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  2. Player Home Housing Contest!

    I'm glad you like it! I'm super stoked to see what people come up with : D I've already heard a few neat ideas flying around. Just to ask, why would it require a supporting environment? Our current player houses come as-is, and we supply the surrounding environment tailored to our tastes. Unless you mean the physical structure. Which, to clarify, it's totally fine if you want to use a pre-existing player house model as a 'frame' to build on! There are no preferences. Something that follows the 'look' and 'feel' of Mechari-themed items makes sense, but even that look and feel can cover a good range, with varied effect. Again, something similar to how each race's current player houses draw from aspects of their race's architecture and style. That said, the Mechari and Mordesh uniquely don't have an over-abundance of their stylistic architecture present in the game, so this leaves a wide-open opportunity to develop it further :D Dominion red/gold/neutral could work, sleeker sci-fi could work, mad scientist could work, humble approximation of an Eldan dwelling could work. There are many, many possibilities, and they will all be considered! While true that the skybox can alter the look and feel of a plot, we also need a base standard to judge everyone on, hence default. It is the only sky absolutely guaranteed to be available to everyone. Also, judges are being asked to specifically evaluate plots during the day when everything can be seen clearly. So unfortunately, no, alternative skyboxes will not be allowed. Again, similar to current player houses, the house itself should work well entirely independent of the plot details and settings around it. If a house looks marvelous under starry sky but looks horrendous under Protosummer, how should we score it? ------- And some separate confirmations/clarifications from outside questions/direct messages/whispers I've received from folks but want to make sure it's all here for others to read as well: --Using the Interactables feature of Katia's builder toolkit addon will not be allowed. Between the varying schedules of the judges and numbers of potential participants, it just isn't feasible to arrange, my apologies. --The interior and exterior builds do NOT have to be a single build. They can be two entirely separate structures on a single plot. You could build and position the exterior so that the bunker entrance acts as the 'door' to the interior, and thus craft a unique interior inside the bunker space if you wish. You could have the exterior freestanding off to the side and use a black hole house for the interior. The possibilities are endless! The ONLY thing that needs to happen is the exterior has to be viewable from the outside (it doesn't necessarily have to be able to be entered), and the interior has to be viewable from the inside, so it DOES have to be able to be entered. This can be as little as a door-sized hole. --Especially with creative use of decor, we know there's going to be decor parts jutting every which way. The interior design isn't going to lose points if it's a freestanding build on the side of the plot that looks like a jangled mess of a decor monster from the outside - it's only the inside we care about xD And similarly goes for the exterior build - how it looks inside with overlapping decor and such will not matter. --Sizes: related to the above notes, it is very likely the inside of the interior build will be larger in space than the exterior build. That's fine! That's actually how current player houses work. The inside is somehow always magically bigger than the outside. Let that magic continue ;D Or don't if you'd rather not and feel your build works with a smaller interior. That's fine too! --If you have any concerns you are welcome to ask me here, in-game, on discord, or in DMs. You can also use the notes section of the entry form to direct judges on how to enter the interior space if it's weird/tricky, that's fine. All the judges are very used to how housing works, so using the F-key or positioning themselves uniquely won't be a problem! ^_^ --No, Mordesh houses will not be accepted at this time. There will be a part two to this contest! We are not looking to ignore the Mordesh, not at all. There will be a break between this contest and the next to allow for Shade's Eve (and the potential contest that comes with that). ...I think that was everything thus far. Gosh I feel like I'm forgetting a few whispers suddenly *_* Thank you everyone for your patience and enthusiasm!
  3. Player Home Housing Contest!

    Awesome idea! If I can scrounge up enough appropriate pieces I'll give this a go. Gonna be challenging to design without creating a supporting environment though, haha. One question: Is there a preference for existing mechari colours and style? I guess what I'm asking is how much lore should factor into the build concept. For example, the mechari furniture decor establishes the Dominion's red/gold/neutral as mechari racial colours, and has a particular ornate design-- but it would be great to be able to make a sleeker, more detailed sci-fi look using the space chase and eldan pieces. And one suggestion: It's mentioned that the skybox should be set to default, but skybox choice can dramatically alter the colour and texture of placed items. The default sky in particular also has day/night cycles that would make it difficult to establish a consistent look. It would be cool if we could use other options like the dark, northern lights, or starry night sky, particularly for accent lighting and colour blending.
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  5. End of Wildstar?

