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  2. Bonjour ! Aux dates et heures suivantes, tous les royaumes seront fermés pour cause de maintenance. Par conséquence WildStar sera inaccessible. [Date et heure] Le 20 de juin 13h00 à 18h 30m (heure de Paris) * La durée de la maintenance est sujette à changement. [Royaumes affectés] - Tous Veuillez nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée et merci pour votre patience.
  3. Hallo, am 20.06.2018 ab 13:00 Uhr MESZ werden alle Server aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten offline sein. Wir gehen davon aus, dass die Wartung etwa 5 Stunden 30 Minuten andauern wird. Folgt in jedem Fall diesem Thread, um über den Stand des Updates auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben! Beste Grüße Team WildStar
  4. Hello Everyone - At 4am PDT / 7am EDT / 1300 CEST we'll be bringing realms down for a server restart and platform maintenance. During this time the following will be unavailable: WildStar Game Servers and Logins (NA & EU) WildStar In-Game Store (NA & EU) Downtime is expected to last approximately 5 hours 30 minutes. Please follow @WildStarOps on twitter for any updates on downtime. Thanks! Team WildStar
  5. Wildstar's future?

    I just watched it. I think it's a good video. The video's conclusion is undeniable based on observable reality, even if the reasoning is somewhat flawed or incomplete.
  6. To CRB: A plea for answers.

    I don't think they will do anything anymore, that includes communication. If you put yourself in their shoes, you'll see its not worth it because "NCSoft" is their main provider of resources, and "NCSoft" doesn't seem to be interested in Wildstar anymore. Simply put, they are working on a new project and nothing else. This is somewhat confirmed when certain employees said nothing is coming until 2019. For example, Pappy himself said in the SOTU that the only things we are getting in 2018 are automated housing events, which has been, and is coming to pass as we live the year. This is compounded by the fact they fired all their core engineers and have no one to actually work on the game. Lack of any advertisement, lack of customer retention & engagement, outdated business practices (still using WOW model, still using "forums" and their staff overhead, instead of discord). I could go on but I think everyone gets the picture by now. IMO 2019 will be the last Wildstar year, unless their "new project" is actually Wildstar.
  7. To CRB: A plea for answers.

    Monthly post isn't communication as they rarely actually...communicate and engage with the community, not like Devconnect before. You are basically saying nothing is planned, which I am still iffy about, there is a difference between being blatant and saying "no plans, not happening, never" and just TALKING with your playerbase.
  8. [Performance] Housing Crash Bug

    This bug seems to either be happening more often, or is bothering me more. :P I think it's the former though. I've had some building sessions of 3-4 hours where it easily happens once an hour or more. Someone else described the problem for them as such: "I have the same stutter when I toggle the edit button on a comm plot, especially if I have been running around a lot. I have also noticed the freeze is longer when I am next to a bunch of interactible objects when I toggle it. Mine does not usually crash when that happens though. It just stutters or freezes for a bit." I have basically the same situation, but half the time the game just crashes. And if I try to perform any in-game or PC actions while the freeze is happening, the crash is guaranteed. The freeze can also last longer than the 3-4 seconds I noted before-- I had one recently that was about 10 seconds long. Definitely a real problem, a problem that's been around for some months (but didn't happen at all back in the fall), and a problem that could use a fix! ;)
  9. To CRB: A plea for answers.

    Or, alternately, more bad news and admission of lack of development would strip away confidence from players. :/ They are communicating regularly with the monthly posts. The basic communication you request is very much there, it's just that, as I've mentioned in other threads, it's not what you want to hear. That's not a communication problem, it's a development problem and you already mentioned that most of us have accepted it. IMO you should assume that a lack of new information indicates a lack of new plans to talk about. That being the case, it makes no sense for Carbine to regularly update us that nothing is happening or will happen. Do you want them to just make a post stating "No prime Datascape is planned, no Prime UP is planned, no plans for cross faction adventures, no plans to disable the Matrix"? What good would that do?
  10. To CRB: A plea for answers.

    I understand that the game isn't in the best state, it has a small (yet very active) population and due to the games very generous f2p system not many ever spend real money. Most of us have come to terms with the fact that new content very likely won't come, but this lack of any real communication from carbine is disheartening to say the least. After Primetime the State of the Universe 2018 post we have gotten next to nothing. I know most of the studio is working on that secret project and I know the current plan is mostly to rotate existing events, but some things need answering. Is Prime Datascape still planned? Is Prime Ultimate Protogames still planned? Any plans to finally add cross faction (and prime+) to Adventures, opening up tons of content for the existing playerbase, most of which have never been in those Adventures? Any plans to disable the Matrix in pvp? Which would help balance a ton! I am no longer expecting new zones, new dungeons, etc. But what I always want to remain consistent is clear and consistent communication from the devs, it was obvious the initial change in Devconnec that the things discussed would never come to fruition, but now we are never given any insight into the devs that may or may not still be working on Wildstar. Some basic communication would be so greatly appreciated and would instill confidence in many players, including myself. If anyone at Carbine studios reads this, some basic information would be nice. Thank you.
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  12. Wildstar's future?

