading this. Bye.
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