    I'm sure Caydiem is doing many things and I wouldn't expect any dev to respond to a post like this. Nothing has really changed over the last year, and nothing is likely to change-- some people will come, some will go. Ded gaem is a state of mind.
  6. Player Home Housing Contest!

    Such a fun concept! Can't wait to see what people do with this premise!
  7. End of Wildstar?

    With the end of August on the horizon, school year will be kicking in hard and fast. There are several guilds packing their bags and ready to exit if there is no new content. Judging from last year's fall quarter, Wildstar is projected to have most of their endgame population depleted by the end of October, if there is no new things to draw players to the game. Any word from devs on this situation? We know Caydiem is playing WoW ATM, so she can't be bothered to respond, but can anyone else chime in? What is (if anything) coming for 2019? Are we finally prepared for true "ded gaem"?
  8. Player Home Housing Contest!

    Adding because I was asked but I can't edit it into the original post: One entry per person! Also, you are welcome to design the 'cozy' version of the house as well, but as a bonus off to the side on the plot. Your MAIN entry should be the spacious version. And further clarifying: you will want to design the interior structure, but don't fill it full of sofas, tables, trinkets, etc. It should basically be literally how a brand new player house looks right after you place it. It HAS an interior (and possibly even accent bits like the cassian staircase, exile shelf-seat, draken spires etc) but it isn't full of furniture. I hope that helps others! :D
  9. Slinger DPS needs to be fixed - fall 2017 edition

    GZ Pietro, you and your slinger fellows finally found the intended slinger rotation. I think we can close all "fix slinger" threads and carbino can troll a bit in their office that it took you so long to find it. Next thing should may be unclicking graverobber for unlimited crit razor disks, unclicking keelhaul proc and it stacks afterwards or (that wouldnt be as hard) no 1min gcd on locus t8 collapse without standing in it so culex can beat those slingers again. #StopChuaHate and tanks l2p so new meta build can finally be executed properly without slipping because taunts and intimidate on cooldown!
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  11. Player Home Housing Contest!

    *kicks formating* I was going to put an FAQ here, then remembered the posts can't be edited after a few minutes ^_^;; Whoops. Ah well. I will answer any/all questions as they come up. This is now open to enter! :D
  12. Player Home Housing Contest!