    It really is a bad video. The 'GW2 killed WS' claim at the end made me giggle, it was that stupid. xD It's a shame that reddit ate it up, but then, reddit has been a haven for trolling and extreme negativity for awhile now.
  13. Hi, Naunet. The Chronium pieces are permanent additions to the Residential Renovation vendor.
  14. Post your character's costume so far.

    Sweet! Thanks for the info, Grim. Guess it's time to level an esper. <3 Before hoods happened (WOOO!), I noticed my slinger's face clips through the Warlock's mask kind of an interesting way... Also Roda, that Chua!
  15. I have a question about the Chronium decor pieces on the Residential Renovation vendor. Will those still be available in the future on the vendor, or will they be vanishing once this Residential Renovation is over?
  16. It's been made by a Guild Wars friend of mine who has never played Wildstar. I told him about the many similarities between the games and especially about the Psychic Frenzy Esper and this is basically how he reimagined it - with a little help from me, like UI screenshots and stuff. I'm still curious how many of you have played GW1 and might find the easter eggs :D (you might also want to check out this Divinity reimagined which eventually led to the Wildstar one)
  17. EU Engi DPS PVE Guide

    In hindsight we should have updated this guide after sushi and I had maxed heroism and tested everything in p1 ga. Those last 5 ability points are pretty wasted on an engi. It's the same DPS increase no matter where you put the points, t8 arty just has a but of extra utility. The snare was surprisingly useful on starmap/laveka/augmentors when adds were stacked. As far as I remember nothing in wildstar snapshots stats, wildstar even recalculated stats while projectiles were in the air. Which is why we cast above 70 vol so the spell is in the zone when it lands. The DPS calculator spreadsheet is a bit of a mess now. Not very user friendly. The stat priority section of this guide is still correct so if you follow that you can't go wrong. - Gnar
  18. EU Engi DPS PVE Guide

    sorry for the late reply. I usually checked the thread every 2-3 days, but seems like I was super busy the last month, so I forgot to check it. 1.) yea I didn't update the thread since it covers basically everything for beginners up to advanced people. what it misses are our "latest" changes (which are probably one year old) of MIN MAxing dps - which MS t8 TA t8 is a part of. you always wanna run that build with BS t5, arti t8, QB base. the quick burst t4 upgrade is just not worth it, like u said and like I actually told in this thread - which we had to figure out at that time when the thread was written. another thing which I might wanna add here is that you always wanna run VI base - so don't get the idea of putting that 1 extra point from BS t5 into VI since, lower VI don't refresh higher tiers. 2.) i can't answer this to be honest. it wouldn't change your rotation anyway - so I never spend time to figure it out. after talking to gnar, he reminded me that wildstar usually doesn't snapshot anything. if you think about it, it makes actually sense. best example is old BC BS build, where bioshell used the stats of the current volatile % - so it calculated the dmg if you are in zone when BS hits and not when u fired it. 3.) the dps calculator spreadsheet is gnar's. so I dont wanna just link it here. i asked him to look at your questions, so it's up to him to give it to you and maybe he can answer 2.) if you or anyone else has questions about min maxing stuff - since I won't update the guide anytime soon, if the game situation doesn't change, you might wanna join bloodpact discord. i still play frequently and I am online there basically 24/7 to answer questions if you message me privately. https://discord.gg/qyrRcpM also I noticed that you cannot update your starting post of your own threads anymore. cheers!
  19. Server Merge When?

    Haven't been on EU in a long time but if the situation really is so grim than I fully support the server merge, I actually believe one of the devs stated they wanted that pre Arcterra on a livestream. SInce an actual content update designed to bring people back in is out of the window, I suppose that actually is the only alternative.
  20. Wildstar's future?

    That's some nice bait, since the video is the exact opposite of your claim. All that person does is go around and make "Ded Gaem Ded" videos, but with a less than completely spaztic tone.
  21. Post your character's costume so far.

    YEAH! Starfall login pack! Also, your Mechari looks like an assasin. <3
  22. And I have to double post because it won't let me edit my post anymore :T (all the non-hat hairs stick out of the top of the hood for fem'nok)
  23. Server Merge When?

    The alternative is EU server becoming dead like old pvp servers and no fast ping will help you because game is dead.
  24. Morning all, Please see below for today's store update. Back in the store (until 6/22) Osun Builder's Decor Pack Torine Builder's Decor Pack Protostar Builder's Decor Pack Happy Friday!
  25. Server Merge When?

    Seriously? It's an objective fact that people playing with each other from across the world will have more ping and latency issues. Now not saying it couldn't happen, but it would alienate a lot of people with low end connection as is. The population increase would be nice though.
  26. Credd vendor

    Thanks for the replies guys appreciate it!
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