    (This thread can be quick linked to via tinyurl.com/WShouse1 - feel free to share around!) ATTENTION ALL HOUSING ENTHUSIASTS: this is not a drill! This is a real, live, player-run housing contest! Interested in showing off your epic housing skills and possibly winning some great prizes? Then read on! The prompt is simple: we're designing player houses! More specifically, the Mordesh and Mechari racial player houses. To explain: A long time ago (in a galaxy not so far away...), Pappy once said in response to a question during a stream that if the community held a housing contest to design the Mechari and Mordesh houses using available in-game assets, that they would consider using one of the winning entries for the ACTUAL racial houses. To date, no one has held these contests, so now I'm going to xD For this first contest we are going to be focusing on the Mechari house design. HOWEVER, there will be a PART TWO to this contest to focus on the Mordesh house design (most likely after the Shade's Eve event), so stay tuned! That's all well and good, but what else is in it for you, am I right? Well how about this: First place: 4,500 Protobucks and 30 plat Second place: 2,500 Protobucks and 20 plat Third place: 1,500 Protobucks and 10 plat The contest will run from Monday, August 20th (today) until Thursday, September 20th. -- Please have your entry submitted and ready for judging by 11:59 pm EST Thursday, September 20th. -- Judges will be sent a list of entries to review starting on the 21st, and running until the 28th. -- Winners will be announced September 30th, and contacted in regards to their prizes. And just so everyone is on the same page, here are the details and rules: Contest Prompt: Design the internal and external look of the spacious Mechari racial player home. We are looking to design the literal structure itself, including both the inside and outside. -- Entries will be judged SOLELY on their execution of this prompt, not on surrounding environments/etc. -- To that end, the plot's ground and skybox options should be set to default. There is no need to create a surrounding environment at all. The ENTIRE focus is on the house structure itself. -- For similar reasons, please do not fully furnish the inside of the house. Having an 'accent piece' in a similar vein as the shelf-seat of Exile houses or as the stage in the bunker house is fine, as those are parts of the structure itself. -- It is okay if using F-key to enter the house interior is required instead of right-clicking the door due to decor placement. -- You are free to use existing player racial houses as a base and build on top of them, or to create entirely free-standing pieces. (though obviously the interior set will have to have an opening left so it can be entered) -- Please keep the sizes roughly consistent with 'spacious' player homes. Structures can be uniquely-shaped, but nothing so large as the Osun house, for example. The design should fit in with other Wildstar player home designs. -- Any and all usable decor is allowed, even rare drops or store-bought decor. -- Re-coloring decor pieces is also allowed. -- Creating the builds on a stand-alone plot (read: not a community plot) is preferred to ensure the judges can visit the plots easily. The plot itself must be set to Public so the judges can access it. -- Judges will be given a scoring rubric to assign scores to every entry, and the entries with the highest combined scores will be the winners! Judging elements will include execution of the prompt (how well it represents the race), functionality of the space as a player home, style, and creativity. -- Please make sure you have read the above details and accept working within them. -- Entrants MUST accept the possibility of Carbine/NCSoft/Wildstar potentially using their designs for actual player houses, and with no further compensation from doing so other than whatever prizes you may/may not win as part of this contest. -- Entries MUST be received by 11:59 pm EST Thursday, September 20th. -- Contest is open to both NA and EU server participants. -- Many may enter, few will win. There is a chance random participation rewards will be given (chosen using dice roll), but there is also a chance you will win nothing at all. -- Entrants have to be willing to accept a friend request at least temporarily in order to receive their prizes (it's just how the in-game store works). If you cannot accept all of the above rules, then do not enter the contest. By entering the contest you are accepting these rules and related Terms/Conditions set forth by Wildstar in the terms of service. Please copy, paste, and fill out the below form in a reply to this thread as your official entry. You are allowed to post up to two images (one for external shot of the build, one for internal shot of the build) if you want to, but it is not required. Entries will be visited in-game in order to be judged. Name of plot where entry is located: NA or EU?: Name of your main character/point of contact (this is also the name you will be credited by if you win, unless otherwise specified): If you win, would you prefer contact via PM here on the forums, or DM over Discord? (if Discord, please provide contact name). This is to facilitate getting your prizes to you: Any other notes/comments?: Screenshots of entry (this is entirely optional):
  13. New player against Purple Essence

    Entity currently has weekly pug GA(P0), DS & RMT. Come and get carried. People generally don't care about your heroism and ilevel as long as you can follow raid calls. There are also "pug" P1 things, not necessarily exclusive to players with 7k+ heroism. Harder to get in, depending on how full the raid is. Or who you know. ;)
  14. In-depth Tank Warrior guide (Drop 9?) - P1GA

    Thanks for the guide!
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  16. Morning all, Please see below for today's store updates. Back in the store (until 8/24) Chrome Costume Set Shimmering Costume Set Exo-Lab Builder's Pack Shrine Builder's Pack Happy Friday!
  17. New player against Purple Essence

    Problem is not time required to progress matrix. Problems are heroism scaling and HP bonus from matrix. Only relevant contents at this point are P1 GA, P13 dungs and maybe P1 hard mentors. Everything else is there just to fill time between those for ppl that want something else. New player can't participate in either for literally months... P1 GA is no go zone, because you will be one-shotted by unavoidable DMG, because you are missing HP from matrix. P13 dungs are no go zone because being under cap with heroism means less dps (from hero scaling alone - putting aside missing stats from matrix) and higher DMG taken. In reality experienced player need at least 4-5k heroism for P1 GA, if he can find group that will carry him (she/he will not meet DPS checks) and will have exceptional healers/tanks - even then some bosses will be just impossible to survive. For P13 minimum will be 5-5,5k heroism (again hard carry). To be able to give sth for the team you need at least 6-6,5k (if you are exceptional player or tank). To not be carried you need to cap heroism, so 7,15+k Above would not necessary be a problem, new player starts new game, she/he learns and then progress harder and harder content. Problem is that with WS population, there is no in between. You either do P13 dungs or you do quick P0 and finding group for both is already struggle. From my experience gear wise I was ready for P13 dungs at 1-2k herosim, at 4k I was hard carried in GA, 3 weeks (and few items) later I was able to not die on GA randomly on almost all fights. Same time I had to w8 for 6k hero, to not be hard carried in dungs and even then some of them had mechanics that would kill me, without any way to avoid it. Even if new player will survive leveling, by ignoring dungeons or accepting they won't pop from build-in queue system. Even if new player will survive problems finding group for dungs after that or struggle to find group for DS (imo step necessary to progress your character). She/he just wont survive 8-16 weeks of essentially doing nothing, because of some stupid build in system, that players point out as a problem since beta testing. Gameplay for new player right now is: log in, do violets (5-30mins/day), w8 for P13 exped leech or log out, repeat... If you do that for few weeks, you still can't do anything else cuz from expeds there are only so many items and finding group for DS, RMT is hard + usually items that you can't get from expeds are required - you can do P0 GA, but then again cuz bugs with lock system, not many players are interested in doing one and without those bugs, this game will die in 2-3 weeks...
  18. I have something to tell you...

    Cute Aurin, thats waht you are, and are you also the same Cute Aurin that was super social in both Thayd and Illium? Gosh i miss those times (I remember one Dominon guy who didnt approve of your hugs, shame on him >.< )
  19. New player against Purple Essence

    Western audiences by and large have rejected time gated grinds. Heck one of the many, many reasons Wildstar suffered at launch was because it had one: The Elder Gem grind to purchase the outstanding AMP and Ability Point unlocks. And the 3rd and 4th LAS slots. I have yet to hear anybody pipe up and say they've come here because their MMO life was so incomplete without the Primal Matrix. I have read several posts by folks shaking the Wildstar dust from their feet when they realized what it was. Anecdotal, yes, but it wouldn't shock me in the least that PM is responsible for far more player loss than any sort of retention it may have had. Regardless of population effects, on its own merits it's terrible game design. It segregates those who have the time and motivation to work through it from those that don't. It trivializes older content and prevents people without the requisite heroism from contributing in content that challenges high heorism accounts. What they should have done was to disable the side effects of heroism outside of the content that's tuned for it. Alas, stuffing that genie back into the bottle is non trivial. A stream of new playable content at a steady pace is the only thing that can turn this game around and even that may not be enough. The larger MMO audience has no reason to trust the studio. Assuming the studio (and NCSoft) is interested in making this game viable again it'll take a monumental effort to earn that trust back.
  20. New player against Purple Essence

    While it no longer affects me as I broke 10k heroism a few weeks ago (hurrah!), I maintain that the artificial nerf in dps/hps when you enter prime content below the recommended heroism ABSOLUTELY must go. If that was taken away, it would go a long way in softening the harshness of heroism floors. There was very little more annoying when my husband and I were starting out in our heroism grind to go into a P9 (well, now it would be P13) and see yourself doing suddenly 5-8k less dps than normal - meaning not only were you taking harder hits and the mobs had more HP, you were forced to struggle even more because of the nerf to your damage.
  21. Bonjour ! Aux dates et heures suivantes, tous les royaumes seront fermés pour cause de maintenance. Par conséquence WildStar sera inaccessible. [Date et heure] Le 15 de août 13h00 à 15h30 (heure de Paris) * La durée de la maintenance est sujette à changement. [Royaumes affectés] - Tous Veuillez nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée et merci pour votre patience.
  22. Hallo, am 15.08.2018 ab 13:00 Uhr MESZ werden alle Server aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten offline sein. Wir gehen davon aus, dass die Wartung etwa 2 Stunden 30 Minuten andauern wird. Folgt in jedem Fall diesem Thread, um über den Stand des Updates auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben! Beste Grüße Team WildStar
  23. Hello Everyone - At 4am PDT / 7am EDT / 1300 CEST we'll be bringing realms down for maintenance, and downtime is expected to last approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. During this time the following will be unavailable: WildStar Game Servers and Logins (NA & EU) WildStar In-Game Store (NA & EU) Please follow @WildStarOps on twitter for any updates on downtime. Thanks! Team WildStar
  24. In-depth Tank Warrior guide (Drop 9?) - P1GA

    Thank you for sharing this. I was just looking for input on Warrior tanking and here you just updated within the last day. Its hard to find current posts and I appreciate your sharing.
  25. New player against Purple Essence

    I honestly don't think it is much of a problem. The entire point of PM and purps is to time gate and to get people to log in every day. I just started playing about 2 months ago and am already over 2k heroism. I have missed a ton of dailies/dungeon bonuses too. I think it is fine the way it is now. Changing it so people can max out in a couple months defeats the entire purpose of the system. What would they replace it with?
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  27. New player against Purple Essence

    Not sure I agree with that particularly now that contracts throw so much glory at you. With a decent group you can finish GA attunement in an afternoon and clear GA that night. That will unlock some ilvl96 and ilvl116 pieces from the glory vendor along with any drops won. Contrast that with PM progression rate. If the reset time is inconvenient (or worse) for whatever reason you're pretty much SOL getting any of the WB's done with any sort of regularity. I have hard conflicts on some days and other days range from free to irritating. Consequently I'm still struggling to unlock my second tier 1 purple node which means I'm stuck below the requirements for P1 dungeons and expeditions. Without leeching or getting carried Prime Content is doing doodly for my gear. -- Time gating power progression without a reasonable catch up mechanic just flies in the face letting players play with the people they want to play with instead of the ones they're forced to play with. In this specific case players with high heroism players trivialize P0 content. Carbine's implementation makes it impossible for low heroism players to contribute in content with high Prime tiers. Of course there are people out there that love to roflstomp instances but there are others out there that want a challenge. That latter group has to sit around for the better part of a year before they can play with the big kids. And that's exactly what's turning people off.
  28. Kasted Bloodlust - Do Not Panic | In-depth Tank Warrior guide This guide, as well as my DPS warrior guide, is not an introduction to the basics of warrior tanking. Everything you’re going to read in this guide is related to tank gameplay with the RMT rune set. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— RIVE AND BOLSTERING STRIKES ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Rive and Bolstering Strikes are both very different skills and also situational. Rive is more about threat and rotation fluency, while Bolstering Strikes focus on a static amount of threat generation and passive shield regeneration. When do I use Rive or Bolstering Strikes? Like I said above, Rive is all about threat. If your dungeon group/raid comp has very good players on DPS classes that can give you some trouble (like espers and warriors), you use Rive. If you’re not having any issues with threat or if your healers are not good, you use Bolstering Strikes. Rive will contribute to a more fluid rotation, increasing your Menacing Strikes and Atomic Spear casts per second which translates into a faster threat generation due to the quick building of Captain’s Revenge stacks. Rive is also way superior to Bolstering Strikes in terms of single threat generation, regardless of the RNG factor. Bolstering Strikes won’t get you a huge lead in threat during the fight like Rive, but it’s a much safer skill to use due to the shield regeneration and the synergy it offers with the AMP “Fortify”. Although, you won’t see this skill being used by the top tanks because warrior defensive capabilities are more than enough to cover the loss of the passive shield regeneration. Personally, I only find this skill being useful on a single fight, and that’s P1 Phage Maw. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— BUILDS (LAS and AMPs) ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Rive AMPs: Rive LAS: As you can see, I’m not using the AMP “Health Sponge” since warriors don’t really need the extra HP. The rest of the AMPs are pretty standard. As for LAS, it may or may not surprise you seeing Augmented Blade on my bar. I’ll explain the use of this ability later into the guide. Note: it’s not being shown in the picture, but I’m taking Tier 5 AB. You also count with 2 free slots to bring whatever you need. -- Bolstering Strikes AMPs: Bolstering Strikes LAS: LAS and AMPs are quite similar to Rive except that you take off “Power Hitter” to unlock Bolstering Strikes and 2 armor pierce AMPs. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ROTATIONS? ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Not really, unless you’re running Bolstering Strikes. If so, you want to open this way: MS (first swing) → Atomic Spear (MS second swing) → MS x1 → Bolstering Strikes After that, you use everything off cooldown. Doing this will ensure that Atomic Spear doesn’t come off cooldown while you’re casting Bolstering Strikes, if that happens, it will result into a cast count loss. -- Rive has no unique rotation except during the opener where you don’t want to cast it before you intimidate. You want to build as many Captain’s Revenge stacks as possible by spamming Menacing Strikes and Atomic Spear before intimidating, doing this will ensure that you get the best lead of stacks possible before fighting for threat after the intimidate ends. As soon as it ends, you can pop your innate + gadget at the same time and continue with the rotation. Most of the time you’ll end up with a Rive autocrit being available after intimidating which allows you to get the most threat possible from it. After that, as soon as you get a Rive reset, you immediatly cast it. Atomic Spear has no GCD (global cooldown) which means you can cast any ability you want then cast Atomic Spear on top of it. If you happen to get a Rive reset when Atomic Spear is off cooldown, cast Rive first then immediatly cast Atomic Spear on top of it to achieve the most efficiency during the rotation. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— CAPTAIN’S REVENGE STACKS MANAGEMENT ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Warrior threat is very weak at the beginning but strong after the first 25 seconds. If you transition from fight to fight, like in dungeons, you’re not going to have all your cooldowns like in the first pull to generate a safe amount of threat so the adds don’t get to devour your esper or warrior. An easy way to fix this is to manage your Captain’s Revenge stacks that you gain from casting Atomic Spear: Let’s say that your group just got into an STL and you’re going for a gold medal run, your group is going to kill almost every add in the dungeon. You pop your innate and gadget for the first pack but you have nothing for the second pack. You notice a safe lead of threat thanks to your cooldowns on the first pack, right here you want to stop casting Atomic Spear at around 3 stacks unless the buff timer is about to end so you’re able to keep your stacks up for the next set of adds, having 3 or 4 stacks while pulling the next pack will be enough to not lose threat to your DPS since the buff will persist out of combat. Another good example on how this management can benefit your threat a lot is pulling the first boss in STL with 3+ stacks up. This fight is not tank-friendly at the beginning since there are 2+ MoOs where your DPS will generate an unexpected amount of threat meaning they can murder your threat lead even after you’ve intimidated. You want to cast Atomic Spear right after the final add dies so you have 20s to recast it when pulling the boss, this also depends on your group; if they take way too long to pull the boss, it’s over. This might seem confusing at first or you might fail to manage your stacks sometimes, but after doing it a couple times you’ll get down the perfect timings on when to execute this. Developing these small habits will save your group from many wipes in the future. Note: there’s an aura for this at the end of the guide. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— STATS ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— You want a combination of glance, multi-hit and crit sev. Warriors don’t need to be capped on glance, even if it makes a great synergy with 8/8 Vanguard, you’d be wasting a lot of potential stats that you need for threat and you’ll be noticing it whenever you have to fight for threat against a very good esper or warrior. Any glance percentage above 50 is completely fine. I personally stay around 60% and 65% (swapping a single accessory) and that’s more than enough: not too low, not too high. Whenever you need to mitigate a round of strong damage spikes but you feel uncomfortable knowing that you won’t be glancing all of those hits, all you have to do is pop Plasma Wall and you’ll be fine (i.e. destruction protocol on Prototypes, Ohmna’s body slam, etc.) Multi hit is a very cheap stat and also quite effective on every tank. Basically, it’s more threat at a very low cost. As a warrior, you want to stay between 20% and 25% out of combat. As for crit sev, you only want to get it from accessories: Antiseptic Reservoir (drops from Ondu in SSM) and Overlord’s Putrid Dice (drops from Skash, also in SSM) will give you around 9% crit sev plus some crit hit and multi hit. You can also rune for 3/3 Ruination which offers 13% crit sev, but that’s completely optional. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— AUGMENTED BLADE AS A TANK ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— This is by far the best assault ability for passive threat generation due to 2 reasons: quicker threat (damage increase also transfers into threat generation) and Burning Rage proc rate (KE drain is constant and that will proc the 4/8 special all the time). Managing AB as a tank is not too hard but also not too easy, it depends on which ability you’re using. Rive is very forgiving since it’s only a 0.45s cast, you’ll be returning to the MS + Spear spam in no time to keep your KE up. Bolstering Strikes is a lot more difficult since the triple cast pauses your KE generation for a while which means you don’t want to have a lot of stacks while casting it. If you’re not familiarized with running AB as a tank, I recommend you to practice the management on a dummy before using it right away. A bad management during combat will result on a loss of 2 important AMPs (Kinetic Buffer and Full Defense) and you might not be able to cast Bolstering Strikes until you get out of the KE heavy drain. Holding between 5-8 stacks should make it easier during practice, and of course, make sure AB is turned on while casting Rive/BS/Spear. Also, remember that warrior has a strange KE drain property where the drain becomes slower after some time, then it goes back to normal, then it slows again, and so on. Keeping track of this will make the management as a tank a lot easier. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— POWER LINK ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Rive AMPs: Rive LAS: Bolstering Strikes AMPs: Bolstering Strikes LAS: Power Link is useful when you have a second tank in the raid to do all the threat while you off-tank running a buff so DPS warriors don’t have to do it until both of you have to tank separate bosses, if so, you swap to AB. Fights like Genetic Monstrosity and X-89 are very good examples on how this build can benefit your raid a lot. You run T8 Power Link plus T8 Plasma Blast and let the other tank do all the threat, while you soft taunt all the raid-wide damage casts (noxious belch, shattering shockwave, etc.) and keep PL up all the time. On fights like Star Eater, if you don’t have issues with threat you can also run PL to have your innate off cooldown everytime he casts hookshot. For P1GA, you can run PL on these fights: Genetic Monstrosity X-89 Kuralak Fetid Miscreation Guardians Phage Maw (threat is not a problem, and the innate reset helps a lot) Malfunctioning Dynamo, Piston and Gear Ohmna (if you are the 3rd tank) Needless to say that you should always carry T8 PL to dungeons. If you’re going to run T7 or lower, simply don’t run it at all… ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— GEAR, RUNES AND AURAS ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— This is what my gear and runes look like (August 13, 2018). The fusion runes I’m using right now are for Rive. If you run Bolstering Strikes, swap Deadly Blows with Impervious and Flurry with Mountain, although you can run Mountain on any build regardless. Ruthless and Foil are optional runes, if you want more glance you swap them for a 1p Gleaming rune. Ruination 3/3 is also optional, if you decide to not run any of these runes, the correct way to get the most glance possible from a 3-slot piece of gear is: 1p Gleaming + 3/6 Provoker (2p major, 1p minor). Sword: Kuralak Helm: SSM, Deadringer Shoulders: STL, Overseer Chest: SSM, Frog Gloves: STL, Arcanist Pants: SSM, Life-Weaver Guardian Boots: SSM, Deathbringer As for shield and gadget, you want to use supercharged at all times to build Fury and Enrage stacks faster (plus you’ll keep refreshing them during boss downtimes) unless there’s a fight which has a constant source of damage like TIny’s AoE, in that case, you can use a crit shield, preferably the RMT’s crit shield for the 25% mitigation. The Space Madness/P1GA vigor gadget is the best option for threat if you pop it after intimidating (or at any point in the fight) when you have a Rive reset available. These are the auras you need for warrior tanking: https://pastebin.com/SnRD2Ey7 Taunt auras are needed to not overwrite your soft taunts while another tank has theirs active. LUIAura has pre-made auras which can be imported anytime by clicking on the gear icon at the top right. Captain’s Revenge will be displayed out of combat, and the Rive aura will help you to know when it’s available, sometimes you’ll miss it and waste a Rive cast if the next cast of Menacing Strikes resets it again, so it’s very important to keep track of this. You don’t really need the aura if you're used to listening to the reset’s sound effect.
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    Go home Roman. You're drunk.
  30. On the off chance there are some available dev cycles. There are a few external community resources that manage Player Character associated information, for example skyplot listings. Unfortunately there are actors out there that are motivated to corrupt that information. If a webservice API were made available to authenticate that those claiming to be the player behind the Character that would be a huge help and encourage additional projects. I understand that resources are tight therefore I'm only requesting authentication instead of fuller API access like GW2, Eve Online, and WoW (I think) provide. References: OAuth 2.0 Eve API GW2 API2
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